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    Full Name: Christa (goes by Christina) Hoff
    Age: 22
    Personality: Christa is very strong willed and obstinate with a temper that is usually under control, but like any woman, it does suddenly show sometimes. Her heart is strong, she relies on instincts greatly, holds grudges, and won't show her real self to people. She is intelligent and cunning, learns very quickly, lending to her life as a thief. Very black and white, Christa has a clear line of good and bad and wont cross it. She hates being in tight, tense situations, and will try anything from flattery to physical fighting to get away. Somewhere deep inside, Christa is still a woman at nature and feels deep compassion and cares for the innocent, she is emotional, though controls herself in front of other people so not to look weak. Christa's trust is not easily gained, to afraid it might be broken, and since she never has trusted anyone, except her mother, she doesn't know how it will leave her if they do abuse it.
    Nationality: Spanish/German
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Strong and Sturdy.
    Eye Color: Blue with brown speckles.
    Language(s): German, Spanish, English
    Strengths/Skills: She is incredibly good at flattery and tricking people into getting what she wants, She's an amazing swimmer and can hold her breath for very long periods of time, an excellent cook, very good at close combat, and a decent swordsman.
    Weaknesses/Fears: A slow death/torture is her biggest fear, other than that, someone finding out she is royalty and taking her back to 'captivity' in the castle, and though she's lived as a pirate or thief most her life, she still can't help but be compassionate to innocent people.
    Brief History: Born an illegitimate child of King Charles V and a Dutch maid, Christa lived a life of solitude working as a wash maid. At the age of 10 Christa ran away and became a street thief, learning to survive on her own and, secretly learning from pirates and other thieves, the art of trickery. By 17 she was accepted onboard her first pirate ship through bribery, cooking and cleaning for them. Unknown to the crew and captain, she was also there as a spy, giving information to enemies such as other pirates or assassins and also learning how to sail ships and battle on the sea as a pirate.
    Anything Else: Something Christa always has is a worn leather Bible from her mother.

    Full Name: Leon Vega
    Age: 28
    Personality: Leon is very ambitious, adventurous, and craves excitement. He has a short temper and quick fists. Cocky and carefree describes his life well, rarely completing things he starts. Leon talks big and overflows with pride. He is always energetic, ready to jump into things before he thinks about the consequences. Leon is bold hearted and acts before his brain can tell him other wise. Definitely a people person, Leon doesn't like being alone and chats up a storm weather your listening or not. However, he is very good at keeping secrets, and especially good and acting dumb.
    Nationality: Spanish/British
    Height: 6'
    Build: Strong
    Eye Color: Brown
    Languages: Spanish, English
    Strengths/Skills: Leon is a skilled swordsman and pirate. He is good at bargaining and bribery. He is also an amazing fisherman.
    Weakness/Fears: Women can be a weakness, but he'd have to be in the mood. Mostly drinking and gambling.
    Brief History: Leon grew up a fisherman's son. At 12 his parents died of an unknown disease and Leon began running his fishing 'business' by himself. At 16 Leon got himself a new boat, Sea Eagle, and he began looking for other ways to gain money. Getting into gambling, he began to hear of the great riches pirates bragged about plundering, making it sound like a wonderful job. After a hard start and learning the pirating ways, Leon gathered a small crew together and began his life as a soon-to-be great pirate.
    Anything Else: -

