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  1. And voted. ^^
  2. I shall assist you in your hype, m'dear.
  3. Thank you so much!

    Our product is now called the "heat nomad" and it's actually a heating patch that can be reused by placing it a special generator we've designed to reheat the crystals to rest the reaction :)

    it sounds uber complicated, but it's simple!

    And we just need funding at this point and we can get started with prototyping :))

  4. NO! >:[

    loljkilu. <3
  5. Votes for you!
  6. Yay Sakii! I hope that you do well~
  7. THANK YOU <3

    Being people's choice is really important because it guarantees entry into round 2: prototying phase ;~~~;

    I'm so nervous for today's presentation! Please tell all your friends to vote!
  8. totally got my vote in! 8D
  9. You're the person who greeted me and convinced me to stay on Iwaku. Voted.
  10. I voted!
  11. Delicious fap-powered beverage.
  12. Voted :D Hope it goes well with the presentation ^^
  13. This sounds really neat. Voted!
  14. Well now you've gone and cheapened the whole experience for everyone.
  15. Voted! This sounds really cool and I hope all goes well for you:)
  16. I voted, I will pass the link to a few friends but can't force their hands for you. Due to my current status and all...

    I hope you kill it.
  17. I voted since you asked me so nicely.