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    Twenty years ago freshwater became a rarity.

    Irrigation, and a toxic atmosphere decreased the earth's supply of fresh surface and ground water from 30.3%. to 11.5% The world went into a panic and country's governments scrambled to conserve what little water they still had. Third world countries that had little water to begin with began asking for help from the United Nations. At first, the UN were willing to help. But then a disaster of epic proportions struck the United States.

    A minor earthquake triggered the explosion of the Yellowstone volcano.
    The center of the US was ravaged, and there were no survivors. With this crisis on their hands the US retracted their offer of aid, and when they pulled out other countries followed suit. These countries closed their borders in an attempt to focus on and solve their own problems without any outside help. The third world countries were left on their own and with no help from anyone else; the continents of Africa and India seemingly perished as did the region of the Middle East.

    With the great decimation of their population, the US was conflicted. On one hand, they didn’t have to worry about that many people to provide for anymore, but on the other hand, they still had no water and the entire world knew of their weakness. If nations like Russia or China wanted to, they could attack the US and they wouldn’t be able to do a single thing to fight them. The US government knew they needed to find a solution to the water problem quickly, for if they gained the upper hand, everyone would become submissive to them. But what could they do?

    Their solution came in the form of a group of young scientists called F.Y.M (Fresh Young Minds). The group was made up of college students who had been researching the earth’s ice caps, before the Yellowstone Disaster. They suggested that the icecaps be melted to release the 68% of freshwater that was trapped inside of them. When the US expressed concern that the water might not be safe to consume, F.Y.M reasoned that any bacteria in the water would have been killed by the severely cold temperatures. And so, because they were desperate for leverage and salvage, the US granted the group permission to begin melting the caps.

    F.Y.M drilled off chunks of the ice caps and brought them back to the US, where they covered they placed them in protective containers and heated them up until they melted. They had several people of all ages, races, genders and sizes to taste the water and when nothing bad happened, the US green lighted it, although the finished product given to the public was heavily purified and injected with vitamins. The United States thrived on this water and when other countries heard of this news they demanded that the US share. However now that the US government had experienced the terror of the war on water, they knew that they couldn't let others know how they had saved themselves.

    Eleven years ago, the US became the only habitable place on earth.


    On February 6, 3040, the US dropped an atomic bomb on the UK, Europe and Russia. There were no survivors.

    On April 10, 3040, the US invaded Canada and forcefully merged with them. The Canadian Prime Minister was assassinated and the government was liquidated.

    On July 3, 3040, the US invaded Greenland and massacred all of its people. Australia was also invaded, the Australians were killed and the island was reverted to its original purpose; Being a prison. The prison was named 'Waste', and only the most severe criminals and traitors were sent there.

    On July 7, 3040, the US sent some of its military to the Caribbean Islands and South America as those were the only two locations that they saw as useful. The Caribbean Islands were renamed Prime and South America was renamed Zenith. The people in both areas were forced into eternal servitude. Prime and Zenith were where the US got most of its food, so naturally they had to keep the people somewhat healthy, so calling it servitude and not slavery was good for moral.

    On January, 1, 3041, the US was renamed The Chosen Land.

    June 15, 3050

    The descendants of the original taste testers began falling ill. The younger children simply became feverish and eventually died, but the older descendants, the teenagers and young adults began to crave water. But not freshwater, salt water.

    F.Y.M the scientist group which has evolved into a bigger corporation with tendrils and roots in the government, wish to study these ‘survivors’, but everyone knows that once you become a guinea pig for F.Y.M, you can never hope to achieve a better life. The group manages to get their claws on a thirteen year old girl named Ana. F.Y.M indulges her salt water craving and something miraculous happened right before their eyes. The girl becomes a mermaid like creature. A beautiful creature, with razor sharp teeth, glittering black eyes, unparalleled beauty and a tail longer than half the size of her body. Ana’s physical capabilities increased drastically and she became stronger than ever before. The scientist saw potential in her, and they wanted to see how strong she really was and so they tested her. They electrocuted her, pitted her against sharks and psychologically manipulated her. At first, she seemed to brush all of this off, until one day, she dies.

    The other descendants feel this like a bullet ripping through their hearts and they get snippets of her last thoughts and memories. They know that they have to run or F.Y.M will catch them and do the same thing that they did to Ana to them. The death of Ana brought the minds of the descendants together and they slowly begin to notice that they can sometimes hear snippets of other descendants’ thoughts and memories. They use these hints and clues to find each other, and start to plan their escape.


    It’s been ten years since the world was massacred by The Chosen Land, surely some parts of the earth have recuperated enough to provide a home for these descendants?

    There will be two groups in this rp; The West Coast Descendants and the East Coast Descendants.
    The West Coast Descendants need to meet up with the East Coast Descendants so that they can all leave The Chosen Land together. However the West Coast Descendants cannot travel by land and instead need to navigate through the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Islands to reach the East Coast meet up place where they will merge with the East Coast group and begin their longer journey.

    The west coast group isn't the only one that has it rough though. F.Y.M's main head quarters is on the East coast and they are on high alert while looking for the descendants. The East coast group need to be cautious when making their move or risk capture.
    The descendants are all teenagers and young adults from the age of 13 to 25. The sexes, races and sizes of the descendants are all very diverse. When a descendant transforms into their mer form, their eyes become all black, their teeth become razor sharp, and their natural beauty becomes enhanced so that they look like the best possible version of themselves. Their physical capabilities such as swimming, and overall strength increases.
    Example: Lifting up a car engine with one hand and throwing it. It would take two mers to throw an actual car though.

