Sailor Moon: Noire Crystal Saga

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    Akiko gasped as suddenly the small cat form of Bynxis fell off the bright icy blue crystal to land in a heap on the floor. Akiko tried to stand and rush to his aid, but her legs wouldn’t respond, in fact most of her body was numb, but not nearly as bad as her mind was. Blinking and giving her head a shake as if to clear the fog she tried again to stand. Her body felt ungodly weak as if she’d been laying still for so very long, tingles shot up and down her hands and feet into there limbs giving her a sensation most unwelcome!

    She shook her head once again and looked down at herself as a flare of fire from the Mar’s Crystal flared once more. Light from the fire helped her to see she was wearing her ceremonial dress! And she was on the floor, mother would be displeased. But why would she need to put this damn thing on anyways? Small Lady wasn’t getting married anytime soon that she was aware of.. Hell Pegasus was still back in Andromeda - last she'd heard … So why was Bynxis here and not their normal flying Celestial Guardian!?

    All this and more were piling up in Aki’s mind as finally the crystal beside her fractured and she could see Shakau’s face finally. She squeaked “Shakaku!” And once again tried to stand, why was she in crystal…? Then suddenly the pieces started to slide into one another, and just as suddenly her body started to regain its motion it seemed. Slowly she hauled herself up to heeled feet and took a teetering moment to stabilize her slender form. “Shakaku Wake up!” She yelled over her shoulder while moving to the crystal Bynxis has last been on. She hit the crystal and nothing happened. “Oh no… Come on! What the hell is happening!?” She was close to tears, something Aki NEVER did, in complete and absolute opposition to her mother, she’d learned at a young age just how much of a cry baby her mother had been and swore Never to be like That… She would follow her father’s footsteps. So for her to be close to them now was a sign of the brevity to their situation.

    Bynxis seemed to be motionless for the moment and Aki moved to him her legs already hurting, weakness throbbed through her body. “Bynx… Bynx… Please wake up… Please tell me what to do what is going on?” Sitting there trembling another fracture rippled across Mar’s shard until finally freeing her body to drop her unceremoniously onto the ground amongst the crystal dust.​

  2. Shakaku Hino
    Shakaku Collapsed onto the floor and she twinged from the pain. A slight moan passed through her lips as she realized that she didn't have the ability to move, as if her muscles were being squeezed end to end. As she tried to breathe through the pain she could ever so slightly glace in front of her and let out a bit of a screech for see saw Akiko along with strange strobes of whisping light coming off of crystals about the room.
    Confused though also relieved by seeing her friend Akiko, Shakaku was able to focus and relax her muscles enough to lay there without being in pain. As she slowly tried to move she spoke Akiko's name.
    "What's going on Akiko? Where is everyone, what is this?" as she looked at the crystals' general direction from which she came.
    "Something went really bad didn't it?" She looked at Akiko then to Bynx now noticing the little fellow laying still upon the floor.
    Getting the strength she started to sit up, looking back at Akiko for direction or why this is all happening.
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    Aki looked up as finally Shakau came about it seemed, her red eyes searching confused while Aki cradled Bynxis in her lap. “Oh Shakaku I don’t know!" She said her eyes brimming again she couldn’t cry, no she wouldn’t. Gritting her teeth she looked about. “This is our panic room though… Shakaku I’m really worried something bad has happened. I just don’t know what.” Aki’s bright blue eyes glanced about the room “It looks like… Just… Us.. Kids” She blinked her count was correct in understanding as a sharp memory pierced her minds eye.

    Pink Lady was escorting them down a hall as the world and palace about them shook. Something bad had found them, Pink Lady looked more afraid then she’d Ever seen her. Aki had argued and asked to be allowed to fight. Pink lady commanded the others into the panic room and then once out of view of the others turned to yank Aki about to face her. Gripping her shoulders so tightly, the Senshi suit giving her more power or perhaps it was her need to have Aki understand. “I need you safe, If something happens to us… You… all of you are the planet’s ONLY HOPE… Now get in that fucking room now” She suddenly turned her about and shoved a broach in her hands before hurling her through the door and shutting the crystalline door behind her stumbling younger sister. Aki remember arguing more but with who. Worried eyes looked at Shakaku surely not her best friend…

    Looking about the room again her memories once again to hazy to understand she realized the lights were off. “Only the crystals light the room… where is the power?” She started to try and stand again. Bynxis moaned in her arms and she clutched him gently closer “Shhh I got you little guy…” She looked at Shakaku then and took some wobbly steps towards her. The dress was no help at all either but she made it to her friend and tried to also help her up. Long blue pony tails cast about her head.

