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    It is many years into the future, the 30th century. Crystal Tokyo flourished under the reign of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Life was good, fun, and free of youma trying to take over the world and city. A true utopia.
    Both inner and outer senshi took up their respective titles as Queens of their planets, though they did remain in Crystal Tokyo as Neo Queen Serenity's advisers. Only Setsuna Meioh, Sailor Pluto, took up her station at the Door of Space-Time and remain in solitude.
    Over time children were born to the inner, and outer senshi, and were raised all alongside each other.

    These were the good years.

    Twelve years ago the Queens suddenly decided that the Princesses needed training and education in a different area, a different dimension. Regardless of whether they wanted to or not, all of them, including the youngest ones no older than 2 years, were transported to their new homes with promise they would be able to return soon.

    Soon never came.

    The Princesses had been shielded from the truth. Earth was under attack. They had been deported only moments before the world around Crystal Tokyo collapsed. With all their might, the Queens upheld the barrier around the city, but in the end, they failed.
    The Queen and her court were killed. The protection of the city vanished.
    In a last attempt to save the people, and give hope for the future, Neo Queen Serenity used the Silver Crystal to seal the Crystal Palace, and the Catacombs under the city.

    It will be soon that the Princesses are called back to their own world. To save, protect, and bring peace once more. It will become their destiny to become the new Sailor Senshi, regain control over the city and avenge their parents’ deaths.

    But this battle they will not fight alone. On earth boys were born with the power of the Western and Eastern Zodiacs. They will hold the key to defeating the threat that ravaged through their home planet, because without them, their fight will be futile.

    The Resistance
    Under the city, in the Catacombs protected by Neo-Queen Serenity's crystal is the Resistance. Men and women who have banded together to fight back against the evil forces that are ruling there. The male characters can be part of that prior to the start of the RP if they want. The entrance to it is through a secret passage in the White Rose Cafe.

    When participating in this Roleplay I (Olissa) ask of you to:
    1-Follow the rules set forth by this forum.
    2-Post more than one line. Even with the occasional writers’ block, try and give your fellow roleplayers more to work with than one or two lines.
    3-If you’ve hit a severe writers’ block, or will be away for some time, mention it to us so we know why you might not be posting.
    4-Be aware of your grammar, spelling and overall if your post makes sense. I do not expect perfection, but do expect you to catch most of the errors.
    5-Do not barge into something, unless it actually makes sense to do so
    6-Do not decide what will happen to another person’s character(s).
    7-Do not make it impossible for your character(s) to get a beating or to make mistakes. Mistakes and mishaps are part of the fun of being alive. Even angels make mistakes after all.
    8-Make sure to check if the senshi you want aren't already taken. I will deal in a first come-first serve basis. I will place a senshi on reserve for a while, but not indefinitely.
    9-Try to avoid vanishing for a long period of time without mentioning it here, in OOC, or via PM to me, Olissa.
    10-Not use unnecessary abbreviations, or txt-style writing. (eg: W8! Thnx.)
    11-Please write in third person, and in past tense only.
    12-Be aware that I hold the right to adjust any of the rules set forth for this role-play.
    13-Have fun. Yes, that's a rule now :P Dun like it? Well… then we might have an issue >.>' ;)
    There seems to be a Phantom Rule floating around giving people the idea they have to PM the characters to me first, but this is not the case, please do post them here. You may send them in PM but it is not required. (And if anyone could find me that line that makes people think they have to PM me, I will be grateful)

    Character Sheet
    (Full name. For Sailor Moon, remain fully true to Sailor Mini Moon/Chibiusa.)
    Senshi Name: (First list 'Sailor' before the planet or zodiac of choice. Check first if it isn't taken yet.)
    Gender: (Females only for the planets, and only males for the zodiacs.)
    Age: (Please remain between the ages 14 and 20. If you want an exception, PM me first.)
    Appearance Normal: (This is how they go about in daily life. Images are allowed to be used.)
    Appearance Senshi: (For the females, please remain mindful of the original costumes. If you want you can use this if you want to recreate various colors etc. As side note, the guys do not transform with the help of a pen, but with this ring. The stone's color corresponds with the senshi, and has an underlying symbol of their zodiac.)
    Personality: (Design it with flaws and strengths, but make sure it is never perfect. A character can prove over time that it will be different than once thought up, but do try to remain close to how you thought him/her up.)
    Background: (For the females, you were raised together with the rest and know who your parents are (or at least your mother). Generally speaking you had a good life. For the males, you are free to choose how you want their past to be. Terrible or good. Please, no amnesia. If you do want amnesia, PM me first.)
    Attacks: (Do not write anything in this line)
    -Power: (This is the basic starting stage and attack. Think up a name that matches with your character's planet or zodiac. For the females, please remain true to the element of the original senshi, Mars=fire, Venus=love etc.)
    -Star Power: (The second stage. A more powerful attack that will be gained later on in the story.)
    -Crystal Power: (Third Stage.)
    -Eternal Power: (Final power and stage. Most powerful attack and is used to battle against the final boss.)
    Other: (List anything else here that did not fit anywhere else in the character sheet. Guys also do not use the term "Make-up!" to transform. Instead they simply mention their zodiac, stage and '"Wake Up!". For example "Aries Power Wake Up!" Or "Scorpio Star Power Wake Up!")
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  2. Accepted Characters


