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  1. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Story [​IMG]

    It is many years into the future, the 30th century. Crystal Tokyo flourished under the reign of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Life was good, fun, and free of youma.
    A true utopia.
    Both inner and outer senshi took up their respective titles as Queens of their planets, while remaining in Crystal Tokyo as Neo Queen Serenity's advisors and guardians. Only Setsuna Meioh, Sailor Pluto, took up her station at the Door of Space-Time again and remained in solitude.
    Over time children and even grandchildren were born to the inner, and outer senshi, and were raised all alongside each other. All was perfect.

    But one day, when all were gathered in the palace, a distress call came from outside the city. Neo Queen Serenity and her court, as well as Small Lady Serenity and her extended court, went out to answer the call, promising their (grand)children they would all return soon.

    Soon never came.

    A grave threat raged against the Earth and its beautiful capital. All of them fought bravely, but it was to no avail.
    Their power was not strong enough.
    Sailor Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas were robbed of their Sailor Crystals before the Small Lady’s very eyes. As the darkness closed in on them, they all gave up their powers to prevent the darkness from taking those too, and sealed away the castle, leaving the princes and princesses in ageless slumber inside the Crystal Palace.

    [​IMG] Plot [​IMG]

    One hundred years have passed since that fateful day. The world has been taken over by a new imperium, and the people slowly forgot about their perfect world and beautiful ruler. The only reminder being the large crystal structure in the center of the city.
    Inside, eight of the twelve heirs are about to wake up and take up the task their grandmothers, mothers, and fathers left behind. It will be up to them to succeed, or fail.

    [​IMG] Location [​IMG]

    Crystal Tokyo
    Crystal Tokyo

    Crystal Tokyo, the new name that was given to Tokyo when Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion ascended the throne to rule over the Earth. It became not only the capital of Japan, but also of the entire Earth. It was a utopia, the epicenter of the new Silver Millennium, at the center of which stood the Crystal Palace.
    For the longest time, due to the presence of the Silver Crystal aging was slowed down to nearly a complete halt.
    However, the Silver Crystal has gone missing, and thus aging has picked up its pace back to normal.
    Despite the darkness that now seeps through the streets of Crystal Tokyo, it still remains a beautiful city, more beautiful than any other city on Earth.

    The city is shaped like a giant five pointed star, with the Crystal Palace at its center. Each point of the star has its own designated district, such as the shopping district, entertainment district. At the tips of these points there are five buildings that have been named Crystal Points, due to their immense power that emits from them.
    During the time of Neo-Queen Serenity these points were as strong as the Palace's defense. No evil could enter, or come near the city.
    However at the last great battle, after the Queens, Princes, and Princesses gave up their powers, the strength of the points dwindled, allowing darkness to enter the capital.

    Crystal Points
    Crystal Tokyo Map

    The layout of the city, when viewed from above, looks like a five pointed star, with the Crystal Palace in the pentagon center. At the tips of the star there are special points that hold vast amounts of pure good energy and are called Crystal Points.
    Once they were strong enough to protect the entire city from darkness, keeping it well outside of its borders, but after Neo-Queen Serenity and her court gave up their powers the strength of these points dimmed. Although they do not protect the entire city anymore, they do protect many vital areas of the city and are the entry ways to the Catacombs.

    • North •
    In the North one will be able to find the Great Jupiter Gardens. Named after Queen Jupiter who started the gardens on her own, in front of her shop, and brought them to full potential.
    Jupiter's flower shop still stands, though it mostly services to the Great Jupiter Gardens. It is one of the five Crystal Points.
    Currently the flower shop isn't accessible as it is heavily guarded by the forces of the Dark Empire. Upon orders of the Dark Emperor the name of the garden was changed to the Great Gardens.
    The Northern point is considered one of the wealthier points where mostly the rich and famous reside.
    Further up north, beyond the flower shop, stands a large black crystal structure known as the Dark Crystal Palace.

    • East •
    The East point holds Crystal Tokyo's main shopping district. While there was some damage from the last great battle, most of it has been repaired. This area is the busiest during working hours, full of life, yet eerily quiet during the evenings and nights. No one lives in this part of the city.
    Towards the center of the East Point one can find the Uranus Sports Center. Back in the day it was a very lively place that held many competitions. Now it mainly is a training area for various types of sports, but the vibrant energy has faded. Due to the obvious link back to Queen Uranus, the Dark Empire had the sign altered, removing the name of the Queen from the building, leaving only 'Sports Center' on the wall.
    On the farthest point of the eastern section stands an old Arcade that was guarded by Queen Venus. It hasn't been opened or visited in years due to it being sealed off by the Dark Empire. This was done because the Arcade is another one of the Crystal Points.

