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    That's what the patients of the Saint-Vincent Asylum are, though no one would think it save for those who got just a little too close to them. The Asylum? It's moonlighting as a boarding school and is only entered through a rigorous screening and recommendation process. It's public name? Why, it's the Saint-Vincent Institute, one of the prime example of scholastic excellence, of course! And you? Come on, now, you are one of their newest students... And your taste for the pain and blood of others will be sated, young lunatic.


    Etiquette will mingle with gruesome rituals of arcane power in this tale where evil is young and charismatic indeed. Your character will be in constant mental agony, insufferable indifference or frustrated anger as they learn to become the best killers they can be, the best demons they can become, just to feel well and whole for once. This will be a gruesome and dark tale, and as such should not be visited by the faint of heart.

    Set in turn of the twentieth century New York, this roleplay will be filled with horror, psychological, action, supernatural and political elements as your young murderer to be will learn the ways of high society... and how to blend among the best of them. I reassure you, however, that this will not be either a gore or an angst fest, but instead a psychological horror mingled with thriller elements... from the killer perspective. Like all villain, you will have to make sure your character doesn't get caught or killed, for only a public hanging awaits them should they be discovered for the beats they are.

    Part Academy roleplay, part Society-climbing, part character study and part supernatural horror, you will have plenty on your plate as you go through various mission based scenes where your character choice could very well change their whole live, that it may be as monumental as dying or as subtle as choosing to investigate what lay behind the door to the left.

    I leave you with this; Death is an inescapable ordeal, not an impossible obstacle in this world.
  2. This seems very interesting... I am curious to know more and be a part of this.

    Were you going to make this a solely human roleplay? You mentioned demons so I was not sure if you meant figuratively or literally. And would you want our characters to start off quite crazed and seemingly unable to keep control of their urges and such? Since this seems like a place that would teach the crazed to act normal and convince the rest of society that they are just like them, when in fact they are something much more darker and sinister.
  3. There will be actual demons, as the Headmaster is a certain being known as the Antichrist.

    As for the students, yes, them being out of control at first would be prefered.
  4. What sort of restrictions would you have for character development?
  5. No curing of mental conditions but actually worsening, though they can get as suave and savvy as believably possible.
  6. So if a character hears voices, you want them to get worse and worse? What if the killing helps to keep the voices at bay? Would you allow such a thing? That can generally be a reason why some mentally unstable individuals actually kill people. Due to the release that the taking of a life gives them, it helps to give them peace for a time before the ailment comes back to haunt them even more.
  7. hmm...sounds very interesting, would you mind if I join in on the fun?
  8. Oh, killing or other harmful acts are allowed to be a fix, certainly, I mean nothing permanent. You can go ahead with every addiction under the sun in that era.

    And of course you can, AntiFreeze :)!
  9. Yay! Most of my characters would fit here hehe, oh one question on the character thing....can my character be half demon?
  10. Okay. I was slightly confused for a moment. You made it seem like you wanted their ailments to get worse without any sort of reprieve in sight. Sure there will not be any actual 'curing' for them, but you want this to be set up so that they are still crazed when they leave, but are just good at hiding it. You want them all to become psychopaths and sociopaths. Am I understanding this right?
  11. Yes, but you need a good background to make it fit.

    Yes, you do understand it right, Danika :)! Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Ok, I have plenty of characters that would fit into this xD Since most of my characters are mentally ill and volatile. xD I just gotta figure out which one. xD
  13. Then you may count me in for this one.

    Age restrictions? And anything in particular you want our characters to have or not have?
  14. I want them to have a sort of spark to them, a hidden charisma or just a pretty face that will help them in the long run. As for the age, the Asylum is accepting 'pupils' from 14 to 18 years of age.
  15. Ok, so when we create the bios for our characters, are there any picture restrictions? Like is it strictly real life pictures or anime or it doesn't really matter?
  16. It doesn't matter, it can even be a good description, I only need to know what they look like.
  17. Are the students capable of being solely human? Solely demon? If they are demon, could they have some sort of demon feature or do you want them looking as human as possible?
  18. Yes, they can be either of those, demons having to hide their horns, tails, bat wings and hooved feet from the common of mortals, so they are more difficult to portray. As for half-bloods, only red eyes must be hidden.
  19. Sounds good to me. I have a demon girl that I could use for this, since I have yet to really start working on her. But I shall look around and see what I come up with. Are we allowed to make more than one character?
  20. Ok, I was going to ask the same thing.
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