    Name: Tsukino Chibiusa
    Biography link
    - Adira
    Name: Mizuno Umi
    Biography link
    - Merry Berry
    Name: Aino Koishi
    Biography link
    - Merry Berry
    Name: Kumada Ryoko
    Biography link
    - Olissa
    Name: Kino Sakura
    Biography link
    - Adore Delano
    Name: Tomoe Hisako
    Biography link
    - Olissa
    Uranus -
    Name: Kaiouh Tonbo
    Biography link
    - Lady Bernkastel
    Name: Kaiouh Setsuna
    Biography link
    - Lady Bernkastel
    Sailor Pluto will remain as Setsuna Meiou, and an NPC

    Western Zodiacs

    Name: Tomonku Katsu
    Biography link
    - Adira
    Name: Layton Trevor
    Biography link
    - Demaryu
    Name: Hanson Lief
    Biography link
    - Mosaic
    Cancer -
    Leo -
    Virgo -
    Name: Hakkai Tomoko
    Biography link
    - Adore Delano
    Name: Yuuichi
    Biography link
    - Olissa
    Sagittarius -
    Capricorn -
    Name: Crawley Kirito
    Biography link
    - Merry Berry
    Name: Satsubatsu Kaoru
    Biography link
    - Lady Bernkastel

    Notable NPC: Ryu Tsukino.
    Son of Shin Tsukino. Nephew of the late Queen Serenity. Cousin of Chibiusa. Leader of the Resistance.
    Age 21
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  3. [​IMG]


    Name: Kaiouh Setsuna. She was named in honor of Sailor Pluto.
    Senshi Name: Sailor Neptune
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance normal: While she bears striking resemblance to her mother, there are certain distinct features that tell them apart. For one, Setsuna is much more slender, since she doesn't engage in any physical activities and is in fact quite weak. The nose and upper cheek areas of her face are covered in freckles, and her eyes are larger, more deer-like.
    Appearance Senshi: She wears the same senshi outfit as her mother.
    Background: Her parents are Kaiouh Michiru and Tenouh Haruka, the original Sailor Neptune and Uranus. She was raised happily along with her twin sister (next gen Uranus) until she was sent away for "training". They were born by one inseminated egg from Michiru and one from Haruka, and were carried by Michiru. Because of this, the last name carried by Setsuna and her sister is Kaiouh.
    Personality: Setsuna is a very kind and warm person, but in contrast to her parents she is quite timid, easily getting hurt or scared. As a result of this she may appear cold or distand towards the other senshi, except her sister, but she will do anything for a friend. She boasts an almost terrifying intellect and calculative abilities, almost to the point of mild autism. She also plays the piano, inspired by her mother's musical abilities. In secret she is somewhat jealous of her sister, who's personality is free boundless like the sky while she herself feels restricted, like the ocean, forever doomed to look up at the superior heaven.

    Neptune Submarine Splash
    Star Power: Neptune Lock in Lake
    Crystal Power: Neptune Tidal Wave Embrace
    Eternal Power: Neptune Abyssal Maelstrom
    (The 'Neptune' prefix may be omitted and probably will be for most of the RP)


    Name: Kaiouh Tonbo. Her name, which means dragonfly, is partially in homage of the original Sailor Saturn, who's name Hotaru means firefly. It is also a pun, because her mother Haruka is considered a tomboy, which in japanese would be written トンボーイ (her name is written トンボ).
    Senshi Name: Sailor Uranus
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance Normal: She closely resembles her mother, but there are certain features that set them apart. For example, Tonbo has slightly more feminine features than Haruka, including a larger bust and softer looking eyes. Her eyes are also a brighter, yellow colour. She likes to wear earrings and necklaces, and while she her haircut is resemblant to her mother's, she uses hair product to make it wavier and curvy.
    Appearance Senshi: She wears the same senshi outfit as her mother.
    Personality: Tonbo is a very laid back, carefree and flamboyant person, often talking with the air of an actor on stage. She isn't quite as masculine as her mother, but she has inherited her habit of referring to herself as 'boku', which is considered more masculine. She isn't as interested in vehicle sports like her mother, but she loves gymnastics and is very flexible. She is in secret a bit jealous of her sister who is more down to earth and calm, and she feels that without Setsuna pulling her back down she would just float out into space.
    Background: Same as Setsuna's.