    1552, Reign of Charles V of Spain and The Holy Empire. Reign of Edward VI of England
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    Full Name: John Robert Hawksworth
    Age: 26
    Personality: John is a clever and fearless. Having been in multiple skirmishes involving both naval and ground combat, he has little to no problem with doing the jobs that others are squeamish about. John is quite educated, having hailed from a wealthy family, he learned multiple languages and was given formal education in literature.
    Nationality: British
    Height: 5'8"
    Build: Sturdy, Muscular
    Eye Color: Brown
    Languages: (In order of proficiency) English, Latin, Spanish, and French
    Strengths/Skills: John excells with small flintlock pistols and lightweight swords, however fails with rifles. Along with his cutlass, he fights with one hand on the pistol and the other with the sword, causing him to be deadly at close range.
    Weakness/Fears: John has a horrible fear of drowning. Being unable to swim, he has a healthy fear of the water and its contents.
    Brief History: John comes from a quite wealthy English family. From the ages of six to nineteen, he'd been schooled by a private tutor. John's father was a wealthy merchant, and he often accompanied his father on his travels. Due to this, John learned quite a few languages. Once he'd turned twenty-three, John enlisted into the English Navy. He was a simple seaman for a few years until the job started to bore him. He deserted while docked in England and joined a pirate crew that was recruiting in a Tavern he'd gone to. He's considered an enemy of the state and has a high bounty on his head.
  3. Christina sat crouched on a rafter in the back dark corner of a popular tavern on the docks. She was here to retrieve just a little more information before meeting her current boss at midnight. The well lit tavern was full of drunk, loud men, wasting away their 'fortunes' by gambling. She thought it so stupid to risk your earnings at gambling when you were so drunk, you couldn't hardly see your cards! Sitting there so long, Christina's legs began to fall asleep, causing her to change to an awkward sitting position, though her legs didn't hang below the large 6x10 raft.
    As Christina fiddled, she noticed the room began to grow quiet and still. Looking up she noticed five royal guards had entered to the tavern looking quite serious and ready for business. A brief conversation was held between the owner of the tavern and the guards about a list of wanted people that had come in from Spain on a recent ship. Hearing this, Christina suddenly felt an uncomfortable feeling someone knew she was there, and with these guards here, she would surely get caught if she were reviled. Deciding to forgo getting any more information, she lightly jumped across two rafters and came to a small window, meant to let out smoke, cracked open slightly. Still feeling watched, Christina felt it vital that she escape as soon as possible, and out the small window she slipped, dropping to the ground with a thunk on the stone street alley. A sigh of relief was finally exhaled.
  4. John was being roused from his sleep just as the ship was pulled into the docks. Apparently they were docked in England. John had been on the ship for a solid few years, but every time he was in England...he never felt like leaving the boat. This time was different. The ship, which was in all actuality a pirate ship, was disguised as a merchant boat. John decided that he'd earned himself a drink after the hell he'd went through in a previous battle that their ship had engaged in. One of the guys he was fighting managed to get a good poke at his right bicep. John entered the small tavern and was greeted with the sight of Spanish Royalty. He quickly backpeddaled out of the tavern, just as he heard the slapping of concrete, his attention suddenly being drawn to its source. A girl? The hell is a girl doing jumping out of windows. John shrugged it off and quickly ran back onto the ship and alerted the Captain. The captain of the ship was a man who went by the name Leon. "Hey Cap. We got trouble. Spanish royal guard is here. All the way in fucking England. Some of our boys are inside of the Tavern. What do you want to do?"
  5. Christina stood up and looked around quietly, hoping no one saw her jump out of the window. Freezing, she met eyes with a stranger. He only watched her briefly before turning and running off, sparking her suspicion. Christina turned around and began running through a different alley, hoping to cut him off. Was he after her? Did her boss send another man to kill her? She turned a corner that led to the docks and came to a sudden stop at the sight of him boarding a pirates ship. And, unlucky enough, it was not a ship she recognized. Standing in silence, Christina weighed her options. There were most likely few people on the ship, but who knew if she could take them? Another horrible thought passed through her mind. If they were after me, and somehow know what I was doing there...they would probably need me dead. With that, Christina began to quietly walk towards the ship, checking her surroundings often.

    Leon let his chair slam to the floor from leaning back. "In England?" He asked surprised. Taking a moment to think then asking, "Did you hear why their here? Or if their here for long?" He asked anxiously. If the guards caught sight of any of his men they'd be in big trouble, and due to his diminishing crew, Leon couldn't risk loosing anyone else.
  6. "I don't fucking know. They had a big long list. I left before I could hear anything. They're probably here to bag some fugitives or some shit. That's the only reason why they'd be at a tavern this close to the port." John was nervous and fidgety, trying to keep his composure as he thought over the situation. Fighting the Spanish navy on the seas was one thing. They had cannons and guns. But on the ground? Against the most elite troops in the Spanish Kingdom? That was just a voluntary death sentence. They had no chance of fighting.
  7. Leon sat in silence, thinking about what to do. They needed supplies, they'd get that tomorrow, and hopefully set sail again by the day after tomorrow. "We'll just have to stay on the ship as much as possible then. They won't be looking on ships, so we shouldn't have any trouble." He decided, then looked at John. "I doubt you know where any of the crew is." He said, standing now.

    Christina silently walked across the ship deck, her eyes set on a staircase where faint light shown. Nearing the staircase she could here voices, two men, causing her heart to beat faster. Leaning against the door lightly she listened to what they were saying, hoping they were just a bunch of merchants as they flag and ship expressed.
  8. John looked back towards the closed door of the Captain's quarters, hearing a creaking of the staircase. He decided it was just the ship settling. "I know I saw a few of our boys heading into the tavern itself. At least four of our twenty. The others are probably scattered about. I guess we just need to lay low until it's time to set sail."
  9. "Real Low." Leon emphasized, taking his long sword and putting it in his sheath. "If you see anyone, let them know the plan." He said, beginning to walk towards the door to leave. "

