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  1. Story
    It is many years into the future, the 30th century. Crystal Tokyo flourished under the reign of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Life was good, fun, and free of youma trying to take over the world and city. A true utopia.
    Both inner and outer senshi took up their respective titles as Queens of their planets, though they did remain in Crystal Tokyo as Neo Queen Serenity's advisers. Only Setsuna Meioh, Sailor Pluto, took up her station at the Door of Space-Time and remain in solitude.
    Over time children were born to the inner, and outer senshi, and were raised all alongside each other.

    These were the good years.

    Twelve years ago the Queens suddenly decided that the Princesses needed training and education in a different area, a different dimension. Regardless of whether they wanted to or not, all of them, including the youngest ones no older than 2 years, were transported to their new homes with promise they would be able to return soon.

    Soon never came.

    The Princesses had been shielded from the truth. Earth was under attack. They had been deported only moments before the world around Crystal Tokyo collapsed. With all their might, the Queens upheld the barrier around the city, but in the end, they failed.
    The Queen and her court were killed. The protection of the city vanished.
    In a last attempt to save the people, and give hope for the future, Neo Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to seal the Crystal Palace, and the Catacombs under the city.

    It will be soon that the Princesses are called back to their own world. To save, protect, and bring peace once more. It will become their destiny to become the new Sailor Senshi, regain control over the city and avenge their parents’ deaths.

    But this battle they will not fight alone. On earth boys were born with the power of the Western Zodiacs. They will hold the key to defeating the threat that ravaged through their home planet, because without them, their fight will be futile.

    To aid them, and protect those who are weak a Resistance was set up in the wake of the Queens' deaths. Under the city, in the Catacombs protected by Neo-Queen Serenity's crystal is their base. Men and women who have banded together to fight back against the evil forces that are ruling there. The entrance to it is through a secret passage in the White Rose Cafe.

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  2. Arc 1: Tsunami

    Twelve years. Twelve long years had passed since they had been sent here for a teaching period. A time for training and simply getting to know what other worlds are like so they would be able to properly incorporate what they learned into how they would one day rule in their mothers' stead. Of course it would only be for a year or so. A year. That's what they had said. But when objected that the youngest ones were really too young to be sent away without their parents, they had simply said that even if they were too young to do anything significant, it would be a learning experience, and they didn't want any of the girls to miss out on it.
    But what once was a year, turned to two, then five, ten, and now to this date it was just about 12 years. Eleven years, 9 months and 21 days, but hey, who's counting.
    With a sigh Ryoko got up from the fire she had been near. She had tried to see anything of Crystal Tokyo, but yet again, like any other time she tried, the flames couldn't reach the splendid city. She couldn't deny the twisted feeling down in her stomach, it just didn't feel right. Why in the world had their mothers and fathers sent them here, and never called them back. Had they done something wrong, were they a nuisance, did their parents not want them back? Or was there something else. Either way, the 19 year old girl made her way over to the more central area of the place where they were staying, while trying to wipe away the frown upon her face.
    Behind her, as she walked away, a flicker of the ruined city was shown in the flames, fading as fast as it had came, for no one to see.

    Sitting in the garden, soaking up the sun, was Hisako. One of the youngest of the group, meaning she didn't remember much of anything of her life back in Crystal Tokyo. To her, this was her home, even if the older girls kept saying that it wasn't the same, and they wanted to go back. The sickly girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath. As fragile as her health was, at least she didn't have an allergy of plants or pollen.
    When she opened her eyes again she was incredibly startled. Out of nowhere it seemed a tall woman stood before her with long dark green-ish hair and a staff in her hand that looked like a key.
    "Don't be afraid Hisako. Come, it's time for you and your friends to go home." The woman turned, and started walking to the building, leaving a somewhat confused Hisako behind.
    "Wait, who are you? I've never seen you here before." She said as she got up and followed the woman. She turned to Hisako with a smile.
    "I am Sailor Pluto, but you can call me Setsuna." And with that being said she went out to find the others.
    Though Hisako didn't recognize her, as she had been only 2 when they had encountered, the older girls were likely to remember her.