    Bynxis opened his eyes and yowled before saying “Something Serious has happened. I received a distress call only a week ago and then suddenly after departing from Andromeda I find myself here.” He paused and took a few tired breaths. “I believe a time warp trapped me as well. But I am unsure why I awoke or how I came to already be so near your galaxy Princess Prizm Moon.” Aki shot him a sharp look “Drop it call me Aki for Christ sakes we’re in an emergency what else can you tell us.?” Bynxis sighed and continued “You were correct in the fact that the crystals about you are you friends the Council Senshi’s children. I’m afraid I didn’t have enough energy to wake them up I must rest but you two must go to your mothers control room high in the palace you know the room Akikozuki. It should have a log of what has happened.”

    Aki nodded and looked at Shakaku before pooling Bynxis on the floor. “Lets go Shakaku… I’m sure we’ll figure this out “ She said holding a hand out to help her step over a large shard of crystal before turning to pass through the door frame Bynxis had came through. Once in the corridor she shivered it was so cold in the dark palace. The vaulted ceilings were darkest of all and gave an errie aura here. Aki shivered more from fear this time before hearing Bynxis call out “Do not leave the Palace Aki! Not until we know what is going on! Shakaku take care of the Princess!” Aki glanced at Shakaku and with a cocky smirk rolled her eyes at the cat’s words for them both and mouths “Silly Guardians” like she always had when she was younger.

    She turned to make her way down the dark hall oh this was going to be a walk. She stepped down and out of her shoes. She wasn't sure what to say to Shakaku so at first she walked in silence trying to ponder out what had happened. Where were their parents. Bynxis said a time lock, how long??? She was looking her mind with every step and realized she was trying to pick up the pace as they made their way through the maze of corridors hallways and stairwells trying to reach the thrown room where they could then proceed into the room Bynxis had directed them too. "Sorry didn't mean to walk so fast" Aki said blushing.

  4. She lifted her head up and looked at Aki. "I trust Bynxis. We shouldn't stop." Sha sternly replied to her friend and with cold but eager eyes she took Aki's hand and continued to walk, at a lower speed, so she could still talk. "Something bad must have happened. I can't remember too much but just the feeling of anxiety in my chest." Following the eastern passageway up towards the main part of the castle. "I have no idea where to go from here, you must lead me. Hey listen, I won't leave your side, we must do what we can. We just need to find out exactly what's going on." She stops and looks back over her shoulder and smiles. "I missed you." She looked down and then back up again. "I feel like we had fought, or, just something bad had happened in general. But I just want to say, that anything that may have happened, I am sorry, I don't ever want to feel that way again, no matter what happens... I'll always be on your side. She stared at her best friend intensely which was unusual for Sha. She nodded and gave her a warm smile.​

  5. Aki glanced at Sha as she explained how she never wanted to feel like they had a falling out. Aki had to admit something was tugging on her heartstrings but she couldn't put words to it or memories. Just how long had they been asleep. Fully aware of Some info on the panic room she felt her worry growing. Holding tightly to Sha's hand she nodded "I'm sure it was nothing, we're still friends I don't care about the past. I'm only worried about how it led to this moment..."

    Pausing she realized Sha was right the passageways she'd taken to get to the thrown room were back routes. Ones only known to her family due to needing privacy when alone in the palace. She gave a gentle squeeze before dropping Sha's hand and walking up to the wall. As she walked her clothes and hair shimmered until she looked like a normal school girl again. She finally started to talk "I remember... The Ascension Ceremony... everyone was getting ready for it, all running about like mad men, I think... Lady Senshi Saturn had been doing my hair... But then something ... I don't know thunder? Explosions? I don't know I just remember the next that Lady Small Lady was shoving us all into the panic room and you guys all looked like you'd either been getting ready for the ceremony too or at school or " She shook her head "Sis looked so worried.." She finally let her hands fall still on a brick that sat just ajar. Giving it a tap with her finger the brick slide in and a passaway opened.

