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    It was said that when man first stepped foot on earth, he brought the concept of Sin and Rightousness, These forces manifested themselves into two crystaline orbs. These two energies then became known as yin and yang and they went on to influence the tides of change in the world. Soon a country was founded that housed these two energy sources , this country was known as Tsukino.Tsukino became the dominant country in the world, a country that sought to maintain balance between the two forces, a country which held the world on its shoulders and the fate of humanity in it's hands.

    In recent times a small nation has began assaults on Tsukino in hopes of obtaining the two energies of yin and yang, a powerful sect that go by the name of Hakumei who pocessed extraordinary magical and combat techniques.The government of Tsukino called forth it's mightiest heroes, signalling the start of a war that could change the fate of the world.......for better or for worse.
    Oc format

    • be nice
    • no one liners
    • follow the format
    • do not go overboard with power
    • no god modding
    • one magic only
  2. May I join??

    Name: Roslin (Prounouced: Roz lynn)
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Tuskino
    Personality: Roslin is a blunt woman who calls things as she sees them. In her mind there's no reason to call a spade anything other than a spade! She's honest to the point of being insulting (at times) and is considered to be abrasive, though her harsh reality checks come from a good heart with an honest desire to help others.
    Likes: Music, Cold baths, and Sunrise. She also likes when people use good manners.
    Dislikes: Liars, the dark, and deep water.
    Magic: Roslin knows ritual magic that requires time, resources, and considerable concentration. She can preform 'exorcisms', read casting stones and create small magical implements (IE: she can enchant a crystal to help find someone if she has their hair). This is how she has, for the most part, made her living.
    When it comes to combat, Roslin has a mostly blank deck of cards. (Currently only 7 have etchings on them). Each Card contains the essence of monsters and spirits she has 'exorcised'. In other words, she has captured the souls of monsters and uses them to do her will.

    Weapons: A Bo Staff and her 'deck'.
    Equipment: Roslin has a bag she keeps slung over her shoulders to carry around her magical effects. Mostly candles, chalk, a few crystals, her deck and some paper.
    (Art by Zolaida)
  4. I'd like to join as well, if I may.

    Name: Anna Conrad

    Age: 22

    Allignment: Tsukino

    Personality: Anna is a very quiet girl. She is not very talkative and typically keeps to herself about things. She's the girl you would go to if you wanted to keep a secret. She is very calm and cultured, clear-headed and courteous. She tries to be as gentle and kind as she can but occasionaly her anger bests her.

    Likes: Card games (Poker, Solitaire, Euchre) cats, quiet places.

    Dislikes: Snitches, alcohol, anything with more than four legs.
    Magic: Anna has the ability to distinguish lie from truth. Sometimes refered to as Elenchus, arcane magic.

    Weapons: The only weapon Anna caries with her is a Kodachi.

    Equipment: She has a small velvet bag around her waist for carrying small things and the sling for her sword across her chest.
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