    Down town in Crystal Tokyo, Yuuichi came running. He wasn't being chased, he just ran because he had found something nice, and wanted to show it to Kaoru.
    He held his hands deep in his pockets, so his treasures wouldn't fall out, but at the same time, that made it kind of suspicious. It didn't take long before some adult grabbed Yuuichi's arm and pulled him to a halt.
    "What did you steal boy, give it up." The man demanded. Steal? Yuu had done no such thing. But he wasn't exactly in the mood to go and explain that properly to this old geezer.
    So, doing what Yuuichi did best, he kicked the man in the shins, so he let go. Once the hand was removed, Yuuichi made a sprint for the shadows of one of the alleys.
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  3. Setsuna softly hummed a nostalgic melody as she brushed her long hair. She was sitting at a dressing table, looking into a mirror, watching herself pull the brush through her hair in big, sweeping motions. Her glance wandered down to a framed picture next to the mirror, amongst all her perfumes and make-up article. It was a picture of her playing the piano, accompanied by her mother Michiru playing the violin next to her. Some of her fondest memories of her time at earth were times like that, alone with only her mother and the beautiful music they created around her. But those times were since long past... Suddenly, she could feel a hand on her shoulder, startling her. She jumped a little, and let out a small scream. "Tonbo! What have I told you about sneaking up on me like that!? You know how easily scared I am." Setsuna's sister, Tonbo, laughed. "I know, but it's fun playing with scaredy-cats like you. Even though I know exactly what reaction I'll get from you, I never get sick of it. It's like no matter how far away from home we are, or how long we've been away, I can always count on you to act just like you did back then." Setsuna smiled a bit, but her eyes were sad. She knew the severity of those words. Tonbo then wrapped her arms around her, digging her face into Setsuna's neck. "Hey, you daydream too much. Stop worrying about it. Remember, we'll always have eachother." Setsuna smiled for real this time, but a small tear still formed in the corner of her eye. She then quickly stood up, turning around to face her sister. "Well, no point in getting all serious all of a sudden. In any case, I'm starting to feel a bit cramped in this room. Why don't we head outside, see if something interesting's going on?" Tonbo stepped back, smiling with a mixture of amusement and disbelief at her sister. "Huh? Since when does anything interesting ever happen in this place?" Setsuna giggled. "Oh, I don't know, I just have a feeling like today is somewhat special. Like, as if anything could happen, you know?" And with that, the two made their way to the central gathering area.

    Kaoru stretched his body out, yawning heavily. He had only been sitting down with his homework for about fifteen minutes, but he was already extremely tired. Even though he had several large tests coming up, he just couldn't be bothered with studying for them. Needless to say, his grades were lousy. "Uuugh, I'm just so booored!" He let out a displeased gruntle. "I just wanna do something fun..." He leaned back and stared up into the ceiling for a while. He then jumped up out of his chair, and headed outside. If fun wouldn't come to him, he would have to look for it. Taking a stroll down the street, he noticed Yuuichi running into some shady alley. "Ooooi, Yuu-kun! What are you doing?" He shouted at his young friend.
  4. Loud music was blasting throughout Koishi's room. She had cleared out all the trash from the middle of it, forming sort of a small floor island, where she was performing a dance routine, singing along to the song. Even though she couldn't really carry a note for what it was worth and her choreography was more than slightly off, she still put her entire heart into the performance. When the track was finished, she fell down sweating on her bed, breathing heavily. She smiled widely, and giggled a bit. "Hihi, just a little more practice and I'll have the whole thing down completely! But now, I think I need to take a shower." Koishi had been watching live performance tapes of an idol group from back on earth, and was training rigorously to copy them. Even while taking off her clothes, stepping into the shower and shampooing her hair, she still continued to sing. As she was drying her hair, she had to sing even louder in order to drown out the sound of the blowdryer. As she was putting on some clean clothes, she pondered what to do next. She decided to stop by Chibiusa's room, and see if she wanted to do something. Skipping down the hallway, Koishi continued humming the song. She stopped in front of Chibiusa's door, and knocked. "Riiini-chan, are you there? Wanna hang out?"

