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  1. Salem Studios is know young international company thats booming in the entertainment businesses. They sign contracts with every idol star from Models and Musicians to their Mangers. Salem has sky rocketed to the point that owner and CEO, Victoria Scarlett has decided to open an International school in Italy for those promising new stars in the field of junior high to college level students. Through the courses of the school students will sky rocket to their place as big time Idols.


    Those who get the wax sealed letter from the school have tried to get their names out and have been recognized for their future potential as Idols. Also everyone except selected few will all be new students. Before the school had open world wide a selected few who where noticed got a letter two years prior to its actually opening. More or less an experiment to see if things would actually work.

    *List of Occupants*
    •Musician (put the type next to it. Ex: Pop Star or Composer)
    •Dancer (Put the type Ex: Hip Hop)
    •Actor (Movies or Plays)
    •Fashion Designer
    •Play Write
    •Figure Skater

    **If you can think of more let me know**

    Teachers will not be allowed how ever they are open for everyone to play when needed.

    •Music Instructor - Dancers, Musician
    •Dance Instructor - Dancers, Musicians
    •Fashionista - Model, Designer, Movie Star, Musicians, Dancers
    •Writing Instructor - Reporters, Agent/Manger, Directors, Author

    **Two CS per Member**


    Role: Student



    Alias/Stage name:




    Where Your From:


    RELATIONSHIPS (essential) **Meaning other students**

    Love interests: (only if u want)




    PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS (optional if you have photo)




    Distinguishing Marks:

    General Appearance:



    Current Goal/Purpose:






    General Personality:


    General History:

    Before Attending this school:

    You get a Cookie from me when your CS has been accepted!

    Girl Dorms (open)

    Dorm 1 (open)

    Elisa Lotton ~ @DuchessAriel
    Delaney Johnson ~ @CylciaAlyann
    Lyndsay Gunstruben ~ @UnboundDestiny
    Phoenix Ariel Taylor ~ @Aleczandrya

    Boys Dorms (open)

    Dorm 1 (open)

    Cai Garde ~ @CylciaAlyann
    Antoine Calixte Eustius ~ @Rilette
    Damien Wilson ~ @UnboundDestiny

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  2. W.I.P


    Role: Student Council President

    Occupant: Model, Composer, singer, instrumentalist, and Recording Arts Master

    Thalia Lee Silaria

    Alias/Stage name:
    Students call her Madam President or Prez for she's Student Co Prez.

    She's known as the Aphrodite of Salem Studio's for her beauty and charisma.

    Gender: Female

    Ethnicity: Egyptian and Italian

    Age: 20

    Where Your From: Italy

    Sexuality: Straight

    RELATIONSHIPS (essential)

    Love interests:

    •Cai Garde
    •Damien Wilson

    Those in the same fields as her. Though they can be friends until its time to work.


    (Photo is a digital art representation of herself that she did.)

    Height: 5'8

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Aquatic Blue

    Distinguishing Marks: Just her multiple ear piercings

    General Appearance:
    She's a woman with long toned legs, thin yet toned body, long raven hair. She usually wears a tank top, skinny jeans and her black buckled heeled boots.

    She often Records Musicians in her Recording Studio. Also she doesn't do runway modeling and prefers to do more of her music. For her modeling is a pass time.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To be the very best.

    Aspirations: She hopes to oneday be one of the best musicians.

    She enjoys photography (that includes editing), making music, drawing and skating.

    Violin/piano(if has strinsg she can play it.)
    Figure skating

    Speaking English when she is mad/frustrated. (She starts speaking Italian when frustrated)

    Fears: Hights, loneliness, beatings, rape,

    General Personality:
    She's a pretty relaxed laid back person who would rather not get into stupid fights. She stubborn, sarcastic, flirty, and all around on of the best people to hang around.


    General History:
    She grew up with a rather dark past which she doesn't talk about. She grew up with the raft of her father's brutal beatings. Most times she'd be covered in bruises and cuts however to her surprise and to everyone who know what had happened she has no scars. Her father started beating and raping her since she was about three years of age.

    However it's wasn't until she was 12 years old when her father was killed by the cops who stormed their house. After getting out of that her mother moved them as far away as they could from the states,where she'd lived most of her life, to Italy where the two females where born. At the age of 14 her mother passed away from illness and ever since then she'd been living alone. It wasn't until after her sophmore year in high school when she got a letter from Salem's Idol Academy. Prior to her enrollment she would model for local shops getting the money she needed to survive off of and that lead to her learning how to compose music and play the violin and piano. It wasn't until a year later her Junior year in highschool that she learned how to record with studio equipment. Learning in the short time she had from when she escaped her father's fist from the year she got the letter she mastered most of what she could without being taught. Half way through her second year at the Idol Academy Salem Studio's signed her to their lable making her the first to officially work for them out of the Academy.

