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    Great background noise, although if it's on when there's a group, people get into it.

    Thoughts? Do you like it? Do you watch it? Favourite match?
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  2. Sounds like a waste of time, not gonna lie
  3. It definitely is. So is most entertainment.
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  4. This is one of the most astonishingly true statements ever written.
  5. Every once and a while, when the crops grow well and the disposable income is good, I sit down with a bunch of friends and have a IRL Salty Bet adventure.

    We play roulette with 8-Lvl9-AI Brawls and bet on who we think will win (lost bets go into the pot for the winner(s), if nobody wins the pot carries over to next round).

    We play blackjack by playing Mario Kart, you bet a $1 startup at the beginning of the race and can put down more money every lap-- the racer in the top 3 with the highest bet on him/her takes everything.

    We play normal-ass poker.

    And of course, we also play the traditional saltybet. The website itself is saved in my favorites for when I'm ready to get fucked over by characters with tiny hitboxes.
  6. Golden Rule of Salty Bet: Always bet on the badly drawn MSPAINT characters.
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  7. I mean making 'fake' bets seems like more of a waste of time then even betting is
  8. It's an atmospheric thing; it causes viewers to take a side rather than watching passively. And even though Saltybucks have no more real life value than any other game currency, betting and winning and amassing a fortune in them can be rewarding. Additionally, the use of fake money not only makes this accessible to everyone, but safe from legal repercussions.
  9. That's true, I can see the other side to this, just because I personally see no value in it doesn't make it worthless
  10. Wow, I can't believe this is still around.

    My husband is a competitive fighting game player, so he introduced me to it. It's kind of fun for a while, but gets old really quickly unless there is an actual tournament going on. The games that it runs in MUGEN are just AI vs AI so there's not really anything exciting about them.
  11. I only got introduced to it recently :P A friend put it on during drinks/board games night and nobody had any idea who the characters were or if it was people or AI or what, we just picked whoever we thought looked tougher and got way too enthusiastic about it xD Neighbours must've thought there was a wrestling match on
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  12. Wait wut. What games do he play. (Has several friends in the Competive Fighting game community.)
  13. I love salty bet <3

    I used to download tons of mugen characters, stages, what have you, and had a blast watching the (often obsurd) AI duke it out. I had to use a keyboard if I was to play myself, which for a fighting game is out of the question.

    So for me salty bet is taking what I did with my mugen to the next level. Only thing I really dislike are the sometimes repetitive matches when the pool is so large.
  14. Primarily SFIV (now SFV) and Tekken.

    He's also formerly competitive in CS:GO but had to drop it because it was taking up too much time.
  15. Ohhhh. I know people in the scene for SF here in sweden. My old friend is a former World Champion in dead or alive. He plays mainly SF now and travels to all manner of tournies. IF he competes anymore i'm not sure.
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