    Kirito landed on the ice after a Butterfly jump, sailing graciously away on his skates. He stopped at the edge of the rink, taking a huge gulp from his water bottle. Sweat was beading on his forehead, and he ran his hand through his glistening white hair, cooling his head down. Even when practicing sports in such a cold environment, it was easy working up a sweat. He was all alone in the skating hall today, which probably wasn't strange considering that people normally didn't crowd places like that during the time and day it was, but usually there were at least one or two others no matter what. There certainly was a strange feeling in the air today. He thought about it as he packed his stuff up, and even continued pondering it when stepping into the showers.
  5. Hanako closed her eyes as she leaned her head back against the book case and sighed, a content smile spreading across her lips as she slowly closed the book. Another story finished. Long lashes fluttered against her cheek as she opened her eyes and looked around the enormous library that belonged to the palace she and the other princess' had called home for the last 12 years. She shook her head in disbelief. She couldn't believe it had already been 12 years since she and the other planetary princess' had been sent to this dimension by their parents. She absently reached up and ran her fingers over the three small blue earrings in her ear, gifts from her mother on her fourth birthday. A frown slowly replaced her smile as she thought about her mother. It had been not long after her fourth birthday that they had all been sent here. It was supposed to be temporary, only a year or two, but those couple of years had stretching into over a decade.

    She slowly pushed herself up off the floor and replaced the book where it belonged and turned towards the exit. She had been lucky, though she had been young, she hadn't been the youngest and was still able to recall some things about the place they called home and her mother, though her father was little more then a blur. There were some here that had been so young, they remembered nothing, which was both good and bad she supposed. If you didn't remember something, you couldn't miss it. As she neared the door, she registered a slight fiery irritation in the back of her mind and smiled sadly, a delicate hand touching her heart. Ryoko had been the oldest of the girls, followed by Setsuna and Tonbo, when they had been sent away so these last 12 years had been hardest on the three. The remembered much more then she and the younger girls. She was very often over whelmed by their sadness and anger and frustration. Even now, Ryoko's frustration was being over taken by the twin's sadness, though it was not as deep as it had been in the past. They had a special bond, those two, and it seemed to help them cope better, and Hamako was glad for that. Though she was not overly close with the older princess' she still liked them. She closed her eyes briefly, placing a hand against her temple and concentrated on blocking out the emotions of the others. Once her mind was her own again, she opened her eyes and smiles softly.

    She was extremely glad that she had been able to get a better handle her empathy. When she had been younger, and it had first manifested, her moods had fluxuated so wildly that everyone, including herself, had thought she was going crazy or having some sort of break down. But once she had figured out what was going on, she had been able to start trying to control it. Now, unless the emotions were particularly strong or she was physically touching someone, she could shield herself from the emotions of those around her, and could even focus on one person at a time and read their emotions without the emotions of someone else getting in the way. It was something she was very proud of. She was suddenly pulled from her thoughts, pausing in her steps, her hand pressed against the door to the library in an attempt to open it. She was getting a strange mixture of emotions from Hisako, the youngest of the planetary princess'. Surprise, confusion, curiosity. She had of course felt all these emotions from the small girl before, but there was something off about them, something not quite right. She rushed out the door and ran down the hall, the soft he heels of her boots making little to no sound against the marble floor. She had to find Hisako, or at least one of the other girls.
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  6. Sakura had just finished a taekwondo training regimen and was walking down the hallway with a towel around her neck, patting her hair dry from the shower she just had. Her bare feet stuck to the cold floor with every step, producing a fun sound. At least Sakura found it fun. To her surprise, she saw Hanako running down an intersecting hallway. It wasn't very like her at all, usually she'd just walk around calmly not stressing that much at all. Something was obviously bothering her. Sakura decided to follow her. "Hey, Hanako-chan, what's the matter?" Sakura asked once she caught up with the other.

