salt water

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  1. Charles suddenly woke up to the sound of his heart pounding. His back shot up, forcing him to sit up.

    He realised that his surrounding wasn't water, but it wasn't land either. It looked like a log cabin but it was swaying and rocking. It was a boat.
    And he seemed to be in a very important room because the interior was rich and wooden, with gold interior.

    A mound of gold was at the desk that say at the far end of the room. Stolen gold. They were pirates.

    Charles looked at his bed that he was in. It was comfy and it seemed to be in a large bed with lots of embroidered cushions and thick blankets.
    It had initials at the top of the curtains, it was pre owned by someone of high class or royalty.

    But most importantly, his find were gon. He didn't have his golden tail anymore. He had legs.
    This happens when he has been on land for more than a week.
    How did he get there?
    How long did he sleep?

    He was going to panic and run out but he heard heavy steps leading to the door. Then it opened.

    The man could see him.
    His face.
    Charles' smooth light brown skin, dark brown eyes, long curly hair, and young complexion met the face of the man.
  2. Radelia was behind the captain toward the door with the interesting cargo they picked up. It was a merman in her option. They had him for quit a while. She was a pirate who was also an half dragon elf. The captain had taken her from her family when she was very young and raised her like his own. She moved a piece of blue hair that was out of place then waited. The captain opened the door and she slipped in first to see the boy. She could see the man's face and so could the captain who seemed to stare right back. She waited to see what they might say for she didn't want to miss anything it was hard enough to convince the captain to let her see who they had found.
  3. Charles stood up straighter, bringing the expensive comforter to his chest.
    He looked to the captain's eyes, a moment of fear struck Charles. Although the captain was handsome and well aged, some form of comfort was stuck behind the cold exterior of swords and scars.
    "Why am I here ?" He asked the captain with a choke in his voice.
  4. The Captain continued to look at the man. He then deiced to answer the man's question. "Your on one of the greatest ships that have every sailed this sea. The Murderous Night is her name." He replied. "I'm the Captain as you might have guessed. With me I brought the one who is meant to keep an eye on you. Her name is Radelia." The Captain stated.

    Radelia listened to the question then she heard the Captain appoint her to be the man's watchman. 'So that's why he finally let me come with.' She thought now understanding what happened. She looked to the man after the Captain she gave a nod. "Yeah." Was her reply to the Captain's orders.
  5. "What are you going to do with me? Sell me to a circus?" He scoffed as he got up, touching the floor with his feet.
  6. The Captian laughed. "Maybe if it's for a good enough prices." He said then looked to Radelia. "Radelia watch him for me will ya? See perhaps what price you think he's worth." He said to her. "I have a few other things to take care of." With that he left leaving Radelia with the man.

