[Sailor Moon] Chocolate Parfait (1x1, Molly/Nephlite)

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  1. Plot: It's some random time in the Neo Crystal Tokyo, and King Endymion has found a way to revive his four generals. One late night, while Usako is sound asleep in their bed, he awakens then, their past and current memories intact, and magically places them around Crystal Tokyo.

    It's Nephrite, who awakes first, in a cold sweat, and grabbing at his chest where is heart is. Last time he was conscious, there was vines impaling him, now, nothing. He would soon find he's in an apartment, in a very familiar part of town... nearby a certain girl...

    Naru Osaka.

    AND, GO. I'll be taking over as Naru (Molly, if you're only familiar with the dub version of the show). Also I have an idea for a plot within this time setting with Zoisite too. ;3
  2. (Occ. - A Sailor moon RP huh? Sounds interesting. I haven't seen much of Sailor Moon really. But a couple of my friends talk about it all the time so I know at least a little bit. I'm a huge fan of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto from the outer scouts. I don't think I've seen all the outer scouts. From the inner scouts though I've seen all of them, I guess I'm a fan of Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury most over. But yeah all the sailor scouts are pretty cool. I've made a couple of OCs for sailor moon also. I'll start off with one of them if that's okay.)

    Skyler awakens inside a clubhouse he and a friend built. He hears noises outside but is sure as of yet what's going on. His older sister who is one of the sailor scouts hadn't been home for a long time. He knew about her through her reputation and seeing her around when she wasn't out on the job, but she and him hadn't met each other officially yet. Wondering about the noises, Skyler peeks out of the door of the clubhouse, and thanks to a couple of street lights he catches sight the silhouette of one of the generals in the distance barely.
  3. ((OOC: I'm sorry! I should've been more specific, this was meant to start out as a 1x1 with a specific character. x.x; I'm sorry. I'd planned to open it up later.))
  4. (OOC: It's okay^^ So it's a one on one with Molly and Nephrite's characters then?)
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