    Down in the catacombs under Crystal Tokyo, Tomoko was engaged in an entirely different training regimen. In a small arena used for combat training by the resistance, robotic mannequins were programmed to attack those who entered the arena. Tomoko, or Sailor Libra as he was, battled his way through a horde of dolls with various acrobatic moves. Once he was comfortable with all his flying spin kicks and Tai otoshi throws, he moved on to summoning a rifle, his signature weapon. But instead of shooting with it, he used it as a club or a mace, holding it by the pipe and bashing the enemies down. Finally, there was only one mannequin left. It stared at Tomoko from the other side of the arena with its blank face. He grinned. "So, it has come down to just you and me, eh?" The mannequin didn't speak, and just raised its fists in front of its face in a fighting stance. Tomoko threw the rifle into the air, catching it by the handle. He then pointed it at the doll in front of him. "Well let's dance, shall we?" The last opponent came rushing at him. Tomoko waited until it came close enough. Then, he pulled the trigger. "Libra Justice Waltz!" A bright yellow bullet was fired from the rifle. It penetrated the forehead of the mannequin, and from the entry hole, ribbons of the same yellow colour as the bullet started spreading. They twisted around the limbs of the doll, and constricted until it fell apart. Tomoko placed the rifle on his shoulder, quite pleased with his work. He turned around and looked at the gallery. "Well, what do you say?" A middle aged man in a blue jumpsuit stepped out on the arena. He walked up to the broken mannequin and picked up some of the parts, sighing. "As always you did a good job, Tomoko-kun, but could you please not go all out like this next time? Do you even know how long it takes me to fix these things after you've completely destroyed them like this?" He smiled. "I'm sorry sir, it's just that I haven't been able to use my powers in a while, and my body was just itching to fight." The man chuckled. "Youth these days are so impatient." Once he had picked up all the body parts of the doll and put them in a large backpack, he placed his hand on Tomoko's shoulder. "You're one of, if not the best battlers we have. With you on our team, I feel like maybe someday we'll be able to force our way out from these catacombs, not having to hole ourselvelves up underground anymore." Soon after the man walked away, Tomoko's smile dropped. He knew that he was the last hope for some of the other resistance members, but he also knew that with his powers alone he didn't stand a chance against the evil forces that had taken over earth. They needed back-up, and lots of it. If only the queens were still alive...
  7. The sun was high in the sky when Trevor arrived in Crystal Tokyo. This was not his original destination when he had first set out the previous day, but he felt as if a force guided him to the city. As always since he turned twenty he felt the pulse of the earth course through his body this sensation became stronger the closer he got to Crystal Tokyo. He did not know what to make of it,but he was sure answers awaited him at his destination. He walked down the streets with no real clue about were to go or what he should be doing. As he rounded a corner he saw a young boy run from a man with another young gentleman in pursuit. He was going to go help the young boy , but decided not too when he heard the other boy yell Yuuichi figuring it was the younger boys name Trevor saw no real reason to intervene.