    • South East •
    Further on towards the south stands the Hikawa Shrine on a hill. This shrine was under the protection of Queen Mars while she was still alive, and is the third Crystal Point.
    For the past 31 years no one has been allowed to enter the shrine and the entire hill has been closed off. As a result, the structure has become weak and has started to decay despite the immense strength of the Crystal Point. The Hikawa Crystal Point is arguably the strongest point of the five due to its spiritual connection, for this reason the Dark Empire can't even enter the hill itself on which the shrine stands.
    The rest of the district consists of middle class homes and residences. It is a relatively calm neighborhood, despite the oddly massive amount of crows that have gathered there.

    • West •
    Over on the most western point of the city stands what's known as the 'Education district'. It houses the hospitals, universities, high schools, middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens. Beyond that it also houses the greatest library the world has ever seen, known as Mercury's Great Library. The name was changed by Dark Empire to remove the association with Queen Mercury, making it merely the Great Library. A pointless feat to be honest, as this was a Crystal Point, and therefore was closed off. Not even a librarian has been inside in the past 31 years.
    Interestingly enough the Great Library was once the Chess Tower where chess matches were held.
    The other major name change in the past was to the Observatory and Astronomy Center. Originally attributed to Queen Saturn the Saturn Observatory and Astronomy Center educated many in the wonders of the universe.
    This district also houses many people, primarily in flats and apartments.

    • South West •
    The entertainment district can be found in the South Western point. Movie theaters, an open air theater, clubs, bars, and the crown jewel of cultural education at the tip of the point, the Neptune Concert Hall. It received its name in honor of Queen Neptune, who played there often. 31 years ago the name was stripped off of the building until it was finally restored back to its original state two years ago.
    The South Western part of the star is the first section to be liberated of the Dark Empire's hold. For the regular inhabitants not a lot has changed, other than that the Neptune Concert Hall is once again open for everyone. It had been restricted by the Dark Empire due to the great power that flowed forth from it, making it the fifth Crystal Point.
    Right by this Crystal Point's side stands a hotel, called the Blue Moon Hotel.
    Although to most it may seem insignificant, this hotel played a pivotal role in this district's liberation. In the basement of the hotel the Resistance made an opening, which lead to the Crystal Point. And because of this, they could reach the Catacombs without being spotted by the Dark Empire.


    A massive structure, spanning as far as the entire city, lies below Crystal Tokyo. While it isn't completely certain why these were built when Crystal Tokyo was created, it received the title of the Catacombs. The dead weren't buried there, but it was carved with tunnels and outcroppings that could have served as such.
    Regardless of its original reason for creation, it currently is being used by the Resistance. The outcroppings serve as sleeping quarters, and storage compartments.

    Because there were only 6 entry points into the Catacombs, the five Crystal Points and the Palace, it was the most brilliant way to get across the city from point to point without being spotted by the Dark Empire as everyone was still able to enter the Crystal Points freely.
    Unfortunately, the Dark Empire realized this after 19 years, and closed the buildings off, killing or capturing anyone that either entered or left the building.

    With a stroke of luck on how the buildings stood, the South West Crystal Point, the Neptune Concert Hall, was right up next to a hotel. The hotel wasn’t closed off, so the few remaining members of the Resistance, together with the owner of the hotel, created a hole down in the basement where the walls of the two buildings connected.
    This became the only entry and exit point to the Catacombs.
    Now that the South Western point is free again the Neptune Concert Hall can be used as well.

    The only entry point that hasn't been used in 50 years is the entrance to the Crystal Palace. When Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady Serenity, and their courts gave up their powers the entire Palace was sealed off. Because of this no one, not even anyone of the Resistance, has set foot inside the Crystal Palace.

    Crystal Palace
    Crystal Palace

    The epitome of architectural design stands at the center of what was once the greatest capital of the world. Created of what appears to be pure crystal, the Crystal Palace towers over the highest buildings. It was the residence of the Royal Family, namely Neo Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity. The court of Neo Queen Serenity and Small Lady Serenity often resided in the palace as well, to protect the Queen, though they were able to live off on their own if they so wished it.

    Back when the world was at peace the Palace was the center of love and tranquility. Now the structure appears cold and desolate to all those that lay their eyes upon it. No one knows that the palace isn’t deserted.
    Inside the Princes and Princesses are suspended in ageless sleep in the highest tower. Trapped in crystal in the highest chamber they lay on stone altar like structures.

    There are many doors in the Crystal Palace, all of which have been locked, some of which have never been opened, not even in the time of Neo Queen Serenity herself. They all stand at the end of a corridor, together with the Door of Space-Time.
    The entrance to the Catacombs is only able to be unlocked from the inside of the Palace, but the above ground entrances of the Palace are all sealed off and will not unlock until all the evil has been vanquished.

