SALE: Bot Boy and Cat Boy

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    Lucian sighed to himself, getting off the phone with his father. He didn't live with his father. He lived alone at the top of a hill in the house his mother left him when she died. She left him millions and left his father with nothing. It turned out that he had been cheating on her so she took him out of the will and left me everything. It was her wish that he get the house and that his father never be allowed to step foot on the property. She died a few weeks after Lucian turned 18 so it was legal for him to claim the inheritance. He was always alone though and it was starting to get to him. He was turning 19 and he thought he could get a clone, something his mother had many of. Most of them were maids and such, but he knew you could program them to suit what you needed. He had basically ordered a girlfriend and they told him it would take a few weeks but that it would be delivered to his home.

    He had been counting down the days and when that day came he got everything set up, even clothes for the girl. He was happy and in the afternoon he heard the bell ringing and he opened the door and let the men bring in the case, letting him sign off on it and then left him once they opened it. He smiled as he did as instructed on the note and let the pod open up, letting him see his new girlfriend.

    He had been told to lay down and go to sleep. He listened to them and he flinched when something sharp pierced his skin. He felt very dizzy and shivered as he felt someone pull off the clothes he had been given and he fell into a deep sleep. He could vaguely remember being moved around and who couldn't wake up. He didn't mind though and he could feel himself starting to wake up as light shined through his hair and into his eyes. He opened his eyes and looked up at whoever opened his pod. He looked up at the man and he reached his hand up and scratched his ear, yawning cutely, his fangs poking out slightly. They were slightly bigger then normal human teeth but he didn't mind it.
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    Avory happily went to sleep as the workers requested, smiling and yawning. The feeling of his clothing being removed didn't effect him as he fell into a nice dream. They explained to him that he was going to a new home and he would love it. They inserted the chip and shipped him from the company. It was a long journey to their destination and the sleep would be needed.

    When he arrived he felt the sudden release of the capsule opening. His violet eyes opened ever so slowly, blinking several times as he looked up at the man with the long hair. He looked very sleepy, with eyes only half open and his cheeks flushed. He yawned quietly then lifted his hand to touch his owner's face. He was handsome and he loved the color of his eyes. "Hello owner...I am Avory and it is a pleasure to finally meet you." He smiled sweetly and rose up slowly. It was rather cramped in the capsule even for his petite frame.


    Jonah had been stoked to get the cat he'd wanted for some time now. Both his mom and sister had been deathly allergic to them so he didn't get to have one until. He was just getting used to his new life in his little bachelor pad fresh out of high school. It was an alright apartment, decent for anyone starting out on his own. He was about to start college and couldn't really afford anything better. At least it was close enough to the campus and they had access to a laundry mat for a decent price. Being the feline enthusiast he was, he put his extra savings into the clone that would be arriving anytime, rather than spending it on much-needed furniture. For the time being he was using his parents' old lawn chairs and a wooden crate to set his TV on in the living room.

    When the delivery man buzzed the intercom, Jonah let him up. He was really excited for this. As he signed for the delivery, the man leered over his shoulder at the condition of his place in a questioning manner. "It's a work in progress. This little buddy will help me fix the place up really nice." he laughed. The delivery man smiled and shook his head before leaving. This was it! The moment he'd been waiting for years now. When he opened the capsule seeing the boy inside staring up at him, the dark-haired guy raised his eyebrows in shock, "Who the hell are you?" he asked.
  3. Lucian looked at the boy in shock and disbelief. He looked around and even went back to the front door opening it, hoping that the delivery truck was still there. "No... No, no, no, no, no," he began repeating to himself. He grabbed the papers and looked at them. Just like he thought, he had forgotten to change the gender of the clone. He sighed saddly and looked back at the boy. The boy was cute, but he was naked. All he had were girl clothes, since he had ordered them for the girl that was supposed to come. He sighed to himself and grabbed the clothes. "Here, just wear these for right now, while I call the company," he said handing the clothes to Avory.

