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  1. Chibi Moon (open)

    Name: Rin Shinjiro
    Sailor Scout: Chibi Moon
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female


    Rin is an only child to a rather wealthy family, though she spends most of her time doing small things to keep herself from growing lonely. She also has a thing for small and rather cute animals and as such she currently own a black cat, who she calls "Luna" Because of the crescent moon shape on her forehead. Nine time out of ten you can find her reading, drawing, or for the most part doing anything on her own. She doesn't have many friends but the ones she does have she make sure to cherish. ​

    Rin looked over to the black cat that she had learned had the name of the Luna and that she could talk to. Though she would never say that out loud in fact she was happy that Luna could talk at this rate she was going to go insane with out empty the house was and that she was yet again left to entertain herself. She stood outside on the porch though and then glanced to the cat. "Luna, how am I suppose to find Sailor moon? I mean really! This world is huge and you think that she is some where here?" She rolled her eyes but she tucked her dark brown locks behind her ear and then took a step off the porch.

    "Well we might as well get looking since we don't have school today" She began to walk down the side walk taking long strides to step over the cracks of the pavement. The black cat following as she looked up to her. "Well as much of a pain as it seems to be, we have to find her! She can't be that far from here! We just have to keep our eyes open and we will find her. You will see" She said both of them walking the entire time Rin humming as she shrugged. "If you say so, though I have a feeling we are not looking in the right place" If only they knew just how wrong of a direction they where looking in.
  2. Tuxedo Mask (open)
    Name: Yosuke Takeshi
    Age: 19
    Scout: Tuxedo Mask
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: See Below
    Personality: Somewhat arrogant, though helpful to his friends and allies. Never dates and is often rude to women who ask him out repeatedly.
    Background: Is the next generation Moon Prince, though his memory of that time is foggy. He knows that he's destined to marry the Moon Princess, but isn't sure who she is. As such, he keeps his distance, refusing relationships with anyone for fear of falling in love with the wrong person. His friend and mentor, Darian, passed the Tuxedo Mask identity to him some time ago, though he doesn't know the connection between Tuxedo Mask and the Moon Prince. As Tuxedo Mask, he acts like a standard crime-fighting vigilante, but he dislikes lying about who he is. He is a skilled martial artist, with a slight specialty in Kendo. As Tuxedo Mask, he's adopted a different mask (shown cracked below), and a slightly different fighting style, using swords and similar weapons, though always non-lethally. He also uses the signature red rose.

    Yosuke stood on his balcony, looking out over the city. "I wonder where you are right now? Are you here?" He knelt down, his eyes focusing on various people on the street. "Why do you haunt my dreams? Why can't you just show yourself to me? Moon Princess..." He sighed, standing and looking up to the moon that he could only barely make out in the morning light. "What if I find love before I find you? I will be defying destiny. Can I do that? What will happen to the Moon Kingdom?" He ran a hand through his hair, hoping down from the railing of his balcony to return to his apartment. "I just hope Darian's doing well in America."

    Once in his apartment, he picked up the classic Tuxedo Mask mask, a simple strip of black cloth with holes so he could see. He'd long ago upgraded it, making it a full-frontal porcelain-looking one, much more high-tech, and it disguised his voice. He would never understand how Darian, as Tuxedo Mask before him had managed to keep his identity secret with so flimsy of a disguise. "Geeze, not even trying to change your face. Gotta have terrible friends not to be noticed." He tossed it back into the drawer, stretching out. Suddenly, an image flashed through his head. He turned to the sliding door again. "Dammit. So much for an easy morning." He went to his closet, pulling out his special bio-mechanically enhanced tuxedo, ready to assume his alter-ego. "I just hope whoever it is doesn't try to flirt this time. Hate breaking hearts."

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  3. Sailor Moon (open)

    Name: Takehiko Watanabe
    Sailor Scout: Moon
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Background: Born into a lower middle class family, Takehiko is a young man who knows perfectly well what it means to be content with the little things. Because of this, he is normally selfless and very rarely -- if ever -- is seen complaining. Instead, he enjoys helping others who are in need. Despite this, however, he is a bit of a reclusive and nearly anti-social individual not by choice but simply by nature. Although he gets lonely quite easily, he would rather bite his tongue as to not be a bother. He is mature for his age, one that can easily give advice for those who seek it, although does tend to have moments of a child-like behavior due to a rather large soft spot he has for furry creatures. In the end though, he is kind and friendly to the people who do speak to him. In general, Takehiko is an individual who enjoys things such as camping outside by a fire and looking up at the stars. His self-proclaimed best friend is a white cat named "Shiro." Uniquely, the feline even has a near golden birth mark upon its forehead that is similar to a cresent moon-shape. In his spare time, music is something that Takehiko enjoys and even knows how to play both a guitar and piano. Generally speaking, Takehiko thinks of himself as ordinary and for a lack of better terms, "dull and boring."