    The lower half of a mer is also more than half the size of their body, however that depends on what sea creature they take after. Example: A typical mermaid with a fish tail, would be longer than a shark.

    Depending on the sea creature that a mer takes after, that mer will often retain a physical trait from the sea creature it takes after.

    When on land and not exposed to copious amounts of saltwater, a descendant will remain in human form but they will experience discomfort such as dry and itchy skin, dry or itchy red/pink eyes, and possibly dry mouth. Drinking salt water will temporarily relieve these discomforts for about thirty minutes, however transformation is not possibly simply by ingesting salt water.

    All mers have the ability to see or hear snippets of memories and thoughts from other mers. These snippets are very brief, excluding Ana's final moments. The snippets usually last less than a minute. This skill can be activated when mers are in human form and mer form.

    A mer will also gain a special skill from the sea creature it takes after. Example: A squid mer may be able to eject ink on it's attackers/pursuers. A special skill can only be used when a mer is in salt water. The range of their powers does not extend to land.

    All mers have a vague notion of where other mers are located, as all mers have a bond. The further the mer the weaker the bond and vice versa.

    When underwater, all mers can communicate telepathically, by thinking at the person they wish to speak to.

    ANA - The first mer.
    F.Y.M - Fresh Young Minds, a corrupt and powerful organization that controls the government and wishes to acquire all mers.
    DESCENDANT - A descendant of one of the ice cap water taste testers.
    MER - Unisex name for mermaids and mermen.
    PRIME - The renamed Caribbean Islands.
    ZENITH - The renamed South America.
    THE CHOSEN LAND - The renamed US.
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  2. RULES*
    1. Iwaku site rules apply.
    2. The GM's word is law. (I am the GM)
    3. No Godmodding or Powerplaying.
    4. No Gary Stus/Mary Sues/ Debbie or Derek Downers/Special Snowflakes
    5. Mer people can only take after certain sea creatures. No penguins, platypi, or crustaceans.
    6. Try to be diverse in races.
    7. Two characters per person, preferably one male and one female.
    8. This is not a romance rp. There can be light kissing, but it should not be the central focus.
    9. Cursing is allowed but try not to do it all the goddamn fucking time like I just fucking did.*
    Also if you're going to curse do not censor it with symbols, just say the word or don't.
    10. Grammar, sentence structure and proper spelling is a must. Use a word processor if you have trouble with this.
    11. No sexual abuse backgrounds.
    12. Twins count as two characters.
    13. FYM is located in DC near the White House

    *Some rules are subject to change or be added at a later date.

    Third person
    Past tense
    Two paragraphs (at least five sentences each) minimum.
    Posts that do not adhere to the posting requirements will be Smited.

    (Delete words in parentheses)


    Name Meaning: (optional)
    Species: (This is where you put what sea creature they take after. So put 'Mermaid/man - sea creature)
    Age: (13-25)
    Birthday (Month/Day):
    Place of Birth: (West Coast/East Coast)
    Occupation: (If in school put that)


    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance: (Written description, include human and mer forms, type of clothing, make up etc.)
    Human appearance (Real pictures only)
    Mer appearance (Fantasy pictures or anime)


    Current Goal/Purpose:
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:
    Fondest Memory:
    Biggest Regret:


    Special Skill: (One, and it should be based off of the sea creature you take after)


    General History: (Two paragraphs, at least five sentences each)

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  3. [​IMG]
    13 Years Old
    The First Mer

    Mermaid - Seal

    Lived with her mother, father, brother and aunt. She lived a relatively pleasant life until the day all of the descendants began experiencing cravings. She was on her way back from school, when she collapsed from symptoms of dehydration, an ambulance was called but while it was en route to the hospital F.Y.M got in contact with the driver and ordered them to change course and bring Ana to the testing facility.

    Jackson Reid
    39 Years Old
    F.Y.M Lead Scientist

    West Coast Mers
    Ruby Wells- Flying Fish

    Lucas Reginald Drake- Tiger Shark

    Maria Cluana Drake - Surgeon Fish

    Naji Al-Shammari - Orca Whale

    East Coast Mers

    Anita Bishop-Reid- Hammerhead Shark

    Leona Hayther - Lion Fish

    Uriel Reed - Wahoo

    Thomas Stein - Moray Eel
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  4. What types of things are you looking for under physical characteristics for strengths & weaknesses?
  5. I thought the age cap was 25, not 15....? I'll make my character as I was, and change it when you get back to me on that.
  6. @Shadicmaster
    Whoops, that was a typo, the age cap is 25.

