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  1. "Dear Diary,
    Today is my first day here at Saint Tan's School of Villainy. I can't believe I got accepted!

    Welcome to Saint Tan's! A school founded on the principle that anyone can become whatever they want be. Even the next tyrant of the world! This RP will be about a group of students enrolled here at Saint Tans as they learn to become Villains. My idea for this RP is a dark comedy that will hold a more sinister side. Because although my intention was to depict these characters as no different than regular kids, they are still trying to become an evil door. And their rivalry with Saint Lee's Academy for Heroes isn't exactly a friendly one. So I'll add a warning here. THINGS MAY GET INTENSE DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE SCHOOL, STUDENTS, AND TEACHERS BEING EVIL.​

    "Dear Diary..."

    I noticed something about this place actually. Though we are training to become evil masterminds and rulers of the world (though some only want the Tri-State Area) they aren't any different than kids from my old school. You got the edgy villains with tragic backstories(They're the emo and punk kids), the Mad Scientists(NEEEEEERDS!), Those kids who just want to watch the worlds burn are the Delinquents, those Rich Villains who get everything they want with money, as if that's their power are those Rich spoiled kids, the list goes on. And then there's me!

    Characters are all students here at Saint Tan's. I do not want a large group, so I am looking for a group of 5-8 people. I MIGHT make an exception if I like the character, but don't count on it. My own character, Ursala, will be helping to move things along/explain things through her "Diary." Anyway, here is the character template
    Character Template
    (place Appearance Picture here)

    Year: (Out of 3)

    Personality: Either Bullet points or a paragraph is fine
    Biography: What happened to make them who they are, and why they want to become a villain? What gave them their powers/money/intellect? Minimum of two descriptive paragraphs

    Power/Abilities/Equipment: This is heavily dependent on what they use to achieve villany. Do they have super powers? Super smarts? Money? The list goes on.
    "Dear Diary..."

    I just received my schedule. If I remember, The mandatory classes are Monologuing with Ms. Nedie, History of Evil with Professor Cth'aktulak, and Phys Ed with Coach "The Minotaur"... On the bright side, I will have a high grade in that class.

    Teachers and Classes (open)

    Ms. Nedie, the Melodramatic
    In the words of William Shakespeare, all the world's a stage, and it's a stage on which I am the star. Ms. Nedie has always been eccentric, so naturally, her class is something special. She is a master wordsmith, and demanded that she teach three classes. But she was the only teacher as capable to teach these three classes. Monologuing, Maniacal Mannerisms, and English. She is also the Advisor for the Drama Club

    Coach "The Minotaur"
    Coach "The Minotaur" is his name. Not Coach, and definitEly not Minotaur. His name is "The Minotaur" and that is what he will be referred to as. "The Minotaur" may not be smart, but he is strong! The Minotaur is the PE teacher, as well as the Coach for all sports on campus. You might wonder how "The Minotaur" can manage that. Well when asked the question he said., "The Minotaur is not slowed down by such stupid reasons. That is for the weak. The Minotaur is STRONG!"

    Cth'aktulak, the Ancient
    Do not cross Cth'aktulak. Do not interrupt Cth'aktulak. Do not look directly at Cth'aktulak. Cth'aktulak is not your friend. The oldest teacher at the school, Cth'aktulak is the best to teach the History of Evil. After all, he is always watching, was always watching, will be always watching... Now and forever... Students have never seen anything except a tendril drifting out of closed doors or windows, accompanied by a disembodied voice. He is truly a mystery. But also the answer...

    The Tall Man aka "Mr Man"
    A being of nightmares. Always watching, hidden in the shadows. The Tall Man is the teacher of magical arts at the school. Any student seeking tutelage in the dark arts comes to Mr. Man. He is a horrifying sight, standing in the shadows, always creeping. But he means well, though he seems like he stalks, it is always to help a student out. He is the nicest man to ever have existed(While still seeking to be a villain), though incredibly shy. His voice is soft and light, making a strange contrast to his looming and eerie appearance. He is actually the adviser for the Home Eco club as well.

    Sir Ignis the Greedy
    A dragon. One of the teachers is a freaking dragon. What does a dragon teach? City Destruction? Fire Breathing? Why, Economics of course! Sir Ignis is a masterful businessman, and a great accountant. After all, he must have amassed his fortune some way. He is light hearted, and always a kidder. But try and take his gold, and you shall suffer his wrath. His Class is actually given from within a cave in the school, where his hoard is also burried. Rarely will he leave his roost.

