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  1. Chapter 1

    "Dear Diary..."

    It has been only two days since the new semester started. I've been looking for a few people to make friends with, but so far... I think I might be coming on a teeny tiny bit too strong... Anyway, it's the morning, and I'm writing this at the breakfast table. All the other Freshman are still trying to get a hold of this place... And I just feel a little uneasy. Mr. Man is in the corner. I know it's his job as a teacher to supervise, but he is just so creepy. Maybe I should give him a chance.

    The food's not bad. Actually it's pretty good. Anyway, the campus is really big. It's hidden deep in the woods, so that people like the police can't find it. There is a big field where all the sports take place. I really like PE, and the Coach is really cool too. I can't decide what sport team I'm gonna join... I'll need to pick one of those. oh, and we're supposed to learn about the clubs soon too!

    All the kids were free to move about for now. Classes don't start for another few hours.

    She closed her diary, with a sigh. It was another day, and Ursala was, sadly, sitting alone with her breakfast, just moving it around with her fork, as she rested her head on her furry hand.

    These forks are way too small for my hand...

    All these students seemed to be getting into groups, and as much as she wanted to befriend them, she was having a hard time. Partly because pouncing them, and gnawing on their head was not how they showed affections. But why? Ugh! She looked around for anyone. Looks like today wasn't the day either. She knew the clubs were supposed to set up today, so she hoped she'd find something she'd like there.

  2. The young man was busy penning down his thoughts on pieces of papers, with a few high-grade colouring pens in his right hand as he munched onto a sandwich in his mouth. He could feel the glare from Mr. Man as he worked on his breakfast table, imaginary sweats starting to slip down from his forehead as he tried to finish his work before the scheduled time. Right, the clubs were supposed to recruit new cannon fodders members today and he had to make sure he get a few new ones for the Home Economics club this year or he was really going to get it. He wrote down the final details on the piece of paper, before finally munching on his sandwich again. He was slightly regretting the fact that he did not finish it earlier...

    "...There!" He heaved a heavy sigh of relief as his drawings were completed. Now all he had to do was to bring the concepts out from the piece of paper and into reality to set up the booth. He slacked on his chair, with two black marks under his eyes and part of his soul departing into the afterlife while the tail still anchoring in his mouth. At least he managed to finish it on time...

  3. [​IMG]

    He refused to so. It was absolutely absurd.

    I mean, who in the world started the idea of learning so early in the morning? Dino knew he had no way out of it, considering he was the one that enrolled and did all the paperwork by himself. The blond sighed as he shifted on the dorm bed. It wasn't the most comfortable, but what he had, he knew he should be grateful.

    Or at least, try not to be too much of a pain in the arse.

    "Damn it.", the delinquent mumbled under his breath before forcing himself out of bed. He sloppily folded his covering before straightening out the pillows and the sheets. After catching his breath a few times in the cool morning breeze his open balcony door provided, he gave his tortoise a few leaves of lettuce and made his way to the bathroom.


    The food he had gotten was nice in his opinion. A typical breakfast sandwich with omelette, an apple and some juice. He could make due with that until dinner if he bothered. Looking around, he was debating whether he should share a table with someone or, enjoy the peace and quiet of eating alone somewhere, probably the courtyard or something, but then again, he'll probably have hell's hounds chasing after him.

    After a few moments of thought, he opt for a seat in front of a female, thinking it was best to leave the other male alone to his work and thoughts. "Don't mind me.", was all Dino Tachibana said as he placed his food down on the table, evident that it was too much effort and waste of water to use a tray when the cafeteria staff was bound to clean the tables later.

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  4. Lux
    Lux jolted awake, mentally groaning as she saw the time and quickly rushing to get dressed. Waking up past an early alarm was never a good way to start the day, something that the young girl remembered as she slung on the oversized jacket and practically ran to the cafeteria, warily glancing at the red-skulled skeleton at least triple her own size while she grabbed her food.

    Looking down at the plate, she quickly tossed all but an apple, not caring about the disapproving look given by the teacher as much as she cared about finding a convenient spot to eat at. Looking around, her eyes stopped on a lone student who seemed to be drawing. Smiling a little at the fact that she probably wouldn't have to talk to him, she walked over, quietly sitting down so as not to disturb him and taking a bite out of her apple.