    Before Attending this school:
    Before attending the school she worked as a model and photographer. In her spare time she learned music composing, violin, piano and Recording which she posted videos on YouTube.
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  3. Role: Student

    Occupant: Musician – singer/songwriter/instrumentalist

    Name: Elisa Lotton (Prefers to be called Eli)

    Alias/Stage name: Lizzy Lottie

    Gender: Female

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Age: 20

    Where You’re From: Ohio, USA

    Sexuality: Unknown to the public


    Love interests: Unknown to the public

    Friends: Some normal friends from college and her bandmates. No friends in the school - yet

    Rivals: Other singers

    Enemy's: None that she is aware of

    View attachment 76258

    Faceclaim: Wendy Rowe

    Height: 5’ 9”

    Hair: Dark chocolate brown

    Eyes: Dark brown

    Distinguishing Marks: Multitude of ear piercings in both ears, double bilateral hip piercings, one stud nose piercing, extensive back tattoo.

    General Appearance:
    Generally fit. Mildly toned muscle structure.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Make contacts, become well known in the music world.

    Aspirations: To make and perform music all over the world. The general happiness of people who enjoy music.

    Hobbies: Learning to play new instruments, writing, composing, and swimming.

    Talents: Playing instruments, singing, and writing.

    Inabilities: Technologically handicapped, poor balance, directionally challenged.

    Fears: The ocean/dark water

    General Personality: Kind and warm-hearted, sometimes ditzy and often forgetful. She is very logical about things but easily falls into pessimism. She is emotionally sensitive even when she does not show it.


    General History: Elisa is a normal college student raised in a small town. She started singing when she was a small child and soon started learning to play instruments in order to have music to sing along to. Eventually she formed a band where she became the lead vocalist. In the mean time, Elisa mastered many instruments including piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, and the drums. She is currently working on the cello as her next instrument. She left both of her parents and three siblings, one older brother and two younger – one younger sister and one younger brother, to go to Italy in order to attend this school.

    Before attending this school: Before being accepted into this school she was going to a normal university and majoring in Literature and Journalism. She works with a band composed of other students from her university and the surrounding area. The work they do together is what got her recognized and accepted into the school.
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  4. Role: Student

    Occupant: Author

    Name: Delaney Johnson

    Alias/Stage name: Laney Sweets

    Gender: Woman

    Ethnicity: English

    Age: 19

    Where Your From: England

    Sexuality: Identifies as heteroflexible, in other words she's never been sexually attracted to another woman, but doesn't claim that it would never happen.

    RELATIONSHIPS (essential)

    Love interests: Open for students. Spoiler shows current relationship at the start of roleplay.
    In a relationship with her boyfriend Jameson from home. He has gone away to university to study Geology. They've been dating about a year and a half.

    Friends:Open for students. Spoiler shows pre-Salem friends.
    Delaney has two best friends from high school named Raven and Mara. Both are currently working in shops back home and call Delaney frequently.

    Rivals: Open for students. Spoiler shows pre-Salem rivals.
    Delaney has a rival in the writing world: author Hannah Clane. Hannah befriended Delaney in an after school writing club in middle school where Delaney shared her ideas for her first book. Hannah ended up writing the book and claiming it as her own original story, and publishing. Hannah now has a successful career as top young author in England. However, Hannah's success with Delaney's ideas did inspire Delaney to pursue writing, and is ultimately what brought her to Salem today.

    Enemy's: Open



    Height: 5'4"

    Distinguishing Marks: Freckles all over and a slightly crooked front tooth.

    General Appearance: Delaney has a slight frame with a rounded figure, and is bottom-heavy.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Current goal is to finish the book she is writing (her second fiction novel) and submit it to the publisher.

    Aspirations: Delaney hopes to acquire a following of devoted readers. While fame would be ideal, her main focus is entertaining people and distracting them from their own problems, as her favourite authors did for her when she was in high school. To do this best, she believes she must publish multiple books and hopes to gain a fan base of sorts.

    Hobbies: When she is not attending school or working on writing, she enjoys reading to herself as well as seeing movies and shows with friends. She thrives on stories of all kinds. Apart from her addiction to fiction, she likes to occupy her hands with crochet.

    Talents: She is quite good with intuition and often knows how a person is feeling before that person can express it for themselves. She is also quite good with organization, which helps her with her writing. She keeps binders for each novel idea with many divided sections for each character profile and plot point.

    Inabilities: A struggle Delaney has is with making new friends. She is certainly friendly, but people tend to find her odd. She isn't likely to speak unless spoken to, and when she does she may over-share, making others somewhat uncomfortable. Although she tries to work on this occassionally, for the most part she finds that getting along by herself and with her current friends is sufficient.

    Fears: Delaney fears failure. She has all the normal fears of a 19-year-old. What if I fail at my chosen profession? What if I'm not good enough? But she also fears the more intimate failures. What if no one ever truly loves me? What if I end up alone?