    She stared at where the Captain had left. After taking all that was said in she finally turned and gave a sigh. "Sounds like I'm on watch duty." She stated looking at the man. "So..." She paused not sure what to ask. "Sorry if you feel like a prisoner. I don't really know much on why your here the Captain would tell me really any details." She said hoping that would show that she really was just tricked into being on guard duty.
  7. "How did you get me here anyway?" He said getting up and stretching.
  8. Radelia smiled. "Simple team work." She replied. "When you have a group of people and well a dragon it's not that hard." She answered him grinning remembering how she was told to help lift the cargo by flight. She at the time didn't know what the Captain meant but now it was pretty clear. She remembered the process a little and hearing how some of the crew managed to find a way to get the target asleep.
  9. He stretched a bit before looking her in the eye.
    "What are you doing with me? Why am I here?" He needed answers.
  10. Radelia stared him in the eyes she listened to his questions. "Well I'm now on guard duty which means I'm stuck watching your every move and can't let you escape." She paused thinking on if she knew the second question. "Well what will do with you is whatever the Captain decides and orders. But I do get to help decide I'm sure for he did ask me to help him with a decision latter. So it would depend on how you act if you seem useful I could suggest you become part of the crew. Not useful well we could deiced to sell you to someone for something I'm sure." She grinned before naming ideas. "We could sell you to the circus as you suggested, or sell you as someone's slave. There's a lot of choices might take me a while to deiced if I feel that we would gain a heavy price and it's worth losing a possible new crew mate." She said answering his second question.
  11. Charles glared.
    "I want out." He said sternly.
    "Get me the captain."
  12. Radelia shook her head. "Sorry pal it's not that easy.See he gives the orders the crew obeys." She placed her hands on her head. "Now I say you should try and make the best of this situation. If I remember correctly the next plan of movement's not to go selling merchandises quit yet. That's after trying to get some more treasure or something. Either way it's not back to shore near the town." She said calmly.
  13. Charles glared at her again before He stomped to the end of the room, banging on the door to realize it was open.
    He kept angrily walking down the hallway until he could find the captain, forgetting that he had no clothes.
    He finally saw him on deck.
    "Can I talk to the captain?" He announced making the busy deck quiet to star at a beautiful man.
    "Or I'll jump of this deck and return home."
  14. Radelia watched him manage to open the door before she could do anything and start going down the hall to try and get the Captain. She did a face palm. 'Shouldn't the Captain locked the door? Or was it because he had me stay he left it unlocked.' She thought then followed after. 'If he finds out man he's going to give me wash duty. Or worse.' She thought as she looked to where he had gone and hope neither would run into the Captain she found him asking one of the others on the crew to get the Captain and to her worry they had listened and one left she wasn't sure if he really was getting the Captain or not. She got behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. "Your not suppose to be out here. If the Captain finds out I'm not sure what he'll do to me. Now come on were heading back." She said grabbing his arm and began to try and get him to move back to the room.
  15. "No!" He snapped her hand back. "I need to know," he said through his teeth.
  16. When he snapped she pulled her hand back a moment her gaze was anger and for a moment's glace her eyes like dragon slits but she gave a breath and they faded her look of anger gone. "Know what? What the plan is? That's never a definite thing till last minute. That's probable why he left in the first place." She said then paused to breath to hopefully once more feel clam and stay clam. "If one of the others did come to get him it doesn't mean he's deiced anything if that's what your really still after." She said giving a sigh.

    The Captain had been reached and he just looked up from his next move of plans which he still had been trying to figure out. It was to find another hidden treasure. When he heard about the merman however he stood and worked on heading out to find where the crew had seen him last.
  17. Charles ignored her clear anger, showing more annoyance than fear. He saw the captain looking for him.
    He marched over to him and took him by the collar, dragging him into the hallway.
    "Take me back where I came from," he snarled as he pinned him to the wall.
  18. The Captain gave a laugh at the man. "Take you back?" He said repeating the demand with a question. "My boy we need you. I'm not willing to say why just yet." He said taking a glance at the side noticing Radelia trying to find them. "Radelia I think it's time you try and scare are new friend will you." He called out. "I think he might be more willing to listen." He said as she came up confused for a moment. "But..." She tried to object till she noticed the Captain's situation and the look he gave her. She let out a sigh. "Fine but if everyone screams again it's on you and I deserve that free flight for a while." He didn't say anything to agree with her statement. Even though he didn't answer she had learned it's best to listen to the Captain if you don't want punished weather it be cleaning the deck or worse the bathrooms. She shifted into her full dragon form and looked at the two who now looked really more like small animals. She carefully used one of her clawed hands and lifted the two the second underneath the Captain. "I suggest you start to listen now. Even if you try and find your way back he'll probable send me after you." She stated sounding like a low growl knowing that begin a water dragon he more than likely would have her chase after the man where every he lived.
  19. Charles held that plain face and clenched teeth.
    "Just tell me what's going on and I'll stop."
  20. The Captain sighed. "Well if you notice I'm after an quit unique crew for my next goal." He started. "There is a legend an old Pirate Legend. It's about a hidden treasure and the way to get it is with a mixed crew of mystical creatures. It's The Pirates of the Inner Sea lost treasure." He said grinning. "I might be the first Pirate able to get there hands on it over hundreds of years." He said and gave a laugh. "Which is why I need you, Radelia and a bunch of the others you may have seen on my ship. Within my crew. But if you don't want to be a part of our search then I guess will find a buyer for a merman. Maybe they'll turn you into a curious freak or a slave." He stated.

    Radelia keep quiet and stared at the two waiting for her next orders. She was glad to finally know what the Captain had been slowly aiming for after all these years.