    Dark Crystal Palace
    Crystal Palace

    North of Crystal Tokyo, just beyond the northern Crystal Point, stands a massive structure, nearly a shadowy reflection of the crystal structure at the center of the city. The main difference is its color. It consists almost entirely of black crystals. This is the residence of the Dark Emperor, who now rules the Earth. No one has actually seen the Dark Emperor, just a massive shadow back when the Earth was conquered.
    The Dark Crystal Palace is also the main base of organization for the Dark Empire, from here all commands are made. This is also where the Great Four reside most of the time.
    Due to the power emitted by the Crystal Points, the Dark Crystal Palace couldn't be formed inside of the city.

    [​IMG] Rules [​IMG]

    • Above all follow the rules set forth by this site. If I notice you breaking the site rules, I will report you.

    • Before you submit a character make sure to check if the senshi you want aren't already taken. I will deal in a first come-first serve basis. I will place a senshi on reserve for a while, but not indefinitely. Check back with me every few days so I know you’re still working on it. If you want to drop a character, let me know.

    • Each character sheet that you submit must be in a separate post. This simply has to do with the linking back to the character in the Accepted list. If there are multiple characters in one post it becomes a bit messy.

    • Please use the provided Character Sheet and fill it out correctly. Incorrectly filled out character sheets, or altered character sheets will not be accepted and requested to be revised to match the actual character sheet. Should you encounter trouble with making it or cleaning it up, let me know and I will send a PM to you with the clean coded character sheet completed with your information in it so you can copy and paste it directly to the OOC thread.

    • Be aware of your grammar, spelling and overall if your posts make sense. I know that not every one of us is raised with English as their primary language, and some of us (like myself) have to deal with dyslexia, so I do not expect perfection, but do expect you to catch most of the errors.

    • Play nice, don't go picking fights. Our characters may perhaps not like each other, but do not take it beyond the IC. And sometimes we don't particularly care for certain participants, but please do not vent it out in the threads. If there are any issues with fellow players, let me know so we can solve this situation peacefully together.

    • If you are waiting for your character to be accepted, please be patient. I can't be here 24/7. Do not post in the IC before I have accepted your character.

    • You may choose up to 2 characters.

    • While in character, post more than one line. A minimum of two paragraphs is preferred. If you have hit a severe writers' block or will not be able to post for some time, let me know.

    • To make sure that you've read all the details, send a PM to me before you've submitted your character with answers to the following questions. 1. What is the name of the hotel. 2. Are the characters aware that they have been asleep for many years. 3. Which of the planets have so far been taken. If you submit your character without sending me this PM, I will not accept the character. The only reminder I will give you is to give me proof that you have read everything. If you do not comply unless someone actually points out this rule, I will not accept your character(s). You only have to send me this information once. Any secondary submitted characters do not need this.

    • While in character, make sure your character's actions make sense and are true to the character.

    • Do not decide what happens to another person's character(s). While you might be allowed to take someone's hand and run into a building together, you may not throw them out a window without consent.

    • While others may not decide what happens to your character, do not make it impossible for your character to be hit or beaten. Perfection is boring to write with, so don't be 'that person'. Give them flaws, weaknesses, and allow them to get hurt every once in a while.

    • Plotting and planning is highly promoted and valued. If you want to develop your character in any way or have them in a bind because of some situation, please send me a PM so I can add it in the Timeline. I will be keeping tabs on all the developments of the RP and would love to see personal plots be intwined into it to make the main story come to life.

    • Any player battles that are initiated must be resolved quickly to not take over too much of the RP. It is advised to collaborate on a post to save space.

    • In the RP we will not have a set posting order. I do ask of you to keep common sense in mind when you post, so do not spam the thread or leave others behind. During major plot events I will be keeping closer tabs on how often people post, but even then, there won't be a set order.

    • Do not use any unnecessary abbreviations or txt-style writing. Any use of txt-style writing will be requested to be edited immediately.

    • Please write in third person, and in past tense only. No exeptions.

    • Be aware that I hold the right to adjust and edit any of the rules set forth by this roleplay. While it is unlikely that anything major will change, I will make sure to let you know in the OOC thread if I have changed anything.

    • Make sure to have fun. It would be a shame if we didn't have fun while writing this RP. Should there be a reason why you are feeling unhappy, please voice it in the OOC or via PM to me. This way we can hopefully work together to a better environment for you.

    [​IMG] Notes [​IMG]

    Senshi Appearance
    In this roleplay you will be requested to follow a few guidelines in regards to the appearance of the senshi.


    • Princes •
    Some parts of the uniform you can freely choose and customize, other parts will be mandatory but you may change the color, and then there are a few parts that may not be tampered with.
    In the image all the white areas may not be adjusted, and the grey areas may be changed into a single color, but not altered in shape or type.