    After a few seconds, she nearly jumped out of her seat as he exclaimed his success, dropping the apple into her lap before quickly picking it back up. She raised an eyebrow at the older boy in front of her, who looked half-dead and exhausted, before taking another bite of the red fruit in her hand. He wasn't talking to her in the first place, so it's probably none of her business.

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  5. Lucas Homura Nanaka

    Lucas stared at the ceiling, his alarm still ringing since he'd heard it come on. He needed to turn it off, but he wanted to curl up into the blankets and ignore it. He hated that he was at this school, he hated what he did to pay for it, but ultimately there was no way he could be a hero either. At the very least he could make an interesting villain or burn out quickly.

    At least he managed to land a single room, because it was honestly too early for him to deal with the eye and he was running on... he checked the time and realized that he was running on roughly four hours of sleep. He'd had less before and managed. Of course, he'd probably be hitting the caffeine pretty hard today.

    He went through the morning ritual of getting dressed, putting on the eyepatch, and glamouring it all into place. No one would probably even notice the dark circles under his eyes unless they knew magic, but then his problem would lie in people asking about the eyepatch.

    He wandered out into the mess hall, taking the food he usually did. Completely out of it, Lucas kept following the person in front of him, some girl with an oversized jacket, and ended up sitting with her at the table. By the time he realized it, he was jumping in surprise from the kid suddenly yelling about something right before falling asleep.

    The disdain was visible on his face as he reached over for the other boy's writings.

    It was mostly indecipherable, probably due to the boy's tiredness, but Lucas managed to make out Home Economics Club and then put the paper down. Lucas also took out a small notebook from his pocket, scribbled down in a ciphered demonic language the details and closed it.

    Oh right, he'd nearly forgotten about breakfast. He started to eat his scrambled eggs, wishing that he'd had the presence of mind to put ketchup on them to try and make them a bit less bland. He always found the eggs to be lackluster in taste, but he didn't know how to make them himself. In fact, the last time he'd cooked for himself he'd managed to summon a demon. Thankfully Lucas was always prepared, and the incident passed without injury, but Lucas wasn't eager to repeat it.

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  6. She jumped in her seat a bit as the fork flew from her hand, landing on the boys side of the table. She reached across, pretty much leaning on the table trying to grab it. It was incredibly awkward. She knew she had to say something...
    "Ah! Oh, haha, hi there! Sorry, I was lost in thought, I didn't see you there, hehe..."

    Don't play tackle him... Most humans do not seem to appreciate that.

    Her usual methods of making friends had proved quite... ineffective. So now to try what these humans called... "conversation." She had taken part in it a little, but never when trying to make friends. It usually happened when people asked about how she got so good at physical activities, seeing as how Coach The Minotaur made all the students run through almost a military grade training course. She was one of the three freshmen that passed. So people have asked her how she did it. They made up reasons to leave when when she mentioned the part about living when bears though.

    So now she looked around, trying to find anything to talk about. Anything... dear God say anything... Why aren't you saying anything?! Oh this is hopeless

    "So... What do you do"

    Tackle him! Maybe he'll hit his head and won't remember you just said that
  7. "Need... more... freshman..." The boy moaned like a zombie as his soul began to slowly, but surely, returning to his body. Yes, he knew procrastination was definitely a bad thing... but hit wasn't like he did it on purpose every single time. It was a knee-jerk reaction to work... And yeah, a very bad knee-jerk reaction. He quietly promised to himself that he would definitely stop procrastinating... starting with his next work. Yup! This time. Definitely. He began to gather himself up and refocus his thoughts and concentration, only to realize that more students were beginning to trot into the hall for their daily run of sandwiches, fruits, cereals and milk. He realized that already a few boys and girls were sitting next to him and across him. Feeling slightly embarrassed about his messy work and his work ethics, he gathered his pieces of papers and pens with a long yawn.

    Just as he was about done, a fork managed to somehow fly across the table in his line of sight. A girl sitting across him grabbed it back, after using an extremely funny pose that he sure he had seen from some nature documentary. He gave her a smile as she tried to strike a conversation with no one in particular (at least he thought so), but seeing that almost everyone around them were pretty much occupied with whatever they were doing...

    "Well... I'm going to make a booth for the Home Economics Club. So these are my materials," he patted on the small, neat stack of papers with the colour pens on top of it. He looked at the girl for a little bit, then realized the fresh face for what she was. "I've never seen you around before... are you a freshman?"

