Saint Tan's School of Villainy

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  1. "Here at Saint Tan, we learn all kinds of helpful stuff on our way to become full fledged villains!

    There's Monologuing, Impractical Death Traps, Oh oh! And Maniacal Mannerisms! That's one of my favorites!

    So we have your traditional Villain type here. You got your edgy, tragic backstory guys, then there's your spoiled rich kids who want their way, and will do whatever they want, the mad scientists.

    Then there's me. Ursula. I'm not your usual villain, but I'll tell you I'll become the best gosh darn villain of all time! Hahaha!"

    So yeah, that's a weird way to start one of these, but I had an idea where it is a School for Villains where they learn to be good villains. But a major part of this RP revolves around a character named Ursula.​
    Roar! (open)
    I had her envisioned as the main character of this story, but this isn't something I have ususally done. I mean Ursula is the major driving force for this RP.

    Anyway, the plan for this was actually a very quirky sort of comedy thing, but I had some darker aspects that i'd like to incorporate once in awhile. After all, this is an RP about likeable evil people learning to become evil-doers. This isn't going to be your traditional school RP though, I want a smaller group, no larger than maybe 7.
  2. Sure, I'll bite.
  3. Let's rev up and roll out.
  4. Well that's already three people, so things are going pretty well right now I'd say
  5. I'm probably going to make the ooc some time soon. Hopefully the banner system is functional again soon
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  7. Cool. Sorry I haven't put up the ooc yet. I have a presentation that I need to prepare for
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