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      art by Cody Foreman

      In a dream, you are drowning. You're submerged in warm murky water; seaweed tickles your feet and dim sunlight filters through the algae all around. You swim toward the light, break the surface, draw in a thankful breath of sweet air. All around is the warble and squeak of birds, the susurrus of shadowed trees, the enclosed protection of mossy mountains, the rush of a gentle waterfall. The breeze on your face feels too real to be a dream. The trickle of magic among the branches seems too strange for reality.

      This is a game of survival, exploration and mystery.
      Exploration of the environment is the only way to discover the secrets of this world, the reason you're here, and the way to return home. There are no NPCs to guide you. Work with -- or against -- your fellow PCs to uncover mysteries, obtain precious artifacts, and manipulate the magic around you.

      This is a sandbox game.
      The plot is determined entirely by character action. How your character interacts with the world and what they do in order to accomplish their goals directly affects the type of plot this is going to be. You may expect strange and dangerous beasts, environmental hardships, remains of old civilizations, traps, enchantments, spells, myths and legends. Your character may be faced with impossible decisions and moral challenges. The spirits, ghosts, gods and guardians may become your allies or enemies. Everything is alive in one way or another. Your character may decide to call this place home, to bend its magic to her will and become its new god -- or she may only desire to move quietly through the shadows in search of a way home. Or, perhaps, your character is more interested in the reason she is here, the civilizations that once walked the overgrown roads, and the story of the water.

      This is a collaborative game.
      Tell me what direction you want your character to develop, and the story can be guided accordingly. Shout out your ideas and they might be woven into the setting. If something isn't working for you, say so -- every action and choice could have a thousand alternative consequences, some more world-shattering than others. The world and the plot can change on a dime, based on your character's whim.

      This is a game about characters.
      Characters will begin as simple humans with no extraordinary abilities. They may or may not remain that way for very long. The importance lies in their personalities. Characters should be ready and willing to act without being told what to do: in other words, I'm looking for aggressive roleplayers.

      Players are strongly encouraged to create characters that hail from any point in the past of Earth's real-life timeline. If you're in love with playing a character from a fantasy world, they shall not be altered or magical in any way: we are all humans here. Please no characters from the future.

      The character sheet is the simplest of all:

      Name: (what your character is called)
      Abstract: (a single sentence that sums up your character)
      Detail: (anything and everything you'd like to tell us about your character)

      Inspiration for setting and plot are drawn from Myst, Shadow of Colossus, Ico, Mushi-Shi, various Neil Gaiman and HP Lovecraft stories, and myths and folklore from a variety of cultures.

    • Daegon: A mountain is a pebble, a forest a park, a puddle is an ocean and the shadows are doorways.
      Callum: Echoed pain. A Ghostly shell, locked in silence. A blackened wind drifts above a sea of blood.
      Flame-Wakes-in-Moonlight: Born in silence, raised in war, weaned on knowledge, cast into madness.
      Erik Holland: Rooted firmly, thoughtfully articulate, a mediator.
      Desimus Velarian: To die a glorious death in the service of one's country, is the only joy a soldier can ever hope to achieve.
      Alexandria Heron: Knowledge is power, so I will overcome myself and be the strongest one of all.
      Amelia "Amy" Amintal: An deceitful, addicting breath of fresh lavender with a knack to learning and conquering.
      Abygail Upton: The brightest light within a life of darkness; The Peacekeeper with the not so peaceful heart.
      Celica: A golden-haired beauty with a burning passion for punching things.
      Seventy: A poverty-stricken boy who understands adaptation
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  1. Hi, sorry, I didn't check when I came I'm but this is a group role play right?
    If so I'm in!! -drinks from the chalice with the murky red liquid-
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  2. Drink the kool-aid and join the party.
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  3. 593x593px-LL-b47ce669_wolfie.jpeg
    Name: Daegon
    Abstract: A mountain is a pebble, a forest a park, a puddle is an ocean and the shadows are doorways.
    Detail: Alright so my character is taken from medieval times. And seeing as this is a fantasy rp, yes there were dragons and what not... he's about 24 years of age, was a traveling merchant, knows a lot about nature. Normal nature. Not this realm, weird twisted nature xD. And that's all I'm going to say.
    possible futures (open)

