Sailor Moon Fan RP: Princess Solaria and the Sailor Scouts OOC and signup

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  1. In an alternate universe,
    the sun was once a prosperous and
    benevolent planet. The golden glow
    that emanated from it gave
    life to the planets around it.
    However, in a war against
    the army of Malevore, also known as
    the dark star, the sun
    was turned into a fiery hell.
    In an effort to retain the blood
    of the suns royal family,
    Princess Solaria VI
    was sent to be reborn on earth
    in a time far after the war was over.
    In order to keep watch over her, her governess
    and four planetary warriors, also known as
    sailor scouts were sent to be reborn as well,
    and would awaken in case the princess needed it.
    However, unknown to the people of the sun,
    the people of Malevore sent their princess,
    Malevolia III
    to be reborn at the exact same time as the
    princess of the sun.
    She would then revive the four strongest generals of her army
    and their soldiers.
    Together they would obliterate the royal family
    of the sun and their allies, once and for all...
    The four scouts to be reborn first are, unlike the original series, sailor Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn, in that order, meaning those are the characters available. If the interest in this is big enough, then I'll make princess Malevolia and her generals available as well, but for the time being I will take their role, though they will be usable in other's post as well for the purpose of speeding up the plot. Also a bit unlike the original series, Pluto's power is based on ice, Neptune's power is based on water, Uranus's power is based on the earth and rocks, and Saturn's power is a bit of a mystery, though mainly based on death. You are free to come up with the name's of your attacks yourself, but if you for some reason don't want to or don't feel like it, you can ask me. For example:​
    Pluto Subzero Shock!
    Neptune Abyssal Torrent!
    Uranus Rumble Quake!
    Saturn Deadly Gasp!
    Character Sheet:
    Name and preferred scout:​
    Appearance (description or picture is fine):​
    Age (somewhere around 16):​
    History (such as bullying, violent parents e.t.c, not obligatory):​
    Special skill (preferably type specific, for example Pluto can be a figure skater. Also not obligatory):​
    Particular weapon (also preferably type specific in some way, for example Neptune could have a trident):​
    If you have any questions or want to add something to the character sheet, go ahead.​
    Available scouts:
    OBS!: All scouts are taken, but if you want to act as Princess Malevolia or one of her generals, PM me for details!​
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  2. Name: Hoshizora Haruhi, Sailor Solar
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG](her regular form is the same, only she has shorter, platinum blonde hair and regular clothes)

    Age: 16
    Personality: Haruhi is sweet and gentle, but can sometimes be a bit of a cry-baby. Due to her sensitivity she sometimes gets bullied, which she has a hard time dealing with. As such, she also lacks a bit of self-esteem, and doubts herself a lot. She likes sweets, and her favourite activity is chatting with friends, though unfortunately she doesn't have many to do that with outside of school. Her body temperature is slightly higher than normal, making her popular with animals such as cats and birds.
    History: As I mentioned before, Haruhi is sometimes bullied, something which was a lot worse when she was little. Back then she used to have her lunch stolen and her hair pulled, which led to her cutting it short. Since her father is American, she decided to go to the USA as an exchange student, where she is now living.
    Special skill: Haruhi is an avid piano player, and she is also as before mentioned popular with animals. She would like to study to become a veterinarian.
    Particular weapon: As Sailor Solar, Haruhi possesses the Solar Bracelet, which is shaped like a golden dragon coiling around her arm. With it, she can use the move 'solar bracelet bind', which works as a finishing move against the Malevolian soldiers, returning them to their dead state. As each scout is awakened, a gem in a corresponding colour is added to the bracelet. Once all scouts are awakened and she herself finds the strength, it will reveal its true power...
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  3. Name: Yagakoro Manami, Princess Solaria's governess
    Show Spoiler
    original appearance: [​IMG]
    current appearance:

    Age: Unknown
    Personality: Manami is the sweetest person ever, but she can also be strict when needed.
    History: Manami used to be governess and private tutor for Solaria when they lived on the sun, but was sent to be reborn on earth to keep check on her. Unfortunately, her reincarnation didn't go quite as expected, and she turned into something... Odd. She also holds all the transformation equipment, and when a scout is awakened she will give it to them and tell them what to do.
  4. Name and preferred scout: Aria White, Sailor Pluto
    Appearance : [follow the link]
    Personality: Aria is a somewhat shy, but rather friendly individual. She believes in self expression and that everyone should have the chance to be who they want to be. Although hard to anger, once she has been angered, it takes her a long time to cool off. She's very artistic, often times finding shapes or pictures in unexpected things, like a dragon in the grain of wood, or a face in the pattern on the wall. Sometimes her imagination gets the best of her, and thus ghost stories often give her nightmares. She tries to avoid them.
    History: Aria was born to very stifling parents. They had a plan for her to grow up in a certain role. Deviation from their set course was very unpleasant for the young artistic girl. Not being able to express herself, she withdraw into a shell of herself. She stayed in the stifling household until she was 14. After which, she moved in with her aunt. After moving in with her aunt, she began to flourish. She withdrew from her shell and she became much happier.
    Special skill: Aria is an artist, her favorite of mediums being ice. She also loves to dance, on or off the ice.
    Particular weapon: Ice dust, which looks alot like white and silver glitter.
    Current Attack: Arctic Gale - She blows a handful of ice dust from her palm at her target and it encrusts them in a small layer of ice and immobilizes them for however long it'll hold them.
    is that alright?
  5. Aria White accepted! Really nice character description ^w^
  6. Name and preferred scout: Tessalynn Stone, Sailor Uranus