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  8. [​IMG]

    "Ah! Oh, haha, hi there! Sorry, I was lost in thought, I didn't see you there, hehe..."
    "So... What do you do"

    A fork had flew across to the side of the table in which he was using. Dino was pretty sure it came from the female who had decided to sit in front of, but he looked up to check just in case. And indeed, it was her. The blond was pretty sure he has never seen here before, not that he could scrutinize. He's only been here half a year himself. Even so, he would remember someone that tense. "Calm down, shorty.", Dino Tachibana gave the smallest of grin before realizing that another male had cut into their conversation.

    He turned to find himself sharing the same table with another student who was in the same year he was- another Senior. Dino has seen him a few times in the hallways and especially the Home Economics room. He didn't know his name, but he wouldn't be surprised if the other knew his face, of course, by gossips of him being an exaggerated gang leader of a sort, or the ones where he ended up being a higher up in a black market. Geez, Dino thought to himself before sighing at the thought of having people having the wrong idea of him already.

    Deciding he should at least, try to make a friend or two, he replied the female's previous question, "What do I do? I guess I laze around until exams are near.". This wasn't completely untrue as he didn't bother to do anything other than revision a couple of months before the exam. He was quite content with that system and it proved helpful to him.

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  9. Another member had appeared! How long has he been there?! Two guys both talking to her at the same time?! The only time this happened was back when she played with her brothers. And then... she didn't have any actual conversations. She kinda just gnawed on their heads, and they did the same. Well... No point crying over spilled milk. Just got to suck it up!

    She turned to the one who had the messy sprawl of papers in front of him. He seemed nice enough?...

    "Y-Yeah, um I am a freshman. Ursala Brown-Bear!... I don't actually have a last name. I just needed something to write on the paper. S-So... you're a member of the Home Ec club?... Is it fun... or unbearable?"

    Dear God, just bite his head! It's so much better than this! And there's still him too...

    She turned to the blond one who had sat near her as well. He was far less enthusiastic... but just as charismatic.

    I guess you can say I'm doing that too, heheheh...

    This was not going as she liked. Of course this was also not how she greated people usually. Where were the tackles and the fighting?​
  10. Lucas Homura Nanaka

    "What do I do? I guess I laze around until exams are near."

    "It's honestly amazing that you've managed to make it this far, then. Doesn't matter to me though, that time is always busy. Buying answers or blackmail, students sure are eager for decent grades. If you want, you could have priority over them for... ten dollars?"

    Ugh. What was he rambling about? Was he trying to enter the conversation? Honestly, he wanted no part of the slackers at this table. Especially the one that coasted during exams. Lucas was busy during that time but always managed to get by on tests, doing fairly well for himself. Laziness was not permissible by any means.

    "Oh, and sir, I wouldn't recommend someone who eats their food raw most of the time to join the... what was it again? Home Economics club? You should try elsewhere for your club marketing."

    Then there were the stupid bear puns. Lucas had half a mind to throw down a fireball and leave them to burn. He just wanted a nice, quiet morning.

    But no.

    He had to sit at the loser's table with the walking bear pun and the two procrastinators.

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  11. [​IMG]

    "It's honestly amazing that you've managed to make it this far, then. Doesn't matter to me though, that time is always busy. Buying answers or blackmail, students sure are eager for decent grades. If you want, you could have priority over them for... ten dollars?"

    The blond merely raised an eyebrow before replying, "You don't have to spoil the morning just because I get by without needing to crack my head over a book as long as you do.". Jeez, what's with everyone wanting to pick a fight for him? His mere intention of actually having breakfast at the cafeteria was to guarantee others that he wasn't only a delinquent, but he was definitely not some unsociable bastard. Either way, Dino Tachibana didn't really care about what the other thought of him. He had spent his whole life being labelled as the bastard son, it wasn't as though it could get an worse now, could it?

    Shrugging the thoughts of the other male out of his head, he took a bite out of his apple before glancing once over at another male with papers sprawled over the table, wondering why anyone would torture themselves by starting their day with such work.


    The day was going to be a long one, considering it was the start of a new semester, or at least, that's what it seemed like. But Alexander Scholz was fine with that. It wasn't as though it was going to be the end of the world. The most was annoying people or sweets. Probably the latter.

    The cafeteria wasn't too full, thank goodness for that, but there was a group of students sitting around a table already. Well, not really a group, there were four of them, and Alex wasn't an antisocial person, but it was too much of a hassle to introduce herself. Besides that, she could always feel the tension in the air between two of the males. As such, she took her respective seat on another bench of another table, next to the table of four.