    Nicholas looked up at his owner and yawned once more looking up at his new owner. Her climbed out of the pod, standing on shaky legs but regaining his balance. He was stark naked but he had little patches of fur everywhere. "Hello owner, my name is Nicholas. It's an honor to finally meet you," Nicholas said softly, as if he had been taught to say that. He had the attitude of a cat, thats for sure.
  4. Avory tilted his head, not fully understanding his owner's reaction. He stood up, observing the clothes momentarily. He thought they were very pretty and he would cherish them as his first gift from his owner. He slowly stepped into the dress, pulling it over his body. He also put on the cute pink panties. The sandals even managed to fit. He was the petite, androgynous male type that was programed with all of the qualities of a girlfriend. Had it not been for his privates and slightly broader shoulders he was the perfect girl. Not wanting to bother his new owner while being on the phone, he simple nudged him gently on the arm with his back turned, needing help to zip his dress.


    Jonah was speechless as the feline boy stepped out of the capsule fully naked, and mellow as he could be. "Yeah, uhm hi." He responded in the midst of being confused. He rushed over to his counter to read the receipt carefully. "Nooo. Awe man! I accidentally ordered the Neko and not the actual cat! No wonder it was so much money..." He peeked over his shoulders at him then to the little bag of cat toys he'd just bought. "N-Nicholas...I don't suppose you know about order mess-ups?" He asked. He went to his bedroom and grabbed a pair of basketball shorts with drawstrings. "Here put those on. Don't want a naked neko running around the place." His neighbors and landlord would think he was some sort of pervert.
  5. Lucian turned and looked at Avory, putting the phone between his shoulder and his ear as they put him on hold. He then zipped up the dress which seemed to fit the boy almost perfectly although the top was a bit tight due to the larger shoulders but everything else looked very nice on him. Lucian walked a little ways away and he sighed finally able to speak to someone. He began asking them if there was any way to change the gender of his clone but they said no that if he wanted a girl, he'd have to go through the four month long process once more. He sighed to himself and the hung up with the company, sighing to himself. He looked to Avory and sighed once more. He looked sort of like a girl, maybe a bit of makeup or longer hair. Lucian would have to make due with Avory. He looked over at the boy and sighed once again. "Alright, let start this," he said grabbing the customized manual from the pod. He began reading through it. He sighed, setting the book down and then cleaning up the wood and such. He then moved the pod into another room, knowing it was light without the boy inside of it.

    Nicholas looked at the garment and let out a soft yawn before he put them on. He had to pull them as tight as he could, his waist very tiny. Jonah had ordered a female cat but he got Neko boy that had the body of a girl, minus the privates and the breasts. He shook his head a little, and looked at his owner. He felt his face brighten up when he saw the cat toys. He instinctively loved cat toys and looked Jonah pensively, wanting to play with the toys with his new owner. It was the first time he had shown a little bit of excitement since coming out of his pod.
  6. "Yes owner." Avory said with a smile. He watched as Lucian cleaned up and picked his pod up. He felt like he should do something too. "Would you like me to help?" He asked in a sweet manner. He smiled and followed after the long-haired male. He wasn't sure how to respond to his puzzled behavior or him calling about the order. Clones were told specifics about their origins. It was up to the owner to give them the specifics. There were also things that would take time for them to understand although their personalities and skill traits were perfected. They learned quick to adjust to their specified age.


    Jonah stared at the boy for a moment, not sure what he was going to do with him. He read the no return policy and he hated talking to people over the phone about technical issues. Nicolas seemed interested in the toys after all and he didn't know whether he should play with him or be a little creeped-out about it. Nekos and other hybrid clones were a newer type and people were having issues about them even more than regular ones. Sitting on the floor he decided to give it a try. "So you wanna play?" he asked as he rummaged the bag. "First, my name is Jonah. You don't have to refer to me as 'owner' anymore..." He pulled out a ball that looked like it was made of yarn. He rolled it across the floor to him. Maybe that wouldn't be too bad.
  7. Lucian sighed and put his phone away looking over to the boy. He still couldn't wrap his head around he boy. "No it's alright Avory... Here, the manual says I'm suppose to give you this and you'll gain all the knowledge you'll need to function, including everything that I asked for," he said to Avory. He didn't like being called owner and motioned for Avory to follow him into the living room. "You can call me Lucian okay? You don't have to call me owner," he said to Avory softly. He could see the boy shaping into a female but he still couldn't ignore the fact that Avory was a boy.