    (Uranus) Boomerang Gale
    Star Power: (Uranus) Typhoon Lance
    Crystal Power: (Uranus) Supercell Buster
    Eternal Power: (Uranus) Hurricane Apocalypso
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  4. (I seem to have lost my links to the appearances, I'll get them soon-ish)

    Name: Ryoko Kumada
    Senshi Name: Sailor Mars
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance Normal: Black bottom length hair with a redish glow. She often has it tied up in a high ponytail. Her eyecolor is black with a hint of green shimmering over it. She is often seen wearing the same clothing her mother, Rei Hino, often wore when she was still young. The clothing of a miko at a shinto shrine. When not at the shrine she dresses more like a punk. She wears a healthy dash of make-up and is an overall beauty.
    Appearance Senshi: Ryoko's sailor senshi outfit is exactly the same as that of her mother.
    Personality: Ryoko's a feisty girl. She'll defend anyone she cares about and those that can't defend themselves. She won't pick a fight with someone, unless she knows that that person is a close associate and won't start a fist fight because of what she said. Unless of course they are a complete and utter brat. Then she has no problems with telling them off.
    Background: Ryoko grew up following her mother's footsteps even though they were separated when Ryoko was 7 years old. Rei had followed her dream and became the head priestess of the shrine that her grandfather owned (Ryoko's great grandfather). Her father is Yuuichiro Kumada and once was an apprentice at that very shrine. The two fell in love, and married. Ever since she was young she saw her mother's fire readings, and has been practicing the craft herself as well when they discovered she had inherited the talent. When she was seven she was sent away with the rest of the girls, which made her upset since she couldn't learn the fire reading craft from someone else. She also has been training martial art, other forms of fortune telling and the arts of expelling evil. She likes to meditate and predict the future using fire, but is not as accurate yet as her mother once was.
    -Power: Flaming Soul
    -Star Power: Mars Burning Fire
    -Crystal Power: Burning Arrow
    -Eternal Power: Rising Sun
    Other: Ryoko's mother told Ryoko a secret before she left. She's kept it to herself all these years.
  5. Name: Hisako Tomoe
    Senshi Name: Sailor Saturn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Appearance Normal: Hisako's appearance is a lot like that of her mother when she was 14. So much alike in fact that even Neo Queen Serenity would have called Hisako by her mother's name, had she still been alive. The only real difference between them is the length of Hisako's hair, as it reaches to her bottom. It's black, with a slight purple-ish glow and her eyes are a bright amethyst purple. She is average in length for a 14 year old.
    Her build, just like her mother is quite frail, and sickly. She wears simple clothes most of the time.
    Appearance Senshi: Her Sailor form is a lot like her mother's outfit as well, with some distinct variations. She doesn't have a bow in the front, just a many pointed star, and high heels that have a ribbon tied around her ankle. She has short, wrist length gloves in the same color as her skirt. She has earrings in the shape of a many pointed star, and the same star is also in the center of her choker. She also uses the same Silence Glaive her mother used.
    Personality: She's a quiet girl that remains silent most of the time. She tends to speak only when spoken to, or if she really feels comfortable enough to voice out what she thinks. Other than that, she's mainly a figure in the background, trying to blend in and not stand out much. This is partly also because of her frail health.
    Background: Hisako is the daughter of Hotaru Tomoe. Her father disappeared soon after Hisako's birth, and Hotaru changed back their names to Tomoe. Since her mother was great friends with Chibiusa in the past, Hisako thinks highly of the Moon Princess.
    Hisako has had a weak health throughout her life, and it was feared she might not make it beyond her first five years, but she persevered and lived. She won't be able to stay in her senshi form long because of this though.
    She was separated from her mom at age 2, making it hard for her to even remember her mother's face.
    Death Scythe
    -Star Power: Death Scythe & Silenced Shadow
    -Crystal Power: Silent Grave
    -Eternal Power: Death Reborn Revolution
    Other In her civilian form Hisako can 'heal' minor wounds. In reality they are reborn onto her.
    In her Star Power form she has one attack and one healing power. She also has one overall defense 'Silent Wall'.
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  6. Name: Yuuichi
    Senshi Name: Sailor Scorpio
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11
    Appearance Normal: Black, short hair with a slight redish glow. His hair is cut so it's out of his face. It's too short to have in a ponytail, but way too long to do anything else with it. He's of average height for his age, generally wears hoodies, T-shirts or jeans all in dark colors like black or blue.
    Appearance Senshi: Black knee length pants with a red stripe down both sides, black sneakers with a red stripe along the outside of his shoes, a red T-shirt with a large black symbol of Scorpio on his back. There are also black stripes along the sides of his shirt.
    Personality: A brat, no way around it. Typical 11 year old boy who loves to play tricks, play with fire, and do whatever he wants. Given half the chance he'll set fire to just about anything using a magnifying glass. He's smart and quite witty, loves to climb and play around in the sand. He'll listen if he has to, but generally that's only to the people of which he knows that care about him. But really, he is an 11 year old boy who loves to play and kick people in the shins if he gets the chance. Despite being a brat, because the resistance is all he has, he does respect them a lot, he just doesn't always show it.
    Background: Yuuichi was a brat all his life. He grew up in the resistance as an orphan, knowing his parents died somewhere during the overtake of the new rulers, which was maybe only a month or less after he was born. Being raised in the resistance, he sees them as his family now.
    -Power: Sand Storm
    -Star Power: Pharao's Wake
    -Crystal Power: Burning Shadow
    -Eternal Power: Sun Desert Revolution
    Other He has yet to find out his powers as a Senshi, and it might take a while too.
  7. Name: Kirito Crawley
    Senshi Name: Sailor Aquarius
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance Normal: Tall, muscular, white hair, blue eyes. (Like senshi picture)
    Appearance Senshi: [​IMG]
    Personality: He likes to act poised, regal and reserved, while hiding the fact that he can be a bit of an airhead at times. He wants to stand up for others, but is frustrated that his powers aren't enough to do so by himself. At first he may be stuborn and unwilling to cooperate with the others.
    Background: Kirito has a british father and a japanese mother, and since he was raised in Japan they decided to give him a japanese name. His family is quite rich, and he grew up in a big, western-style mansion, pampered by nannies 24/7, although his parents were sometimes absent for weeks at a time due to work. This has led to him being somewhat of a recluse, having trouble opening up to others.

