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I'm AshadelMG, but most just call me Ash. It's not my real name, but since it's my handle all over the place, I answer to it pretty much constantly. I'm a twenty-three year old college student (or will be, next month) located in Southern California.

I'm pretty friendly and laid back, but can be a bit shy or anti-social at times. I enjoy having fun and being creative, and have a pretty bad habit of piling too much up on myself. I'm a writer and artist at heart, and while my writing is something I don't mind sharing, my art isn't good enough in my eyes to bother with. Hence the college.

I'm a female gamer, with my favorites being RPGs. I suck pretty hardcore at FPS games, except Goldeneye. I don't know why. I'm an enormous fan of the Warcraft franchise, and am an active player on World of Warcraft on two role play realms. I enjoy music, with trance and electronica taking up my first place, and everything else following.

... I think that's it. For now.
Greetings Ash! XD Welcome to Iwaku! You can now interact with the rest of us shy, anti-socials that have addictions to fun games!

...although my addiction is roleplaying and Sim City 4. >>;;
Welcome to the site Ash. I'm from Cali too.
Sim City... I haven't played that in years, and I can remember just how much of a time waster it is...

... because I haz Sims 3 and spend hours making houses and people. Hours! Though right now my current time waster is Torchlight. Ooooh mah god, they weren't kidding when they said it was fun!

@ October Knight -

Sunny, sunny California for the win! Washington is beautiful and Montana is spacious, but I'll take my beaches and sun any day!

Thank you for the welcomes.
Welcome Comrade. I'm Rory, one of the Admins of this forum. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to discuss them at any time.
Hello there!
What day is your birthday? Two of our members that I know of have a birthday next month!
I hope you'll enjoy Iwaku, you're very much welcome here.
I'm Kitti, if you have any questions, please ask.
Happy playing~
Thank you!

My birthday just passed, actually!
Oh, I'm sorry... Haha, I was interpreting the twenty-three as the part that would occur next month xD
Hehe. Not a problem. It would not be the first time I've had a mix-up of my birthday! I'm actually the only one of my siblings who was NOT born on the 14th of a month!
Hi and welcome ;) good to know that I'm not the only one that loved torchlight