    Please use the dollmaker here to complete the doll yourself. To reach the male image section, tap the checkmark in the upper right corner. Tap the female body on the left, and choose the remove option by her feet. Then tap the button with the male figure and plus sign.
    If you can not make the doll for some reason, please copy the list, fill in the details of what he looks like, and add it to the top of the character sheet. Then I will personally make the image so you can add it to the character sheet. (This will be done after the character is approved!)
    While it is not mandatory, it would be preferred if you tried to keep to the original senshi’s color scheme. Also, contrary to some of the original anime/manga, the princes remain males once transformed into sailors.

    Undershirt - The undershirt is white and may not be adjusted.
    Undershirt neckline You may choose the color of the neckline.
    Coat - The coat is white and may not be adjusted. You may choose the color of the coat lines.
    Collar - You may choose the color of the collar, it must have 3 white lines from back to tip.
    Bow - You may choose the color of the bow.
    Pants - You may choose the color of the pantaloons.
    Gloves - All the guys wear white gloves. The length of glove is up to you.
    Shoes - You may choose what kind of footwear he wears, as well as color. (If he wears boots you can adjust the pantaloons to be inside or outside of the boots.)
    Tiara - The tiara is gold, you may choose the color of the oval stone in the center.
    Earrings - Optional, you may choose whether or not they wear earrings, and if he does what it looks like in color and shape.
    Bow Gem - Optional, you may choose whether or not he has a gem at the center of the bow or not, and if he does what it looks like in color and shape. The gems are in the drag and drop section.
    Please do not add any type of hat or cape.
    Also please do not add any other items beyond what is listed here. This simply so items can be added/changed when they receive their next status (Star, Crystal, Eternal).

    [/B]• Princesses •[/B]
    The female uniform will be based upon the original Senshi uniform.
    Some parts of the uniform you can freely choose and customize, other parts will be mandatory but you may change the color, and then there are a few parts that may not be tampered with.
    In the image all the white areas may not be adjusted, and the grey areas may be changed into a single color, but not in shape or type.

    Please use the dollmaker here to complete the doll yourself.
    If you can not make the doll for some reason, please copy the list, fill in the details of what he looks like, and add it to the top of the character sheet. Then I will personally make the image so you can add it to the character sheet. (This will be done after the character is approved!)
    While it is not mandatory, it would be preferred if you tried to keep to the original senshi’s color scheme.

    Bodice - The bodice is white and may not be adjusted.
    Collar - You may choose the color of the collar, it must have 3 white lines.
    Belt - The belt above the skirt remains white, and has no other decorations.
    Skirt - You may choose a single color of the skirt.
    Sleeves - The sleeves are white and may not be adjusted.
    Gloves - All the girls wear white gloves. The length and type of glove is up to you. The rim at the top is flat on the skin (third option in the gloves page) and you may choose the color.
    Shoes - You may choose what kind of footwear she wears, as well as color.
    Tiara - The tiara is gold, you may choose the color of the oval stone in the center. Only Sailor Moon may add a different gem.
    Earrings - Optional, you may choose whether or not they wear earrings, and if she does what it looks like in color and shape.
    Choker - You may choose the color of the choker (necklace). You may also add a gem to the choker if you wish.
    Bow Front - You may choose the color of the bow. (Fourth bow in the list)
    Bow Gem - Optional, you may choose whether or not she has a gem at the center of the bow or not, and if she does what it looks like in color and shape.
    Bow Back - You may choose the color of the bow. (Second bow in the list)
    Please do not add any other items beyond what is listed here. This simply so items can be added/changed when they receive their next status (Star, Crystal, Eternal)

    Transformation Devices
    Sailor Moon will use the Broach, as per usual. It will be given to her at the start of the RP. It currently does not hold the Silver Crystal.
    The remaining heirs will be given a transformation pen, similar to the ones their grandmothers/parent once used.

    Luna, Artemis, and Diana perished along with the Queen and her court. Pets are allowed, just remember to take responsibility for them.

    Affinities and Gifts
    From time to time in extreme conditions the Senshi might show a minor amount of affinity with their related element. This is only under certain circumstances, and can't be used whenever pleased.
    The only exception is if the element is related to a secondary gift. Such as fortune telling through the flames. Even then it may not be abused. This is a Sailor Moon RP, not a superpower training facility.

    There is no separate section in the character sheet for the personality. Instead I would like to challenge you to try a different approach.
    While you may add a description of the character's personality under the tab '• Notes •' in the character sheet, you may also choose to do the following (or both).

    Online there are many variations of personality tests including professional ones that are used in psychological evaluations. Personally I find it interesting to do these tests for my characters to see how different or similar they resemble me, or with other characters of mine. It can also give more insight into how the character would really react when confronted with certain situations.
    While it is absolutely not mandatory, I would like to challenge you to do one or more of these tests and place the test results under the '• Notes •' tab in the character sheet.

