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  1. Okay so, I've done something similar in the past, but I was curious to see if there were others out there that would like to have a Sailor Moon based roleplay.

    Quick story summary

    It is set in the 30th century. All was well in the land once again, Pluto took up her position at the gate again (NPC) while the other senshi lived in Crystal Tokyo with Neo Queen Serenity. Each of the Senshi took up the mantel of Queen of their ruling planet and remained as Neo Queen Serenity's counsel.
    Over time children were born to the senshi.

    Then disaster struck, Crystal Tokyo came under attack once more. Neo Queen Serenity and her court fought bravely, but they couldn't save the world, their power alone wasn't strong enough.
    In the future a power would rise that would aid them in the saving of the city, but it would be too late for themselves.
    Knowing their daughters could save the world one day, the Senshi gave up their powers for their girls and died.

    Now, many years later, the princesses are to wake up in a new and broken Crystal Tokyo. To reclaim the city they will have to find this new power and bring evil to its knees once more.

    The power they seek comes in the form of twelve additional senshi. Twelve boys with the powers of the constellations. However they might prove more difficult to find than they thought. And what if one, or more, of the new senshi decides not to participate... or worse...

    So that's basically the story.
    There are a lot of roles to be filled, but we don't need all of them filled right from the get go (aside from the girls) So no worries.

    The goal of the RP is simple: Reclaim the kingdom
    To do so they need to do the following: Find the remaining senshi, figure out who their enemy is, and defeat it.

    Let me know what you think, do you think it could be an interesting story, would you participate, etc.
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  2. I think it's a very solid set up. It's been forever since I touched on Sailor Moon, and I would like to relive some of my childhood. T_T My utmost thanks for providing male roles. Now, not that I'm begging for it, but will there be opportunities to play antagonists?
  3. As an avid Sailor Moon fan, I'd definitely be interested.
  4. While playing the real antagonists (as in the bosses and their goons) isn't possible (though pushing them around if it is needed for your character's development will be highly promoted), you CAN play that one of the senshi sides with darkness (for a while) they could have been brainwashed, or found it to be the better solution in this wretched world, or simply don't recognize the girls as rightful heirs to the kingdom, etc.
    There are plenty of reasons why a character could be on the dark side. Though, fair warning, you will get a lot less amount of interaction in in that case (obviously)
    I suppose you could even play with the position of antihero if you wanted.

    I'm glad you both seem interested :) I hope that when I get all the details worked out you'll indeed join in.
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  5. I'm definitely interested
  6. Yay, glad to hear that :)
  7. I personally don't mind large roleplays, I like it if there is a lot going on, but not everyone thinks the same way, so I'm going to ask you what you'd prefer.
    I could keep the numbers as following:
    Female characters: 8
    Male characters: 12
    Total amount of characters that could be played: 20

    I don't mind this. As long as all the female roles are filled up, the male roles have more freedom.

    The alternative:
    Female characters: 8
    Male characters: 4
    Total amount of characters that could be played: 12

    This number is a great deal smaller, and for some, this is preferred, since that means that the RP will be less crowded. (It also severely limits the amount of love relationships that can develop between any of them)

    How I came to the number of 4 male characters:
    Prince Endymion had 4 guardians of his own, named the Shitennou. (Kunzite, Zoisite, Jadeite, Nephrite)
    Chibiusa is the daughter of Serenity and Endymion, so instead of having a new Endymion/tuxedo mask character be added too, I figured the four male guardians could serve Chibiusa too, since she's a child of both Earth and Moon.

    I personally like the larger group more, and the zodiac names more than the Shitennou, but that's just my opinion.
    What do you think?
  8. I like this idea more than I thought now. I'm all for bigger rp but they tend to die faster it seems. I am totally down for this though
  9. In the manga, Sailor Chibi Moon does get her own sailor guardians: Vesta, Ceres, Pallas, and Juno. Their story could be remodeled a bit and they could easily be turned into males to fit the theme, and it wouldn't be like Chibiusa "inheriting" the Shitennou, as they logically should have been wiped out simultaneously as the original Senshi and Tuxedo Mask.

    While I love the idea of Senshi based on constellations, having twelve of them plus eight additional planetary senshi would, for me at the moment, be too busy and hard to keep track of.
  10. Do note that at the start of the RP, and quite possibly later on as well there might only be 4 to 6 guy roles actually in use, which kinda renders this whole worry pointless. Especially since everyone is just assuming that all the guys will actually be in action.

    Looking at the previous version of this RP there were only a handful of guys actually played, so I highly doubt that it will really be an actual concern. (I won't be playing a guy this time, just shuffling my two characters and the NPCs)

    Like I said before, we don't need all guys, just all the girls. Experience has taught me that we won't even have half of them filled up. And that size really doesn't matter on if it dies or doesn't. Last time it died too before most of it could lift off and the group wasn't all that large.

    I personally much more prefer the 12, but if everyone hates the idea of having a few spares laying around doing nothing while the rest of us roleplay I guess I'll have to conform to other people's wishes.
  11. Thought about it and I'm going to do the following:
    Use the 12 constellations, but, once 6 guys have been taken I cap it and won't allow for new people to join till at least the first arc is finished. Once the first arc is finished, or if someone of the active playing group needs/wants another one of the guys we place it in public vote. If the majority is alright with another being added, the new character can be made, if not, we keep it at the number we have and the remaining guys stay as NPCs to be shuffled in when they are needed in later arcs. (The story will have 4 arcs to complete if we want to save the world :P)

    Sounds fair? That way you still get a load of choice of what guy you want to play, and we won't overcrowd it for those that keep fearing that to happen.
  12. I'll join! This sounds like it's forming to be a good RP set-up.

    We might want to make an advertisement banner. There's going to be tons of girl characters wanting to join the RP, but probably only a handful of guys at the first part. The banner might help attract people who'll want to RP as male characters.
  13. Should not enough people join in to fill up the roles, I'll make a banner, but only once I've actually gotten the entire sign up and Ooc thread finished and up and running :)
    But thank you for your thoughts on the matter ^^ I do appreciate it when people think along with the story and how things can improve. (Though end choose will be mine, obviously, since I need to keep everything balanced XD)

    In all likelihood I expect to have the actual thread up this week.
    Important notes: a max of 2 girl characters per player. And for the guys I'll accept the first six, and any others after that will be put up to a vote to make sure some don't feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of characters.
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  14. Sailor moon! Im interested! But currently on my phone. I would like to join if there are still openings and all. Ill be online soon.
  15. Sign ups haven't officially started, so no need to hurry yet :)
    Thank you for your interest though!
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  16. Awesome! Gives me time to figure out a good character! I sorta just got to iwaku lol.
  17. I'm interested as well.
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  18. It's not up and running yet, as I still have to add in a lot if things (like the rules, and information about the location)
    But for those interested: I will link you to the blog where I'm working on the start up post for the RP.

    It's a lot of information, and by a lot, I really mean a LOT. And at lot is still missing. But this way you at least can get a heads start on seeing what is happening behind the scenes. Plus it will help you to start thinking about your character(s) and how they will fit in the world they live in.

    I won't be taking definite reservations for planets or constellations yet, but you are able to voice which planet or constellations you'd be interested in playing.
    Mars and Saturn are definitely taken already, Moon and Venus are in consideration, but as I said, absolute definite reservations will come when the Sign Ups is actually up and running.

    Blog post (<-- I hope this link works, lol.)
  19. Definitely interested in mercury or Neptune so yeah
  20. Actually I know I really want Neptune and gemini for sure so I hop I can claim those when they get up
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