    Sitting alone, the brunette took out her earbuds before connecting it to her phone. Placing one earbud into her left ear, she began to dig into her cream puff.

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  12. "Y-Yeah, um I am a freshman. Ursala Brown-Bear!... I don't actually have a last name. I just needed something to write on the paper. S-So... you're a member of the Home Ec club?... Is it fun... or unbearable?"

    The boy smiled as sweet as honey, and behind him an aura of what seemed to be a nine-tailed fox, a rattle-snake and a raccoon dog with a leaf on its head appeared momentarily. "I see, I hope that you've got your bearings now? And yes, the Home Economics Club is quite fun, although many thought that it was slightly too domestic for their taste. I digress though," he answered her question as his head slightly tilted to the side. Then he turned to the other boy who seemed to have issues with procrastinators and... well, salesmen. He wouldn't call himself a salesman though, he was just doing his job at the last minute, as usual.

    "Oh, and sir, I wouldn't recommend someone who eats their food raw most of the time to join the... what was it again? Home Economics club? You should try elsewhere for your club marketing."

    "I don't see anything wrong with eating their food raw... sushi is a thing nowadays isn't it?" He jokingly answered the first part of the sentence and ignored the second part completely. He wasn't sure what the boy was trying to do... Was he trying to pick a fight? This early in the morning? He had better things to do... like start recruiting new members for the Home Economics Club. He just needed two more... two more!

    "Say... any of you guys interested in the club?"
  13. Lucas Homura Nanaka

    "I don't see anything wrong with eating their food raw... sushi is a thing nowadays isn't it?"

    Lucas stared blankly at the other boy. Could anyone be that oblivious?

    "Say... any of you guys interested in the club?"

    "I'm not talking about sushi. She's part bear. Look at her for two seconds and I'm sure you'd come to the same conclusion I did," Lucas said. "And no. The last time I cooked I nearly created something was an insult against nature."

    Lucas, at this point, was starting to feel like the boy was insane. Or just plain stupid. Lucas honestly couldn't tell you which was worse, because bother just equaled death to him. He was still trying to figure out how the boy had survived so long. Was he magical? Or had superpowers that allowed him to be so stupid?

    "Also, she's been making bear puns this whole time. I can't believe you didn't notice."

  14. Lux
    Well, this was something else entirely. Originally, the young girl had planned on maintaining a somewhat solitary status this morning, being too tired to really feel the need of interaction yet. But now -

    "It's honestly amazing that you've managed to make it this far, then. Doesn't matter to me though, that time is always busy. Buying answers or blackmail, students sure are eager for decent grades. If you want, you could have priority over them for... ten dollars?"

    "Oh, and sir, I wouldn't recommend someone who eats their food raw most of the time to join the... what was it again? Home Economics club? You should try elsewhere for your club marketing."

    Wow, the students are definitely more hostile than expected!

    Then again this isn't really a school for the moral and just, now, is it? Lux stared at the boy beside her, quickly finishing her apple as the girl (bear?) introduced herself as Ursala, and asking the upperclassman about his club, who politely obliged and tried to dissipate the hostility. But of course, it backfired, and it took more energy than Lux considered to not just get up and waltz away. No, that would probably attract some sort of attention she's definitely not prepared for, not to mention it'd be just plain outright rude.

    "Say... any of you guys interested in the club?"

    She pondered the question for a few moments. As much as she enjoyed cooking, she didn't want to attract the attention of...certain people. She tried to make eye contact with the club-advertiser, tapping the table lightly with her fingers. Waiting until she somehow captured his attention, her hands went to work, moving from sign to sign as she 'talked'.

    "What's your name? I might be interested..."

    As soon as she was done, Lux practically face-palmed as she realized that this person might not know sign language. Quickly ripping a page out of the notebook, she scribbled what she had just said onto it, before sliding the sheet over towards him. It was one thing to be interested in a club, but there was no way she was going to join without at least being able to recognize somebody.

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  15. Oh no, now everyone was arguing over her? Oh boy, this guy was not going to be a fun person.

    "H-Hey!... I mean I... I may be half bear, yeah, a-and I may like my fish to be the freshest possible, but that isn't much different than anyone else. And I resent the bear puns... Sorta."