    Christina frowned. Plan? Quickly, Christina turned as she heard footsteps nearing. Up the stairs she went, hiding behind one of the empty crates. If one came out at a time, it would be easy to take them. Just wait. Christina tried to calm herself, feeling they might here her breath or her heart beating. Why was she so nervous? Did the thought of her boss sending an assassin after her seem that logical?
  10. John followed Leon out and went up to the stairs. He reached into his pocket and took out a small pre-made roll of tobacco and paper and put it up against the flame of a lantern. He let out a deep sigh as he leaned against the wall near the stairwell and began to take long drags off of it. Damn. I've been needing this for a while....
  11. Christina waited in silence as she heard heavy footsteps, two sets, head up the stairs. She smiled, hearing only one set walk off the plank connecting to the dock. Christina sat in silence for a second, deciding it would just be to loud and attention grabbing to shoot and in end choose to use a typical hidden blade. Slowly, Christina rounded the crate, a barrel or two and paused at the sight of a man, smoking casually. Clenching her teeth, Christina sprung forward from behind the crate and attacked John from the side swinging her knife towards his throat.
  12. John, having just finished his smoke, threw the remains off it off the boat. He'd moved just in time to evade the knife, but was quickly brought attention to it. He withdrew his short sword and pistol in one quick motion almost as if it were muscle memory. He aimed the pistol at the girl, and held the shortsword in a threatening manner with a deathgrip on it. He did a quick whistle through his lips. "Move one fucking inch and I'll blow your head off." He said, standing far enough to have time to react, but close enough to be accurate. Due to him having whistled, he hoped that whomever was left on the boat would come up. But he knew he could trust himself in a fight if no one came.
  13. Christina froze in place, retracting the hidden blade. Shit. She thought. If he shot, it would alert others and I'd have to run. Christina glanced down to the darkness of the stairs and crouched briefly in hopes to miss getting shot (let me know if she did get shot) then darted down stairs into the darkness. She hid in a dark corner near the entrance, hushing her heavy breathing. I wouldn't use his gun down here, right? Christina thought, looking up to hear footstep on the upper deck and hoping it was him coming down.

    Leon had heard the whistle from a distance and paused, looking back. Why would someone be whistling..? He slowly began walking back, hearing quick steps and silence again. Leon glanced around to check if anyone were around him causing the noise.
  14. John would have fired a shot, reacting quick enough for the bullet to graze her leg. A large cloud of smoke erupted from the barrel of the pistol. "Damn it!" He said as he pursued the woman, running past the captain on the way to her. "We got a trespasser!" He told Leon and pointed down to the room in which she'd went. Unfortunately, it was the powder room. They'd have to be very careful down there, otherwise they risked the entire ship exploding. He didn't enter the room, but instead waited outside the doorway, waiting for Leon's command.
  15. Leon raised his eyebrows in surprised though he didn't run to the stairs. "Walk when I walk." Leon whispered and began to take a slow step. If they took steps at the same time, she wouldn't be able to tell there was two of them. Once at the staircase, Leon whispered, "I'll go down first, get her from behind."

    Christina's eyes by now had adjusted to the darkness. She smiled, in hopes she would have the upper hand. Moving her position slightly and feeling a sudden pain in her leg, Christina found she had been hurt. Great. She thought.
  16. John timed his footsteps perfectly with the captain until they approached the the room. John had every intention of using the captain as bait, and then getting the girl away. As the captain began to enter the room, John's eyes focused on the various powder kegs that were scattered about. He grabbed the captain's chest quietly to signal him to stop, and then pointed down at the floor to signal a trail of blood from the bullet wound that Christina was suffering from. The trail was almost unnoticeable, but still proved to be helpful. He would at least know which way to get the girl from.
  17. Leon looked at John then where he pointed. He smiled slightly at the sight of blood, knowing it would make her weaker. He nodded and slowly began to distend the stairs, making sure to stay furthest the direction she was.

    Christina pulled out her hidden blade as she heard him walked down the stairs. She waited till she saw him take his last step onto the floor and a little forward before launching herself forward and stabbed him in the shoulder.
    Leon only had a moment to try and dodge before he felt the blade enter his upper shoulder.
  18. John sprung forward from where he was and aimed to give the girl a quick elbow to the back of the head. If the blow landed, it would have enough force to render the victim unconscious.
  19. Christina was only able to retract her blade from Leon's shoulder by the time she was knocked unconcious. Her face changed to confusion before blacking out and dropping to the ground.

    In the mean time, Leon's right arm was limp and bleeding pretty badly. "Damn! What took you so long to get her?!" He snapped at John
  20. "Shut up. Just be glad I got her when I did. Go and patch yourself up, I'll take care of the girl." John bent over and picked up the limp body of Christina and carried her off to an unused room that was often used to restrain prisoners. He laid the girl down across the bed and did a through search of the girl's body and took away all of the weapons on her person. Grabbing a bit of leftover rope from the corner, he bound the girl's wrists, ankles, and body tightly to make sure there was no chance of escape. John pulled up a chair, sat in it backwards, and watched the girl.
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