    Nicholas nodded his head n excitement, following his owner to the ground and getting on his hands and feet, his tail poking out of the pants and swishing happily. He had black fur but his ears were hidden by his hair. He looked at Jonah and made a mental note of his owner's name. "Okay, Jo-nah," he said saying his owners name in a way that sounded seductive but the playful look in Nicholas's eyes just made him look more like a cat. He looked at the ball of yarn and began padding it back and forth between his hands, following it like a cat would. He suddenly began making a soft purring sound as he played, rolling onto his back as he played with the ball of yarn. his feet coming up and playing with the ball just like a cat would do in this situation.
  8. "Lucian...I like that name. It''s elegant." Avory had thought about it for a moment, determining a proper description of such a name. He smiled as he was escorted into the living room. He found himself liking the touch of his hand around him. When they got into the living room he sat down on the couch. His dress spread out in a pretty manner and he sat there properly, observing Lucian with his deep violet eyes. He had been instructed to sit and wait for the programing process.

    Jonah smiled at Nicolas, glad he understood. It was cute how he repeated it no matter how he thought about it. He watched him bat and toss the ball around and stared in amazement. He really didn't know what to make of him. He was unbelievably cute. And at the same time he was a boy and it was weird to watch him rolling around on his back that way. He started to read his manual as how to program him. He wasn't sure what this program would do to him. maybe make him more human? Or more cat? Who knew. "Come her Nicolas, let me program you. I'll uhm...let you play with some more of your new toys once we've fixed you up." He might as well program him. He was probably stuck with him anyways. He thought about it and laughed. he was getting the real world experience. Being ripped-off and now having a 'room mate' that doesn't have a job.
  9. Lucian thought that the compliment was cute and Avory hadn't even been programmed completely yet. Lucian looked over the manual and began the programming process, pressing the buttons instructed and then holding it out to Avory. "It says to put you hands here on either side and line up your finger tips and then to press this red button, so can you put your hands on either side of this device," he said to Avory softly.

    Nicholas was too busy playing and meowing softly and purring but when Jonah said he'd let him play with more toys, Nicholas rolled back onto his side, holding the ball of yarn in his hands and his tail swished still. "What program Jo-nah," said cutely, saying his name still in that seductive tone. It seemed he didn't know how to say it normally so he said it like that. He rolled back onto his front, his tail coming up and looking like it was pulling his bottom up from the floor with it. He tilted his head to the side looking at Jonah, the cute playfulness still in his eyes.
  10. "Okay..." Avory replied after listening to Lucian's instructions. He smiled and placed his petite hands on either side of the device, aligning his fingers properly, then the red button was pushed. A surging sound emerged from the device and the clone's facial expression went blank. The information surged through his brain a light speed. He already had the complete education of a high school student and basic survival skills. He also learned casual talk, cooking and cleaning, dancing, singing, romantic gestures, sexual techniques, etc. Things that Lucian would like in a girlfriend. When the processing was complete, Avory fainted with his head brushed against Lucian's arm. It was an overwhelming process that humans couldn't fathom. When he awoke shortly, Avory rubbed his eyes and looked at Lucian, "Sorry, I didn't mean to fall asleep on you like that. That was quite an experience." He was still sweet with his gestures and voice, now he had more character.

    "Well..." he replied with a little blush on his face, "It says here that you're supposed to put your paw-I mean hands here and press that button. It teaches you things.....I think" He scratched his head not sure if he understood it himself. He was just amazed by the level of cuteness there was to the boy. "Let's try it out. Then I'll show you what else I bought for you." He held his hand out as if he were a cat. He smiled at him and waited for him to approach him patiently.
  11. Lucian was shocked into silence when the boy just passed out after sitting there for a few seconds. He was confused but it didn't take Avory long to wake up once more, this time he had more character to him and he seemed sweeter, more feminine if that was possible. "Alright... I guess I'll show you to your room, unless you want to rest for a moment more to process everything," he suggested to the boy. Although Avory wasn't what he wanted, Lucian wouldn't be cruel.

    Nicholas let out a meow at Jonah and rolled back onto his back. He was eyeing the device suspiciously, like a cat would going to the vet for the first time. "Is it going to hurt Jo-nah," he asked cutely looking over at his owner, rolling back onto his stomach and his tail coming up and flicking behind him. He was curious but not stupid. He was so fluid and graceful with his movements that it was a surprise that he was human. He acted more like a cat that could talk.
  12. Avory shook his head, "No, I'll be fine. I don't need any rest. That you though. I'd love to see my room now." He smiled at him and stood up, admiring his dress. He wondered why he was in girl's clothing, knowing that he was indeed a boy. At the same time the programming made him love it at the same time. He clutched it towards the bottom and made it swayed a bit as he viewed it. "Thank you for this pretty dress. It's my first gift."