    It was a rather beautiful Saturday morning, one that Takehiko decided not to waste. Actually... to be honest, Shiro had been the one who decided not to waste the daylight when he woke up to the white cat pouncing right on top of him. The first thing he was greeted to was a pair of round, big blue eyes from his favorite little white ball of furr. Ever since he had found the feline on the streets, complete with a collar and name but lacking an owner to claim him, Takehiko had taken him in as his own. It had been a few months since that time and they were inseparable. When the male cat mewled, nuzzling into him, he knew exactly what he wanted because he was an unusual animal with a gift of being able to accurately express himself.

    "Okay, okay. I get it Shiro." He suggested with a smile, rubbing the cats head who meowed happily then hopped down to prance off downstairs. A sigh left his parted lips as the young blonde threw his arm over his eyes to steal a few more minutes. Just as he relaxed however, another meow at his doorway had him laughing. "Alright, you win. I'm up!"

    Crawling out of bed, Takehiko headed straight to the bathroom with Shiro in tow as if he were watching his moves closely. Downstairs, he could hear both his parents up and about already starting their own days which would be filled with adventurous TV-watching. Once in the bathroom, he switched on the radio to play some music while stripped off his shirt and boxers which Shiro managed to dodge the first but not the latter. Takehiko could tell from the unhappy meow then turned to see the bulge beneath his underwear trying to escape. "Oops, sorry Shiro." He said with a grin and lifted it up off the cat who gave him an unimpressed look.

    Turning his attention back to the shower, Takehiko stepped in to fully wake himself up and clean. And as usual, when Shiro decided it was time to get out, he reached his small paw in around to bat at the knob to switch to the freezing cold water earning a startled cry from Takehiko before glaring at the feline who simply purred. Once out, a quick blow dry and a run into his room, Takehiko was dressed and heading down the stairs while grabbing his music player and sliding in the earbuds. He walked through the kitchen, greeting his parents while grabbing an apple for breakfast.

    "Later, mom and dad." He said with a wave which they returned with their own partings. Takehiko stepped out only to be greeted by a nice spring breeze and the warm shining sun. Squinting some, he shielded his eyes before pulling up the hood of his black vest and taking a bite out of his fruit. As usual, Shiro jumped right onto his shoulder with little problem as he made his way towards downtown. While there wasn't much he could do, given he was a lower middle class teenager with a job that paid minimum wage and nothing more, Takehiko had a way of making the best of what he had as he marched his way towards the arcade for the evening. "An afternoon of video games sounds good, doesn't it? Think you can beat me today?"

    Normally, his pet would reply with a playful growl of some sort. But today did not seem to be the case. In fact, the feline was completely silent and replied by stiffening up completely. "Hm? Shiro, what's wrong, buddy?" He asked, looking up curiously at his friend only to see that his attention was focused ahead of them. And before he knew it, the cat had jumped from him and started running off. "Shiro! Wait! Where are you going?!"

    Taking off after the white ball of speed, Takehiko felt a bit panicked. As sad as it may have sounded, the feline was really his only friend. For the most part, people had a habit of overlooking him. He supposed he was pretty ordinary, so that didn't surprise him. But that didn't mean he didn't get lonely over it. The idea of Shiro running away was a bit scary for him as he chased the feline around a corner. But once he caught up, Shiro had completely stopped only to have found another black cat. Not only that, but a young girl accompied the other animal.

    "Shiro!" He exclaimed, walking up and picking up the white cat. "I'm sorry, I don't know what's gotten into him. Is she okay? He didn't attack or anything, did he?" Takehiko asked, looking to the female cat then to the girl.

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    "Ok Moe, just hold his nose!" 8 year old Mari cackled as she instructed her less devious twin to hold their big brother, Cole, nose closed as he slept. He would eventually wake up when he found he couldn't breath, and that would be when she dropped the water balloon on his head. It was such a perfect plan, if she said so herself.
    "Are you sure this is a good idea Mari? What if Cole gets mad?" Moe worried her bottom lip with her teeth though she did as Mari instructed, her little fingers pinching Cole's nostrils shut. "Relax Moe! It's gonna be hilarious! Oh look, he's starting to wake up, get ready!" Mari held the water balloon high above her head. She could hardly contain her giggles and it wasn't long before Moe joined in.
    Cole began to wake up, eyes fluttering in confusion as he found his nose was plugged. The hell? When he realized what was going on it was far too late. The water balloon came down right on his surprised face, bursting and soaking his upper body, bed and pillow. Cole lay there in shock for a moment while the twins waited with bated breath, gauging his level of anger. Then they fumbled out of the bed, racing out of his room.
    Shrill laughter followed by an enraged howl and the thundering sound of a wild chase through the small apartment could be heard throughout the quiet neighborhood.
    "I'm going to kill you two!" Cole shouted, tearing through the house trying to find the duo. It wasn't a small place by any means, but there were only so many places they could hide. The twins had plenty of practice though and Cole always had trouble locating them before his anger dissipated. He wasn't really mad since he had the day off from school but his bed was soaked and that was pretty annoying.
    He entered the kitchen, a scowl on his face and his mother couldn't help but to laugh. "Have trouble in the shower this morning?" She joked as she set the table for breakfast. She tried to hide her smile when Cole glared at her and went over to smooth his wet hair down. "I'll talk to them sweetie. Tell you what, why don't you take the day off? The girls and I will go shopping, you can do whatever you want today!" Well that would certainly be nice. His mother and step father were usually busy and left the girls with him when he didn't have practice or a game. A whole Saturday to himself sounded pretty good right now. He nodded, stealing a piece of bacon before heading off to actually take a shower. By the time he'd gotten dressed and changed the sheets on his bed, his mother and sisters had already left for the shopping center. She left a note telling him to enjoy himself along with a sizeable wad of bills. Cole rolled his eyes at the money, only taking what he thought he would need. He knew his mom felt bad about the early part of his childhood and not being able to give him the things he wanted, so she overcompensated now.

