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  1. Sasuke was running in the woods doing a training course session. He was finished the course in record time, but his breathing was pretty heavy from pushing himself past his limits. "I still need to do better!" He said slamming his hand against a tree causing a little mark to be made on the tree's trunk. There was not much Sasuke did but train and practice his Jutsu. He was quick to master his jutsu but he knew Jutsu was not all a great ninja would need, they would also need strength, skills and stamina to last a long fight. Sasuke being tired as he was grabbed a small towel to wipe the sweat from his brow. Hearing a small snap with in the woods he, quickly pulled out his Kunia ready in a attacking stance prepare for what ever comes.
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  2. Sakura would watch him from a far. As she stepped on a twig she could tell he heard. She also knew if she didn't surrender soon he would attack.

    "Hey hey it's me," she would say as she walked out of the brush.

    Sakura could see his jester settle as she walked out. She would walk over to him as he wiped himself off.

    "Sorry to bother you but sensi kakashi said he needs to talk to us. So I thought I could probably find you here," she would say with a sigh.
  3. Sasuke looked at her with a glare. He wasnt to happy to here he was being summoned like a lost dog. "You know if kakashi wanted me he should of just came and got me i dont know why he would send you." He said looking at her.

    "Like seriously if stupid to send you hear when it would not cause two of us to be late, now lets go before i change my mind." Sasuke said looking at her with his towel wrapped around his neck.
  4. Sakura would shake her head in angrily and walk off. She couldn't believe sasuke could say such a rude thing. She would disappear in the brush not even looking back at him.

    As she made it back to where Kakashi was he would ask, " where is Sasuke?"

    Sakura would shrug as she sat down. At this point she didn't want to talk about anything.

    As sasuke would show up Kakashi would start to talk, "I have a mission for you two. There is a group of ninjas in the water village that have been attacking others. I need you to meet up with some allies and help take back control."
  5. Sasuke finished walkig and stood there looking at him. "Kakashi are you sure you want to send me and Sakura? She isn't a very good ninja, she know no nin-jutsu, tai-jutsu or jutsu at all. I would be better off if I went alone if sad to say this if I was with Naruto." Sasuke tried to explain to Kakashi but he didnt seem to care.

    He walked off reading his new book. Sasuke let out a huge sigh in frustration. "Ok lets go the quicker we meet up with the allies the quicker i get back to training." Sasuke said.
    He walked off not caring if she followed or not all he cared about was getting this mission done quickly he had better things to do, then go on a stupid hunting mission with Sakura.
  6. Sakura would get up and follow Sasuke. She would look down as she continues to walk. Sakura was hurt a little by his cruel words.

    As they continued on she would blurt out, "Why do you have to be so mean huh?"

    At that moment Sakura would stop for a second hearing a rustle in the woods. She would stare off into the woods her hand on her belt ready to attack at any moment.
  7. Sasuke would be just about to answer her as he quickly pulled out his kunai geting in his attack position. His eyes narrow looking around for the enemy. "I would suggest you show yourself before you get hurt." He yelled.

    From the bush came a Kunai flying right at him. Sasuke quickly dodged it retaliating by throwing his own Kunai. Then as extra percussion he made the hand signs for a jutsu. "Fire style - Fire Ball Jutsu." He quickly inhaled deeply releasing his breath into a huge ball of fire heading straight at the target.

    The jutsu missed as the person had to jump out of the bush to dodge it. the person was a girl about their age and height. She quickly eye balled there head bands. "Wait Wait your from the hidden leaf?" She asked.
  8. Sakura would examine the girl. She had never seen her before. To be honest Sakura wasn't sure if she should trust her or not.

    "Yes we are from the leaf village and yourself," she would say still unsure of the girl.

    The girl would laugh a little, "I am supposed to meet you here."

    Sakura would look over at Sasuke and then back at the girl in between them. The girl would look at both of them.

    The girl would look at Sasuke, "We were sent here to kill you."

