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    We face a lot things in life, some of which
    are small, every day decision, and other are life changing.
    This is one of those things.

    In the year 2015, scientists came onto a miraculous discovery. They could predict love.
    They had invented a way to predict who you where going to spend your life with, who was your meant
    to be. At the age of 14, each child would be given a timer, and the timer would sense who their
    soul mate was from the very very beginning, starting from that moment onwards into time.
    Around the age of four, a time sets in. This counts down to when you are going to
    be your soul mate.

    Most children spent their lives dreaming of the moment of when the timer would end, when they
    would look a their true love. Others dread the day, feeling like they are being trapped into a specific existence
    and some just prefer the mystery. For some they like to plan everything, but life doesn't like to follow them.

    Your soul mate could start out as a best friend, or an enemy, it doesn't really matter, you just know that when the time is right, you will meet them. But for the few, life can get a little too bumpy. Sometimes, a timer
    goes blank. This only happens when a soulmate, or half of a pair has died. You have only
    one perfect match, and if they are dead, you are doomed to be the empty
    half of a broken heart.

    For most with a dead timer, it is a haunting reminder of what could have been. Very few people with dead
    timers ever find love again. Most with dead timers commit suicide, or chop off their hand so they
    never have to bear the burden again. But some barely hang on, and managed to find
    peace within themselves. The odds are very slim for those
    unfortunate souls.

    This, however, has nothing to do with dead timers, well, it sort of does. Saint's Academy is a school designed
    with the intention of making pairs. They live off of teen dream romance. They only accept
    students with timers, so it is a high class school that gives a very education, and
    is a good place for any sort of person to go and study, to attract a variety
    of people.

    And now, you have to survive this life. Good luck.
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  2. ~Saint's Academy~
    This academy was built a long time ago, but the school itself is new to the system. Most of their teaching
    methods, equipment, and their classes are more modern. We have any sort of course that you could imagine. They have courses for
    future gymnasts, for scientists, artists, even people who want to join a circus. All you have to do is ask, and you shall
    receive. But the campus can be a bit confusing to navigate.

    Over in the top right of campus is a series of gyms and fields. The largest gym has aerialist equipment, trampolines, tightropes, and various
    circus and acting equipment. The second largest gym includes an inside football field. The gyms each have their own popups, like
    volleyball and basketball. There is an inside and outside field for each sport played, though some are combined for effect.

    The area in the top left corner has the art wings and other electives are. They have pottery class, film class, the schools newspaper,
    everything. There is where most of the arts students hang out, aside from the drama kids who hang out over near the center buildings. In the front left corner has all the core classes, such as history, language, and all the boring basic classes. Here you will also find the remedial
    classes, for those who don't do so well in studies. There is where all the detention areas are as well, and some of our, less desirable
    students find that those rooms can be both cozy, and terrifying.

    Over in the front right corner, is the dorms. There is a girls dorm, which houses only girls, though both dorms share a communal area, full
    of shops, and a rec room with a tv, videogames, and kitchen so all the dorms can have a place to easily access necessities.
    In the center of the building, there is two staircases, leading up to the top floors. Right for girls, left for boys.

    Only girls are allowed to the right, only boys to the left. This is a rule they enforce due to multiple incidents a few years ago.

    The final area for the high school is the center area. There they have a large ampatheater for plays, where the drama kids are, the more advanced classed for those students who have exceled above that of the basic classes, or whish to go into advanced science, medical,
    or technological carriers. Here is where enrolment offices, and the principals office is.

    Over on the right and left middle sides are small gardens, containing lots of trees to accommodate areas for classes outside in the sun.
    To the right of the school, closes to the girls dorm, is a large forest. This area is forbidden by the school, and students aren't allowed to enter that area, due to more horrible incidents.
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