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  1. So! Sailor Moon Crystal is back and looks HELLA pretty, especially compared to it's sooomewhat disappointing previous seasons.

    There's new hand drawn transformation sequences in place of the cgi ones. (I never really had much issue with the cgi but the new ones are an improvement) And so many other things that make this season look so much more promising.

    Anyways, here's a general discussion thread to nerd out in.

    You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal free online at these sites:

    Sailor Moon Crystal (might redirect to the home page)
    Sailor Moon Crystal on Crunchyroll!
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  2. My thoughts on the new episode (SPOILER FREE)

    It seems like they got more time on the art this time, which was really nice, though I don't particularly mind it when the art is fixed first for the DVD release. It's kind of fun to check the before and after versions on the internet.

    The transformation scenes were much better this time without that ugly CGI thing, if you can't do it good, don't do it at all. My favorite transformation was definitely Venus. :3

    I didn't like the opening song, it sounded too.. childish. Maybe the text was good, but I didn't particularly care to check cause I couldn't stand the way it was sung. (Have never liked that kind of song tunes.) It doesn't get me excited for the show like the last opening did, so I will definitely skip it. The ending song on the other hand was pretty good. I really like that it was a duet and focused on the two new sailor scouts. :)

    As for the episode itself, it was... okay. It did a good job in introducing the two new characters and the new mystery, but the episode as a whole wasn't very entertaining to me. Especially the fact that they gave more time to the transformations and catchphrases than the actual fight did disappoint me a bit, but I get it, they wanted to show all the new transformation animations immediately. I would personally have let them being introduced one after another during the shows run time, but it is what it is. It was a decent starter episode and I can't wait for us to get to know more about the new sailor scouts. (As I have only read the first couple of chapters of this ark and didn't grow up with sailor moon as a kid, and have only seen a little bit of them in the older anime, I'm going in mostly blind.)
  3. Since you're going in mostly blind, I'll try to keep spoiler free about what's coming up.

    So I agree that the new opening theme doesn't give off that same feeling of hype as the first one, but it has a whimsical-ness to it that I enjoy. I also really like Venus's transformation but she's my fave so I'm a little bias. I was so excited to see she still has the sword! In the manga (and this isn't really a spoiler) the sword never gets mentioned after the first arc. It just fades into obscurity.... That being said I'm still just a little disappointed? It was like... she has the sword but it still had little to do with the attack? It's a bit nitpicky I admit.
  4. Hulu did not want to let subtitles work on my tv for some reason. D:<

    Anyway this episode was a liiiiittle dull, but I can see they really wanted to show off the new transformations right off the bat, I think. So I'm thinking all the story awesome will get back in the rest of the episodes. >:3
  5. I am so happy with the new transformation! Venus' was cute as well as the new attacks! Again, Venus' attack was cute.

    Also I am kind of confused about Haruka being a boy and wondering if they are gonna do as they did with the Sailor Stars for this character? Is there any reason why he's not a girl? Is this something in the comics?

    But it was a decent episode. Was not feeling the opening song, kind of boring but eh.
  6. Yep, Mid! In the manga, Haruka raced and attended school dressed as a boy, but she is still a girl. I don't think there was any reason for this aside from... she wanted to? Her character had a very "whatever" feel in regards to her gender, I believe.
  7. Oooh okay! That's cool then. Maybe it was also a bit of a way to test the waters for the transgender scouts? I loved that arc 8D
  8. To be fair Haruka was boyish but the Sailor Star aren't really trans in the term of transgender, their human forms are male to keep there identities safe from the villain of season 5.
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  9. The cats all look so odd now. Why no more round heads?

    Also the very quickly rising levels of gay this season are very pleasing.
  10. wut?
  11. The full length versions of the opening and ending themes are out~

  12. I'll be honest. I am disappointed in crystal, for the fact that yes it's following just the manga only. But my favorite freakin arc was the Doom Tree arc with the brother and sister. Not only did it have important character development, that I think Crystal lacks a lot of. But seriously was kind of looking forward to the brother and sister all prettified.


    Btw I love the fucking ending song of Season 3
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