    Cole exited the house, glad he'd chosen to wear to black cargo shorts and a thin long sleeved shirt. His fiery red hair was pulled back in a low ponytail to keep it out of the way, though he knew it would still draw attention. Wasn't much he could do about that. Cole shoved his hands into the pockets of his shorts and made his way towards the small shopping center with the arcade. He'd probably buy that new hoodie he was eyeing and spend some time in the arcade before meeting up with his friends at the soccer field. Sounded like an awesome day to him.
  5. [​IMG]

    Kurai Tsuki sat before her mirror, brushing her red locks. She was excited. Her first day of school here. Even though it had been a week since she moved here, getting settled was a priority. After dressing, running the brush through her hair again, grabbing her lunch and putting on her shoes she headed out the door. The elevator taking what seemed like forever to reach the bottom floor. It would have been faster to just take the stairs. What a great way to start at school here. Late. She had heard stories about the Sailor Scouts. Their leader Serena, had always been late to school. A real klutzo too. A chuckle passed her lips. She would be starting out just like her.

    Serena, Sailor Moon, was her favorite of the scouts to learn about. She seemed relatable to most teenage girls. Maybe that was part of what made her such a great leader to the scouts. It obviously wasn't her grace. The girl was apparently a cry baby too. What a shame, not a leader like quality, yet Serena seemed to pull it off. It was silly however, to day dream about the scouts. They were ancient history. There were more important things for her to think about.

    Finally the elevator dinged and the doors slid open. A puff of air passed her lips as she uttered under her breath. "Tomorrow, I'm taking the stairs." She made her way out of the building, the sun shining brightly. It was a wonderful Saturday morning. The birds were singing. The city was buzzing with energy. She could hear the traffic, and people chattering. School students gossiping as they walked by her. 'Is that the new girl?'...'I think so.'...'She seems kind of weird. Why is she wearing her uniform?'...'Yeah,it is strange but she's kinda pretty too.'

    Kurai brushed them off and headed for the school. She passed a pastry shop on her way, and glanced inside. It was so busy. And absolutely full of tasty looking treats. Would it hurt? Just one little snack before school? She was already late yes, but still. It would help her get through the day. Besides it all looked so good! Just one little snack. She walked into the store smiling brightly. Ten minutes later, emerging. A small bag in her hand to go along with her lunch. Maybe she could use these treats to make new friends! She was almost knocked backwards as some students running by. 'Come on, we're already late!' Kurai checked her watch. Yes. She was late. First day detention. Great.

    Huffing and puffing she runs to the school building. Hmm, she thought. All was quiet at the school. Where were all the students? She looked at the building. It was very dark. She headed up the steps. Pulling on the handle to open the door. It didn't budge. "HEY YOU! What are you doing up there?" A man called from the street. She turned to look at him. "Don't you know there's no school today?" No school?! She did all that running only to find out that there was no school?! The man shook his head and started to walk away. Feeling rather embarrassed, she started down the stairs to head back home. How could she make such a mistake? Hopefully she didn't run into any of her class mates on her way home.
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  6. Show Spoiler

    Sailor scout: Sailor Jupiter
    Name: Mika Furukawa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Mika is the only daughter of two loving and supporting parents.Her family owns the famous bakery in their place,which is located at the corner of a block.She loves to cook and bake,and she would sometimes bring extra lunch and pastries to school and give them to the other students at school.She is socially and academically successful and lives by her motto "Do what you want to do".

    "I'm opening the shop now!" the black-haired girl called out as she tugged on the two 'bunny ears' of her hair ribbons.Mika liked helping out in her family's bakery-slash-pastry-slash-coffee-slash-breakfast shop.The place had been a family running business for years,but up until now they hadn't quite decide what exactly their shop is.Since they started off with making bread when the business started they often referred to it as a bakery,but Mika settled in calling it just a shop.

