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    Salem's ~ Secrets
    February 1682 through May 1683, the Salem Witch Trials took place. The Trails were a series of hearings and prosecutions that ended the lives of twenty people. What were they accused of? Witchcraft, a dangerous art that dooms many. What many people don't know now a days is they actually were witches.
    And when a witch was sentenced to death, she vowed to destroy every life that sets foot in Salem. And so far she and many of her followers have kept that promise.

    A group of documentary makers have decided on their next big documentary...the Salem Witch Trails. Though knowing the legend, they still embark on the journey to Salem. Within the first day everything seems fine and they believe the legend to be false, but as the moon ascends things become difficult to comprehend and they try to escape. But as they cross the town line, they black out and crash their cars.
    The next morning they wake up in the church, with one of them missing...and no cell phone reception.
    Will they ever escape?


    ~Sign Up and OOC Rules~
    1. I am the GM, and my word is final. I may in the future appoint a second GM, and they will have the same power. I make the rules

    I enforce the rules, and I do have the power to kick you out. That being said, I will do my best to make fair judgments
    in regards to any situation. I am actually pretty nice!
    2. Basic rule, I have a character Skeleton for a reason, please use it. It's not fun when I have to look for information that may or may not be there.
    3. Please, for this rp, USE REAL PICTURES.
    4.Under no circumstances are you allowed to post without a GM accepting your character.
    We have to make sure that each character is up to code.
    5. Please flesh out the characters, I like seeing that people put effort into their characters, and that they took time to have some formatting and other things.
    6. Please be kind to all your other rp friends, we don't want people feeling attacked or threatened by other. It helps create a more cohesive bond between players.
    7. There is no character limit, you may have as many as you think you can handle'
    8. Please make all your character sheets on the same one, will help stop others from searching through countless pages for your sheet.
    9. Have fun~

    ~IC Rules~
    1. No god moding. Everyone hates it, especially me. We don't have much physical interaction such as fighting in this roleplay, but it can happen, so don't have your character instantly knock someone twice their size out and come out unscathed.
    2. This one goes with the first one, no automatic hits. It kind of sucks when someone just hits you in the face over and over and then throws you off the building without you being able to do anything, like a dummy. Don't do it.
    3. As this is an OPEN AGE roleplay, so please if something gets to that "stage of romance" fade to black.
    4. Cursing. Now, I know some characters are not going to be the sweetest, and some are just going to have a few instances, but I am completely fine with your characters cursing. However, five every single sentence is kind of extreme, so try to avoid putting one in everything.
    5. GRAMMAR! Now one of my pet peeves is having people who spell things shorthanded. It doesn't matter to me if there are a few mistakes here
    and there, but when I have to spend 5 minutes reading a three sentence paragraph, I don't enjoy it as much. Please refrain from using text talk and please try to use a spell checker if you don't know English very well. There is an exception though, when your Character is actually texting!
    6. Likewise, only type in third person. Reason is, first person can confuse people. It makes them get lost in all the I's, since there would be a ton of them. So please, for my sake and the sake of others, use third person.
    7. Feel free to interact with a NPC or more, as in ghost of Witches and people who have died in Salem!
    8. YOU CAN NOT BE YOUR OWN PARTNER/LOVER! I hate it when people do this, it sucks to be done, and if you plan on having a drama point based on the fact that two of your characters were together, that's fine as long as as it is now over.
    9. Please try to post a paragraph each time. I really detest having a lot of 1 liners, so please try to keep them away. (I understand if you get writers block or something, just tell us real fast so we don't think you're not trying.)
    10. Try not to go to far without me posting, I hate feeling left behind.


    Character Sheet:

    Picture (realistic):
    Age and DOB:
    Health Ailments:
    Job on the team:
    Relationship (Crushes):
    How they feel about the legend of Salem:
    Other information:

    ~Character Skeleton~
    Avery MayBeth - Page 1
    Aspen Donatelli - Page 1
    Astrid Cinder - Page 1
    Mika Jones - Page 1
    Shilo Haywood - Page 1
    Jason Suarez - Page 1
    Chloe Winters - Page 1
    Eric Jeajoong - Page 2
    Hilary Banks - Page 2
    Destiny Banks - Page 2

    Character approved? Start posting!​
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  2. Putting up a sheet, I think I might just join this one
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  3. tumblr_mlt5f0rE271s69hf5o1_500.jpg