    Jonah tilted his head, realizing the suspicion Nicolas was having. He looked to the device and then to the manual. "It says that won't. I'd try it first, but I can't. It's only meant for you." He tried explaining, wondering how much he understood. He slowly got up from the ground, checking the device out. He then walked over to the neko and squatted down, "If it does then I'll get you lots of the best fish you could ever want okay?" He figured he's like that deal if he was indeed a cat.
  13. Lucian nodded his head to Avory. "Alright... and I'll get you some clothes for boys if you'd like... I was expecting a girl so I bought a bunch of girly clothes," he said softly to Avory standing up. He watched Avory curiously, watching as he admired the dress. He thought it was seriously cute and now that Avory was fully programmed he would know what Lucian would want and need. This made him blush mentally. That meant that Avory would know about all of his sexual preferences. That would be embarrassing.

    Nicholas still looked at the device suspiciously but he felt his ears perk up at the mention of fish. He loved fish and the thought of being able to get all sorts of fish if it hurt made him nodded his head. He sat up, looking awkward as he did so. He wasn't used to standing or sitting up. He could as a cat but as a human, his legs were too long. "What do I do Jo-nah?" he asked his owner cutely.
  14. At first Avory was happy, fully focused on his pretty new things that wore, then Lucian said that he was expecting a girl. It took a moment before he realized that he was referring to him and it made his smile fade with a worried expression. "I-I'm sorry." he said with his head lowered, "I wish I was what you were wanting." Clones had feelings and they knew them, but experiencing for the first time once programmed could be overwhelming. He looked up at him as he stood to show him to his room. "I like these clothes...I will wear them unless you don't want me to. I think they're lovely."

    The dark-haired male smiled, glad he would accept his compromise. He didn't want to be an ass and make a promise he couldn't keep like that after all. "Okay, put your hand on each side of this. Line your fingers up and uhm...push the red button. Fairly simple isn't it?" He looked so cute sitting-up he couldn't deny. It made him feel awkward though, especially when he said his name that way. None of his girlfriends ever spoke it that sweetly. He shook his head, focusing on the task at hand.
  15. "It's not your fault," Lucian said softly. In all honesty it was his fault for not being smart enough to mention the gender of the clone he wanted. He sighed to himself and walked up the stairs, up to the next floor. When Avory began telling him he liked his girly clothes Lucian nodded his head then. "Alright, its all up to you Avory," he said softly to the boy. "I bought you a lot of things so you'll have to try everything on to see what fits and what doesn't," he explained walking down the hallway and opened the second to last door. He opened it to a lovely open bedroom. "This is your room. If you want to change anything, just let me know," he said softly showing her everything.

    Nicholas looked at the device and did as he was asked. His hands were slender and the nails were sharp. He waited as his owner pressed the button all emotion drained form his face and his eyes rolled back into his head. He fainted, falling forward into Jonah's lap, his body limp. He was still alive, breathing in and out but e woke after a few moments and looked up at Jonah, his eyes now brighter and cat like. He sat back and shook his head shivering before his body morphed in front of Jonah's eyes. He morphed into an extremely cute black cat. He sat back, licking his paw and looking up at Jonah. He got up and jumped up onto Jonah's lap, curling up and yawning wanting to sleep now.
  16. Avory nodded to Lucian's response. He still felt sorry, but wouldn't linger on it since it seemed he didn't blame nor dislike him entirely. The lavender-haired male followed him upstairs and down the hall to where he would sleep. When Lucian opened the door to reveal it to him, Avory's eyes lit up. It was beautiful; all he could hope for and more. He walked in and wondered over to the vanity that had new bottles of perfume and make-up. He smelled a couple of the scents and closed his eyes for a moment, experiencing them for the first time. He also walked around to the window, feeling the curtains. When he turned around he turned around he smiled at Lucian, "Thank you Lucian. This room is perfect." His manners were sweet. He wanted to hug him as a thank you, but his instincts suggested that it would be uncomfortable for Lucian and he was programmed to be thoughtful of others feelings.