    She opened the lock of the glass door and opened it,the familiar ring of the bell chiming as she stepped outside and absorbed the morning sun with a stretch.Some kids that seemed like they were in kindergarten greeted her as they passed by,and Mika bent down and greeted them back.Supposedly,she should be heading to school at this time as well,but her school was off for the day because of a staff meeting.She heard the shop door's bell ring again,and when she turned she saw that customers are coming in rather quickly,just like everyday."Well,time to work~" she chimed,walking in and running over behind the counter besides her mom,helping her accompany the customers."Huh,I wonder how mom and dad manages to deal with all of these people by themselves when I'm at school..." she mumbled as she noticed that more people started to come in.
  7. [​IMG]
    Hibiki Kirino

    Hibiki was awoken by her alarm blaring at seven in the morning. She jumped from her bed and slammed the off button. She stretched for a minute before lifting herself up and making her way to her closet. She pulled out her uniform and began to undress before realizing she didn't have school. Her shoulders slumped and she let herself fall onto her bed with only her undergarments on. Dang. I'm so used to setting my alarm, I forgot we don't have school. I could have slept longer. Hibiki sighed before lifting herself from the mattress. Once she was up, there was no way for Hibiki to fall back to sleep, so she finished dressing. She looked in the mirror to judge her clothing choice. A teal blouse with dark brown capris...I think it looks okay... Hibiki wasn't the most fashionable teenager, but she at least wasn't horrible at dressing herself. She ran her fingers through her hair before giving a satisfactory nod.

    Hibiki left her room and sat at the kitchen counter where her mother was eating some rice. "You're up early. Did you forget that you don't have school today?" Hibiki nodded, a slight pout on her lips. "Well, since you're free, could you go to the store? There are some things we need." Hibiki's brows furrowed. Geez, really? I get a day off and I have to go shopping by myself? Laaame. However, there was no arguing with her mother, so Hibiki nodded. "Okay." Her mother handed her a list and some money. Hibiki took the items and placed them in her turquoise purse near the door. Putting on her brown flats, Hibiki slung her purse on her shoulder and reached for the doorknob. "You're leaving now? But it's so early." Hibiki turned to her mother and blandly stated, "I want to walk." Her mother simply shrugged before returning to her own room.

    Hibiki walked at a snail's pace as she made her way to the local mini-department store. It was a nice morning and Hibiki's mind began to wander. It's a little unfair. This break messed up club activities. Namiko only got five days...well, at least she ended up being asked out by Souta. Hibiki's train of thought soon fell to her stomach as it growled loudly. ...Oops. I forgot to eat breakfast before I left. Hibiki stopped to clutch her stomach as it growled even louder. She turned her head to the left to find the door of a diner. She turned to face it and began scanning for any indication that it might be open. It was on the early side after all.
  8. Nakai woke up with a pained groan, his head aching like it always did when he woke up. It was one of the things he could never seem to get used to in the morning - as well as the light shining through his window, that insisted on half-blinding him.
    "Why do I never shut the curtains..." he murmured to himself, as he lifted himself out of bed. It would have been odd for people to see him. He had left the impression that he was a smart, well-spoken, and generally happy person. And yet, there he was, dishevelled and muttering grumpily to himself.

    There was no school for the day, and he'd caught up on his marking the night before. He figured he could treat himself, just for one day - so he decided to go out and eat breakfast. He still had his projects to work on, amongst other things, and with him being obsessed with his work as he usually was, he didn't think he could afford to spend too long outside. So, after putting on some casual clothes and eating a cereal bar to keep him going he began the walk to his favourite diner. He'd probably order the usual - it wasn't like he ever ordered anything else, to be fair.

    Nakai made his order, and took a window seat, waiting for his breakfast omelette to be finished. He;d taken a liking to the place - there was something about the food they cooked that made it so anything short of his mother's home-cooked food just didn't quite compare. He began to leaf through a newspaper, though eh didn't really take an interest in anything in it. It was mostly just arbitrary news that didn't affect him - or a lot of other people - very much. There were some odd stories and reports, however, but they weren't elaborated on much.
  9. Rin-Shinjiro~ChibiMoon, Pink
    Rin kept walking and though she was sure that she was going to end up just like every other day with out any real luck on the matter of who these Sailor moon was she figured she might as well look around. If for nothing more than to please the cat walking beside her. That was until she saw Luna stop and her ear move forward. "What is it Luna?" She asked lightly looking around. She knew that while the cat could talk she would not if the chances of getting caught where high. She spun around though and to her surprise she saw a rather pretty white cat just standing there. Other than its color and that it was a male it looked just like Luna. She felt her lips twitch with an amount of happiness. Did she just find who she think she found.