    More to come. Likely

    Students (open)
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  2. I'll get my CS up within a few hours , a day , at the most . ^^

  3. Character Template
    (Note that his hair is a shade of light blond while his eyes are emerald green .)

    Dino Tachibana

    18 years old


    Dino , before having enrolled into the Academy of Saint Tan's and even after , is seen as a delinquent , mainly because of many students picking a fight with him . The blond is seen normally with a cold expression or disinterested look unless something interests him . He is also very hot-tempered and can be merciless when is provoked . To those that he sees as his comrades , he is quite caring towards despite not showing it most of the time . He also doesn't believe in second chances , as such , he is someone who's loyalty will never be questioned about .

    Dino is seen as the bastard son of a powerful politician that is a president of an oil company in Japan . Undoubtedly , the union between his mother and his father was a one time thing and because of this , the blond has always been treated as a bone that has been passed around many times . Thanks to that , he doesn't see the point of being kind-hearted and 'making a difference' in the world . Because of this status , as well , many have tried picking fights with him , in order to use him as leverage for their own use . At the age of fifteen , he found out his mother has developed lung cancer . Not only did his father knew this fact , but the only thing he ever did was send in some monthly income so that their burden wouldn't be that heavy .

    As revenge for his father's incompetence and ignorance , Dino had taken upon himself to be 'acquainted' with his father's finance manager , allowing him to siphon out his father's money at any given . Because of other connections , as well , one which includes the courtship of a minister's daughter , he was able to retrieve an implant of a certain type of mutant cells that allows him to manipulate the light . Having done all this , he saw that the true meaning of being in the world was to do whatever it takes to survive . To hell with humanity , everything , every known philosophy was merely a cover up of what many didn't want to see as a truth .

    Likes :
    - Turtles /Tortoises
    - Fights
    - Spicy food
    - Sports

    Dislikes :
    - Cats
    - Sweets
    - Arrogant people

    The power that Dino Tachibana wields is the ability to manipulate light itself , turning it into an energy or even a nuclear power source . Other than that , the blond is also good at hand-to-hand combat as fighting is seen as almost his daily activity . Alongside money , if he can't bend the actions of an individual , he can bend the will of others surrounding that individual .
  4. Ursala (open)

    Ursala Brown-Bear


    Ursala is an upbeat girl. Always one with a smile on her face, and an unBEARable pun at the ready. Dorky and fun-loving, she sees most people as people she can befriend. Due to her upbringing, she isn't exactly the best student, often seeking food over knowledge... Or anything over knowledge. And then she tries her best to study the night before, but Academia doesn't sit well with her. Neither do her grades... Though as a natural athlete, she can guarantee an A in one class however. Yet, there is more to Ursala to her than just a dorky girl who can't seem to pass a test. Something almost... Animalistic... Though she can't really say much about this side of her


    A small child sleeps peacefully in a small basket, blissfully unaware of the Chaos that is happening outside the safety of her small hut. A mob stood ready, pitchforks and torches at the ready. They speak to a woman, not young but not old. They want her daughter. They claim she is a witch, and that child the spawn of the devil. She will not let them through, begging to leave the child alone. They threw her aside, and charge right in. Holding her back. She screams at the tops of her lungs. and then suddenly, a bright light, and the cabin disappeared from this time...

    300 years later

    That same child is not crying. But it sounds different. Like a bear cub, calling it's mother. One mother bear in the forest hears this child's cries. She breaks down the door, to see this human child with the legs and arms covered in fur, and nails formed into giant claws. The small child giggles and reaches her paws out to the beast that found her. Years go by, and the small child has been adopted by this Mother bear, who now has children of her own. The Big Sister, Ursala, loved playing with her younger brothers. But she always knew something was different.

    One day however, one of her beloved brothers went missing. She spent all night looking for him... Then she remembers nothing. Only waking up in her cave with her mother, and her other brother. Outside sat a letter which read "Congratulations on being accepted to Saint Tan's School of Villainy." And that is how she ended up where she is today. Though she still has only the faintest idea what happened the night before...

    ~Making Puns~
    ~Fish(Specifically Salmon)~

    ~Academic Classes~
    ~Sitting Still~
    ~Doing Work~
    ~People Who Are Too Serious~
    ~Not Being Able To Remember Things That Happen To Her~


    Blessing of Ursa Major: One can tell that Ursala has something very Bear-Like to her. She has increased athletic capabilities, and heightened senses. She also has sharp claws, that seems actually more powerful than most bears have.