    At that moment the girl would go running at Sasuke. Sakura would go to react but behind her she was grabbed by two men. One pulling out a kunai and stabbing her. The other one would put a piece of fabric over her mouth and nose. Sakura would try to fight back but with both of them she was over powered. They had caught her by surprise. Her body would go limp as they ran into the woods with her.
  9. Sasuke, smirked as he was now faced with an interesting opponent. When he heard the words kill he shut his eyes, while she was runing towards his he opened his eyes wide. "Sharigan!" He yelled out, seeing through her moves as he quickly side stepped to dodge and made the hand signs for Shidori. He quickly ran towards the two man taking Sakura away. "Damn fools, no one TAKES SAKURA from me." He yelled the chidori landing on one of the men them taking severe damage. The other was taken out with a quick and swift kick to the Neck to knock him out. Sasuke grabbed the cloth they used to gag her mouth and used it to cover her wound while he carried her princess style through the woods. "Im sorry Sakura i was careless."
  10. Sakura's wound would be seeping blood as she laid in Sasuke's arms. Her body was motionless besides her chest moving up and down as she breathed.

    Footsteps could be heard coming out of the woods once again, "I would take that cloth off her wounds. Your only making it worse. They lace though things with poison you know."

    Lee would step out of the woods looking at Sasuke. Soon after Neji and Tenten would follow. Lee would walk over to the two of them kneeling down.

    As Lee pulled out a cloth from his belt he would hand it to Sasuke, "The stuff they use is strong. That's how they are killing the villagers. There is a river to the east. It's out of the way but you need to wash this out fast. If she get it in her blood stream she's a goner. Go we will go ahead to the village and meet you there."

    Lee would stand up looking at the other two behind him, "Everyone has been called to help. It's supposed to be really bad."

    He would get ready to move out then would look back at Sasuke, "You really need to hurry. I don't mean to worry you but I've seen some strong enemies fall under their poison."
  11. He looked at Lee and sighed knowing he would have to be the one to save her. He quickly ran to the nearest river and tried to wash the poison out of the wood then he would put his lips to her wound and try to suck the poison out spitting out her blood after everyone puff.

    He looked at her smiling, "Hey are you feeling any better?" He asked surprisingly being a nice guy not like his usual emo self. He then picked her up once again carrying her to the village.
  12. Sakura would slowly open her eyes. She could see that Sasuke was caring her. Sakura could feel a pain in her side and chest but she would ignore it.

    "What happened? All I remember was getting jumped," she would say looking up at Sasuke.

    Sakura would look at Sasuke for a moment. As much as she wanted to be civil with him she was still mad at his previous comments. She would think to herself he's right I am a weakling and all I'm going to do is slow him down.

    Even though she knew she was still probably too weak she still looked up at him to say, "I'll walk."

    Sakura wanted more then anything to prove him wrong. Even if that meant a little pain in the meantime. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of being right.
  13. Sasuke did feel a bit guilty for causing her to be in pain. "Hey, um Sakura..... im sorry"He said silently not really wanting her to hear but if she did it would probably be very strange for those words to come from his mouth.

    He then looked around and started to walk next to sakura keeping her pace of walking, not leaving her side.
  14. Sakura would start out walking fast but would slowly down immensely. For some reason her chest and whole body ached. She would stop for a second leaning back against a tree.

    As Sasuke stopped also she would look up at him, "Go ahead I'll catch up."

    She didn't want to sound weak. But she knew they needed to get to the village fast. She was slowing both of them down.

    "I'm good go ahead. I just need a break," she would lie to him.

    Sakura hoped he would go ahead. But she always knew reading him was never easy. This morning he was being horrible but now he was acting some what caring.
  15. Sasuke sighed and only stayed about 2 steps ahead of her still staying close by while still listening to her requests as well. "Is this better?" He asked her as he turned his head ever so slightly looking back at her.
  16. "No Sasuke, go on ahead to the village. They need you there. You can run and I'll walk, " Sakura would say as she sighed.

    As Sakura's started to feel worse she would stop completely and sit on the ground. She would look up at Sasuke who was still there. She would peel off her bag looking in it for something.

    "Why are you still here?" Sakura would say looking up at Sasuke.
  17. Sasue would look at her and sigh, "I'm not so heartless that i would leave you hear." Sasuke Said. He then went down to one knee and showed his back to her. "Hope on ill carry you, it will be quicker this way." He said, not wanting her to argue but to just comply, with the request.
  18. Sakura would look at him a little hesitant at first. She would get up off the ground and slowly walk over to him. As she got on his back she would sigh. She would wrap her arms around his neck to hold on.

    As he started to walk on Sakura would lay her head on his shoulder. She was feeling so wore out by now like her body was failing.

    "Sasuke I don't care what you think. I'm not weak," Sakura would mumble before she closed her eyes.
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