    • RHETI •
    The full Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) test is 144 questions long. In the following link you will find a sampler test with 36 questions. Choose the answer that matches your character best. There may be times when neither answer really applies, or where both match the character to some degree. Go with the one that is slightly more accurate.

    At the end you will see two final questions for statistic purposes. The MBTI refers to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The Myers Briggs test is another well known personality test. If you've done the Myers Briggs test as well you can fill this out, but it has no influence on the outcome.

    On the results page you will see 9 types, and below it a number. The highest number is usually the personality type that matches best, you can take a look at the other descriptions as well, but in the end choose one type.

    Once you've done the test, found which one describes your character best, and want to share the result in the character sheet you can list the type number and name for it.
    RHETI Sample Test

    There are many other personality tests out there. If you want to try out more, feel free to do as you please.

    Names and Honorifics
    In this RP we will be using all the Japanese names and nicknames.
    E.g., Sailor Senshi, not Sailor Scouts. Chibiusa, not Rini.
    As the setting takes place in (Crystal) Tokyo, Japan, it would be make the most sense if you chose a Japanese name for your character.
    Family names may be chosen freely. You may use the original Senshi’s maiden names, but you don’t have to.

    In character we will not use the regular Japanese lore such as 'baka', 'onee-san', 'boku', etc.
    In extension of that, we will also not use honorifics in any form, including '-san', '-sama', '-hime', and '-chan'.

    Hiding the identity
    The Dark Empire and everyone else believes the Heirs are dead, just like the Queens, Princes and Princesses. As such, if the Heirs should suddenly emerge, they will send their forces to kill them right away. Which means the group will have to keep their royal identity a secret from the world, including people of the Resistance, with exception of the leader of the Resistance.

    As everyone thinks that the royal families are dead, and won't think the Senshi are the heirs it gives them complete freedom on how they handle their identity as Sailor Senshi.

    The Resistance mostly resides underground, in the Catacombs, under Shin Tsukino's guidance. They have had a history of good times and bad ones, but all in all they seem to be quite well off nowadays. Supplies are coming in steadily, there are quite a number of members, and they've managed to free one of the points of the star.
    Nevertheless they have to remain careful. It took 48 years to free the first part of the city, and any wrong move could result in the district being taken over once again.

    Because they are hunted down by the Dark Empire, they rely strongly upon one another for safety and security. It is agreed upon that only certain members know certain important things (such as incoming supplies, or outgoing attacks) and that no one knows everything, with exception of Shin. As the leader he keeps everything in check and under control.

    [​IMG] Character Sheet [​IMG]

    • • Senshi Name •
      Sailor, followed by the name of the planet that is chosen. Do make sure to check if the Senshi in question hasn't already been taken or reserved.

      • Name •
      The character's full name listed in order of first name, followed by family name.

      • Gender •
      The character's biological gender. If the character identifies differently than their biological gender, mention it in the '• Notes •' tab.

      • Age •
      Their current age. Between 14 and 20.

      • Height •
      How tall is the character. List this in imperial, and metric.

      • Weight •
      How much does the character weigh. List this in both imperial, and metric.

      • Build •
      Describe in one or two words what type of build they have.

      • Eyes •
      Eye color of the character.

      • Hair •
      Hair color of the character.

      • Style •
      Describe the clothes or style that the character wears in every day life.

    • • Power •
      Name of the attack. This will be the first attack that they can use. This is the weakest one. Just list the name, nothing else. Keep the theme/element the same in all four stages and true to the original Senshi’s theme/element.

      • Star Power •
      Name of the attack. This will be their second attack and stage they reach. They can go back and also use their weaker attack, but it will be less effective.

      • Crystal Power •
      Name of the attack. This is their third stage, even stronger than the last one.

      • Eternal Power •
      Name of the attack. This is their final form. The strongest move that they will have in this RP.

    • A minimum of 2 (two) paragraphs of at least 6 (six) full sentences. More is preferred. Describe their lives 50 years ago up to the point of the fateful day. Remember, they lived in and near the Crystal Palace so their lives weren't too terrible.
      Once they awaken in the RP they will not know that they have slept for 50 years.
    • Write anything here that doesn't fit in the previous criteria, like their favorite food, any weapons they might use in or out of combat mode (weaponry of the original senshi may be passed down to the next generation), personality type (see Notes) etc.
    • It is encouraged to keep a list of the relations towards other characters and can be filled out after other players have been accepted as well. Talk with each other and decide if you'd be friends, rivals etc. To add more characters just copy and paste the template.
      Replace the content between the dots with the corresponding information.