    Bear Form: Along side having the qualities of a bear, Ursala has the strange ability to actually take the form of a very large bear, that seems to be more powerful than that of any normal bear. Her fur forms an almost armor like barrier, that very few things can penetrate.

    Accepted Makomin​
  5. OH.

    Quick question, are there dorms in which the students will stay? I feel like there are, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to ask...

    Asides from that, I should get my CS up here within the hour hopefully~
  6. yeah dorms for students. Idk about making them shared. That always is more trouble than it's worth
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  7. Character Template

    Color: Maroon

    ~ General Information ~
    Name: Lux
    Age: 15
    Year: 1

    With a height of 5'2, a weight of 102 pounds, and a clear pale complexion, Lux is quite petite for her age all-around, including her small frame that looks like it wasn't built for fighting. You can tell that this picture is a little outdated, however, due to her light brown hair now being cut in a boyish manner.
    You can usually find the girl wearing a solid, loose-fitting shirt with pants or capris depending on the season, along with her old, dark green, way-too-big jacket that she never takes off.

    ~ Personality ~

    Before her vocal chords were injured, she was still a pretty shy girl, preferring not to talk and instead communicates via ASL and/or writing on a notepad that she carries with her at all times. Though, now she's sort of forced to use these methods of communication, with her vocal chords damaged beyond repair and everything.

    A bit of a prankster at heart, Lux finds it absolutely hilarious to sneak up on people and give them a mini heart attack with her antics. Most of the time though she'll do this by trying to get their attention by poking them, and silently laughing when they jump ten feet in the air.

    The brunette has a bit of an overly cautious around strangers, definitely keeping to herself and trying to distance herself from others. Possibly considered as paranoia, all it really means is that it's harder for her to really trust people.

    Somehow, ever since she murdered her father, Lux has enjoyed causing pain to others, something which used to nauseate the girl before. Though she wouldn't dream of just going on a rampage and committing genocide, she does take pleasure in using her powers on people who she considers enemies ...or just her bare hands and a knife, that works too!

    ~ Biography ~

    Lux's real name is Roxanne, something that she threw away when she came to Saint Tan's.

    Lux was born into a fairly poor family, her mother shortly dying after childbirth, leaving her older brother Luke and their father to take care of her. It was a nice life, even if they all had to live in an apartment on the bad side of town, where gangs roamed, mugged, and grouped up on poor unsuspecting bystanders. To summarize, it was a kill or be killed world out there for the family, something that her elder sibling tried to instill into the peace-loving child.

    When Lux turned seven, her father managed to become a raging alcoholic, verbally assaulting her while Luke was out of the house. After a while, the abuse became physical, and during one of his bouts he tried to choke the girl, damaging her vocal chords to where she physically can't talk. This lasted for around a year before the elder of the two children discovered it. Angered, Luke decided to try and keep Lux away from her father as much as possible, creating a gang as a past-time and excuse to get out of the house.

    For the next six years, Luke taught Lux how to survive in this fight-or-die-trying world, mostly teaching self-defense techniques but slowly becoming more offensive with her training. By the time she turned 14, Lux could easily defeat anybody in the neighborhood (with the exception of her brother of course, but then again Lux didn't really like the idea of fighting just for fun).

    It was raining when the two came back to the house, walking in to a familiar sight of their father sloppily drinking away his sorrows. Somehow though, this time was a bit different, as when he saw Lux, something snapped. Grabbing a knife, he lunged at the girl, aiming to kill her, and...well, let's just say that he did manage to kill one of his offspring that night.

    At the death of her beloved brother, something broke within Lux that can never be replaced, that same thing that led the young girl to kill her father that same night. She didn't call the police that night, for her neighbors had already called them, and soon enough it was determined that the murder of her father was strictly self-defense, no punishment needed. The only thing she has now to remind her of that night is her brother's old jacket, which she rarely takes off.

    In the orphanage she was in for a year, other kids tended to tease and bully her over her muteness, another form of verbal assault that she's now used to. But over time, she realized that every now and then, they acted as if they could hear their thoughts, and after a few experimental situations which involved her bullies looking around like a madman whenever they got near her, she figured out the basics of her newfound power.