    Name: Avery MayBeth
    Age and DOB: 20 | August 3
    Personality: "Well, um, I'm Avery and I am a artistic person, and I like to see the good in people. I really like to think outside the box and be unique when it comes to things, and well keep an open mind when it comes to accepting the impossible. I am laid back and really like talking with people, and some people say I am one of the guys that they find easy to talk to. Not truly believing in the whole MEN don't show emotion thing is utter B.S to me and I think a real man isn't afraid to show emotion and be judge by others for it.
    History: Born and raised in San Francisco, Avery knew a lot about the whole artistic side of life especially because his parents are hippies. Avery vividly remembers bringing home his ex-girlfriend and well his parents were in one of the naked circles worshiping the earth...after that he brought no one home to meet his parents. After moving out at the age of eighteen, Avery moved to L.A and got a job at a photography store and that's how he meet the group of documentary makers and joined up with them as the official head photographer.
    Health Ailments: None
    Likes:Long Boarding, Photography, Paranormal, Supernatural, Friends, The colors: Black, Red, Green, Gray, Blue, and Orange. People who don't hide things from him, Exploring, mysteries.
    Dislikes: Being Held Captive, Falling from Heights, Churches, whores.
    Relationship: OPEN
    Friendships: OPEN

    Kathy MayBeth | Mother | 46
    Aaron MayBeth | Brother | 16
    Lucas MayBeth | Father | 47
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  4. [​IMG]
    Aspen Carabelle Donatelli
    .:Age and DOB:.
    19, January 13 1996
    Aspen is a shy, quiet person, although not easily scared and very resolute in what she wants. She prefers to be behind the camera as opposed to in front of it, so pictures and videos of her are rare. She's got nerves of steel, despite what most people think, and she doesn't talk much simply because she prefers not to and doesn't like having the limelight. She's very much a team player, and she cares a lot about how other people are feeling and whether everyone is comfortable. She has pretty bad social anxiety, though, and talking to people is one of the few things that scares her, so not many people on the team know her that well. The only time she summons up the ability and courage to talk is if she thinks someone is in trouble or needs some help or isn't comfortable with what they're doing and might need reassurance. She has a very small circle of friends, and she doesn't like large crowds or loud noise. She's comfortable filming just about anything; as long as she has a camera, she's fine.
    Aspen was about five when she first started playing around with her dad's camera, and she grew to love it, to the point that when she was ten she received her very own camera. She started off in photography but quickly transitioned to film, because she loved filming and being behind the camera capturing the action. She went to a specialized high school where she learned more about filming and she spent a year in college getting a certificate for filmmaking after graduating early, and then she joined this team of documentarists.
    .:Health Ailments:.
    - asthma
    - social anxiety
    - her camera
    - filming people
    - quiet
    - small groups
    - chocolate
    - books
    - exploring places
    - being the center of attention
    - not having her camera
    - having to be social
    - broccoli
    - inequality
    - people being upset
    Maria Belle Donatelli - mother
    Francis Michael Donatelli - father
    June Alia Donatelli - younger sister
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  5. Accepted!
  6. [​IMG]
    Astrid Cinder

    -|Age and DOB|-
    20, November 16th

    Astrid is an outgoing girl, she is very into her music. She is always open to people who want to talk about sounds, and loves
    being behind a soundboard. She jams out to anything and everything, and almost never has a quiet moment. None the less, she suffers
    from some inwards instabilities that hinder her outgoing and do it yourself personality. Where as she outside Astrid is self
    confident, loud, and not afraid to show her wild side, the inner Astrid is unstable, emotional, and self
    judging. She tends to think things over inside her head so much that she can psyche
    herself out, which is why she tries to keep the noise in her life.

    Astrid grew up in a happy home. She was raised as a good girl, and followed the rules. She was always honest, but she didn't
    get many friends. Her parents, trying to please her gave her a camera. This lead her into photography, to which she would take photos for her middle
    school. She was taking pictures for the drama department when she went up to the booth and found the sound booth. From there, she joined
    the tech crew and fell in love with makeup, painting, and most of all, the sound board. Though all of high school, Astrid
    ran the sound board. Graduating High School, Astrid went into a sound creating major, with her minor
    being in photography so that she could make money in two ways.

    While in college, Astrid fell in love with a guy she knew from high school named Tony. Her and Tony where madly in love, and they had known each
    other for quite some time. The two even got engaged a few months into their second year. During that year, no more than a few months
    after their engagement, Astrid and Tony where out in a coffee shop when a mass shooting occurred. She watched her
    fiancé die in her arms that very day, and it still haunts her dreams. She has fear about being
    trapped, and yet is curious to find the undead in hopes of finding ways to
    contact her old love, or move on.