      • Name • Impression (e.g., Positive, Negative, Neutral) • Relationship (e.g., Friend, Crush, Rival, Frenemy, etc.) •
      Description of the relationship from the character’s perspective (e.g., We grew up together and have rarely ever separated from each other's side since.)

    CS Codes (open)

    [tabs][tab=• Main •][IMGA=RIGHT] Senshi outfit image. The image has to be 400x600px. (The size provided by the dollmaker)[/IMGA][B]• Senshi Name •[/B]
    [B]• Name •[/B]
    [B]• Gender •[/B]
    [B]• Age •[/B]
    [B]• Height •[/B]
    [B]• Weight •[/B]
    [B]• Build •[/B]
    [B]• Eyes •[/B]
    [B]• Hair •[/B]
    [B]• Style •[/B]
    [tab=• Attacks •][B]• Power •[/B]
    [B]• Star Power •[/B]
    [B]• Crystal Power •[/B]
    [B]• Eternal Power •[/B]
    [tab=• History •]
    [tab=• Notes •]
    [tab=• Relations •]

    Replace the words between the dots with the corresponding information.
    [b]• Name • Impression • Relationship •[/b]
    [PADDING=12px][i]Summary of the relationship[/i][/PADDING]


    [​IMG] Accepted Characters [​IMG]

    Moon - (reserved) YuriLucien
    Mercury -
    Venus - (reserved) Angel Evans
    Mars - Ryoko Kumada
    - Olissa
    Jupiter - (reserved)
    Saturn - Hisako Tomoe
    - Olissa
    Uranus - (reserved) YuriLucien
    Neptune - (reserved)
    Sailor Pluto Setsuna Meioh
    - NPC

    The children of Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas will not awaken yet.

    Notable NPCs
    Ryuu Tsukino
    Previous leader of the Resistance.
    Age 61
    Grandson of Shin Tsukino.
    He was 11 at the time of the last great battle. As he grew older he helped set up a resistance group against the new imperium and passed the task of leadership on to his son, Shin Tsukino. His wife and daughter died when he was 30, which has caused him much grief.

    - Alive
    Shin Tsukino
    Current leader of the Resistance.
    Age 38
    Son of Ryuu Tsukino. Great grandson of Shin Tsukino.
    He was born and raised in the Resistance. He lost his mother and baby sister at the age of 7, and as a result has rejected love in order to never have to feel the pain his father felt. He leads the Resistance now with a strict rule.

    - Alive


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    • • Senshi Name •
      Sailor Mars

      • Name •
      Ryoko Kumada

      • Gender •

      • Age •

      • Height •
      5' 9"

      • Weight •

      • Build •
      Tall, slim

      • Eyes •

      • Hair •

      • Style •
      Ryoko wears an elegant and sophisticated style of clothes. She is very mature in the way she presents herself in both stance and outfit.
      On many occasions she has been known to wear a red hakama with a white haori. These are traditional clothes for a shrine maiden.
      Almost all her outfits have some form of red in them somewhere.

    • • Power •
      Flaming Soul

      • Star Power •
      Mars Fire Ignite

      • Crystal Power •
      Burning Arrow

      • Eternal Power •
      Rising Sun

    • When Ryoko was born her mother, Keiko, didn't go to a hospital. Instead she gave birth to the young princess at home, at the Hikawa Shrine. Unbeknown to her this formed a connection between her and the flames, giving her the same gifts as her grandmother in fortune telling.
      As she grew older Ryoko followed in her mother's footsteps as a Miko to the Hikawa shrine. It was a path she very much loved. When the child showed signs of having the same talent as her grandmother, Rei trained her granddaughter in the arts of fortune telling and seeing into the flames, along with many other mystical ways such as expelling evil.

      Growing up Ryoko wasn't always at the shrine however. She was often near the other Princes and Princesses, either guarding over them, keeping a watchful eye as the eldest, or partaking in their activities, be it hospital visits, school, slumber parties, etc. She always kept a look out for the others and liked it if others depended on her, as it gave her a sense of belonging and purpose. At times perhaps she has had people depend on her too much, which created their own problems.

      Ryoko intends to take over the tasks of her mother and grandmother at the shrine. While she likes many other things, she finds rest as she stares into the flames and meditate. She isn't as accurate as her grandmother yet in her readings, but she is getting there slowly.
    • Ryoko, according to the RHETI test, is type 1: Perfectionist/Reformer.

      She at times may have been a bit distant in her attitude, just being the one keeping the overview, while at other times she has made an effort to be the one that others depend on. Neither way is perfect and has backfired at times.

      Her calm and collective beauty has attracted the attention of boys, but she had no interest in beginning a relationship as a teen. She rather focussed her attention on her training and on the other royals. Plus, one could never know for certain if someone liked her just because she was a princess or not. So that added up to her reasoning for not dating anyone.

