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  1. I'm making this thread for all the Moonies who will be watching the new anime. This thread will be full of spoilers so if you have not watched the current episode, you've been warned.

    To anyone who knows the manga, or wants to make predictions based on it, the older anime or even the Musicals or Live Action show, please put such predictions in spoiler tags. Let's give the newer generation a chance to enjoy the story unfold!

    If you have no idea what we are talking about here, let me show you!

    Where can you watch it?

    Nico Nico
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  2. ^_^ I can't wait, are we watching it together?
  3. I would like to, but I have to work tomorrow, so no way, or I'll be zombie cashier! I'll be going to bed soon then first thing in the morning I'm watching it!
  5. I will fuckin' sit these four hours for this shit if I have to.
  6. which site is most recommended to watch it on?
  7. Nico Nico is the 'official' site, but I'd say whichever you feel most comfortable. I'm sure they're going to expect the big hit of users at the start of the show on all the sites.
  8. yea, I am watching hearts in ice and two other movies while I wait. ^_^; Thank you bunches Ocha <3
  9. Me & Tuxedo Kamen (Mask) in bed!

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  10. Once streaming starts on Nico Nico though, if you ain't a premium member you'll be kicked out of the viewing room to make space for premium members.
  11. My heart's pounding so fast... I loved it! Way more than the first anime! There are a few points I dislike, such as the us of CGI animation in the opening and the transformation sequence, but otherwise everything was just perfect ^^ The opening theme may not be Moonlight Densetsu, but it's wonderful in it's own way, especially that guitar solo :P
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  12. AAaahhhhhh! Just finished watching. Absolutely love it.
  13. Nico Nico had annoying comments from users streaming across as the opening was starting, and Crunchyroll was having server issues this morning, so I finally watched it on Hulu.

  14. Here to get my fanboy on.

    Like I said when I saw the transformation clip, I wish they'd stuck with traditional animation or at least toned down the use of CG for that sequence. It's not as bad in the opening, but it looks like a Miku Miku Dance video during the transformation scene, and that's not a good thing. It's nice that they went frame-for-frame almost entirely to the old transformation though.

    Speaking of frame-for-frame, I was boggling a little at how closely it followed the manga. I mean, seriously, they basically just animated every panel. o__o So that's pretty cool. It's nice to see Usagi's hair being ridiculously flowy (in the original anime they shortened it quite a bit and simplified it), and Takeuchi's style translates surprisingly well into animation (I was worried about that). It's hard to judge by just one episode, but so far they're being really faithful. There's still a very 90's-anime aesthetic without it being dated, which is also nice. The youma was even kinda legit creepy.

    REALLY happy to see Mamoru being actually useful and that they're apparently incorporating his plot arcs, which were discarded for the original anime almost entirely.

    Things that threw me:

    1. Miss Haruna, why are you blond? D:

    2. WHY THE FUCK IS HE IN A TUXEDO FOR NO REASON. Even Usagi thought that was weird. They did that just for the throwaway joke, I guess? But it makes Usagi seem even MORE ditzy because at least in the original anime and manga she had the excuse of never seeing him dressed in the costume. (I don't think this is spoilers because come on. My whole point is that it's ridiculously obvious. He is not only wearing a tuxedo, but the exact same charm on his neck as his secret identity. Very inconspicuous there, bud.)

    The music is very shoujo but I don't have much of an opinion on it. I like the opening and ending animations a lot though. It's a little bit of a shame that they didn't stick to the original anime's framework and staged the Scouts into the opening as they're introduced, but it makes sense, given that everyone knows what they look like and how many of them there are now.

    The updated character designs are niiice. Looking forward to getting a good look at the rest of the senshi outfits.

    Manga and Old Anime Spoilers (open)
    It also looks like we're following the manga pacing and introducing Ami in the next episode right away. While I think one thing the old anime did right was give us more time to get to know the characters first, it doesn't make much difference to old fans who already know the characters. So, mixed feelings there.

    There are a few things about the old anime that I really hope they don't discard in favor of following the manga faithfully. Naru and Nephlite, dammit! >:[

    Overall I'm happier than I thought I'd be. I was worried I'd be underwhelmed or pissed off. Actually I'm pretty excited now!
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  15. I am curious if anyone is watching Sailor Moon for the first time. A lot of the people I've talked to are people who have seen it in their childhood.
  16. Aaaand I'm dumb. He totally WAS wearing a tux in his first manga appearance. With the charm. How the fuck did I not remember that?

    I know at least one person who is watching it for the first time.
  17. I love the fact we're going to get Mamoru in his glasses! I love Mamoru in glasses! Also
    Show Spoiler
    we'll get more of Artemis' personality if this stays true to the manga!
  19. I likey :D
  20. Staying up until 3am messed up my sleep schedule hardcore, but I can't wait for the next episode.

    I love the flowy hair things that is going on. *_*
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