Sailor Moon in Medival Times!

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  1. The basic pitch/concept:

    Medieval legend is full of fighting evil, magical knights, mythical creatures, princesses that require rescuing, lost kingdoms and holy grails... These themes are also ecchoed in the Sailor Moon saga! Fighting evil, magical kingdoms, searching for princess lost kingdoms and holy grails...

    This is no coincidence, for modern day Tokyo was not the first time that the infamous planetary warriors were reincarnated. They have been on earth in many different times and countries. Fighting evil and trying to find the silver crystal and awaken the princess... in order to save the world...

    So, this rp would take place in one of these previous incarnations. Ye olde England. Where the Senshi have reincarnated as the knights of King Arthur court.

    This is certainly still a work in progress, and I want to leave plenty of room for creativity on the part of anyone participating!

    Sailor Moon as King Arthur shall be played by my dear friend Ravenwoodwitch
    I shall play Sailor Jupiter as The Green Knight

    As for the other associations, I shall leave it up to YOU the player to decide what senshi might be which knight or Authruian character!

    We are OBVIOUSLY doing a lot of gender bending here, I'm totally open to any character being reinterpreted as male or female, or revamped in a number of ways. The character you choose does not necessarily need to be a sailor senshi either. We can say that the court is a mix of sailor-senshi and other folks.

    To help get you started, here is a list of the most well known King Arthur Characters: Please don't feel like you need to copy the characters as they were exactly in legend, just say "I'm taking the role of ___ an I'm sailor ____" and if you need help with anything let me know!

    Here is a huge list of characters including many less-known characters if you want to give it a go: - Down at the bottom of this page it separates all the major players by category, all the knights of the table, other important character,s and even some of the more obscure stuff.

    I love Wikipedia.

    Here is the running list of things:
    Sailor Moon - Leader and Senshi of love and justice - Taken, and incarnated as KING ARTHUR
    Sailor Mercury - of Ice, mist, and Intelligence - OPEN
    Sailor VENUS - the AWESOME senshi of LOVE and AWESOMENESS - OPEN
    Sailor Mars - of fire and precognition - OPEN
    Sailor Jupiter - of lightning and strength - Taken, and incarnated as THE GREEN KNIGHT
    Sailor Saturn - of destruction and rebirth - OPEN
    Sailor Neptune - of water - OPEN
    Sailor Uranus - of earth - OPEN
    Sailor Pluto - of time - OPEN

    Tuxedo Mask/ Endymion- OPEN

    Other sailor moon characters are welcome also!

    Villains, challenges, and 'episodes' shall be inspired by Authrian, welsh, and other ancient British folklore.

    If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to speak up!
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  2. Aren't you forgetting Venus?
  3. DERP!


    How could i forget VENUS! *edits*
  4. okay good! Venus is my favorite <3
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