    Trevor continued down the street and out of the corner of his eye he saw a cafe. " Well looks like my rest stop." Trevor mumbled to himself as he walked through the door of the White Rose Cafe. He took a seat in the back with that had a nice view of the entire cafe. He absently looked through the menu through the menu when the waitress appeared. " I will have a caramel ice coffee and a scone." Trevor said as the waitress took the menu from him and left. He sat there thinking what his next move was. He didn't know what, but something was gonna happen in the this city today. " Looks like it time to play the waiting game" He said softly to himself as he leaned back in the chair waiting for his order.
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  8. Rini was sitting on her bed doodling a picture of what she seemed to remember as the big Crystal Place in Crystal Tokyo. She seemed to recall the giant structures that made up the place in which she used to play. She was only 4 when her mother had told her she was leaving for a little while. When Chibusa had protested and refused to talk to her mother for 3 days Serena had a breakdown outside her door. Rini, seeing her mother crying has started crying and threw her arms around her sniffling mother. That was her favorite memory. Her mother and her holding each other, her father had found then sometime later fast asleep. Serena wasn't always Rini's favorite person, but she was without a doubt her mother, her best friend, and her protector. The last time she saw her parents they had promised her she'd be back soon and they would always love her. Soon hadn't come yet.. Rini often wondered if they'd forgotten about the girls. They'd been stuck here in this dimension for almost 12 years. She yearned for real sunlight and for real wind. She wished so badly to go back. She yearned to go back. She missed the palace, the servants, the happiness that surrounded the world. She missed her father and his black hair that she used to out in ponytails. She missed her Serena and her pranks she'd pull to make her laugh. She missed the story's. She missed earth. Suddenly there was a knock at her door. "Koishi!" She jumped off her bed and pulled open the door. "I have something to show you!" She pulled her best friend into the room. She had grown so very found of all the girls but she seemed to relate to Koishi the best. Though she'd never tell the other girls because she loved them all so. "Look! I drew home!" She said showing the large drawing of the palace surrounded by the solar system. "Look there's Serena's planet the moon! And mars and Venus and Saturn and Jupiter and mercury!" She almost seemed to bounce as her long pink hair did. "Oh Koishi I miss home.." She sat on her bed and have a dramatic sigh. "What do you wanna do today?" She asked as she kicked her legs up and down from the bed .
  9. Koishi was happily dragged into her friend's room. When Rini showed her the picture of the Crystal Palace she got almost as excited as her. "Woow, it's a great picture! You're a really great artist, you know that?" She looked at the drawing for a while, but when she noticed the sad tone in Rini's voice, she decided to cheer her up. She put the paper down on a table, and then turned to face Rini, throwing herself at her while tickling her all over. "Heyheyhey, what's with the long face? We can't have that, now can we? Noo, I need my friend to be smiling and laughing! Come on, let's turn that sad frown upside down!" When she was finally done tickling, Koishi sat down next to Rini. "I miss home too, you know, but I really don't remember much of it... Sometimes it makes me sad, but in a way this place has become home to me, since I don't know anything else. Sure, this place can be boring, even mind-numbingly so, but it's only what we make it. I'm sure we'll be able to return soon enough, and we'll be able to live normal lifes, so we just have to hang in there a liiittle while longer. Just remember that if you ever feel sad or homesick, I'll be there to lift your spirits!" Koishi then threw herself back onto the bed. She didn't quite expect to ramble like that, and it embarrassed her a little, but it also felt good to have it out of her system. "Hmm, now, as to what I'd like to do today... We could watch a movie or something... But nah, I don't really feel like doing that today." She rolled over and faced Rini with her head resting on her hands. "We could go see what the others are up to, maybe they're doing something fun?"
  10. So focused on her task of finding Hisako, she didn't notice Sakura till the taller girl was right beside her and speaking. She startled and stumbled, nearly landing on her face as she tripped over her own feet, but landed on her knees instead. She cried out softly as her knees and hands landed on the hard marble of the palaces floor. She stayed on her knees for a few moments, catching her breath before look up at the brown hair girl, her knees aching and her hands throbbing. "I...I think...something...happened to...Hisako." she swallowed thickly and coughed as she choked. "Or at least, something strange is happening around her. It's really hard to explain, but I think we need to find her."

    She sat back on her heels and lifted her hands to her face. They were red and a bit scrapped but were not seriously hurt, though they did still throb a bit. She wouldn't be able to check her knees till she got back to her room and stripped off her jeans. They'd probably be raw from rubbing against the rough fabric of her pants, but she was certain there was no real damage. She shifted and took a deep breath, still a bit winded and made to stand, but stumbled slightly as her knees tried to give out on her.
  11. Sakura was very surprised when Hinako suddenly fell down "Oi, are you okay!? Sorry if I startled you..." She quickly helped her to stand, letting Hanako rest her weight on her. Sakura felt a heavy knot in her stomach. She really needed to work on the way she came off to others. "Hisako, you say? Well I'm sure nothing bad could've happened to her, not in this place. But I trust your sense and judgement, so let's go find her. Can you stand? Come on, you can lean on me if your knees feel like caving in." She tried to sound as helpful as possible. If they were going to find Hisako, they had to start somewhere, and that somewhere should probably be the main meeting area, and so Sakura began heading there.
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  12. Hanako smiled somewhat shyly up at the taller girl as she helped her to her feet, supporting Hanako's smaller body against her own. "It's alright. I was so completely focused on finding her that I honestly didn't notice you." she limped a bit as Sakura helped her in the direction of the main meeting area, which was the direction she had been heading anyway. After a couple of feet, she felt that her knees could now support her properly and gradually pulled away from Sakura, giving her a grateful smile. "Thanks for the help, but I think I'm okay now."