      Phobos and Deimos, Rei's companion crows, had offsprings of their own. Back when the world was at peace Ryoko didn't have a personal bond with any particular one of the crows, but she liked to have them around the shrine.
      At some point in the RP Ryoko will come across descendants of Phobos and Deimos and they will be her companions, naming them after their great ancestors.

      Ryoko's name is written in the way that it means 'Bright child', referring to the bright flames.
    • • Moon • • •

      • Mercury • • •

      • Jupiter • • •

      • Venus • • •

      • Neptune • • •

      • Uranus • • •

      • Hisako Tomoe • Positive • Friendly •
      While I'm isn't overly close with Hisako, I have been looking out for her from time to time. She has a very frail health, so someone has to keep an eye on her. Others do so too of course, so it's not like I have to pay attention to her, but I still feel responsible for her.

    • • Senshi Name •
      Sailor Saturn

      • Name •
      Hisako Tomoe

      • Gender •

      • Age •

      • Height •
      4' 10"

      • Weight •

      • Build •
      Frail, sickly

      • Eyes •

      • Hair •

      • Style •
      The style of clothing that Hisako prefers is quite simple and basic. Soft and cute, but nothing too fancy or frilly. And especially nothing too complicated. She often wears dark colors.

    • • Power •
      Death Scythe

      • Star Power •
      Saturn's Demise

      • Crystal Power •

      • Eternal Power •
      Death Reborn Revolution

    • From even before she was born, Hisako was a troubling child. The doctors could see that she had a hole in her heart, and they said it would be a miracle if she was even born alive.
      Luckily she was able to be born safely, albeit a bit premature. With her heart condition the young girl was nearly constantly in the hospital, one surgery after the next, and each time it wasn't certain if she would make it.

      She always did, despite her immune system being completely fried. Most of her childhood Hisako spent more time inside the hospital than outside of it and got quite accustom to being there. She thought about becoming a doctor when she grew up, if she made it, but seeing all the stress that the doctors had to go through every day made her realize that this wouldn't be the place for her, even if she did manage to obtain a perfect bill of health.
      Instead she decided to focus her attention on caring about others. Cheering them up, listening to their stories. It definitely helped pass the time while she was in the hospital.

      Despite the many issues she has with her heart, her heart is full of warmth, kindness, and love. The doctors in the hospital have noticed this as well, and they have praised her for it. However, since she mostly thinks of others first, she has many times overexerted herself, both physically and mentally. As a result at times you might see a bit of loneliness in her eyes.

      Of course, whenever she wasn't in the hospital, she was in or near the Crystal Palace together with the other girls. Her frail health has made it troublesome to build very strong relations with everyone, but she does value them very much and cares for each of them.
    • Hisako, according to the RHETI test, is type 9: the Peacemaker.

      She looks incredibly much like her mother, especially when her hair was short as a young child. As a result Neo Queen Serenity had often accidentally called Hisako by her grandmother's name, Hotaru.

      Hisako’s father, Yuuichi, is Hotaru’s son. Before he was born his father bailed on Hotaru, so she reverted back to her maiden name and gave Yuuichi her family name too.

      She is very frail and sickly, easily coming down with some infection or cuts and bruises despite being very careful.
      She always places others before herself, which at times means she kind of forgets herself as well.
      She also doesn't speak up much in general, mostly just listening to others as they talk.

      She isn't constantly in the hospital anymore. The past two years she has been doing rather well compared to the years before, only having to go to the hospital four times in total for short periods.

      Saturn's staff, the Silence Glaive, will be given to Hisako along with her transformation pen. It was her grandmother's staff, and it now belongs to her.

      Her favorite food to eat is simple soba noodles with just about any type of vegetable.

      Hisako doesn't eat a lot of meat. She isn't a vegetarian, but she simply doesn't really care about eating meat.

      In her civilian form Hisako at times has been able to heal minor injuries on other people, such as light abrasion. She can't do anything about her own health though.

      Hisako's name means 'Long-lived child'. This name was given to her as a prayer from her parents, that she may live long, despite all the problems she faces.
    • • Moon • • •

      • Mercury • • •

      • Ryoko Kumada • Positive • Friends •
      Ryoko is really kind. She watches over the rest of us a lot, and I value her presence deeply. She often visited me while I was in the hospital, which was nice. She tends to be a little bit distant at times. But I still care about her very much. It is amazing how she can look into the fires and see the future. A bit scary perhaps, but amazing too.