    Before things started going wrong, his father had a position of power and was well aqcuainted with the royal family. However, as soon as the invasion begun, he turned tides and joined the dark side, allowing him to keep his residence and high position, but Kirito despises him because of this.

    (Aquarius) Frost Bite
    -Star Power: (Aquarius) Icicle Javelin
    -Crystal Power: (Aquarius) Blizzard Blast
    -Eternal Power: (Aquarius) Subzero Shock
    Other: He is a skillfull figure skater, having competed in several nation-wide championships. He can make blades out of ice that he attaches to his boots in order to move around quickly (they create a thin layer of firm ice that he can skate on, which breaks when he has passed). He may also be homosexual, depending on whether sexuality will be of any importance to the story.
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  8. He and Neptune are both accepted. But you knew that already ;)
  9. Name: Kino Sakura
    Senshi Name: Sailor Jupiter
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance Normal: She resembles her mother quite a bit, but can look even more menacing. She usually wears cooler types of clothes, like denim and leather fabrics, but she always wears the hairtie inherited from her mother.
    Appearance Senshi:
    Personality: Sakura has a fiery personality, even more so than her mother, and has inherited her strength. This however makes her very rash and hotheaded, unable to stay calm during most circumstances and having a lack of judgment when angered. She is the type to rush head first into battle without thinking twice abut it. Despite this she also has a very gentle side, although she has trouble expressing it, and loves flower arranging and gardening. Sometimes she wishes she could be a graceful girl, like Umi, but most of her attempts at being lady-like turn out awkward and misunderstood as being fake. Her leg muscles are quite thick from rigorous training of Taekwondo.
    Background: Her time spent at home was pretty nice, but she showed signs of restlessness even at a young age. She misses her mother who she thinks of as a role model, even though she can't remember that much of her.

