Salein High school for the supernatural.

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  1. In the middle of nowhere there is a building standing this building is known as "Salien highschool for the supernatural". Many supernatural beings attend this school allong with the staff that are pressent during the day. Now lets go inside this school and see whats going on.
    Eclipse the werwolf is seen in his gym class lifting weights he count's " Onehundred one...... Onehundred two...... Onehundred three...... " He racks the bar as he sat up grabbing his water bottle from under the bench, he took a big drink of it as he stood and put the weights back where they belonged. " Well thats enough working out for today now time to rest. " He said as he exited the gym and headed to his room. He approached the door as he saw a letter attached to his door. " Hmmm i wander what this could be. " He says as he picks the letter from his door and opens the door before walking in, he opend the letter as a necklace fell from the envelope and onto the floor. He picked the necklace up as he saw it a had a wolf's paw print on it. " Oh it's from mom i wander what she wants. " He said as he started to read the letter he smiled as he read that his little sister is doing great in school and hasn't mualed anybody yet. Then came the part where it says his father was in the hospitle, that made him a bit worried. As he finished reading the letter he put it back in it's envelope and placed it under his bed in a box full of letters, he then put the necklace on and smiled before flopping down onto his bed.
  2. Blaise jumped down lazily from the tree standing high above the others. Landing squarly on her feet in a crouching stance she straightens herself up and looks around. Bright orange ears flicked in circle a top her head listening for any movement. An orange tail can be seen flicking behind her in amusement as she takes in the trees around her. Of course it wasnt a REAL forest, only one contained in a glass dome under the school. It was too dangerour for her outside they said.

    Looks at the time and decides she should leave. the girl starts to run towards the door, a good couple miles away. Flames engulf the girl as she runs and when the subside a cat of fire is seen sprinting through the woods. The cat was roughly the size of a panther but the coat was the interesting part. Fire, cold fire at the immediate moment, could be seen licking around the shape of the cat.

    Skidding to a halt at the door Blaise turns human again and opens it. Pulling her brown hood over her head she walks into the hall way and down towards her room. Grabbing her stuff she heads out to the library to study for a while.
  3. Eclipse yawned as he closed his eyes he then slowly fell asleep wearing his necklace he soon started to snore as his hand layed on the side of his bed as he turned to his side resting from the hard days work and the recent work out. " ........ "
  4. Walks in to her room mate snoring on the bed. "Like usual." Rolls her eyes and walks over to her side of the room. Bending over she picks up her books trying to stay quiet for his sake. Mutters to herself under her breath and stands to leave. Walking over and kneeling on her bed she shoves the books in the bag and looks over at the door. It required crossing his "territory." heaves the bag, now loaded down with books, onto her shoulder and starts for the door. Opens the creaking door wincing at the terrible sounds it makes. Turning to check if she had woken up Eclipse.
  5. His eyes shot open as he suddenly sat up in bed. " Hu? Im awake im awake! " He said as he as he was startled by the loud noise. " Oh it's you. How was your day? " He said as his ear flicked lightly, he then stood next to his bed.
  6. "I uhh.. sorry i didnt mean to wake you." she jumps as he shouts. Her tail flicks behind her annoyed, dogs where so clumsy and loud. "days been fine, i thought cats where the ones who took naps." sticks her tongue out at him Adjusts the strap on her shoulder and turns to leave, "I'm headed to the library, i suggest you do the same. Remember you exams." She says with a warning tone.

    Obviously she was the nerd on campus but that didnt mean she was deffensless. Blaise didnt have a clue whos idea it was to place a cat and a dog in one room but she did want a word with them. Shuts the door behind her and heads down the halls. No one here knew her full potential, she did though. She could easily tear these jocks and perfects appart.

    Despite it being a supernatural school there was still the "class" Idea. the more well know freaks, such as her room mate the werewolf where the populars and jocks. her however was a lesser of a sub species, unknown to the outside world and content to keep it that way.
  7. He got up and grabbed his books as he opend the door to thier room. " Maybe i do need to study, I don't want to fail.. " He says as he makes his way down to the library adn makes his self a study place, he pulled out his ipod from his pants pocket and stuck both earbuds in his ears and listend to his favorite songs. He opend a book and started to read from the chapters they were haveing the exam on.
  8. Opens her books and read the chapters the needed to have read. Does the review on the chapter and shuts her books. Looks around the library, it was quiet and smelled of books. The library was an amazing place to her, enticed by the simplist things was one way to describe her.

    Standing and looking over at Eclipse she smiles and rolls her eyes. Walks over to him and yanks the headphones out of his ear, "Im headed to the dome, wanna spar?" She gave him a challenging smile. She loved sparing with the mutts here.
  9. " You sure you want to? " He asked alill suprised at her offer.
  10. Tosses his headphones back at him. "yeah sure, dont be scared i wont bite... hard" takes up her books and starts back to the room to set them down.
  11. He grabs his books as he walked quickly back to the room and sets them on his bed, he then runs to the dome. " Hehehe this shall be easy. "
  12. Leaning against a tree looks at him and laugh, "easy eh? well, lets play tag them" Grins as her tail flicks behind her. stepping back and jumping up she disappears into the woods shouting "Youre it!"
  13. He got on all fours and sniffed the air he howled as he followed the scent of his roomate. " YOU DO KNOW I GOT KEEN SENSE OF SMELL RIGHT? "
  14. "yeah i know buuuut." Jumps the trees, branch to branch. "can you keep up?" lands on her feet and shift to the cat. Letting loose a snarl that echoed through the dome she runs. She loved to run, muscles bunching and rippling through the coat of fire. sprinting though the brush and around trees she keeps her pace ahead of him.
  15. He howled loudly as he started to run faster than he had been running catching up to his roommate he looked over and smiled " Hey there. " He said as he tackled her to the ground rolling due to the speed they both were running at.
  16. Snarls as her gains and ends up running next to her. "why you little-" sees him launch at her then his paws on her shoulder blade forcing her to onto her side as the rolled. Snarling she lands under him, "alright get off mutt!" tries to shove him off.
  17. He flips off and chuckles. " Now that wasn't hard at all. " He said as he sat down right next to her. " Hey how bout i buy us a snack what do you say? "
  18. Rolls onto her stomach and crosses her paws looking at him. he was curious,"yeah sure, whatever." Stands and shakes off her coat and changing back to human, cloths now dirty she dusted herself off.
  19. He smiled as he just stood on his hind legs and started to walk to the door. " What would you like? " he asked her.
  20. Shrugs and brushes a stray piece of hair out of her face, " you won, you choose." This boy confused her, why was he kind to her?