    I'll give you Achilles as an example. Strength - Great warrior, super strong, etc
    Weakness - His heel
    So it's stuff like that.
    Name: Ruby Wells
    Name Meaning: Jewel
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Species: Mermaid – flying fish
    Age: 18
    Birthday: March 14th
    Place of Birth: West coast (Eureka, CA)
    Occupation: Student
    Family: Father – Darrell Wells

    Height: 5’7”

    Weight: 135lbs
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Hazel
    Distinguishing Marks: tattoo between her shoulder blades & a 5 inch long scar on her left forearm from falling out of a tree & a flat mole to the right of her belly button
    General Appearance: Ruby usually wears something loose with something tight in terms of clothing. A baggy button up shirt with jean shorts, a black tank top with grey sweats, etc. She keeps her very long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail or braid or messy bun daily, hating having it in her face but too afraid to cut it short. She never wears makeup unless it's a very special occasion, but her tanned skin usually makes up for it. She has a slight dimple in her chin, and no piercings whatsoever, though she will sometimes wear an ear cuff at the top of her ear. She has pretty straight teeth except her canines are higher than usual, giving her an almost vampiric appearance when smiling sometimes.
    Human appearance
    Mer appearance (Fantasy pictures or anime)

    Strengths: Sprints, strength training, climbing, wrestling
    Weaknesses: long distance running or any extended high cardio exercise, putting mind over matter

    Current Goal/Purpose: Connect with other descendants to learn more

    Aspirations: Wildlife biologist or conservationist
    Hobbies: Hiking, hunting, camping, long car drives, rock climbing, art
    Likes: the outdoors (specifically the woods near her home), punk pop music, meat (steak, bacon, pork chops), driving, animals
    Dislikes: Staying inside all day, fish (she finds them icky, they scare her, & she doesn’t eat them either), chick flicks, going to the doctor/needles/medicine, crying
    Talents: Singing, cooking, starting a fire, burping the ABCs, some MMA techniques
    Inabilities: Long distance running, keeping a diary, get along with bullies, harm anything fluffy like cats or dogs
    Fears: the dark, fish, really deep dark water, being on a boat, spiders & spider webs
    General Personality: Happy, sarcastic, funny, fun loving, needs space/alone time (can’t always be around people), understanding, impatient
    Inner Personality: Hopeless romantic, adventurer, & yet constantly judging herself to say she’s not good enough, & while she is sympathetic to others on the outside inside she’s probably judging you harshly
    Fondest Memory: The last sleepover birthday party she had with her friends when she was 12. They had so much fun & everyone liked everyone. By the next year they’d all gotten bitchy or found new friends. But Ruby still misses them & holds the memory dear.
    Biggest Regret: Sleeping with her ex when she was just 14

    Special Skill: “Flying” (Gliding actually) for short distances out of the water in merform using her ‘wings’

    General History:

    Ruby’s mother left when she was 5 with her younger sister. And as far as Ruby was concerned, that was fine by her. All her memories of her mother were of her yelling and hitting her dad. If there is one thing Ruby is, it’s a daddy’s girl. She always went camping with him, hunting, exploring. Little did she know at that age some of their camping was because the house was foreclosed on, and the hunting was to survive. All little Ruby knew was that she was having a great time with her father.

    The two never really had extra money, even when her dad got on his feet and had a decent job at a factory. By that age, Ruby could take care of herself and he left her home alone when not at school. By doing this she learned to cook and clean around the house, considering her dad was too tired to.

    Ruby was never really into sports, despite having a good build for it. She also found herself conflicted going through high school. She felt much more mature than most others. She didn’t care about parties or dances, drinking or who had a crush on her. She was much more interested in having friends, learning, and having alone time to just walk amongst nature in the afternoons. But she was seen as a bit weird for this and her ‘friends’ became acquaintances. And that might have been for the best, considering the changes that began occurring in her around age 17. She began craving salt water constantly. Her smooth, tan skin became dry and itchy despite lotion 3 times a day. She finally caved, beginning to add salt to her water bottles, and feel temporary relief. She hid this from her concerned dad, who just saw her drinking more water and the dryness subsiding, so he let it go.

    Never much of a beach person, Ruby did head out to a party she got invited to as it was for the whole graduating class. She separated from the group around the bonfire and slipped her toes into the ocean. It felt, in a word, amazing. She slowly slid her whole body underwater, closing her eyes and swimming a ways out. It was an unusual thing for her, considering her fear of dark water and fish, general distaste for the ocean, beach, and swimming, but she felt comfortable for the first time in months. As she floated underwater though, she let her hands move down her body, feeling scales beginning at her hips. Her eyes popped open and she screamed, but she ingested water. It tasted delicious, and even more surprisingly, she could breathe it. Panicking, Ruby rose to the surface, flipping her long iridescent tail up out of the water. Her finger rose to her cheeks where gills were present, and on her back, wings moved slowly back and forth. She began to cry, not understanding, and retreating to a secluded part of the beach to escape. After that day though, she has continued returning to the beach secretly, learning more about her new form and what she is capable of.
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    Name: Anita Bishop-Reid
    Name Meaning: Gracefulness
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Half Haitian, Half African American
    Species: Mermaid - Hammerhead Shark
    Age: 21
    Birthday: June 8th
    Place of Birth: East Coast
    Location: Maryland
    Occupation: F.Y.M PR
    Family: Blake Bishop (Sister, Alive), Madison Bishop (Grandmother, Alive), Jackson Reid (Father; Alive),


    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Hair: Relaxed and black
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Distinguishing Marks: None
    General Appearance: Anita is a slightly muscular young woman, with dark brown skin, deep brown eyes and long and wavy black hair. She has a tendency to wear office clothing at all times even when she's not at work because she can't bring herself to spend too much time on matching and planning her outfits. As for make up, Anita will only wear a bit of eyeliner and clear lip gloss.
    In her mer form, Anita is a large mer with the long dark gray lower body of a hammer head shark. Her under belly is light almost white gray. Anita doesn't feel self conscious about the nakedness of mers so she doesn't wear a top in her mer form.
    Human appearance
    Mer appearance