    But the other boy had asked if she would be interested in joining the Home Ec club, but she wasn't too certain... She was never really into doing house work. Not that anyone in her family was, so she wasn't too sure about it. She went back to eating praying that this situation would finally end, considering all the trouble it cause. But before it all ended, she leaned to the girl next to her and whispered.

    "You know I bet these guys are just trying to show off right?"

    She giggled, remembering her brothers always trying to one up each other, and her mother talking about other males doing that too.

    *Ding Dong Ding Dong*

    Dear Diary

    After the bell rang signalling the end of breakfast, everyone scurried off to their classes. But as it turned out, me and the other girl seemed to share a few classes together. Though by lunch time, I was once again alone, looking for something to do. It was now where we had a nice long lunch period to look at all the clubs the school had to offer. I remembered the invitation that the one boy had given me to join the Home Ec club, but... I didn't really now what else. All these other clubs were so interesting. But I checked the club anywa-.
    She was walking towards the stand as she wrote, but she slammed into one of the stalls as papers went flying everywhere.

    "Gah! Rawrrrr, Sonuva... S-Sorry about that..."

    She immediately began picking up the papers that went flying. ​

  16. Lucas Homura Nanaka

    After this mornings failings, Lucas' day went pretty smoothly. He breifly wondered if they thought he was being hostile this morning, but realized that he had been pretty irritated by the other student and he wondered why. Maybe it was the attitude that nothing mattered and cruising along was fine. Well, Lucas' parents missed one line in the pentagram and they paid the price. One. Line.

    Lucas would be more dutiful than them, get a better end than them, no matter what. No matter what it took he wasn't going to be careless about anything. Check, double check, and triple check. Of course, that meant very little time for fun, but that was fine.

    Nobody wanted him anywhere anyway.

    Especially the teachers who knew he was cursed. He knew how to pick on small vibes like that, because a shift in the atmosphere could mean terrible things. A few students saw the eyepatch and figured that it was to hide something but with Lucas keeping everyone at arm's length, that was all they knew.

    He wandered the halls during the lunch period, opting to get information instead of eating. Besides, he could always eat more at dinner if his appetite came back. If.

    A piece of paper floated down in front of him and he caught it, skimming to figure out that it said 'Dear Diary' and a few more inconsequential things. He wasn't going to learn anything here. He looked to see who was scrambling to pick it all up, and it was the bear girl from this morning. Hmm. Maybe he should try to make up for his irritation this morning.

    "You dropped this. Don't worry, I didn't read it," Lucas said, offering the paper to the bear girl. "Do you want me to help?

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  17. Angst Ryde
    He wore a smirk on his face. " Hey Lucas, make sure you don't scare her away. "
    Angst looked at lady besides him as he sighed. " Then again she looks pretty, though... " He had a mischievous grin on his face,
    "Never mind."

    He took out his pen as his fingers twirled the pen over and over as it changed colors. He sighed. His eye widened as his smile got bigger.
    " Just don't get in my way, aye newbie? " He went back to normal as soon as the statement came out. " Don't even bother trying to figure out my name, it has no meaning anyways. " He looked left and then right as he got close to her ear. " Isn't that right, Ursula?" Though as he said this he winced as he quickly put away his pen, a purple bruise appeared on his neck as he backed up.

    " Have a nice day you two, I guess? " He winked as he took a step back. A flash of numbers rose from the ground surrounding him as he moved to around the corner. He cursed as he rubbed his neck. The purple bruise enlarged as he looked at his neck. " No more jokes for today... "
    He took out his pen and shook his head. Angst put his smile back as he walked down the hall. As he walked down the hallway he caught sight of Lux.
    He shivered as he immediately started to walk down the opposite way. He knew most 1st years, (let's not say that fact that afterwards he developed fever.) and she scared the heck out of him. He decided he'd just- Angst dropped his pen as it rolled down to Lux.

    "Frick." He could make it appear at will, and he could retrieve it. Though he did enough for today. Shoot. Of course it was rolling and Lux was walking.... If she pushed the button the code for the ground would go nuts, along with Angst.

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  18. Lux
    "You know I bet these guys are just trying to show off right?"

    Lux nodded at the bear girl, not wanting to seem rude. After all, she seemed like a decent person...or at least somebody that the young brunette didn't want to cross.