    She quickened her pace, not really worrying about whether or not Sakura could keep up with her. The taller girl was probably one of the most athletic girls in the group, where as Hanako was pretty much the exact opposite. Her accelerated walk turned into a run as they neared the opening to the main meeting area. She skidded to a halt when she entered the meeting area and felt a bit panicked when she noticed it was empty. She bit her lower lip, reaching out to Hisako with her empathy, trying to pick up a trace of the younger girls emotions. What she found instead both surprised her and worried her. She had felt Hisako, and she appeared to be fine, but she also sensed another person who was near or with the younger princess. Someone who's emotions felt oddly familiar but Hanako couldn't place where she knew them from. She turned to the fall brunette and looked up at her with worried sky blue eyes "I found her, she's just leaving the garden and she seems fine, but...there's someone with her...someone I've never felt before, but seems familiar. I don't know where they're headed though..."
  13. Rini laughed as her friend jumped on her and tickled her. "Stop! S-stop Koishi!" She said in between laughs and puffed breaths. When she finally got off Rini was panting hard on the bed giggling like a mad man. She didn't seem 16 in nature most of the time, she acted more like a 6 year old. Though she looked all the part of a mature, beautiful 16 year old girl. She started to braid a section of her cotton candy pink hair and looked at Kosihi. She listened as her friend began to give her a lecture on how they could return soon. "Soon isn't soon enough!" She groaned before sitting up on the bed and looking at her. "Hmmm nah movies bore me half the time. And the others? Doing something fun? Like reading or playing with fire?" She stuck her tongue out and giggled. "Okay let's go see!" She jumped off the bed and ran out the door "Come on slow poke!!" She yelled back to Koshi
  14. The place they were in was reasonably large. Not ridiculously large, but large enough to not bump into everyone after turning a corner or two. Ryoko had walked to the more central area, and on her way happened to pass notice Hisako walking off with a stranger.
    A person with incredibly long green hair. Now who in the world?
    "Hisako-chan!" The black haired girl called to the other. She trotted over to the two and had a good look at the tall woman.
    "Meiou-sama." She gasped, instantly recognizing the face. "What brings you here, is there news of our parents?" She inquired.

    The youngster of the group was startled ever so slightly when Ryoko started talking to them. Hisako had been a bit lost in a train of thought when the other girl had approached her and this woman, Setsuna.
    As she had been walking, heading towards Chibiusa's room, Hisako had been trying to figure out where this strange person came from. She couldn't recall having ever seen this person before in the place they lived in, but she couldn't entirely deny that the presence was familiar. Had they somehow met before? The name honestly didn't ring a bell with her, but then again, how much would a two year old have remembered of a face and name they only had met maybe once or twice in her entire life. Of course the name itself, Setsuna, was well known to her, as that was the princess of Neptune's name. She had been named after.. After the guardian of the Space-Time door, Sailor Pluto!
    She stopped walking, eyes growing large as she connected the dots in her head and looked from Setsuna to Ryoko. "We're going home." She breathed.
    "I will explain it all soon, but first, let's gather all the girls." The warm voice of the Pluto told them.