    "Here we go... the Thrown room... " Aki paused her eyes widening in horror "My Mom's thrown!" She whispered before running into the cavernous room. Sure enough the crystal thrown was shattered, something that only could mean one thing. Queen Usagi was no longer with the living. Aki skidded to a halt before her mother's thrown and dropped down to her knees starting to pick up shards of the crystal push them together. "Th-This Just can't be..." She kept repeating her voice quivering she was close to tears by now but still refusing to let one shed.
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    As the door creaked open, when the throne was in view Sha had already knew the fate of the Queen. Her heart shattered even more seeing her friend crumble by the obvious tragedy. She slowly approached Aki as she scrambled to put the pieces by together, kneeling down by her side in silence she touches Akis' shoulder. A wave of energy passed through Sha immediately when she touched her mourning friend. Sha Quietly speaks "We must find out what happened. There may be lives at stake. Leave it Aki. It's no more." Picking her up and supporting her she wraps her arms around her friend tightly. Sha grabs her hand and squeezes, with a tear rolling down her own cheek for the fallen queen, no, friend. "We must go on Aki. Let's go."
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    Warmth and support encircles Aki as Shakaku lifted her into a tight hug. She relaxed in the embrace, she could always count on Sha's warm spirit to calm her nerves and still her resolve. Nodding she wiped the last of the tears from her eyes and gave one final look back at her mother's thrown. She knew already that if her mother was gone, that her sister might as well as her fa... No she couldn't think that horribly painful thought, she'd been to close to him. Turning away from the thrown she moved to a spot in the wall that was little more than smoke and mirrors, it led to a stairway and the wall the way the crystal was cut let you to believe it was a flawless back wall. Aki made for it quickly and lifting the hems on her skirt started to dash up the flight turn a landing then up another flight.

    Finally landing in the anti-chamber as her sister called it, she would see the Reservoir crystal was still in tack. "The archival is still here, and so are the memory banks. I ... I'm almost afraid to see." She whispered but then her hand reached forward and barely a fingertip upon it's surface radiated the room with prism- colored lights. A dance of rainbows that turned dark and grisly as Senshi Mini Moon stepped into a hologram projected image, nothing but a recording, of the past events.

    "Akikozuki! I know you will hate me forever for putting you into the Crystal Chamber. But you and your friends can loathe me until the end of time. Our Empire has fallen Aki... " her voice cracked "I have held them off ... but they still took the city, Mother and Father... All the Senshi Council... They have all ... perished" She whispered the last word tears flooding both of the Sister's faces. "Listen to me. This enemy, they are like nothing We've seen before. Pegasus... he said he sent word for help, They are from the ANDROMEDA SYSTEM AKI! " explosions were going off around the palace and a brilliant violet and green light was illuminating from every surface. "AKI FIND THE UNICORN! AND REMEMBER ALWAYS KEEP LOVE AND HOPE ALIVE IN YOU!" Suddenly Senshi Mini Moon was yanked from the Palace by an unseen force and explosions rumbled through the city as suddenly the Palace vanished and became dark." Aki let go of the crystal and gasped took a hesitant step back. Wide eyed and terrified she looked at Shakaku "How long did we sleep?" Shivers radiated her spine when suddenly the quiet soft voice of a male brushed her conscious.

    "Aki... iko... Come... qui..ckly!" The tiny voice said and she realized it was Bynxis "Shakaku something's happening with Bynxis come on!" She said and turned to run back the way she'd come, she didn't have time for these emotions, this memory recording of some horrible tragedy. She needed the answers, not more questions. Who the hell attacked them, what happened to earth? As they reached the Crystal Chamber Aki had just about shoved down the last of her emotion when the horrific happened. Coming into the room Bynxis lay in a corner and ALL of the other Crystalis Chambers were gone! Aki stared horrified where were their friends? Where were their friendS? WHERE IN THE HELL WERE THEIR FRIENDS! Turning to Bynxis he yowled pitifully.

    "Wait... Princess you must not go yet. The city is not safe... Stay...." And he passed out. Aki shrieked suddenly, half scream half crying yell. Her frustration had hit a boiling point. She looked at Shakaku eyes of determined might burning brightly "What do we do?" She meant of course do they stay or do they try and find their friends? What in the hell did they do now! ​