Saint Tan's School of Villainy(Completed Int Check)

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  1. "Dear Diary,
    Today is my first day here at Saint Tan's School of Villainy. I can't believe I got accepted!

    Welcome to Saint Tan's! A school founded on the principle that anyone can become whatever they want be. Even the next tyrant of the world! This RP will be about a group of students enrolled here at Saint Tans as they learn to become Villains. My idea for this RP is a dark comedy that will hold a more sinister side. Because although my intention was to depict these characters as no different than regular kids, they are still trying to become an evil door. And their rivalry with Saint Lee's Academy for Heroes isn't exactly a friendly one. So I'll add a warning here. THINGS MAY GET INTENSE DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE SCHOOL, STUDENTS, AND TEACHERS BEING EVIL.
    "Dear Diary..."

    I noticed something about this place actually. Though we are training to become evil masterminds and rulers of the world (though some only want the Tri-State Area) they aren't any different than kids from my old school. You got the edgy villains with tragic backstories(They're the emo and punk kids), the Mad Scientists(NEEEEEERDS!), Those kids who just want to watch the worlds burn are the Delinquents, those Rich Villains who get everything they want with money, as if that's their power are those Rich spoiled kids, the list goes on. And then there's me!

    Characters are all students here at Saint Tan's. I do not want a large group, so I am looking for a group of 5-8 people. I MIGHT make an exception if I like the character, but don't count on it. My own character, Ursala, will be helping to move things along/explain things through her "Diary." Anyway, here is the character template
    Character Template
    (place Appearance Picture here)

    Year: (Out of 3)

    Personality: Either Bullet points or a paragraph is fine
    Biography: What happened to make them who they are, and why they want to become a villain? What gave them their powers/money/intellect? Minimum of two descriptive paragraphs

    Power/Abilities/Equipment: This is heavily dependent on what they use to achieve villany. Do they have super powers? Super smarts? Money? The list goes on.

    Sample (open)

    This also my Character

    Ursala Brown-Bear


    Ursala is an upbeat girl. Always one with a smile on her face, and an unBEARable pun at the ready. Dorky and fun-loving, she sees most people as people she can befriend. Due to her upbringing, she isn't exactly the best student, often seeking food over knowledge... Or anything over knowledge. And then she tries her best to study the night before, but Academia doesn't sit well with her. Neither do her grades... Though as a natural athlete, she can guarantee an A in one class however. Yet, there is more to Ursala to her than just a dorky girl who can't seem to pass a test. Something almost... Animalistic... Though she can't really say much about this side of her


    A small child sleeps peacefully in a small basket, blissfully unaware of the Chaos that is happening outside the safety of her small hut. A mob stood ready, pitchforks and torches at the ready. They speak to a woman, not young but not old. They want her daughter. They claim she is a witch, and that child the spawn of the devil. She will not let them through, begging to leave the child alone. They threw her aside, and charge right in. Holding her back. She screams at the tops of her lungs. and then suddenly, a bright light, and the cabin disappeared from this time...

    300 years later

    That same child is not crying. But it sounds different. Like a bear cub, calling it's mother. One mother bear in the forest hears this child's cries. She breaks down the door, to see this human child with the legs and arms covered in fur, and nails formed into giant claws. The small child giggles and reaches her paws out to the beast that found her. Years go by, and the small child has been adopted by this Mother bear, who now has children of her own. The Big Sister, Ursala, loved playing with her younger brothers. But she always knew something was different.

    One day however, one of her beloved brothers went missing. She spent all night looking for him... Then she remembers nothing. Only waking up in her cave with her mother, and her other brother. Outside sat a letter which read "Congratulations on being accepted to Saint Tan's School of Villainy." And that is how she ended up where she is today. Though she still has only the faintest idea what happened the night before...

    ~Making Puns~
    ~Fish(Specifically Salmon)~

    ~Academic Classes~
    ~Sitting Still~
    ~Doing Work~
    ~People Who Are Too Serious~
    ~Not Being Able To Remember Things That Happen To Her~


    Blessing of Ursa Major: One can tell that Ursala has something very Bear-Like to her. She has increased athletic capabilities, and heightened senses. She also has sharp claws, that seems actually more powerful than most bears have.

    Bear Form: Along side having the qualities of a bear, Ursala has the strange ability to actually take the form of a very large bear, that seems to be more powerful than that of any normal bear. Her fur forms an almost armor like barrier, that very few things can penetrate.

    "Dear Diary..."
    I just received my schedule. If I remember, The mandatory classes are Monologuing with Ms. Nedie, History of Evil with Professor Cth'aktulak, and Phys Ed with Coach "The Minotaur"... On the bright side, I will have a high grade in that class.

    (i'm still working on this section. Finding a picture for Ms. Nedie is hard. I have her imagined as an evil Drama Teacher, or Librarian. Same problem for Cth'aktulak. I have him imagined as a Formless entity that only ever appears as a black tendril creeping out from closed doors. Also if you guys have other CLass Ideas, tell me. They will not be major things, but they will bring potential for interesting quirky NPCs.)

    Some of you may remember this Int Check from a while back. Well things got busy, and I never got around to making this dream become reality. So, It's back and I'm trying one more time!​
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