    -|Health Ailments|-

    Sound, Beats, Singing, Humming, Painting, Photography, Partying, Dancing, Kittens, Lazy Days, Tattoos, Skateboarding, Muscle T-s, Playful Teasing, Someone reading to her.

    Death, Being Depressed, Cuts and Bruises, Being Submissive, Being Trapped and Confined



    Victoria Cinder-Mom- 60
    Jameson Cinder-Dad- 64
    Kiki Cinder-Sister-16
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  7. Accepted :)
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  8. Mika.jpg

    Name: Mika Jeremy Jones

    Age and DOB: 20 | February 14

    Personality: Well Mika is a interesting character. The are two sides to Mika, the guy that doesn't care about anyone, and the guy who cares about everyone. Mika can come off as a jerk sometimes, but he does mean well. Fast to anger, Mika makes for a great body guard...and a great ass kicking. Though at heart, he doesn't like when he becomes angry, because he crosses this line and blacks out, waking up to a path of destruction left there for him to fix.

    History: Mika grew up in a broken home located in Chicago. His mother was a drug addict and his father was douche who thought he was better than everyone because he had a little money. When Mika was born, his father left and had not been seen for a while. When Mika was five, his father returned to find that his mother was shooting up heroine, and abusing Mika. Taking her to court, he gained full custody of Mika. Being taken home by his father, he saw that he had started a new family, a Insanely God crazed Step-mother named Carey and two twin half-sisters Cassie and Rebecca.
    When Mika was sixteen, he was caught in bed with a girl by his step-mother, who highly does not believe in sex before marriage. Mika was grounded for six month and wasn't allowed to hang out with any female for even longer. She even made him attend therapy for reasons he did not understand. Most of the sessions he spent playing poker with his therapist, who to thought his step-mother was the one in need of therapy. He found an escape in film editing and his therapist encouraged him to follow his passion. He dreamed of moving out to become a editor for films down in LA.
    Though at the Age of Eighteen Mika's plans were put on hold when he was in a car accident and lost feeling in his left arm and was made to stay home for another year. When Mika was able to have his operation that restored 97% feeling in his arm, he moved down to LA. That is where he meet Avery and ended up as a video editor for the team of documentarians.

    Health Ailments: Split Personality Disorder.

    Likes:Cameras, Video, Paranormal, The dark side of life, Milk, Water. Creepy places, things and people. Girls, Food, Video Games, Not talking to simpletons.

    Dislikes: Dumb asses, Crazy Christian people, His step-mother, douches, people who can't make up their minds, people who lead him on.

    Relationship: OPEN

    Friendships: OPEN

    Carey Jones | Step-mother | 51
    Justin Jones | Father | 54
    Michelle Hoffman | Biological Mother | 41
    Cassie Jones | Half-sister | 18
    Rebecca Jones | Half-sister | 18
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  9. Reserving the spot for a lore girl who is pagan!
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  10. [​IMG]
    | S H I L O T A I T H A Y W O O D | 22 | P A N - S E X U A L | | S E P T E M B E R 14 T H |

    | P E R S O N A L I T Y |
    Shilo is creative and witty, with a sharp eye for detail. Her sense of humor is sometimes overwhelming to people who are unfamiliar with her, but her charismatic personality draws others toward her, regardless. She's inquisitive and curios by nature, and has the tendency to seek out information at risk to her own personal safety. Her memory is a steal trap, and therefore investigative work suits her.


    | H I S T O R Y |
    Shilo grew up in a small country town that never suited her big ambitions. Her high school career was frustrating, at best, and after graduation she moved to the city to study filmography and photography. She still keeps in touch with most of her friends and family back home, but her relationships are always fluctuating due to her inability to stay in one place for too long.

    | A I L M E N T S |
    Mildly asthmatic, but otherwise in good health.


    | L I K E S |
    Film, photography, history, alternative music, reading, and traveling.

    | D I S L I K E S |
    Settling in, boring conversations, clinginess, and ignorance.

    | T A L E N T S |
    Incredible photographer, and excellent at capturing artistic film. She expresses herself through her filmwork, and loves to create moving pieces. She's also moderately good at singing and songwriting, although it's not her greatest passion.

    | J O B |
    She's responsible for publicity, and any of the more artistic shots (as her equipment is more suited for this type of work).

    | S A L E M // T H O U G H T S & F E E L I N G S |
    Shilo doesn't believe that the legends are factual, but she's still interested in the history behind the legends. She's excited to get to walk through and witness a place with such historic significance, and even more thrill to have the opportunity to partake in a documentary about it.

    | R E L A T I O N S H I P // C R U S H E S |

    | F R I E N D S H I P S |

    | F A M I L Y |
    Daughter of Victor and Emily Haywood. Twin sister of Georgia Haywood.