    General Personality: Apart from Delaney's introverted nature, she is kind, gentle, and unassuming. She has always had issues with insecurity, which has driven her to become a better writer. However, at the point she is at now, she needs to be able to confidently stand up for herself, and market her own abilities to publishers. So lately, she is always pushing her own boundaries, making herself uncomfortable so that she can grow. She is protective of her friends, and when others are hurting, she is always able to find the courage to stand up for what is right.


    General History: Delaney grew up in a smaller area near the East of England. She played in the fields as a child. Her parents had only one child, and this left Delaney playing alone most of the time. When she learned to read, she immediately took that up as her main source of entertainment. She devoured books like she was Matilda herself, and always imagined she was magical as well, her fantasy novels bleeding over into her every day life. This continued into middle school when she began developing her own stories, those she wanted to read but could not find already written. The school had a writing club to foster a literary community, and this is where Delaney met her first true friend. That friend was Hannah Clane. Hannah always complimented her on her creativity, and Delaney divulged more and more of her story ideas. It wasn't until year 9 that she discovered her best friend had been taking notes, writing it out when Delaney hadn't the bravery. Delaney and Hannah had a falling out, and they haven't talked since. However, surely enough in year 11, Delaney read her own plot line in a novel from the up-and-coming young novelist, Hannah Clane.

    Before Attending this school: After her fight with Hannah, Delaney had taken a break from writing club. She found friends elsewhere, in classes and parties. But she always kept writing, this time only to herself. Raven and Mara came in during year 10, and the three became inseparable. When Hannah's book came out in year 11, they helped Delaney put a positive spin on it all. If Hannah could be a success with Delaney's story, how much better would it have been if Delaney had written it herself? They allowed her to see that it could be her. Delaney decided to put all her effort into one story, and finally write a book herself. And after a year of writing and editing, she published her first fantasy novel, just after graduation. Delaney's book was a moderate success, not quite eliciting the response that Hannah's had, but gaining her some recognition as another great young author all the same. When Delaney got the letter saying she had been accepted at Salem, she was beside herself. She had sincerely hoped it would happen for her, but she had ever imagined it would come to be. And now she had to leave her best friends, and her boyfriend behind to pursue this opportunity? It was terrifying, for sure, but even more so were those questions lurking in the back of her head. Am I good enough? Well, if there was any doubt, perhaps an education at Salem could take that away.
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  5. Questions to go along with my bio:

    What are the posting expectations? Is there a character limit?

    Also, I assumed you wanted relationships which they would be entering with, such as friends from their previous experiences. However, I am making a note here that while Delaney has a boyfriend upon entering Salem, she may possibly be breaking up with him soon after, so no one should count her out if they're interested in writing some romance!
  6. What do you mean by posting expectations?

    Limit is two characters per person.
  7. Posting expectations in terms of length, frequency, etc. I'm confident in my quality, so I'm not so concerned about that. But any other information would be great. (If you have no real expectations, that is also fine. I just want to know if you want posts daily, every few days, etc. so I know to keep up.)
  8. I don't matter to much on the length just don't give me something to long. I use my phone so somethings are longer in mobile then they really are. As for posting I'd prefer once a day at lest.
  9. Just don't write something as long as the CS and we will be fine. XD
  10. Haha, I don't think that will be a problem. I like to keep my posts fairly concise so others can react to the situation.
  11. Then you deserve a Cookie!
  12. Role: Student Council VP

    Occupant: Model, singer-songwriter

    Name: Cai Garde

    Alias/Stage name: N/A

    Gender: Man

    Ethnicity: Welsh and Indian

    Age: 21

    Where Your From: Wales

    Sexuality: heterosexual

    RELATIONSHIPS (essential) **Meaning other students**

    Love interests: Pheonix Ariel Taylor

    Friends: Thalia Silaria

    Rivals: Open

    Enemy's: Open


    (totally not Avan Jogia. Shhh)

    Height: 6'0"

    Distinguishing Marks: Cai has a small black bird tattoo on his right hip, normally not visible because of his clothing.

    General Appearance: Cai has a slim, toned build. Occassionally he will bulk up for certain photoshoots, but typically he is only moderately muscular.


    Current Goal/Purpose: Wants to switch his career from modelling to his musical talents.

    Aspirations: To play his own songs on stage at a large festival.

    Hobbies: When not modelling, he is practicing guitar and developing his own musical style. He also keeps fit by paying soccer (or football, where he's from).

    Talents: He is quite good at guitar and ukelele, and has a natural singing voice. He also has a great imagination which helps him with his songwriting.

    Inabilities: Cai has never had to fend for himself so he cannot really cook or clean after himself. While he has no problem trying, he has just never had the opportunity to learn what most of us do as we grow up.