    (Lower half only)
    Strengths: Fast swimmer, brute strength, and sight.
    Weaknesses: She's a pushover, she tends to follow the majority.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To flee from her father, reunite with her grandmother and sister, and escape The Chosen Land.
    Aspirations: To live in peace with the rest of the mers in a utopia.
    Hobbies: Making twine bracelets, reading, daydreaming.
    Likes: Her grandmother, her sister, following the crowd, classical music and swimming in her mer form.
    Dislikes: Her father, public speaking, lying, the spotlight, dogs.
    Talents: Memorization and medium level hacking.
    Inabilities: Standing up to people, and being independent.
    Fears: Her father coming after her and the other mers.
    General Personality: Anita can only be described as artificial. Because she'd been under her father's thumb for so long, she doesn't have a personality of her own and basically says what he tells her to. She maintains a generally pleasant personality, and outwardly she is very optimistic. When she's with her father, they look like a perfect father daughter team, but behind closed doors...
    Inner Personality: Anita is very shy, reserved and insecure, if she was given the chance Anita would second guess everything she did. She hates the spotlight and public speaking but pressure from her father won't allow her to be 'weak'.
    Fondest Memory: Playing in the rain with her grandmother and sister, when she was seven. It had rained a lot for the past few days, so their was mud everywhere and their grandmother showed the girl's how to make the most of a 'messy situation'.
    Biggest Regret: Contacting her father when she was ten. If she had never gotten curious about her parentage her life would have been so much different.


    Special Skill: Broad Vision - Like the hammer head shark, Anita has the ability to widen her range of sight so she can see in two places at once.


    General History:
    Anita was born in the slums of the East Coast. She was raised by her grandmother, Madison and older half sister, Blake. Anita's mother was an immature young woman who wanted to play all day and not deal with the responsibilities of children, so she left Anita and her older sister with her grandmother and left their lives forever. Anita's father was someone her mother had met when she was a teenager, and the only information about him was that he was African American and his initials were J.R. Anita always wanted to meet her father, but the little information that she had wasn't very helpful in locating him. Plus her grandmother and sister always told her that a man who didn't automatically enter their child's life was a heartless creature, and even though Anita desperately wanted to meet her father, she never pursued the issue.

    Until her tenth birthday when her neighborhood was graced with the presence of F.Y.M. The organization had come to get samples of the area's sewage which gave off a terrible metallic smell and that interested them. Anita caught a glimpse of Jackson Reid and saw a striking resemblance between her and him. When she got the chance, Anita approached Reid and suggested their relation. Reid was skeptical at first but after hearing about Anita's mother, he gradually accepted that Anita was his. He wasn't planning to gain custody of her initially, but after a night of thinking on it, he realized that taking Anita would gain him popularity in the slums which were filled with poor people who resented his power. And so he showed up to Anita's grandmother's house one day and took Anita who was home alone at the time. He left the court guardianship change papers tacked to the door and Anita never saw her family or the slums ever again.

    Reid raised Anita to be his little puppet and he controlled everything she did. He saw her through middle school, high school and college and chose everything for her, her major, minor, extracurricular activities, everything. He wanted to create the perfect image of a loving and doting father and daughter who envisioned the same dream and shared the same preferences. The public bought it and ranted and raved about how such a loving father he was, when in actuality he treated Anita like a doll. He even got her her job at F.Y.M as the PR assistant that everyone loved and adored and listened to, because she was Jackson Reid's daughter so why would she lie?

    When Anita began experiencing the mer symptoms, she thought about telling her father and asking him for help, but then she found out about Ana. It was an accident really, but she heard two scientists talking about it and after looking through the organizations files, she found out about the experiment. Now she's trying to figure a way out of the organization without alerting her father.
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    Name: Lucas Reginald Drake
    Name Meaning:
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: African American
    Species: Merman- Tiger Shark
    Age: 21
    Birthday: June 22
    Place of Birth: West Coast (Sacremento)
    Starting up singer/rapper, full time worker at a fast food resturaunt.
    Family: A little sister (Maria Drake: Adoptive)
    Both parents are deceased


    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 164
    Hair: Dark brown and kept in dreadlocks
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Distinguishing Marks: A tattoo that stretches from his upper shoulder to halfway down his upper arm (left side)


    A scar running along his right side, lower abdomen, horizontal, received from a knife fight.
    General Appearance: Athletically built and tall, generally seen wearing simple clothes that dont get in his way, those tending to be a plain white t, a black hoodie, and some worn out jeans.
    Human appearance
    Mer appearance
    Strengths: Swimming, running, climbing, fighting. (mostly anything physical, as he had to do a lot of the above in escaping the local gangs)
    Weaknesses: His still sore side from where he was cut in a knife fight, his family ties, his history