    She blinked when she saw the male come into view and speak. She shook her head and then picked up her own cat. "No, he did nothing but be super cute!" she said glancing over at the male. Why was the cat with him? Should she say something she looked to Luna and then back to the cat. She then took a step forward and pet the cats ear lightly. "What is his name. I am Rin and you are?" she said and then petting her own cat she smiled. "This is Luna" she gave another grin. "They both have the same mark. Is that not cool" she then took a step back and glance to blonde male. There was no way that this male was moon. She was looking for a female after all anyway. So it must have been just a mishap.
  10. ☪ Takehiko Watanabe: Sailor Moon ☪, khaki
    Once the bundle of white had been successfully retrieved, Takehiko had mostly assumed he would give an apology and be back on his way to the arcade. But it seemed like that wasn't going to be the case, as the little girl before him actually began to straight up some small-talk with him. With a quick once over, the little brunette didn't seem to be much older than 12, if even that. She was rather small and petite by all means, although she had long straight hair and almost doll-like eyes. To be perfectly honest, she was adorable in the sense of a little sister. Personally, Takehiko had always wondered what it would be like to have siblings. Being an only child could be pretty lonely, sometimes he craved the same relationship that he saw while out and about between brothers and sisters. Then again, he also knew they could be a pain to deal with so maybe he had dodged a bullet. This girl didn't seem to be annoying though, just bubbly and friendly as she held the beautiful black cat that Shiro had bounded after.

    Learning her name was Rin, Takehiko did notice that she was right. Both cats, did in fact, have the same odd but elegantly shaped crescent moons on the center of their forehead in pale yellow fur. It was curious, but then again not so much. "Oh, uh. My name's Takehiko, this is Shiro." He said, introducing the feline whose eyes never left the black one's. "Actually, I picked him up off the streets. I didn't name him, he had a collar and everything. I put up posters but nobody ever claimed him... So he kind of became my buddy. He's not yours, is he? I mean, they could be from the same litter with those birth marks." He noted, giving a glance back down to his own cat.

    The idea of letting his small friend go back to what could possibly be his proper owner made his heart feel heavy. Maybe that was why he ran off to greet this other cat because he recognized her scent? Felines were pretty intelligent like that, so he wouldn't put it past them. Shiro had become his pal over the few months he had spent with him, so it would be hard to see him go. However, he wouldn't keep him to himself because it would have been unfair to Shiro to be selfish. His main concern was the way that this little kid was staring at him like she was trying to peer into his soul or something. Was she thinking about something? It was kind of weird as he took a step back just to be safe, keeping a minimum distance away from her. Little kids could be creepy.
  11. A shirtless Tai-hua was standing on the balcony of his apartment, slowly moving his body through Tai-Chi as he watched the sun rise. "Beautiful...," he murmured to himself as he saw the first streaks of dawn light the sky. He could not help shedding tears at the thought of how his gorgeous appearance would appear when backlit by the radiance of the morning sun. I should write a poem to commemorate the occasion, but moving would prematurely end this beautiful moment. If only I could dictate my poetic soul to another, but then that still wouldn't be beautiful enough to express my being at this moment. Such is the burden of the beauteous. This scene was one that had repeated itself every day in Tai-hua's life, for he had always known he was beautiful, and was striving to fully express just how beautiful he was. For if he could find a way to express his beauty, he would be closer to finding something that was more beautiful than himself. But that day had yet to come. His morning ritual complete Tai-hua returned to his apartment and dressed for the day.

    When school was out, Tai-hua was able to ditch the stiff school uniform for his simple white tunic over which he wore an orange silk jacket. His pants were black and loose-fitting. While he liked the school uniform, the rigid lines and uniformity was beautiful in its own way, Tai vastly preferred the blend of beauty and comfort his casual wear afforded. It was as if he could feel his beauty flowing throughout his body.
    Truly, he thought as he followed the familiar street down to the diner whose green tea he found to be the most beautiful he had found during his time in Japan, one's true beauty cannot be fully expressed if one is not at peace with oneself. Sacrificing comfort for style not be necessary. He was aware of the attention he received from passersby on the street. A few giggling girls asked him if he was busy, which he politely said he was. Although he did stop to talk with them about various subjects, clothing, love, hair-care, to name a few. When asked what he was doing, he responded with utmost seriousness, "Searching for beauty in all its forms. And thanks to you, I have found yet more beauty in this world. Stay true to yourselves, and cultivate your own beauty." With that he bid them adieu with a light kiss on each hand. The girls admitted that he was a bit strange, but he was gorgeous so they didn't mind.

    Once he reached the diner, he saw a figure peeking into the windows from the outside.
    "I believe they are open now, if you would like to go in. This place has simply the most beautiful tasting food and drink I have encountered here. Not as beautiful as myself, but then comparing it to me is rather unfair," without waiting for a response Tai-hua opened the door and motioned the girl inside. "Why don't you join me on this beautiful day? Our meeting here is too beautiful to be a coincidence."
  12. “Where did this bruise come from?”

    Millicent looked at the small purple blob on her left calve before giving the sore spot a concerned rub with the tip of her index. Last night she was with her mother in the soup kitchen, and to her knowledge, she did not bump into anything. Millicent sucked her teeth when she failed to think of the origin of the bruise and slid her purple skinny jeans up to her hips. It was time to go the city again, but not for volunteer work.