    Jonah freaked out by the sudden transformation of the cat boy into a full cat. He was definitely not expecting a physical change. He blinked looking at the cat and wonder how it was even possible. He didn't know anything about hybrid clones or regular clones for that matter since he didn't have any interest in humanoid models. Still he wondered why he came in humanly form to be turned into a cat. "N-Nicolas?" He said his name in a questioning tone, wondering if he still responded to his name that way.
  17. Lucian watched Avory walk around and look at everything with a smile. He smiled watching him walk around and admire and touch everything. He smiled at Avory as he turned back to Lucian thanking him. "I'm glad you like it... Um... you have your own bathroom here," he said walking in and opening the door that led to the bathroom. "I stocked it all up for you so everything you'll need, tooth brushes, towels, a robe shampoo and conditioner," he said softly, showing Avory where everything was. He had to control his want to blush at how Avory was. He was exactly what he had asked for, the only thing that was wrong was the gender.

    Nicholas looked up at Jonah and yawned again, sitting up and padding the boys chest gently. "Prrwow," he purred out. He climbed off Jonah's lap and went over to the ball of yarn, picking it up with his mouth, walking back over to Jonah, placing it on Jonah's lap. "Prrwow," he said softly, nudging Jonah's hand, wanting to play, his tail flicking behind him.
  18. "Wow, it's so nice in here..." he replied as he checked-out the tub with the shower. It was modern with Victorian-style influence. "You have a really good eye for decor." He complimented him as he located the tooth brush and things. He couldn't resist smelling the sweet cherry blossom shampoo. When he turned around he gave Lucian a hug, putting his head into his chest lightly, "I'm lucky to be here with you." He was so happy with his new home.

    "Phwew, thank god. I thought I might've did something wrong." Jonah admitted. He ran his hand over the cat when it approached. He felt awkward by doing this, but at the same time it seemed normal. When the cat brought him the yarn he smiled and tossed for him. "Hey now, you're forgetting my promise. Here's some more toys..." He pulled out a toy bird on a teather. He wiggled it around for the cat to bat at.
  19. Lucian was shocked when Avory hugged him. It wasn't awkward just because the boy hugged, it was because he put his head into his chest. That cause Lucian to blush but he let his hands come up and pat Avory's back awkwardly. When Avory pulled back he offered him a small smile. "I'm glad you like everything. Umm... if you want to change anything, you can, just let me know what you need... Umm... if you'll follow me... I'll show you where your closet is," he said softly, turning and walking out into the main room, going over to the next door, opening it and letting Avory see his walk in closet, fully stocked with beautiful girl clothes.

    Nicholas began playing, his paw swatting at the toy trying to get it. He was purring in happiness and he even jumped to try and get the bird, but he missed and landed on his feet on the ground. He meowed softly every once in a while as he played with the bird, even trying to bite at it, just like a normal cat would.
  20. Avory nodded his head, "Alright. I love everything the way it is, but if there's anything I could think of I'll let you know." He thought that Lucian's blush was very cute and he even giggled quietly, but then followed after him without commenting on it. Seeing the closet made him even happier than the rest of the room. The clothes were stunning. Each outfit prettier than the next. There were lots of dresses, but a few shirts and pants. They seemed rather expensive as well. His program made Avory an avid fan of fashion so he really had an appreciation for all that Lucian bought for him. It did make him feel guilty for being a male, even though he was comfortable in women's clothing. He only hoped that Lucian would grow to accept it. "You...have a good taste for clothing..." he said as he rummaged through everything. When a pale blue sweetheart-lined tea party dress caught his eyes, Avory pulled it out. He then decided to try it on. He turned around with his back to Lucian and unzipped his current dress, letting it fall slowly to the ground. It revealed that even his hips were made well-rounded in a girlish manner. He stood there humming to himself as he took the blue dress off of its hanger.

    Jonah chuckled as he watched the black cat swipe at the toy, doing all that he could to catch the birdie. In his mind he started to picture Nicholas in a human form trying to catch it. He smiled for a moment picturing it, then it became a little erotic without him meaning it to be. Nicholas laying there half naked on his back reaching up, purring like that. It made his face go dark red instantly. "What the hell was that?!" he burst out loud. He dropped the toy and quickly went to his bedroom closing his door. He ran his hands through his hair nervously. "Okay Jonah, think. What are you going to do with him? He's a cat, but he's a boy. You could just keep him in cat form...but he also might want to be in human form. He does have his own mind and will." The guy continually argued with himself out loud.