    Current Goal/Purpose: Survival, whether human or mer, by any means possible
    Aspirations: To become a famous rapper or singer, maybe even make a better life for his sister with something more simple. He aspires to save his sister and friends from the darkness of his past.
    Hobbies: Writing, Singing, Rapping, Parkour
    Likes: Snakes, Rats, Fast cars, Family loyalty
    Dislikes: Traitors, Death, Cats, Being followed or watched
    Talents: Singing, Rapping, speed thinking
    Inabilities: Killing people, Going for too long without using lotion
    Fears: Ana's fate becoming that of any of the other Descendants, losing his sister as he did his parents, being alone
    General Personality: Very to the point, outgoing, and willing to speak his mind to anyone who asks (or doesnt) He knows how to get up in people's faces, and isnt afraid to do so.
    Inner Personality: Though very expressive and rough around the edges, aggressive at times, he is very kind and caring, just using the wrong means to get to the right ends.
    Fondest Memory: Four months after he had turned twelve, he was adopted into a wonderfully caring home with parents who seemed to truly love him and a baby sister. He was actually given a toy that was his, something he didnt have to share, and a room that he could be alone in. The impact of someone caring that much for him will stay with him to this day
    Biggest Regret: Not being a better protector for those who associate with him


    Special Skill: Electro-sensory sixth sense
    -A common skill among sharks and other hunters of the deep, Lucas can sense the electric currents and pulses that are present within the bodies of living organisms


    General History:

    Born to parents who were heavily involved in the gang life of west side LA, Lucas was constantly bustled between either of the parents when one of them was on a job, or handling some 'business'. Sometimes, the young boy was even left all alone for a day or two, something that is very harmful for the psyche of an infant. This went on for quite some time, until one day, a year before he was to start kindergarten, his parents disappeared again, never to return. Someone came by the house, one of the normal people who would check that Lucas was okay, only to find him starved, dehydrated, and on the verge of death. From there, he was taken to a hospital to ensure that he could recover before being submitted to an orphanage. The boy wasn't much of a people person, and was often pushed aside and punished for his outbursts at other children around his age. By that point, he could care less about what other's thought of him. He may have been young, but he knew what his parents were involved in. He knew his heritage, and wasn't afraid of it. Until one day, there was a shooting at the orphanage. The rival gang that had killed his parents were looking for him, as he was the last scrap of their family line, the gang leader having damned all of his family to death. The police apprehended the men before any damage could be done, but mentally, Lucas was scarred. It wasnt long after that he began to seclude himself, have outbursts at whoever would dare approach. He learned to sing.

    Singing became the young boy's life, country, blues, hip hop, rap, he did it all. He would alternate between that and running, or swimming in the orphanage's small section of the pool downtown. He was a bright kid, commended in school for his mental and physical abilities, but he wouldnt hear any of it. If he was so special, why did he have to look over his shoulder every minute to make sure he wasnt being watched? It wasn't long, however, before a brave couple decided they would take him in and try to root out the darkness in the boy's heart. And they were successful to a degree. He became quite a bit more mild, only being a loud, and very expressive child, but still holding himself back from any true harm to others. His outbursts were few and far between and he was trusted with caring for the couple's only daughter who was now his sister, she not knowing any different. Unfortunately, however, after three peaceful years of living with the Drake's, Lucas' past caught up with him. An arson and attempted murder attempt from the gang left his house, and new parents in the ashes, he only having been able to save his little sister. From then on, he became more quite, more determined than ever to protect the one's he loved. The cries of his parents, however, both biological and leagel, haunt him to this day, and their faces, echo in the eyes of his sister, every time he looks at her.
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  10. I'll post his sister (also a decendant) soon. Just tired of writing for the night
    Oh, I totally didnt notice that there was already a tiger shark in the mix here XD I only gave a quick skim and didnt see the picture for the mer form, so I just assumed that the character was still WIP on that aspect Px

    Name: Leona Hayther
    Name Meaning: Lioness
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: half italian, half Caucasian
    Species: Lionfish Mermaid
    Age: 20
    Birthday (Month/Day): 12/02
    Place of Birth: East Coast
    Location: Near outer banks of North Carolina (Ocean Isle Beach)
    Occupation: Coffee shop barista
    Family: Deceased Mother-- Rosa Hayther
    Father -- Bill Hayther


    Height: 5'1
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: Russet brown (reddish)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Distinguishing Marks: little scars on her shoulder from glass shards
    General Appearance: Leona is a lithe and agile girl with more flexibility than strength. She doesn't wear much makeup and doesn't care for it really. Her outfits are usually dark in color, but not much effort. Converse, jeans and a t-shirt or tank top most days. Her skin is fair and sensitive, so it bruises easily and her hair has a bit of a mind of its own.
    Human appearance (Real pictures only)
    Mer appearance (Fantasy pictures or anime)
    This Tail (open)

    Spines here (open)


    Strengths: she's quick and bright, and knows how to lie very convincingly
    Weaknesses: her history. she shuts people out too much. Also, she gets faint at the sight of blood and would get a panic attack around needles, but wouldn't admit it to anyone. She's also very stubborn and doesn't work all that well in groups


    Current Goal/Purpose: To learn more about her new tail and stay financially stable
    Aspirations: Being less of an outcast, but keeping her tail a secret. when it comes to career goals, she has no clue.
    Hobbies: Used to like running, but the dry skin and eyes have really hindered that. kickboxing, Sketching, reading, listening to music and playing her acoustic guitar
    Likes: Honesty, adventure novels, coffee, sharp weapons, chocolate, new picks for her guitar, simplicity and walking alone
    Dislikes: liars and hypocrites, screamo music, her period, migraines, pushy people, little kids, feeling helpless
    Talents: playing guitar, making espresso really quickly, avoiding people, and making sarcastic comments
    Inabilities: killing, trusting easily, lifting really heavy things, singing well, writing with good handwriting
    Fears: cages, needles and blood
    General Personality: Leona is pretty abrasive and aggressive, especially at first. She doesn't open up easily at all and she is very blunt. Otherwise, she's a kind of quiet girl who watches more than speaks. Independent and fierce, she will stand up for what she cares about despite her tough, devil-may-care attitude.
    Inner Personality: Leona is very critical of herself and it keeps her self-esteem low.. She shies away from opening up to people and doesn't really like attention. she doesn't know how to respond to any type of compliment and her mask of bravado and toughness is just for show. Her past makes her feel weak and running away is a bit of a common thing for her.
    Fondest Memory: baking cookies with her mom when she was 7
    Biggest Regret: Not being there when her mother died.