    In fact, her purpose for travel was the exact opposite. Today was Selfish Day. It was the one day of the week Millicent would only do her prayers three times instead of the usual five, indulge in fatty foods, and only do volunteer work when absolutely needed. Her mother, Emelia, did not approve of Selfish Day and thought it interfered with her priestess work, but Millicent was adamant on keeping it. She was a teenager, and though she took priesthood seriously, Millicent needed at least a day to catch up on the latest fashion, eat chocolate pudding and most importantly, sun bathe.

    Yes, if all else were to be sacrificed, sun bathing would be the absolute last thing to go. Millicent would swear on her life that she was fueled by the sun, and feeling her skin warm up under the rays of fire was the stress reliever she needed.

    “Buh-buh-buh beach.” Millicent mused herself with a musical beat in her head as she searched her hut for her red heels. The beach was likely out of the question today, but it was still running through her mind. Millicent didn’t want to get in the cold water and she certainly wasn’t in the mood to wash out sand from every crevice of her body. But just to be sure that her future self wouldn’t cave in to temptation, Millicent did not bring along her bathing suit when she began walking to the nearby city.

    “Buh-beach! Beach, beach, beach!” Millicent was idly thinking about her priestess duties tomorrow, not noticing that she was chanting her beach song. It was only when she had reached the city limits and was near the boardwalk of her favorite beach did she realize where she was subconsciously heading to. “Gosh darn-it.” Betrayed by her own two feet, Millicent looked around for something to distract herself from the whispering swish of calm waves beckoning to her. She found a man opening a door to a restaurant for a woman and slid her way inside before the other woman could do so.

    “ ‘Scuse me! Thank you!” Addressing them both at the same time, Millicent quickly waved behind her before taking a seat at the counter. “I win today, beach.” Millicent whispered victoriously under her breath as she looked at the menu handed to her and began to order.
  13. [​IMG]
    Hibiki Kirino

    Hibiki continued to stare at the door until a familiar voice reached her ears. She turned to see Tai-hua walking up to her. She gave him a welcoming smile as he said the diner was open. He opened the door, and she gave him a bow of thanks. Before she could take her first step however, a curious girl zipped by. Hibiki stood in shock, obviously surprised at the odd newcomer. Hibiki wasn't necessarily sheltered, but she had never seen someone with such a unique skin color, at least in real life. Hibiki's thoughts wandered off. Wow, what a pretty color of skin. I bet she could wear whatever color she wanted and still look good. Except brown maybe...then she'd just look nude. After putting that rather embarrassing image in her own head, Hibiki rushed into the diner, a light blush on her cheeks.

    Upon getting inside, Tai-hua's words finally sunk in. Hibiki bit her lip as she turned to face Tai-hua. This isn't good. It's not my turn. But do breaks count? I mean, I can't help that we ended up bumping into each other. On the other hand, I can't disobey our rules. If the club members saw me like this, I'd lose my position. would be alright if we weren't alone...right? Hibiki scanned the diner, looking for some way to get around the rules. Her eyes fell on Shirou-sensei, and Hibiki's face visibly brightened. Sensei! We can eat with Sensei! Hibiki motioned with her hand for Tai-hua to follow as she reached her teacher's table. "Morning. May we?" Hibiki patiently awaited Nakai's reply. It would be interesting to sit with her teacher out of school, especially with Tai-hua in tow. After all, the gorgeous student had become quite infamous for his horrible math scores. Maybe Sensei can give Tai-hua a good lecture. I'd love to sit in on that. If Shirou-sensei allowed them to sit, Hibiki would take a seat across from Nakai right next to the window, making sure to give Tai-hua plenty of room if he chose to sit next to her. If Shirou-sensei rejected them, well, maybe that purple-haired girl would make an interesting breakfast companion.
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    Cole shuffled about the stores, perusing the various wares but finding very little of interest. He had already picked up the hoodie he wanted, it was wrapped up in a bag that he kept looped around his wrist as he shopped. He'd also purchased a pair of dolls for Mari and Moe despite the events of the morning. And for Clary a nail polish set since she was always whining about needing more. Even though he intended for the day to be for himself, Cole couldn't help but to pick up things for his sisters. All three of them were materialistic and loved getting gifts, he hoped it would make the brats happy.
    Having shopped around for some time, Cole's empty stomach made itself known with a loud embarrassing growl and he decided to grab some donut from the nearby bakery before he headed to the arcade. He entered the bakery, only remembering it was owned by his classmate Mika Furukawa's family when he saw her standing behind the counter. She was a nice girl, a bit too happy for his tastes, but nice. Cole walked up the counter and leaned against it in a nonchalant manner, eyes boring into Mika's. "Hey. I want three glazed donuts." He ordered without really looking at a menu to even see if they sold glazed donuts. But what sort of bakery wouldn't? "Fresh." He added almost as an afterthought. Nothing like a fresh glazed donut.
  15. Sailor Pluto (open)
    Name: Frost Summerfire
    Sailor Scout: Pluto
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Despite his young age, Frost's father, Stele, was a kind and honest soldier who was once a servant of the Negaverse.
    He held a fair rank, yet he was replaced by another, more ruthless, soldier when the Negaverse decided to invade Earth and he disobeyed direct orders to attack innocent civilians.
    After the Negaverse was defeated, he remained behind, his heart torn in two, saddened by the treatchery he had committed against his people, yet glad that he had aided in keeping them from going too far with their plans.
    Living on Earth had given him time to understand that he had made the right decision in staying, allowing him to find work, and, eventually, open a pastry shop of his own in town, allowing him to learn more about Earth day by day as his shop's popularity grew.
    After some time passed, he met Frost's mother, Hikari, who died giving birth to Frost, driving his father mad with grief, even so far as to give Frost to his grandparents before he disappeared completely.
    Frost grew up like a normal child, being taught proper manners, to be honest, and to protect the weak, yet he always felt there was something different about him, due to most of the kids his age avoiding him all through his years in school, his high grades almost assuring him a spot in a top college, that is, until his grandparents died in an avalanche during one of their hiking trips on a nearby mountain.
    They left much to him in their will, including the truth behind his father's origin, as well as the deed to his old shop, which they wished him to use to find his own happiness, just as his father had, their will also promised a large sum if he completed high school, which he did, just barely, using most of it to repair the now nearly three decade old shop, allowing it to be of use again.
    Using the cooking skills taught to him by his grandmother, and the skill with a blade his grandfather instilled into him, he reopened the bakery as a small diner, hoping that he'd be able to put his skills to the proper test.