    Now 15 years old and bully-free, she was surprised when a letter came to her from a place called Saint Tans, a little brochure literally telling her that they are training their students to take over the world, and went "Why not?" After all, if she took over the world, then nobody would have to deal with abusive drunks, or poverty, or...well, other stuff probably.

    ~ Miscellaneous ~

    Buttercups, Knives, Oversized Shirts/Jackets.

    Bones, Skirts/Dresses, Alcohol.

    ~ Power/Abilities/Equipment ~

    Lux can transfer information from her mind into the minds of others. This can mean she can "talk" to others via sending her thoughts to other's mind (though she prefers using her hands to talk, this is useful when they aren't looking at her). Another way this power can be used is to send "images" to the victim's mind that can change the way they see their surroundings...illusions if you'd prefer, really it just depends on whether they're awake or asleep. BUT, she's only ever done this once, and it's very taxing on her energy compared to sending simple words.

    While she can convey her thoughts to other people on a whim, she cannot receive them, so anything related to mind-reading is impossible for the young girl.
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  8. are there spots that are still open?
  9. yes sir!
  10. Teacher List has been Updated.
  11. Still looking for players
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  12. WEEE WIP
    Ophelia Grimoire | 16 years | Year 2

    Silent yet Blunt
    Ophelia is quiet, and quite passive in most cases. She is very uncaring in others' businesses, and couldn't care less about what others would do. She doesn't raise her voice, nor will she often speak out her opinion on the majority of matters. She will most likely answer yes or no questions by nodding or shaking her head, using as few words as possible. With that being said, she will simply ignore those that she doesn't want to waste time on. As for those who she actually listens to, she'll at least contribute to some of the conversation. Though, if someone were able to get her to talk or speak her opinion, there's no beating around the bush for her. She is straight forward and blunt, delivering the harsh truth. She wouldn't hold back when telling someone to buzz off since they are annoying her, nor would she hesitate to insult someone that dislikes.

    Serious yet Sarcastic
    This girl almost has no funny bone in her body, being downright serious and is probably that person who would cause the tension, rather than be rid of it. When focused or discussing something, she will speak in a much more formal manner, not really the type of person who would be fond of jokes and the like. Although, there are times where you would hear a snarky or sarcastic comment from her. She would gladly deliver one if someone were being stupid to the point that even she would point out. She often uses her sarcasm when someone is being hypocritical, or if they are just asking the wrong question that has an obvious answer.
    Strict yet Respectful
    Lets face it. With someone as serious and blunt as Ophelia, she would obviously be strict. She will often beat herself up if she were to do poorly on a test, or if she were put in a group of people who refuse to do well on their work. She is a perfectionist, and will stop at nothing until she gets the results that she strives for. However, even if she is strict, she respects and recognizes others for their hard work if it is able to meet her expectations. She has never once insulted someone who messed something up, save the occasional rude comments that comes out of her mouth.

    Sadistic and Manipulative
    Ophelia knows how to talk to people; she knows how to lure people into the dark arts and the like. She takes pleasure in watching the victims fall into their lust for knowledge, seeing that it never fails to amuse her. Not only that, but she also seems to enjoy inflicting physical pain and using her deception to drive others mad. She is what someone may call a temptress, using vast knowledge and power as her bait.
    Aloof yet Lonely
    Despite coming off as aloof, detached and cool, Ophelia struggles with people, and she genuinely does want to be able to make friends like any other teenage girl. The problem is that she feels as though if she doesn't act the way that she does, everyone will treat her as a child and never take her seriously. She often breaks herself off from others in order to focus on her studying in order to make her parents proud of her once she were to graduate. Even though she may feel a little lonely at times. Under all that ice, she's actually just waiting for someone to be able to see through and spend time with her.

    What happened to make them who they are, and why they want to become a villain? What gave them their powers/money/intellect? Minimum of two descriptive paragraphs


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  13. I'm in. CS will come tomorrow or Wednesday.
  14. @Raven Haruka How dare you use my summoning technique. I'll check this later if it piques my interest.
  15. Glad to see y'all drop by
  16. What is this? xD
  17. A slightly Meta, Dark Comedy Academy Roleplay where everyone is learning to be a villain, as opposed to being a hero. But of course, I got some darker themes at the ready. If you see Ursala, she is actually my main reason for this RP. Thought up her character, and I have some really awesome ideas I wanted to bring into this. So yeah.
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