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  1. Looking for SR3 or SR4 rp partners I would prefer SR4 but I'm good with either. I tend to rp paragraph split style, can not do eye gore, am alright with smut and gore but I prefer story or character interaction to be the main focus, and am okay with same sex pairings. (I've felt like I've needed to add this lately since some people are not alright with it)

    As usual here is my character info to see if you'd like to deal with my character or me. Look forward to hearing from you good folks. She's a little bare bones because I'm still smoothing her out and trying to figure out how to properly put down the info since some of it changes depending on which game is being rp'd, I apologize for that.

    Also since she is so rough around the edges I wholeheartedly welcome advice on how to improve her.

    Basic Information
    Name: Kimberly Bishop
    Nicknames: Kim (often called) Kimmy (usually just called this by family)
    Age: 17 (in SR3) around 22 (in SR4)
    Sex: Female
    Family: Bobbi Bishop (older sister)
    Markings/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Has an eyebrow piercing on the left eyebrow
    Looks: Kim has, black fine hair with some violet streaks in it, it goes down to able mid back and is usually worn down, she has green eyes, stands about average height and is very in shape and looks slightly older than she is on account of blooming pretty early and not going through the normal teenage changes a lot sooner than others.
    Personality: Kim can be a smart ass and a cynic, she's blunt but knows when to shut up and is very good at being manipulative. Prefers to keep to work that keeps her more in the background. She's professional when needed, when not working she can be brash, short tempered, and childish often worse on long work days of having to keep quite or kiss ass.

    (Note: As dumb as this sounds personality is so hard for me to do before I really use the character so yeah sorry its so meh)

    Family Information
    Kim's older sister Bobbi is in the military and has always been rather protective of her sister and very strict, like a tough parent. Bobbi did more or less raise her little sister as they were growing up having a mother who had serious depression after their father died in a hit and run. Their mother died by overdose of her depression medicine though the death was ruled as accidental. Bobbi took on taking care of Kim from there, trying to keep her little sister out of trouble and saving up enough money to move them somewhere safer. When Kim was older Bobbi went to join the military causing a fight between the two but Bobbi went anyway, Kim eventually got over her anger while her sister was gone and set up herself pretty well in a new city though she was at the time involved in gang activity, it paid well enough to keep her in a home and fed though and she did her best to keep it away from her sister. While Bobbi suspects that Kim is keeping things from her she has yet to come out and say it just thankful that Kim seems to be safe and healthy on her own for now.
  2. Hey! totally interested and would love to hear from you!
  3. Awesome! Either of the games in particular you would prefer? I have a preference for SR4 myself but I'm good with either :)
  4. I'm good with SR4
  5. Cool. I've never rp'd on this site before so I'm not sure if its usual to talk about rules and what not over the thread or some kind of pm. Sorry for my ignorance^^;
  6. Eh, you can do it either way, although for the sake of keeping the thread clean and clutter free, rules can be handled in PMs
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