    Frost awoke in the early morning, just as the sun had begun to creep above the horizon, ready for another day of working in his shop downstairs. He put on his usual dark clothing, which he covered with a white apron, and shifted his long, blonde hair into a ponytail before he tied it back with a crimson bandana, ready to start on the day's meals. He headed downstairs to do inventory, as was the start of his daily ruitine, which could last several hours if he did a completely thorough check, to find that he was out of several different ingredients, namely flour, parsely, ginger, and cayenne peppers, all of which he used at least once a day, so he decided to postpone opening his shop until he got back from shopping for ingredients.

    On his way to the store, he decided that he'd pay a visit to another shop nearby and see if they needed anything, not to mention the fact that he wanted to see the cute daughter of the owners, who was working as hard as ever to keep things going smoothly with the increase in customers due to some people getting the day off of school or work. Frost walked over to the counter with a big grin as he saw Mika there, deciding to greet her with a soft tone to his voice as he gave a bow.
    "Good morning. How's business been going today, Miss Furukawa? I was just about to go shopping, and wondered if your parents needed anything while I'm at it. When you get the chance, would you mind asking them? I don't mind waiting if you're too busy right now, since I don't have to open 'til at least noon."
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  16. Kurai walked home. Hoping to avoid being seen in her school uniform. Passing by yet another pastry shop. There was a ton of younger people in here. All so happy and buzzing with energy from the sugar in the pastries. It looked kind of fun too. She didn't have any friends here yet. But that would be remedied once she actually got into school. Still this place was nothing like home. Or her friends there. She sighed. It was a terrible thing. To be separated from those who you've known your whole life. But that was the way things are. She was sure the loneliness would go away as soon as she made friends.

    Finally she made it to her building. This time taking the stairs. Arriving at the top floor, where she stayed at least five minutes faster than the elevator. Dropping her bag inside the door she ran to change. As she did she found herself gazing out the window over the city. It really was quite beautiful. She didn't mind the idea of seeing this every day. A smile crossed her face. This wasn't so bad after all. She gave herself a once over in the mirror. Deciding she liked the way she looked she turned back to head back out into the day.

    Now she was going to find something to do. Opting to take the stairs over the elevator was a no brainer. After reaching the bottom and making it out side, she put her hand over her eyes, to block the sun shining in them. Maybe she would check out the arcade. Or that other pastry shop. She was sure there would be people at most places. OR she could just go to the mall. But she also had a whole day to do what ever she wanted. So maybe she would do all three. She already had doughnuts today, but you never know. Maybe the other shop had something better. She set off for it. A grin on her face.
  17. It had been a difficult morning. Stopping the crime had been easy enough, but evading the police... that was tricky. Yosuke always pulled it off, though, and had even managed to change back into his casual clothes for his walk around the town. He munched casually on a bagel he'd picked up from a food cart, his eyes observing everyone's activity around him. "Looks like school's closed... oh, that's right, the break after exams..." He smiled, remembering how great it felt to get away from school after such hard work. He didn't have that luxury anymore. He didn't work much, but when he did work, he worked hard and, with his Tuxedo Mask identity, he didn't have the time to unwind. He sighed, running a hand through his hair as a small group of girls, all around high-school age, started talking about how handsome he was. Yosuke grimaced, hating the attention.