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  11. I plan on filling out my CS some more later, but I've got to run right now. Class.
  12. Picture: 1376456_3601790061079_753335266_n.jpg
    Name: Jason Miguel Suarez
    Age and DOB: October 1/ Age 31

    Personality: Jason has developed a very cold and unsympathetic nature, due to his emotional hurts in his past. He is cynical, pessimistic and sees the dark side to almost every situation. In many ways he is a self described nihilist and has fashioned a very fatalistic philosophy about life. He feels the almost compulsive need to prove himself and firmly believes that compassion is simply an out dated concept. In short, Jason Suarez has lost almost all trust and faith in Humanity...

    Jason Saurez was born as the son of a prominent reverend in a strict and very devout Christian household. He was brought up to hold a strong faith in God and was groomed from a very early age to follow in his father's footsteps. He graduated high school and immediately enrolled in a seminary academy. While completing his theological studies, Jason married his childhood sweet heart Gabrielle. The two had practically grown up together, attending the same school and church for much of their lives.
    Jason graduated seminary and became a fully ordained minister at the age of twenty four and graciously took over his father's church as head pastor. Things seemed as if they couldn't get any better, when his house of cards came crashing down so to speak. It has been revealed that his wife Gabrielle had been cheating on him for several years with a member of the head staff of the church. Humiliated, dejected and shamed, Jason spiraled into a pit of depression and self loathing. He abandoned his pastoral position, his church and his faith. He made a desperate flight to somehow regain his sanity by shutting the world out for a period of several years, living as a virtual recluse and disappearing. Over this course of time, Jason reinvented himself and began to take a dark and macabre interest in the paranormal and the occult. He threw himself into the world of Demonology and the investigation of the supernatural.
    He soon became a full time paranormal investigator and has dedicated his life to understanding the dark forces behind what people generally refer to as "evil". In his burgeoning career, Jason has already studied such landmark sites such as the horror house at Amityville, several haunted asylums and other noteworthy areas of high paranormal activity and has gained a modest reputation as a supernatural investigator. He was contacted by a student group of film documentarians who were doing a piece on the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Never being one to pass up such a provocative opportunity, Jason readily agreed to accompany the film crew as one of their lead investigators...

    Health Ailments: Jason suffers from a bi-polar and anti-social personality disorder. He has to keep up a strict regiment of medication.

    Heavy metal music
    Weight lifting
    The Gothic sub culture
    Star Wars
    Edgar Allen Poe
    H.P. Lovecraft
    The Twilight Zone

    Rap/Hip Hop
    Romantic Comedies
    Cheese Burgers
    Super Man
    Legal Fundamentalists
    Right Wing conservatives

    Relationship: Open

    Friendships: N/A

    Jose Julio Suarez- Father(65)
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  13. Accepted!

    Also Accepted!
  14. I will make a guy at some point
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  15. When are your plans to start this?
  16. [​IMG]

    Chloe Artemis Winters
    Age and DOB:
    22 Born on June 2nd

    Chloe is a highly sociable girl who loves being around other people. She is super friendly and a total goofball. She is the type of person who will have your back in a time of crisis. She finds joy in little things like baking and cleaning. She is a total neat freak and tends to be a bit in your face if she isnt satisfied with how something currently is. She has a complete soft spot for animals and most of the time she prefers them over people.
    Chloe grew up in a strictly pagan household. Seeing as she grew up with the Salem stories which were some if her ancestors actual history. Chloe and her family settle just outside of Salem to protect the wayward traveler who believed the cruse to be false on the land. Her up bringing was one of a typical house hold except there was a lot of magic involved, along side her studies as a child she learned different spells to help others not harm. When Chloe got wind of a filmology group coming to the town where so many of her ancestors were murdered because of their faith she decided to be their guide and help them try to stay out of trouble.
    Health Ailments:
    The only known ailment that Chloe has is allergies which are horrible around the spring time
    +Bubbly people
    -The Quiet
    -Cruelty to animals and people
    -Sour things
    -The color orange

    She Currently has none with the group
    Alivia Winters (Mother) Age: 49
    Jackson Winters (Father) Age: 53
    Athena Reene Winters (younger sister) Age: 11
    Michael Ares Winters (younger brother) Age: 11

  17. GAH! I have a guy I want to make before that, the narrator of the documentary I guess
  18. Okay, well I will wait until you put him up.
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