    if he turns to a darker side of power he may become a demon. 3a19f882b7f82bf78f00fd0281149e30.jpg
    If he turns to the arcane arts he might become a mage. 57994b40b4fbf8bd719ddb3e0c14f498.jpg
    If he turns to the stars he will become a terraformer! Terraform.jpg
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  4. Is it just me or does everyone else notice that when a player chooses an image for their Arcane character, that image is usually Jace, the planeswalker 90% of the time?
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  5. Hi there! Welcome! :D That's a really interesting way of introduction, especially the "possible futures" thingy. I like it. I get the feeling there are secrets about this character that aren't mentioned here -- anything you'd like to PM to me?

    I had hoped that characters would be from Earth's real-life timeline (for example, no actual dragons) to simplify things as much as possible and give PCs more equal footing. As far as the PCs know, there are no other worlds besides Earth and this one they just arrived to.

    However, if most players agree this is a silly rule and we should allow characters from other fantasy worlds, it can be undone. x3 What do you guys think?
  6. It doesn't matter to me boss. It depends really, finding common ground between characters is not going to be easy, if at all possible if everyone comes from a different era in time. With that being said, I don't think it would make a difference if people chose to create a character from an alternate world besides Earth, so long as said characters are human. No need to turn this into a SciFi movie.
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  7. Right, human is non-negotiable. Also, no one has any special powers or abilities from the getgo: if you want them, they can be obtained throughout the RP. (when I say 'you' I mean players in general, not you. XD) As for having something in common, there is the fact that they've all just woken up in this place they've never been to, with no one to talk to but each other. It's more than most people have in common, I think.

    Here's a compromise: I strongly suggest characters come from Earth's timeline, but if you're in love with playing a character from an alternate fantasy world, you're welcome to do so. As long as they're unaltered, magic-less humans. Done and done! :)
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  8. Name: Callum +Wraith+

    Abstract: Echoed pain. A Ghostly shell, locked in silence. A blackened wind drifts above a sea of blood

    Brief: A Cold-hearted, White haired, Rogue with a bad past, and Hidden motives

    Detail: Callum is a mysterious soul that often fancies the life of a loner; save when he is travelling the sea with his many companions. He is a cold hearted rogue that is rumored to accept any job no matter how ill moral it may be. Rarely he lets his guard down, and on that rare occasion he is still cautious. When Callum is surrounded by the right people he will become friendly and clever, a playful flirt, and drunkard that is always seeking out his next high in life. Callum doubles as both a Pirate and a bounty hunter, originating from Europe durring the time a heavy trade by sea. "A Ghostly Shell, locked in Silence." Says almost everything.. "A Blackened wind sweeps across a sea of blood" Says the rest. Callum longs for freedom, both from his mind's prison, and The shackles that Callum has most certainly earned for himself.
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  9. Would it be at all possible for us lowly humans to mutate and physically change as we stay here in this strange realm. I could totally see us as a group going to sleep in a flowery meadow and all wake up blue. xD
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  10. Name: Celica.

    Abstract: The world, drowned in a sea of the Sun's wrath...

    Details: Celica looks as though she came straight from royalty. What you couldn't tell by her looks is the last thing you'll experience should you go one-on-one against her.
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  11. At first I didn't get the abstract thing. Fixed.
  12. Not an unreasonable assertion. He has some fantastic art, he is young looking (always nearly the age people play those characters), and his art is more minimalistic than a majority of mage art I have seen.
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  13. Who's Jace?
  14. Let me know if Im good to go boss man, I may have another person joining this too =D
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  15. Sounds like he needs a hug. :) Very cool, lots of potential, likely a very handy addition to the team. I like him!

    Bahahaha excellent idea! At the very least . . . be careful of what you eat. ;)
  16. Will we be starting soon?
  17. I have played enough Corruption of champions enough (Which means once) to know what happens when you eat things from strange places. Seeing the characters coming out I might as well add a splash of modern with my character.
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  18. I thought about doing Modern but ultimately that picture was what sold me on the bountyhunter/pirate =D
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  19. He is a character from Magic. If you have access to the internet you should look up some pictures of him, I know some search engines you could use.
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