    (Jupiter) Voltaic Kick
    -Star Power: (Jupiter) High-Knee Spark
    -Crystal Power: (Jupiter) Sakura Electrocution
    -Eternal Power: (Jupiter) Supreme Bouquet Thunderbolt


    Name: Hakkai Tomoko
    Senshi Name: Sailor Libra
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance Normal: [​IMG]
    Appearance Senshi: [​IMG]
    Personality: Normally, Tomoko acts quite naive and pure, tending to space out and start daydreaming more than often. But as a sailor senshi, he gain a completely different personality. He becomes a much cooler, more romantic and gentleman-like person, who tends to flirt with and charm other people a lot. This is due to the fact that he feels weak in his own personal self, but as a senshi, he gets to express himself as a strong guardian of justice.
    Background: Tomoko leads a pretty normal life on earth, having decent grades and a few friends, but he has always felt like something was wrong. After the invasion, people just seemed to continue with their lives, abiding under the new, evil rule. Tomoko couldn't take this and the injustice happening around him, and so he is very grateful to be given an opportunity to fight back. He has joined the resistance, and is one of their front line fighters.
    Other: He is homosexual

    Libra Justice Waltz
    -Star Power: Libra Justice Rondo
    -Crystal Power: Libra Justice Tango
    -Eternal Power: Libra Justice Finale
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  10. There we go, everyone has been sorted and posted in the second post :) (if you make changes to your character later on, no biggy it won't mess it up unless the character jumps to a different planet/zodiac or name :P)

    Bah I'm half tempted to make Ai Mizuno, daughter of Sailor Mercury, because the attacks I thought up for her perfectly match those of Libra (and Aquarius) XD but I better not, as there might be someone who would love to play her ^^
    -Power: Snow Waltz
    -Star Power: Mercury Cabriole Illusion
    -Crystal Power: Brisé Bubble Spray
    -Eternal Power: Shine Aqua Adagio

    Icy and dance related XD

    Ps: yes, you may play multiple of the girl characters.
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  11. By the way, at the start of the story the girls do not have their transformation pens yet. Meaning they can't transform in their sailor power just yet. They'll get that when they return to Crystal Tokyo.
  12. can I reserve Leo and Sagittarius?
  13. Name: Aino Koishi
    Senshi Name: Sailor Venus
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance Normal: [​IMG]
    Appearance Senshi: [​IMG]
    (her senshi outfit is identical to her mother's)
    Personality: Koishi is a hopeless romantic who wishes nothing more than to live a teenage life full of all the bad and good things it has to offer, although she hasn't been allowed to (you know, due to interdimensional travel and stuff). She has a warm personality, but can be a bit gossipy at times. During battle she will probably be a cryaby, not wanting to get her hands dirty, but will pull through if things get rough. Generally, she gets a crush on every new boy she meets.
    Background: Having been separated from her family at quite a young age, she often spends time wondering what her parents are like, how life would be if she wasn't forced to live in the other dimension and such. Her personal space is filled with warm colours, fluffy cushions, movie and idol posters from earth cover her walls and romantic novels and manga are spread out all over the floor.

    (Venus) Cupid's Arrow
    -Star Power: (Venus) Locked Heart Link
    -Crystal Power: (Venus) Crystal Heart Emotion
    -Eternal Power: (Venus) Pounding Heart Cascade

    Other: Bern pointed out that the planet prefix will be omitted most of the time, and I would like to make that as a point for myself as well.
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  14. By the way, people, the girls are allowed to have a different family name than their mothers had due to being married. You can keep it the original, but you are not required to do so.

    Little detail about Crystal Tokyo: in the center is the crystal palace, it has been blocked off for 12 years. The catacombs connect everything below ground, but some areas are restricted, caved in, or otherwise unable to be accessed. The Great Library was under Mercury's care, same for the hospital. The library has been closed since the arrival of the badguys. There also is a flower shop that used to be owned by Jupiter, it is closed off from the public, and the shrine belonging to Mars' grandfather has been destroyed for a large part. The great concert hall that was built in Neptune's name has also been shut down.

    As for the character just submitted, I'll accept her. A bit more of a bio would be nice in general, but I can accept it.
  15. Well of course I want to make it more extensive, but it's pretty hard since I don't know what this other dimension is like...
  16. Hm let's see, it's a peaceful place. Think Helios' dreamworld, but then different. They were raised at a large place, almost palace like, where they had their own rooms and areas to do what they loved to do.
  17. Added (a tiny bit more) to Koishi's background.
  18. What is helios's dream world like? I regret to say that I didn't get very far in sailor moon....
  19. @Vio As far as I recall it is a serene, pretty much void dimension with a fairy-like aura. Although if your characters are both male, then they would have grown up in or near Crystal Tokyo, not the other dimension.

    (I hope Olissa won't mind me answering :P)
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