    Special Skill: venomous fin rays on her arms and hips. The potency of lionfish venom makes it an excellent predator. In humans, Pterois (scientific name) venom can cause systemic effects such as extreme pain, nausea, vomiting, fever, breathing difficulties, convulsions, dizziness, redness on the affected area, headache, numbness, paresthesia (pins and needles),heartburn, diarrhea, and sweating. Rarely, such stings can cause temporary paralysis of the limbs, heart failure, and even death. Fatalities are common in very young children, the elderly, those with a weak immune system, or those who are allergic to their venom. Their venom is rarely fatal to healthy humans, but some species have enough venom to produce extreme discomfort for a period of several days.


    General History: Leona had a fairly standard childhood up until she turned 13. She was an only child with a loving mother and father. She was closer to her mom though, especially as her father developed symptoms of bipolar disorder when she was 8. She always used to read her bedtime stories and she's always loved books because of that. Her dad used to play the drums and he gave her a pretty good taste in music. He even gave her his old guitar for a birthday present when she was nine. But then, her dad stopped playing and started drinking more, ignoring his wife when she urged him to go to the doctor's. They would argue loud enough sometimes for Leona to cry up in her bed. And then one day, coming back home from school she went inside to find her mom because dad would always be out working at that hour. Except that day, April 6th, everything was really quiet. She went to her mom's room and saw her asleep on her bed. It was strange because she never really naps, wasn't a nap. Rosa never woke up. She'd over-dosed on purpose and it took Leona too long to figure that out. Her mother killed herself and didn't even leave a note.

    Nothing was ever good after that unless she could sufficiently distract herself with a book or her guitar and those times were rare. Her Dad got worse and worse, especially as his daughter began to resemble his late wife as she got older. He started to insinuate that things were her fault. That she'd done something wrong. That escalated to other insults and if she ever got mad, or told him to buy pills for his mental health, he'd slap her. Eventually, he stopped needing much more than a bad mood to physically abuse Leona. It got so bad that she had to regularly cover bruises and learn to hide in her own house. She ran away when she was 18, after her dad had shattered a beer bottle on her shoulder. She hasn't seen him since, but she did steal a considerable amount of money and brought all her things. Sometimes when she looks at her guitar, she wishes for the daddy that loved her. But these days, she despises him or at least tries to and she's learning as much as she can about this new, weird tail she has and the annoying symptoms that come with staying away from the water. When she discovered her tail, she thought shed gone insane and shes been trying her best to shut out the weird visions of other weird mermaid people. She's barely scraping by with her salary so it's been pretty rough doing everything on her own.
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  12. @Shadicmaster
    It's coolio, there can be two of the same species. Just make sure you don't have the same special skill as me or you might suffer from a DUN DUN DUN DUN SHARK ATTAAAACK!

    How is the rest of her ethnicity a mystery if she's 'Caucasian though'.
  13. @Polystical
    Eeeh I find ethnicity to be hard to describe sometimes. Caucasian is more of a race. Like African American, asian, caucasian. It just really means untraceable European roots soo.. shrug* I changed it anyway. Technically humans started in Africa and then 'Americans' that have their family line here is really just some kind of European so. Anyway, guess it works now. Is her character alright otherwise? Anything else I can fix?

    Name: Maria Cluana Drake
    Name Meaning:
    Wished for child
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Asian (japanese)
    Mermaid - Orange band Surgeonfish
    Age: 15
    Birthday: January 12
    Place of Birth:
    West Coast (Sacremento)
    Occupation: school
    Family: Lucas Drake


    Height: 5"1'
    Weight: 100 lbs
    Hair: black long and straight
    Eyes: olive brown mix
    Distinguishing Marks: n/a
    General Appearance: Maria is very slender and small, holding a weak frame by what many can see outwardly, though she really is quite strong. She'll normally be seen wearing a baggy long sleeve shirt and a mini-skirt with leggings or stockings on, as she doesn't like very much of her skin showing due to the patches of red, irritated skin that looks very similar to eczema. She tends to wear a very small amount of make-up, just some cover up, mascara, and lipstick, as she finds anything more a hassle to take off.
    Human appearance

    Mer appearance
    (just the tail for this one)
    Strengths: Analytical thinking, problem solving, lie detecting (mostly anything mental)
    Weaknesses: anything physical besides running (for short distances) and swimming