    Upon skidding into the safety of the alley and hearing his name, the boy stopped and turned around as fast as his 11 year old legs could carry him. It almost got him toppled over and into a trashcan that he missed by mere millimeters.
    "Hey Kaoru-kun! Look what I found!" He called out. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and revealed a hand full of pretty, shining stones, each a different color, like the rainbow, a bottle cap, and coins for a game machine.
    "Found 'm in some old building down in the deserted part of town." He said. "Well actually some old dude gave me these stones, but anyway."
    "Come on, let's go get something to drink before we go 'down' he said, referring to the catacombs' entrance in the cafe near by.
  15. The two twins were walking down the hallway, Setsuna clinging to Tonbo's arm and resting her head on her shoulder. They really looked more like a couple than a pair of sisters. Setsuna allowed her eyelids to drop, relying entirely on the navigation of her sister. Suddenly, Tonbo ground to a halt and gasped. "Setsuna..." Setsuna looked up at her, quite surprised by the sudden stop. "Yes, what is it?" But Tonbo didn't reply, instead she just stared in front of her. Wondering what was going on, Setsuna's gaze wandered to the point where Tonbo's seemed to be fixated. And there, right in front of them, a familiar figure was standing next to two of the other princesses. "What in the world... Pluto!?" Yes, Setsuna recognized her own eponym. She was close friends with her parents, and as such they had met on several occassions. But to think they would meet again after all these years... It was almost too hard to believe.

    Kaoru looked at the objects in Yuuichi's hands. "Eehh, really? An old man just gave them to you? I've never seen stones as pretty as that... They're almost like jewels, quite pricey ones at that. In fact, are you sure they're not? What if the old man stole them and is just using you as some sort of relay so he won't get caught by the authorities? Well, either way, no much we can do about it. And you're right, I'm feeling quite parched. Well you know what they say, 'The White Rose is always open!'.

    As they walked up to the conter, Kaoru waved hello to the owner. "Yo! I'll have the usual, sweet iced tea, and this little brat..." He ruffled Yuuichi's hair and gave him a wicked grin. "Will have a kiddy pop!"

  16. Sakura cracked her fists. "Someone else, huh? Well I don't know how the hell an intrudor made their way in here, but if they're planning on hurting Hisako they'll have to go through me first!" Voices could be hear from a corridor not far away. Sakura ran over to it, and when crossing the corner, she could see a crowd of people. "Hold it right there! What are you planning to do with Hisako!?" She pointed her finger at them. Then she saw that Hisako was standing there pretty casually if anything, as was Ryoko, Tonbo, Setsuna, and... "Wait... P-P-P-Pluto!?" Yes, even Sakura who wasn't that old could remember the guardian of time from her childhood. She was probably the unkown presence Hanako had felt. But what was she doing in this closed space?.. Was it, perhaps, finally time for the girls to go home?
  17. "Sakura wait!" she called out but the Jupiter princess has already dashed off and whipped around the corner. They had no idea who the other person was or what they were capible of doing. They shouldn't just rush in without knowing what they were up against. She signed and shook her head as she lengthened her stride to catch up with her friend. Hanako was just about to turn the corner when she was hit by a wave of excitement, surprise, confusion, nope and a little bit of fear. Normally she wouldn't have been taken so off guard, but nearly all the girls had gathered in one place and were all feeling similar emotions so strongly, that they had broken through her barrier as if it hadn't been there at all. She clutched at the wall to steady herself, her mind vaguely registering Sakura's voice saying a name, a name she vaguely remembered from Crystal Tokyo.