    Appearance: (Edited)

    Age : 17

    Personality: Tessalynn is a bit of an odd thing, or so she has been told by various people that have come in and out of her life. Most find her to be a bit of an annoyance, or just over all the type of person that one would have to have a strong hold on their patience when getting to know her. Not that that's a bad thing, all the time though; Tessalynn just has her own ways, so to speak. And one of those features that takes much getting used to is her mouth. Yes she knows how to hold her tongue, and she might when put in certain situations, though she figures why keep something within herself and possibly lie when it can be out in the open? With that way of thinking she is pretty blunt with the things she says, never sugar coating anything in the least bit, though this does tend to made her a bit rude or standoffish, how ever one wants to look at it.
    She is a very stubborn individual, always wanting to rebel against something, especially her parents, and has a hard time getting a grip on certain things when she does not want to believe it. This tends to make her a bit determined in some cases, but, a lot of the time, those instances are short if only because she can easily be distracted with her curious mind, her eyes always flicking one way to the next so that she won't miss anything.

    History: All throughout her life Tessalynn has had issues with making friends, or keeping them. Whether it's just because of the was she acts or the things she says people can easily be turned off by her. This, though, hasn't effected her life much, or so she likes to think. She grew up with loving parents, though most of the time they stifled her with their love and concern, always trying to tell her what to do, always trying to figure out what she was doing and why she was doing it. She hated it, and still to this day she does. It's just... Something she doesn't understand; why they want to be so involved with her. And even though she feels that way about her parents she can never come to hate them; only rebel against them to try and get her point across. Sometimes it works. She's always been one to run around and explore her surroundings, and all her life she's done that, so when she tend to disappear at random times throughout the day, she more than likely was doing that.

    Special skill: It's not so much of a special skill as it is just something that Tessalynn has come to love and cherish, but climbing things -bringing herself to knew heights and other things- as well as running and jumping, is something she has become exceptional in. You can say that what she does is parkour or free running, and she wouldn't disagree.

    Particular weapon: Her gloves. They posses her with the power to be able to shift the ground beneath her feet, or other parts of the ground a few feet away from herself. Rocks are also specified to the power of her gloves.
    ((Hope this is well enough! (:))
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  7. Tessalynn Stone accepted! If this keeps up, we'll have the IC up and running in no time! :D
  8. ((Awesome, thanks! This roleplay seems as if it'll be pretty interesting. (:
    Oh, and I changed a little about Tessalynn's appearance.))
  9. I gave Haruhi a complete makeover :P
  10. Thankya ma'am

    We only need two other scouts now, right?
  11. Yup. If you have anyone you think you can recommend this to, please do.
  12. Name and preferred scout: Talia Jaq'rda, Sailor Saturn, Scout of Death and Destruction
    Appearance (description or picture is fine):
    **Note: she is also legally blind, while she can see 'shapes' of things, everything is extremely blurry and she can see some colors and light.
    Age (somewhere around 16): 15
    Personality: Anti-social, quiet, bookish. Dictates and records fluffy romance dramas that she shares online (with help of her mother).
    History: She was born blind. She has a cat named Beatrice, which is blind too, but she assumes sees more than her. Growing up, she was made fun of in school for being different which caused her to become slightly anti-social. She loves books and listen to music.
    Special skill: Excellent hearing, like, almost super-hearing. Good at ... overhearing things, sometimes things she shouldn't. Sometimes gets in trouble for it too.
    Particular weapon: Silence Glaive
    Henshin Call: Saturn Planet Power, Make up!
    Current Attack: Silence Buster - uses glaive to fire a double energy spiral at her enemies.
    Please let me know if there's anything that doesn't work for you. XD
    Also, as a note, [MENTION=5459]Shelby[/MENTION], parkouring Sailor Uranus, I can see that as very helpful. And sexy. XDD
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  13. Taia Jaq'rda accepted! I'm assuming you mean sailor Saturn, and yes, you can keep the glaive.
  14. OH yeah! I mean Sailor Saturn. *goes to edit that in, like she meant to before* >////>;;;;
    YAY accepted! Feels good, man. Feels good. XD
  15. Haha, it's not like I wouldn't accept :P

    But, this means Neptune's the only one left! I'm happy this got so much attention in such a short span of time :D
  16. Woo! I know, I've been trying to rp on gaiaonline, and I have been getting NO BITES whatsoever and it makes me sad. :(
  17. Haha, yeah the idea of having her do things like that just popped into my head randomly as I typed up her information. Hopefully it'll be of some actual use to her. XD

    Yay, only one more scout to be taken! Hopefully someone will come and take that spot quickly.
  18. Mmh, I certainly hope we won't be stuck here, that would be such a disappointment :/
  19. ((I'm sure somebody will come eventually to take the last spot. I'm so anxious for this roleplay! (:))
  20. Is it ok if i take neptune?