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  1. Hello, hello. Sakana here, looking for some fellow roleplayers who like to dig deeper into profound concepts than the Average Joe. That being said, while I don't have any concrete plots thought up (we'll do most of that when a concept is decided on), I do have some things I have a particular fancy for, namely:

    Time Travel Elements
    Psychological / Philosophical Aspects
    Flawed Utopias(think Psycho-Pass)
    Detective Work
    Survival Game-esque
    Hired Hands
    Parallel Universes

    I'll probably update this with specific plots for each of these, but I'm just putting this out there for now.

    Plot #1: Cat and Mouse
    This plot revolves around two best friends, one that's the renowned detective that's wrong in a way, and one that's the criminal mastermind that's right in a way. The roleplay would focus on their interactions, with the criminal helping the detective solve cases that they were ultimately behind.

    As for partner preferences, romance will be more of a secondary theme, if it's a theme at all. I prefer people who would consider themselves advanced or adept and can post two or three times a week. I'm not a real big fan of using real people as face claims for characters, but I can bear it if the plot is good enough. I also avoid fandom RPs and playing as canon characters.

    All that said, if you like any of the concepts mmentioned above, maybe we can come up with something good.~
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  2. I LOVE those ideas! I'm the type of person who has a lot of ideas so my plots are constantly evolving and changing into new twists and turns. Is there a plot you're most interested in at the moment?
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  3. Glad to see someone showing interest in these concepts!

    What I'm most into right now is utopian societies and the questions that one might ask about the systems behind such a society.

    Though this post is vague, it's something I'm hoping to do. If I can't get it to succeed as a group roleplay, I'd love to at least try to do a 1x1 RP of it (and I wouldn't mind doing a 1x1 of it even if a group version does succeed): INTEREST CHECK - The Decido System

    Other than that, roleplays revolving around detectives are always a plus for me. I love to play a twin/twins, so maybe we could come up with something involving twin detectives.~
  4. I'm curious. What do you have planned for a time travel story? Are two characters jumping from one era to another? Or is only one character the time traveller?
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  5. That's something we would work out together, through a PM. I was thinking more along the lines of the latter, with one person coming to the other person's time period to fix a mistake or something.
  6. "Sorry, dad, but it was totally a mistake, you going out with my mom."

    But hm, that sounds fun. Would this be a modern setting then? Or what?
  7. It would most likely be a modern setting, but we could do something historical, if you'd prefer. I actually have an idea for a plot of sorts, if you're interested in hearing it.
  8. Sure, let's hear that plot of yours then.
  9. Added Parallel Universes to the concept list.~
  10. I'm looking for someone to do the plot I added to the original post with (Cat and Mouse).

    Would most likely be played in a questionable Utopian setting. Romance may or may not be a theme (depends on whether or not anyone interested wants it to be). Sound interesting, @BruisedLavender?
  11. It sounds amazing! I was just about to suggest we mix the detective theme and flawed utopian setting so, yep, perfect. Let's discuss that over PMs?
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  12. Sure, though I have to apologize if I suddenly disappear for the day. My internet access is a bit limited.
  13. >.< Gaaah, I maaay be just a teeeny bit in over my head with RPs at the moment, but these concepts really do hit quite close to home, so uh... I guess I'm interested xD though, I suppose it would take a bit more discussion to narrow down which one, if any, to try out, maybe.
  14. @york, feel free to PM me if you have any specific ideas you want to discuss, or if you just wanna brainstorm.~
  15. @Sakana >.< Alright! I suppose I'll try o.o
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  16. [​IMG]

    I'd be good for a Cat and Mouse plot yes

    Though how do you mean that the detective would be wrong in a way and the other way around for the criminal?
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  17. That is to say, a scenario where someone is partially right, and partially wrong.

    You expect the detective to be right almost all the time, and you'd expect the criminal's actions to be wrong almost all the time. It's a little play on that. The criminal is right in a way, and the detective is wrong in a way. It'll become more apparent as the roleplay progresses. Anyway, PM me and maybe we can come up with a more detailed plot.~
  18. Ah, I see! Alright then, I'll send you a PM when I can soon enough!~
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  19. Would you be interested in an rp with twins from parallel dimensions? If so send me a PM
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  20. All these people suddenly coming out of the woodwork!

    Do you have any specific ideas, @abalint ?
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