    Luckily, Lux wasn't called on during the majority of the morning, though whether it was from the teachers' knowledge of her muteness or not, she didn't know. It seemed that she had made a good choice during breakfast, as she shared multiple classes with Ursula. Though this may be the case, she stayed relatively distant from her, not wanting to mislead others into thinking they were friends , of all things.

    Because we all know that having friends can lead to having weaknesses.

    Walking down the hall, Lux tried to think about what she could do during this lunch period. There's always the clubs, but really being automatically categorized as a certain class of people just didn't appeal to the brunette as much as another apple. Stopping her strides, she suddenly felt something akin to a pair of eyes on her, as if somebody was watching her.

    A pen bumped into the side of her foot, and surprisingly she picked it up. Looking around to see if somebody was looking for it, her eyes stopped on a male with blue hair, who was staring at her - more specifically the pen in her hand. Approaching him, she twirled the pen once, waving it in front of his face with a small smirk before handing it over to him, her hands immediately signing various things as she tried to get an answer from him.

    "Who are you? Why were you staring at me? Oh wait, can you even sign?" Irritably, she got out her notebook and, once again, scribbled the words down on a blank sheet, not bothering to tear a sheet out this time and instead turning it around so that this stranger could see the words himself, before turning it back around and adding another sentence.

    "Should I be worried about that nasty bruise you have, or are you just trying to start some sort of trend?"


  19. [​IMG]

    Her breakfast was certainly uneventful, Alexandria thought to herself as she brought her books closer to herself. It wasn't as though she needed to be. She just craved action once in awhile. It was natural, she said to herself. Even the most goodhearted of people desired a less desirable and more physical outcome to occur. The human mind wouldn't admit it, but chaos was something that became a necessity to human, who could blame it on factors other than themselves. Class was about to start, and she didn't need to will herself to obtain the extra effort to go for detention. The irony. They were learning to be villains, but one would get detention at skipping class.

    "Should I be worried about that nasty bruise you have, or are you just trying to start some sort of trend?"

    Hmm? The brunette looked up to find a first year, and a fellow classmate of hers interacting with each other, or more like a female demanding a male why he was acting a bit out of it. "Ryde.", she called out a small greeting before nodding at the other female in acknowledgement, curious as to what was to happen.

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  20. Angst Ryde

    "Who are you? Why were you staring at me? Oh wait, can you even sign?"
    He officially had a headache now. All the data in the world couldn't help him as he rubbed his forehead.
    This young lady hurt his brain along with, he was guessing, his pride. All he wanted was his pen, and to get away from this.. This.. Sadist.
    He shivered. He needed to regain his cool. He opened his mouth as she started scrawling something else on a piece of paper.
    He could've sworn that this was karma. He was a villain he couldn't fear anyone... Well...

    "Should I be worried about that nasty bruise you have, or are you just trying to start some sort of trend?"
    He opened his mouth once again as Alexandria approached.

    He looked a bit irritated as he diverted his gaze. Though a majority of the school was males, there were still extremely annoying gna- girls.

    Angst didn't have a bad relationship with this chick. He didn't really like her either. He faked a grin though it was pretty obvious it was forced.
    " Oh hey.... You're uh... Alexis or something. " He looked at Lux right in the face for about a second or two before his gaze wandered.
    " How about we play a game it's called uh.. " Which was scarier? Having fever for a day again, or having to deal with these crazy psycho creepy chicks? " More like a bet really. " He had to think of something, orrrrr he could be screwed for life.

    He sighed. " Rules are easy. If you decide to play that is. " If you knew Angst you'd know he was a sucker for games.
    He cracked his knuckles as he tossed his pen up and twirled it. It glowed and continued to change colors as he pushed the button, his eye seemed to shine a light blue as numbers seemed to pass through his eyes. " If you care to play just meet me here, it'll be just... Grand. Spectacular. Well whatever. If you don't. Whatever. It's just something to pass the time. " He realized he was just having endless chatter as class was about to start. " Ah, by the way good luck. I'll probably see you in class or some great stuff. " He looked at Lux one more time as he tried to contain his shudder. " Oh by the way the bells going to ring again. " He grinned as numbers rose up once again and he leaned back in what seemed to be his seat. Ahh. This was going to be an exciting year compared to the last. Though when he left a note was left on the floor,

    By the way, uh Laxis was it? No that's probably Fairy Tail or something. Whatever. I can read sign language. Please don't kill anymore trees, just because you think that I can't read sign language.


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