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  1. Twenty years have passed since the original sailor scouts have saved earth from the evil forces of the Negaverse and just when things seem to be getting back to normal a new and more powerful foe wishes to do what the Negaverse could not and in order to stop them a new group of sailor scouts, the next generation must band together and defeat them once and for all!


    I did try this back a few month ago and everyone who did join dropped. I kindly request that if you are going to join that you are active enough to get a post out at least once a week. I understand that some times Real Life gets in the way in that case, just messaged me or the other GM of this role play and we will keep that in mind.

    * It is first come first server.
    * You do not have to play a female sailor scout, you can play a male.
    * I ask that you be able to post at least once a week (Unless otherwise noted)
    * I also ask that you keep in mind that seeing as this is open game for any age and personal experience of Role playing, that we all respect one another. We all where just starting out at one point
    * For know I will only allow one character per person.
    * Make sure to have fun!

    The basic Character Sheet
    (You can add more but you at least need this)

    Sailor scout
    Image (pic/descriptive)
    A little back ground.

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  2. *gasp* a Sailor Moon RP~
    ...only saw some episodes of it,but I ish interested in joining~
    Is it alright if I join even if I don't have that much knowledge of the show?I mean,I guess i have some knowledge,but... ;^; *puppy dog eyes*
  3. It's fine love, you just need to now the basic's and honestly me and my Fiance are going to be doing most of the plot pushing, I do sagest you looked up a few of the scouts that way you can have a some what idea of which one you want to play, (Non canon of course) or the general idea of the one you like to base YC off of, if you have Question you can ask me or you can ask Wolfen_Graal
  4. [​IMG]
    Name: Rin Shinjiro
    Sailor Scout: Chibi Moon
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female


    Rin is an only child to a rather wealthy family, though she spends most of her time doing small things to keep herself from growing lonely. She also has a thing for small and rather cute animals and as such she currently own a black cat, who she calls "Luna" Because of the crescent moon shape on her forehead. Nine time out of ten you can find her reading, drawing, or for the most part doing anything on her own. She doesn't have many friends but the ones she does have she make sure to cherish. ​
  5. I'm interested, but I must ask - would it be possible for me to play an ally of the scouts? I mean, I'd be fine playing one. I was just wondering if it was possible. Someone who isn't necessarily s powerful, but is just as useful - provides medical aid, money, a mode of transport, influence in the media, is able to get them alibis in case they need to get out of school, that sort of thing.
  6. Sure I don't mind at all. :3 It's a rather good idea if you ask me.
  7. Okie dokie den~ .3.

    Sailor scout: Sailor Jupiter
    Name: Mika Furukawa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Mika is the only daughter of two loving and supporting parents.Her family owns the famous bakery in their place,which is located at the corner of a block.She loves to cook and bake,and she would sometimes bring extra lunch and pastries to school and give them to the other students at school.She is socially and academically successful and lives by her motto "Do what you want to do".
  8. Little post to secure my spot and save this into my watched threads, but I call Tuxedo Mask.
  9. Fine babe, post your Profile by tomorrow.
  10. Name: Nakai Shirou
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Click for appearance
    Abilities/Talents: While not having the immediate magical power of the Sailor Scouts, Nakai is more than capable of pulling his weight as their ally.

    By day, he works as a teacher. Conveniently, he works at the school the Sailor Scouts go to as well. While his subject isn't well-liked (maths was never something many people took to), his amiable demeanour and overall friendliness has made him popular amongst both the student body, and the staff. As such, he has quite a large amount of influence - he just has to ply his cards right to avoid arousing suspicion.

    When nobody's looking, however, he will retreat to his basement, and work on his healing technology. While he only has prototypes and basic schematics worked out, he has currently managed to put together a pair of 'healing hands' gloves. Essentially, these are gloves enchanted with a high-level healing spell, that recharge themselves periodically. The gloves work by reversing the damage done - if the wearer manages to start healing quickly enough, even fatal wounds can be reversed, with enough effort. The gloves rely on the user's concentration. Small wounds - such as cuts and scrapes - require little more than a quick thought. Serious injuries, however - like broken bones or a damaged nervous system - require far more concentration.

    Nakai is also a skilled martial artist. In what, he won't say. However, he's more than capable of holding his own against street-level monsters, and has been known to take down men far bigger than him.

    Background: Nakai Shirou never seemed to want for anything as a child - he grew up as a quiet, if slightly eccentric, child. But that was why people liked him. He was polite, but never a doormat. He was friendly, but knew who not to trust. He was the guy you wanted on your side, and the guy you never wanted to get on the bad side of. Not because he'd mess you up, but because everyone around him would.

    There was another side to him, however. A side only him, his father, and his mother knew. They were actually old supporters of the Sailor Scouts, and while they did not do much to aid them, the deeds they did in their names more than made up for it. They were philnthropists, through and through, to the best of their ability. And, while Shirou was a little more lackadaisical in his approach to life, their lessons rubbed off on him.

    When he left to become a teacher, he continued their work. He had to do it in secret, though - the world was changing. The world was changing into one focussed on profit, where scientific advancements were stifled and hurried as companies saw fit, all to make a quick buck. Paranoid, he hid his parents' work, and continued it in secret. After many years, he finally finished one of the projects - the 'Healing Hands' gloves. He had a costume he meant to enchant as well - but, as ever, his job delays his progress.
  11. Name: Yosuke Takeshi
    Age: 19
    Scout: Tuxedo Mask
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: See Below
    Personality: Somewhat arrogant, though helpful to his friends and allies. Never dates and is often rude to women who ask him out repeatedly.
    Background: Is the next generation Moon Prince, though his memory of that time is foggy. He knows that he's destined to marry the Moon Princess, but isn't sure who she is. As such, he keeps his distance, refusing relationships with anyone for fear of falling in love with the wrong person. His friend and mentor, Darian, passed the Tuxedo Mask identity to him some time ago, though he doesn't know the connection between Tuxedo Mask and the Moon Prince. As Tuxedo Mask, he acts like a standard crime-fighting vigilante, but he dislikes lying about who he is. He is a skilled martial artist, with a slight specialty in Kendo. As Tuxedo Mask, he's adopted a different mask (shown cracked below), and a slightly different fighting style, using swords and similar weapons, though always non-lethally. He also uses the signature red rose.
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  12. It's been quite a while since I've joined in on a group role-play-- but I don't think I can resist the idea of roleplaying in a Sailor Moon universe. May I reserve Mars? I'll probably have my bio up a little later today!
  13. Yes you can, :3
  14. Sailor Scout: Sailor Neptune
    Name: Hana Michiru
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Hana is the youngest and only daughter of a high class family. Since birth, it was already decided what type of woman she would be and she has exceeded her parents expectations from the beginning. Considered an elegant and proper young lady, Hana could be found either playing the violin or piano in her spare time. When her two older brothers tend to her as if she is a fragile artifact. She enjoys going out into the city, visiting cafes, playing with children and spending time with her family. She is very quiet around new people, which is why she doesn't have many friends, so she tends to exclude herself from group activities.
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  15. Yay! Thank you.
  16. Np. :3 Once we get a few more we will start it up!
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