    Current Goal/Purpose: Help her brother to open up a bit more, support her brother in whatever goals he pursues and find out what is going on with the Descendants and why they are in danger
    Aspirations: Before finding out the truth about their activities, she had aspired to become a part of FYM. Now, she aspires to help build a new society in the new world that she and her fellows find in the wake of this disaster.
    Hobbies: Drawing, singing, dancing
    Likes: small fluffy animals, chocolate, social activities
    Dislikes: awkward situations (such as other girls asking why she never had a boyfriend)
    Talents: Drawing, Analytical thinking
    Inabilities: Climbing (free-style, such as mountain climbing or wall climbing. She can climb a ladder just fine), Killing innocent people, hurting others without knowing the whole story (unless its in self defense)
    Fears: Being found out by others, falling from a great height (though she isnt afraid of heights themselves)
    General Personality: Bubbly and light, happy to try and share such with others and make their day just a little bit brighter
    Inner Personality: Worrisome and easily annoyed with how dependant everyone is. She is also fairly depressed a lot of times. Not to a clinical disorder point, but to some extent or another, it's always there, causing her to cover it up with her happy-go-lucky outer personality
    Fondest Memory: Her brother spending all the money he had saved for himself to get into the music business to buy her a bike
    Biggest Regret: Not being able to be more of a help to her brother (as she doesnt know how much she has already affected him)


    Special Skill:
    Can protrude a blade from either side of her tail for offensive or defensive purposes (similar to the defense mechanism used on all of the surgeonfish species)


    General History: Maria grew up in a very mixed household, her parents adopting a boy when she was about to turn seven. She honestly didnt mind as she was often lonely and only had school and her martial arts classes to be out in the world with other people. Her parents, though kind and caring, were former history teachers, both already rather old (at least in her eyes). Due to their background in digging into past cultures and beliefs, at times, they would force some of those skewed, ancient beliefs upon her and her brother. Not that any of them were too drastic; it wasnt like their tongue would have been cut off for lying. No matter what they would impose upon the children, however, they were loved, being fairly good parents considering the area of the Chosen Land they lived in.

    At the age of ten, the unthinkable happened, her parents' death. There was a lot of controversy on the real killers and the motives, but Lucas always asserted that he knew the answers and would be endangering her if he spoke them. Maria has been dependant on her brother for quite a while and didnt mind doing so when their parents' passed, but even so, the times were hard. Her grades slipped, she being in the fourth grade at the time, but as things settled down, she recovered, though never the same. She tried to act happy and chipper, much of it fooling everyone else, but those closest knew that deep down, there were wounds that would take much longer to heal. Through school, she would try to keep from being too popular with others, but her natural beauty caught the attention of quite a few, and inevitably, she would have her small group of girl friends to hang out with, whether she wanted to or not. Half way through middle school, having yet to have been in any sort of romantic relationship, she was nicknamed "Complicated Coy", just Coy for short. The name stuck with her through middle school, even when she skipped a grade, being early into being a freshman at age 14. Now fifteen and a sophomore in school, she wonders just how true her parents words, to ' wait until you are ready to settle down' really are, and if they are applicable for this time period, or if they were just trying to push old traditions on her again.
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    Name: Carmiel or “Carm” Doran
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Mixed Race North American
    Species: Merman - Cephalopod
    Age: 25
    Birthday: February 18
    Place of Birth: East Coast
    Occupation: Hustler
    Family: Father: Emmerich Doran (Investor and Lawyer). Mother: Raizel Doran (Model)

    Height: 5' 11”
    Weight: 152 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Distinguishing Marks: N/A
    General Appearance: White skin, black hair, dark brown eyes, deep voice, and long hair. Carm has a lean body and a slim frame. Dark leather jackets, loose slim fit denim, and biker boots -that's his style.
    Human Form: Click Here
    Mer-Form: Click Here
    Strengths/Weaknesses: Physically, Carm is not very impressive unless he's in Mer-form. His fitness levels are slightly above average, nothing extraordinary and certainly nothing worth bragging about.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Self amusement.
    Likes: Testing limits.
    Dislikes: People that are boring.
    Talents: Getting on peoples nerves.
    Inabilities: Giving a damn.
    Fears: Mageirocophobia
    General Personality: Egotistical and self-serving.
    Inner Personality: Narcissistic.
    Fondest Memory: Seeing the look on his father's face after he kicked his mother in the crotch.
    Biggest Regret: Carm missed the opportunity to steal candy from a baby in front of a large crowd. He regrets it to this day.

    Special Skill: Carm's saliva contains a powerful neurotoxin that is similar to its animal predecessor, the blue-ringed octopus.
    Additional Features: Carm has twelve leg tentacles in his mer-form. The underside of every tentacle arm is lined with powerful suckers. The suckers can be recessed/retracted into the tentacle when not in use. Unlike most cephalopods, Carm isn't able to telescope his tentacles.

    General History: Carm's was never the strongest or the smartest in school. The one thing he's good at is knowing what he can get away with. When Carm was in elementary school, he had a teacher fired by accusing her of sexual harassment. He got away with it. In highschool, he had three girlfriends from two different schools, and he got away with it. He killed his parents, and got away with that too. Got caught speeding sixty clicks over the limit in a school zone, but was able to get the ticket down to a fifteen and over. Not bad considering that it turned into a hot pursuit. The list goes on.

    *I changed the profile so that he has retractile suckers on his tentacles because suckers just don't look very appealing to me, and an octopus without suckers is like a cat without claws. It's purely an aesthetic feature.
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  16. @Ravenbelle

    I need a written description for the general appearance section.