    He turned to go down an alley to get away from the gossip but stopped, his body seeming paralyzed. Up ahead, not exactly in the alley for close to it, were two people. One was a young girl, maybe 11 or 12, and the other a young man, though he looked like he could pass for a woman if he chose. Both were holding cats, each feline staring at the other. He couldn't see the black one's face from here, but the white one had an odd crescent-shaped mark on it's forehead. Yosuke's heart was thudding in his chest and he felt faint. He gripped his chest as he struggled to breath. What was happening to him? That cat's mark... the mark of the Moon Kingdom! Was the boy his princess? How could he be? Princesses were women, and while this boy could pass for one, he wasn't one. There must be some mistake...

    Yosuke cried out in pain suddenly, loud enough to be heard by the two he had been observing. He gripped his head, dropping to his knees. A voice was shouting inside his mind, or more like he heard it in his brain. The voice was terrible, loud and wicked. "The time is here! We must strike now! The Negaverse fell, and so has out binding! We shall destroy the planet Earth! Revenge will be ours!" Yosuke groaned, falling to the ground. The Negaverse? What was going on? What was he hearing?
  18. Shirou turned his head up from the paper, and his bored expression quickly turned into something far brighter. He wasn't beaming, by any means - however, it was obvious that he was delighted to see a student of his outside of school.
    "Ah, Hibiki-san! Please, do have a seat."
    Shirou motioned to the rest of the empty table, inviting Hibiki - and the person accompanying her - to sit down with him. While he didn't really know any of his students that closely, he had at least attempted to remember their names. With the amount of students he had, it wasn't easy, but he managed.

    Shirou put down the paper, and looked to the pair, his trademark warm smile playing on his face. This was the smile that had managed to soften even the surliest and strictest of teachers, and had could settle more ruffians than detention could. It seemed that his 'amiable teacher' personality did not just pertain to work hours - he was actually a genuinely nice person. Not nice enough to order the two breakfast, however. He didn't care if they had had theirs or not. Unless they would die without getting it before leaving the building, he wouldn't. A teacher's salary wasn't anything to brag about, and he was splurging by just ordering the omelette.

    "Pleeeeeeease?" Umeko begged, looking up at the butler with pleading eyes. "It'll only be for a little while, and I promise to come right back as soon as I'm done."

    The older man stared sternly at Umeko for a moment, his thick mustache practically bristling in frustration, before finally heaving an exasperated sigh. "Oh, alright. I suppose there's no harm in letting you go out unattended for a little while. But remember your promise, young lady."

    "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Hidetoshi!" Umeko hugged the much taller man's legs, beaming with joy and excitement. "And I will. You won't regret it." She smiled radiantly, an expression of pure innocence lighting up her face.

    Sighing once more, Hidetoshi stepped to the side, leaving the front door of the mansion unblocked so Umeko could exit. "I suppose it was only a matter of time until you started to want to do things on your own. You're not the little girl you used to be, after all. Still..." he shook his head bitterly, "I shudder to think what your dear, departed grandmother would have to say about this."

    Umeko took the butler's white gloved hand in her own and squeezed it gently, doing her best to reassure him everything would be fine. It was true, her grandmother never would have stood for her being out alone in the city. But she was no longer around, and even though Umeko knew her grandmother as well as Hidetoshi had only ever wanted to keep her safe, it was nice for once to have the freedom to go where she wanted and do as she liked.

    Without saying another word, she opened the large, ornate wooden door and stepped outside. She stood on the front steps for a moment as her eyes adjusted to the bright sunlight streaming down from the clear sky overhead. It seemed like ages since she had last been outdoors. Her grandmother had always said Umeko was too frail and delicate to stay out for very long, and so she had rarely been allowed outside the mansion unsupervised. She almost considered heading back in, growing nervous at the thought of being out on her own. Umeko looked back up at the front of the mansion that had been like a prison to her for so long, thinking of all the times she wished she could have been out in the world, and then turned around, taking off down the steps and heading out through the front gate.
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  20. Hana Michiru - Neptune
    It was a lovely day to be out in the city. Children were out playing, while adults went to work or enjoyed their day off. Hana, on the other had, was out with her brothers looking for an outfit to wear for their fathers' new project reveal to his investors. Reiji and Tetsu were looking through the racks, each trying to find their younger sister the perfect dress. Sighing as she looked outside the window of the private shopping area, she looked down to see everyone else p;aying on this fine day.

    'If only I wasn't so awkward with others.. Then maybe I would make some friends..' She thought to herself, before turning to see that her brothers had finally agreed on the same dress for her. Smiling, she thanked them both for their help and they went up to the register to pay for all their clothing.

    Exiting out of the store, they walked for a little bit together, before they parted ways. Her brothers still had work, so they left her to travel the city for a bit. Finding a bakery nearby, she stepped inside to see that they had many different kinds of sweets including cute donuts that were handmade. Noticing another ordering, she smiled at him sweetly before looking away. She could easily smile, but talking seemed to be the worst thing she could do. Looking at the menu for a moment, she got the young woman behind the counter attention and started to order. "It's like two blueberry muffins as well as five small strawberry shortcakes."
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