    She moved her gaze from the floor to the tall statuesque woman who was standing next to Hisako. The long dark green hair, deep scarlet eyes and jewel topped staff were unmistakable. Though Hanako had only meet her once, she had seen her likeness in countless of the books she had read. She was Meiou Setsuna, Queen of Pluto and Guardian of the Time Gate, the Sailor Senshi of Time. But why was she here? She tried to focus her gift towards the older senshi, but she could sense nothing through the storm of emotions from her friends. Once she was finally able to recover, and erect the wall around her mind once more, Hanako shyly made her way towards the others, now just as eager as the others to know why the Senshi of Time had come to them.
  18. Koishi smiled widely at Rini "Hehe, you have quite the mean streak, moon princess!" She dashed out of the room, sprinting ahead of her friend. "I'll race you to the main hall! First one there gets to draw on the other person's face!" The small heels on Koishi's slippers clattered on the marble floor, but it was drowned out by her echoing laughter. Suddenly, as she turned a corner, she could see all the other girl standing there, surrounding a strange but familiar looking woman. She turned to Rini, who was gaining up on her from behind. "Hey, guess what? Looks like something interesting's actually going on!" Koishi didn't remember Sailor Pluto, but there was something about her aura that made her seem like she wasn't a threat.
  19. Rini laughed. "You're so on!!" She said as she took off running down the marble hall. Her laughter echoed Koishi's. She rounded the corner of the hall and came to a screeching halt next to Koishi. "Yeah.. I.. I think I know her.." Memories of Sailor Pluto came flooding back to her. Rini remembered the tall girl who guarded the gate of time, she had been a guest at Rini's 4th birthday party a long time ago. "Kosihi.. I think we're finally going home.." She whispered to her friend before heading over to the girls. "P-Pluto..? Is that you?" She asked shyly.
  20. All the while that the girls came pouring into the area where Hisako and Pluto were standing she had kept quiet, being the silent presence she had been known for.
    Though Pluto's expression had been relatively calm when she stood there waiting, it slowly turned grim as the moment came for her to tell the news.

    “Girls.” Hisako heard her say. “I bring news of your world, your home. But I’m afraid it’s not the joyful news you are hoping for.” She looked to each of the faces present. “While you were sent away a war was raging. It swept across the nation and tore apart the city.” Hisako wasn’t quite certain if she was the only one that heard those words. That couldn’t be correct, right? A war? At the silence after those words Hisako was afraid of asking the inevitable.
    “What of our parents?”
    “Your mothers, and fathers, fought valiantly.” It was the pause that came after those words that made Hisako’s heart cringe.

    “They never stood a chance.” Those small words hit in like a bomb. It felt like all life was being sucked right out of her. This... couldn’t be happening.
    “No. NO!” Ryoko screamed. She rushed forward and grabbed Setsuna’s shirt forcefully. “You’re lying, you’re lying!” She shrieked. The tears started flowing. Sailor Pluto wouldn’t lie. The silent sad look that Setsuna had in her eyes only confirmed what she had just told them.
    Ryoko slumped down to her knees, not having the strength to stand. Sitting by Setsuna’s feet she cried.

    “I know this is terrible news. And this a tough burden to bare, but there have been signs of a new force that is fighting against the dark powers. You must find them, and together defeat your enemies to restore the country. But you won’t go there powerless, and you won't be alone.” She slightly raised her staff and before each girl a small light glowed, out of which their first transformation pen came forth. “These are your mothers’ final gifts to you. Now go.” She set down her staff and a portal opened up, taking the girls back to their old, broken, hometown. "New Sailors have begun to awaken, of the Zodiac signs. You must find them and work together, that is the only way."
    The portal, once they would step through, would lead them straight to the edge of one of the deserted areas, right around the corner of the busy streets.

    Yuuichi shrugged, who cared if the old geezer was a bit dodgy, he had these stones, and once they were secured in his tiny little 'treasure' box, no one could find them. Not as long as they were in the Catacombs at least.
    Inside the cafe Kaoru ordered their drinks, but "HEY!" he said as his buddy told the tender to give him a kiddy pop. "I'm not a little kid anymore." He protested. By definition he definitely was a kid, but what eleven year old ever admitted to that? They always saw themselves as so much older and more mature than the ten year olds, and even more so than the ones that only had one digit for an age.

    Outside a fog started to roll in. Although Yuuichi had not yet obtained his power to transform, and wasn't aware of such a thing being possible at all, he did know when things were about to go wrong.
    "Kaoru." He said fully serious, and looked outside. Out from the fog a figure rose. A woman with blueish skin and brown curly hair. Her sights were set on the direction that Yuu had come from, and unbeknown to them, to the direction of where the girls would soon be appearing from around the corner.

    Down below in the catacombs Tomoko had been training in, a man rushed in. "Tomoko, there's trouble upstairs." He said. The man, Ryu, was the leader of the pack, well, semi leader. He didn't have the fighting power to transform and break through the enemy lines, but he was in charge of the people down here. He after all was the son of Shin, the younger brother of Usagi, Neo-Queen Serenity.