    I'm not sure if you're done or not, but I'm going to stop you before you get too carried away.
    1. Special skills cannot be extremely enhanced like yours are. So no 'ten times stronger'.
    2. In the family section mention the parents anyway.
    3. Your character is not explained very well at all, and he just seems like a deranged child. I am two seconds away from not accepting the 'he killed his parents thing' because it makes zero sense. Once again, explain it. And do not give a 'Joker' background. He can't just be crazy, there needs to be a reason.
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  17. Just finished editing. Are my two characters good?

    Name: Naji Abdul-Aziz Al-Shammari
    Name Meaning: Safe
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Iraqi Arab
    Species: Merman - Orca Whale
    Age: 25
    Birthday: November 6th
    Place of Birth: West Coast
    Location: Sacramento
    Occupation: Chef
    Family: Marina Al-Shammari (Wife, 27), Azra Al-Shammari (Daughter, 6), Pishi (Parakeet)


    Height: 6'0"
    Long and black, but it's always tied in his headdress.
    Eyes: Light brown
    Distinguishing Marks: He has a few burn marks from cooking accidents on his forearms.
    General Appearance: Naji is a slightly muscular young man with light brown skin and a fierce look on his face almost at all times. He wears neutral colored kufiya's that he usually ties back behind his neck, so as not to catch fire while cooking. Most of the time, Naji wears his traditional clothing, but other times, he simply wears a dress shirt, slacks and a vest. He rarely ever wears casual clothing.
    Human appearance
    Mer appearance
    (Tail only)
    Strengths: Cooking, debating, reasoning, boxing.
    Weaknesses: His family, and women and children in general, he can never bring himself to harm or yell at a woman or child, no matter what they're doing to him.


    Current Goal/Purpose: To give his family a perfect and safe life.
    Aspirations: To create a five star restaurant.
    Hobbies: Cooking, singing to his daughter, dancing with his wife, playing pretend with his daughter, reading restaurant reviews.
    Likes: Colorful birds, ballet, his wife's massages, nighttime.
    Dislikes: Pastries, unruly children, cats, reptiles (basically anything that could eat a bird), F.Y.M.
    Talents: Cooking, and sketching (food mostly).
    Inabilities: He hates desserts and can't bring himself to make them. Get a full night's rest, once he gets inspired he'll stay up all night until he gets the dish exactly right.
    Fears: Never seeing his family again or losing them forever.
    General Personality: Naji seems to be the kind of person who doesn't open up or express his feelings. He seems stifled and uncaring at times, but really he's just putting up a front. Being an up and coming chef, Naji feels that he needs to stand strong and always be on his guard in order to achieve his dreams.
    Inner Personality: Although he usually looks harsh and grumpy, Naji is a sweet man who cares about his family above all. He has a strong and powerful voice but he rarely uses for fear of startling somebody (his daughter usually). He's incredibly protective of his family and will do anything for them.
    Fondest Memory: He has two; When he married his wife and when his daughter was born.
    Biggest Regret: Cutting off all communication with his father and mother. He didn't regret ignoring his father, but his mother really had nothing to do with it and he should have made her an exception.


    Special Skill: Iron Stomach - Like the orca, Naji is on the top of the food chain and can eat nearly any sea creature.


    General History:

    Naji was born in the US, to two very traditional and religious parents. At a young age, Naji was informed that he had a wife picked out for him and when he became of age, he would marry her and produce lovely children. Naji never liked this plan that his parents seemed to have mapped out for him and frequently argued with his father about the decision. He saw no point in marrying some girl he had never seen before or met, save for a few times when they were young children. His father refused to listen to him and that caused a rift between him and Naji. To deal with the frustration and anger that his father caused him, Naji began cooking to keep his mind off of things. His mother taught him all that she knew, and it was soon discovered that Naji was an extraordinary cook. Unbeknownst to his father who wanted his son to pursue a career in law enforcement, Naji's mother encouraged Naji to broaden his cooking knowledge and become a chef.

    When Naji turned twenty one, which was marrying age in his family, his father and mother began to arrange his wedding ceremony. However, during his quest to become a better chef, Naji had met a beautiful young lady named Marina Day and he was head over heels in love with her. He told his father this and his father was enraged and ordered him to break it off with the girl and go ahead with the plans that his parents had for him. Naji refused and announced that if his parents wouldn't accept his choices, than they would have no part because he would leave. His father refused to back down and his mother knew if she spoke up, she would probably be cast out by her husband so she remained silent.

    Naji left then, and soon married Marina. They moved into a small apartment, and Naji became a chef at a high end restaurant where he began making just enough money for them to move into a house, when Marina became pregnant with their daughter, Azra.

    Life was good until, Naji began experiencing the symptoms of mers. Naji shared his situation with his wife, and she began helping research ways to sooth his urges. They filled their pool with salt, and got a license to build a very tall wooden fence around their property so no one could see what they were doing.

    Naji first experienced his mer form in front of his wife and daughter who were scared initially but got used to it eventually.
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  19. @Shadicmaster
    Okay so the first character is fine.
    The second character needs;
    A birthday
    A written description
    A fifteen year old should not be in middle school
    Her bio should be two paragraphs at least five sentences each.
    I'm a bit iffy on her skill. Most people's skills are based on the biological aspects of their animal, not mythological aspects.
  20. Aye Aye, captain. I'll be right on it in the morning
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