    Fears: He won't be able to expand out of the modelling business before he gets too old and loses "the look", which would leave him with no backup career.

    General Personality: Cai is very confident with himself, but is not in any way arrogant. He loves being helpful, especially to those who are newer to the entertainment business. He is knowledgeable and creative, and generally has a good soul.


    General History: Cai was discovered for his beauty early on, at the age of about 13. He began modelling for adverts but that quickly turned to fashion when he went through puberty. After so many years in the business, he knows the ins and outs fairly well, and has gotten very good at his job. However, during his pubescent years, Cai discovered a more intense passion: music. He loves to sing and appreciates the catharsis of doing so at the top of your lungs. He began studying music theory on his own at around age 17, and began writing his own music shortly after. While he has a natural talent for all of this, he acknowledges that he needs to improve before he can try to break into the music business, or else risk his music career and modelling career alike.

    Before Attending this school: Before Cai got his letter to Salem, he was working as a fairly successful model, often attending parties of other young celebrities. He had shown some close friends in the music business his abilities, but made no attempts to record yet, as he hoped to get formal education at Salem before making such a leap.
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  13. Role: Student

    Occupant: Dancer~Her style varies from contemporary to hip hop to lyrical but mainly hip hop

    Name: Phoenix Ariel Taylor

    Alias/Stage name: Phoenix

    Gender: Female

    Ethnicity: Australian

    Age: 20

    Where Your From: Sydney, Australia

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    RELATIONSHIPS (essential) **Meaning other students**

    Love interests: Cai Garde

    Friends: Open

    Rivals: Open

    Enemy's: Open



    Height: 5'5"

    Hair: Light Brown

    Eyes: Brown

    Distinguishing Marks: N/A

    General Appearance: Phoenix has a rather petite build but long legs. She has a bit of muscle due to dancing but she doesn't really like to have obvious muscles. She prefers slim than toned.

    More: N/A


    Current Goal/Purpose: To become one of the best dancers in the world

    Aspirations: To become a professional dancer

    Hobbies: Phoenix loves to dance (obviously) and she is always coming up with new dances. On the side, she loves to surf, draw, and even sing occasionally. She loves to cook.

    Talents: She is good at dancing (hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, robotic, belly dancing) and drawing. She can sing though she is very shy about it and she can tumble from being on the cheerleading squad while she was in middle and high school.

    Inabilities: She can't play an instrument and is horrible at making decisions.

    Fears: Phoenix is terrified of not being successful...and spiders. Those are some scary things.

    General Personality: Phoenix is a bright and bubbly soul. She loves to make people laugh and feel better no matter how she feels. She rarely shows her sad and angry side but always shows her happy side. She always has a positive outlook on life and would do anything for those she's close to, including telling the truth knowing that it can't hurt as much as a lie.


    General History: Phoenix spent the majority of her life living in Australia and was born to a wealthy family. Her parents were never home so she found comfort in Danxinf and surfing, soon learning how to fend for herself. Everything she knows know, she taught herself and learned the hard way. When she was 15, her family moved to the U.S. and she hated it at first but soon grew to love it. She thought it was best not to tell people about her wealth and was glad she didn't because the first and only person she did tell, used her because of it. Now she knows better and refuses to talk about it.

    Before Attending this school: Phoenix spent her time teaching dance classes to make money and she loved it. She received the letter one day just at the end of her class and she promised never to forget where she came from.
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  14. Does anyone else ever notice that the first characters always made are females?

    Anyways I just wanted to tell you that most students live on campus. Very few do not. Also I would like to make up a student council so let me know which you want to be. We can change your role to your student council role. Prez is already taken by meh! As a student council member you attened the school one year prior to this year at lest. And like I said before very few where choose to attend prior to this year.
  15. Also all females other then mine will be roomed together.
  16. I would be on the student council with Cai. That would work nicely since he loves helping people get acquainted with things he knows about. I will change that part of the bio when I get the okay to do so.

    Also, just to say it explicitly, I am changing his "Love Interest" section to Pheonix Taylor, as Aleczandrya and I are discussing in pms.
  17. That is fine but like I said. Very few where excepted the first two years the school was opened. So yeah.they can be friends and what not ^.^ maybe they work together a lot being models.
  18. I definitely think it would make sense for Cai and Thalia to be friends. Particularly because they are different genders, so the rival aspect of the business would not affect them as much. I can add that to my bio as well. :D
  19. Whoop whoop! Friends ^.^ Plus rivalry doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Sometimes it's used to push those to do better which I honestly think most who will create an CS well not think about.
  20. Oh, that's true. I hadn't thought about it that way before, but having revisited your CS, the "can be friends until it's time to work" part makes it very clear that Thalia thinks that way. And if you check Delaney's history with her rival, you can see that it has ended up propelling her as well. Sometimes competition can be for the best. :D
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