      • Jupiter • • •

      • Venus • • •

      • Neptune • • •

      • Uranus • • •
  3. Awesome! I'll get to work on Moon and Uranus! =D Oh! And is it mandatory to stick to the original character colors concepts?
  4. I think that's allowed! Doing the same with Uranus. X3
    • [​IMG]
      • Senshi Name •

      Sailor Venus

      • Name •

      Ai Minako

      • Gender •


      • Age •


      • Height •


      • Weight •

      210ibs (Muscle)

      • Build •


      • Eyes •


      • Hair •

      • Style •
      Ai is highly fashionable. His sense for style is second to none. Ai is always up on the latest trends and is usually the best dressed person within a 10miles radius. He can go flashy and high class. Or dressed down and casual either way he looks great

    • • Power •

      Amore Shower

      • Star Power •

      Love-Me Chain

      • Crystal Power •

      Love&Beauty Shock

      • Eternal Power •

      Love's Embrace

    • Ai spent his life being the center of attention,much to his mother Kagome's chagrin. He gained the good looks that ran rather strongly in the Minako family. (His mother and grandmother included) Ai enjoy's being a prince the fame and fortune as well as living n luxury are all things he deems as a necessity. However he also has a serious side constantly watching closely as his mother ran their planet as well as counseling Neo Queen Serenity.

      Growing up Ai took after his grandmother. He always had a smile on his face,and is constantly flirting with people including his fellow royalty. Ai also followed in her footsteps becoming a huge idol in crystal tokyo,however no matter how hard he tried he was always terrible at sports. Ai was from an early age taught by his grandmother the importance of leadership to always go with his gut and to never give up which was good,because due to his grandmother Aino being the original Sailor Venus and leader of the scouts and his mother Kagome's natural leader's instincts ruling their planet elegantly and efficiently caused Ai's friends to flock to him for thing's of that nature. He always tried his best,but he's not quite on his grandmother's level as of yet.

    • Ai is the grandson of Aino Minako and Kunzite and son to their daughter Kagome Minako.

      Ai takes his physical looks from his grandfather while his personality takes after that of his grandmother.

      Ai's mother Kagome kept her maiden name because she didn't want to lose a part of herself.

      Ai is Openly bisexual

      His astrological sign is Libra,and he has a type B personality which is ironic because of his status as leader of the Sailor Scouts.

      Ai owns a cat names Selene. He is the son of Diana and grandson of Luna and Artemis. Selene also serves as his familiar and will also be the one to give him his Sailor Crystal later on

      Ai has a secret crush on Ryoko

      Ai's name translates to "Love" in japanese

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  5. To answer the questions, including the deleted one, ;)
    It would be preferred if you kind of kept it to a similar color pattern. It doesn't have to be exactly the same, but the sailors each had distinct recognizable colors, if you change too much they wouldn't be easily recognizable, right?

    As for changing males into females once transformed: no, I'm diverting from some of the lore here. Guys stay guys, and girls stay girls, which is why there is a separate section for how the guys look in senshi form, and a separate section for how the girls look once transformed.

    Now for the character. I'm liking most of it. I do emplore you to go back and read some of the things in the first post carefully. I think you may have missed a rule or two and some of the notes, for example the outfit. I could point them out, but it might be for the better if you read it back yourself :) (if you'd rather I say what needs change, I can send you a pm)
    (Ps: with the original sailor Venus' name, Minako is her personal name, Aino is the family name)
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  6. Gracias
  7. Sounds good! =D Thanks!
  8. Just checking in here to see how things are going :)
    How are the character creations coming along? Need any help/run into any issues?
  9. Just letting you know I've begun the bios. :3 Sorry for the delay! Please expect them sometime this week. <3 (I am filling in for an instructor, so I'll be working a lot, sorry >.<)
  10. I'm just wrestling with it all! It'll be up, i promise!
  11. Oh, and are attacks and powers canon? Or do we create our own? The ladies are comin' along. X3
  12. Look at my characters. Some of the attacks have a similar feel as the canon attacks, but most are my own creation.

    And good luck, both with work, and making the character sheets :) if you're running into a problem with them, just holler, I'll be glad to lend a hand.
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  13. Awesome, thanks! It's been so many years since I've watched Sailor Moon, I've forgotten a few things. XD I guess I better use Goggle more often, lol!
  14. Well, I do divert a little from the canon, for one, the rule that only females can be a sailor doesn't exist in this universe. Guys stay guys, girls stay girls.
    And then there is the whole matter of the sailor crystals, and a few other things that I changed in order to make this work.
    So if you don't quite know how something works or if something is correct or not, just ask :)

    One of the reasons why the attacks are different is because the original senshi weren't strong enough even in their highest form. These guys and girls are strong enough. So that means their attacks are different, stronger, than that of their parents and grandparents. (Not the earlier stages though, they still need to work their way through all the normal/star/crystal stages to become the most powerful generation)
  15. Ahh, I see! :3 Very cool!
  16. Please don't tell me this died before it started
  17. Can I reserve Mercury?
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