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    After the great explosion that gave birth to the universe, matter was lunged through the infinity of space creating the lumps of mass that would later be referred to as stars and planets. The mysterious energy that had caused the explosion also scattered, but the amount left at the center of it all amassed and solidified, forming a crystal radiating a golden glow.

    The crystal found and attached itself to the nearest planet, and sparked a reaction which led to the dawn of life.

    As time passed, different forms of life evolved, and eventually a race came along that possessed the power of intelligence.

    Utilizing their intelligence, the race found a way to harness the magic of the crystal that created them, and using it, they altered the very surface of the planet, allowing them to thrive and prosper.

    The one who had learned the first secrets of the crystal, a man named Sol, unified their race and inaugurated himself and his lineage as the royal family, naming their kingdom 'Gold Millennium', the land and planet they lived on 'Sol' (after himself), and he named their magical crown jewel the
    'Gold Millennium Crystal'.

    More time came to pass, generations came and went, and the royal family learned yet another way to use the power of the Gold Millennium Crystal. They managed to attract nearby planets, pulling them into a steady orbit around Sol, and by radiating warmth and magic to those planets they were able to spread life to them as well.

    The planets were named after the successors to the first king Sol, in the order of closest distance to the mother planet and out:

    Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and finally, Tellus.

    The societies that developed on the planets of course adapted most of the culture from Sol, but due to various different prerequisites, they all became unique and fostered different values and ways of thinking. Because of this diversity, an ambassador was elected from each planet except Tellus, the youngest planet where life was still in a mere incubative state, to be sent to Sol and partake in a parliament where all political matters regarding the planets was discussed. The union between the planets became known as the Solar System.

    And so things moved along in peace, until one day, an event came to pass that would lead to the destruction of the Gold Millennium.

    Suddenly, without any forewarning, the monarch of Sol, Queen Helios, was contacted by an ambassador of a planet named Pandora, asking for permission to join the gravitational pull of the Gold Millennium Crystal. Before that day, no one had even imagined life to exist outside the warmth of the Gold Millennium Crystal, so when a race so developed and similar to the one originated on Sol asked to join them, a certain suspicion arose. But, perhaps due to Queen Helios's kindness and curiosity, they were allowed to orbit around Sol, though full connection wasn't established.

    The ambassador from Pandora was sent to partake in the parliament on Sol, where they grew to become respected and valued. So when the ambassador asked if a convoy of ships with students from Pandora could come and observe the Gold Millenium Crystal first hand, no one objected. However, it had all been a ruse to disguise the real purpose of the convoy. Instead of students, the ships transported trained soldiers, with the mission to capture the Gold Millennium Crystal and Queen Helios, who had inherited the knowledge of how to control the crystal.

    Pandora and its' people had been born from an energy similar to that of the Gold Millennium Crystal, but it was weak, and had barely had enough power to sustain a single race. As such, the people of Pandora had been forced to live in poverty and starvation, only driven by the curse that is survival instinct. But, by obtaining the crystal, they would be able to subjugate the entire universe and break free from the shadows as supreme beings.

    The people of Sol who had never experienced anything like war before at any point in history, were caught completely off guard with no means to defend themselves. Queen Helios, realizing what would happen if the Gold Millennium crystal fell in the hands of Pandora, made a final decision, and the ultimate sacrifice.

    The only way to hinder Pandora from getting hold of the crystal would be to destroy it. And so, she reversed the flow of magic from the crystal, causing it to implode. The shock wave was so powerful that it changed the very molecular structure of Sol, turning it into a ball of endless hellfire, a star. All matter was erased from the surface of all the planets, and only their core and shell was left. Pandora, which had not yet established full gravitational connection, was hurled out of orbit back into the depths of space where it came from.

    But, despite the complete eradication of Sol's society, there was still hope that it would rise again. A very small fragment of the Gold Millennium Crystal had been sent to Tellus, the only planet that hadn't completely lost its atmosphere due to being at a great enough distance from the shock wave, and was thus most suitable to host life. Thanks to the (although very weak) magic of the Gold Millennium Crystal shard and the warmth of the star formerly known as the planet Sol, matter began to form on the surface, eventually causing the same spark that had occurred so long ago, leading to the resurrection of life. The souls of Queen Helios's young daughter, Solaria, the ambassador's, and a governor were sent along with the crystal shard, so that they may one day be reborn and cause a renaissance for the lost civilization of Sol.

    We have now reached modern day, where evolution has come down to a race similar to the one from Sol that calls itself humanity, and the souls sent with the crystal shard have been reborn into human bodies. However, unbeknown to Queen Helios, the ambassador from Pandora had been able to predict this scenario, and tasked her descendants to find the Solar System once again, claim the crystal fragment and the reincarnation of Sol's princess, who might hold the secret to recreate the Gold Millennium Crystal in its full glory.

    But this time, they are not unprepared! The souls had been imbued with magic that would grant them power once they achieved physical form. But will it be enough to defend the legacy of Sol from the clutches of Pandora's revenge?

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    Our characters will have been reborn in the country of Japan on Tellus, now more commonly known as planet Earth, and I will play the reincarnation of Solaria. They do not know they are reincarnations of the ambassadors, and so it will be the purpose of the governor (who will have been reincarnated as a cat similar to Luna but with a sun instead of a crescent moon as crest on her forehead), who will also be played by me, to scout them.

    To clarify the astronomical situation, all planets are solid (meaning Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are not made up of gas) and Earth is the farthest away from the sun. I know this isn't entirely logical from a physics point of view, but magic should give us some leeway.

    The reincarnations of the ambassadors will be sailor senshi of their corresponding planet, but you do not have to follow the manga when choosing their embodied element. For example, Sailor Mercury could have powers related to metal and not ice/water like in the manga, but you are also completely free to stick with the original element if you're more comfortable with it.

    I was planning on having the story unfold in two main arcs, the first where Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are awakened, and the second where Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are awakened, and then a sort of final battle against the main antagonist. Because of this certain roles will not be available to play immediately, but you are free to reserve them for later if you'd like. I was also planning on having the villains available to play, but there are certain prerequisites to playing them, so PM me if you're interested in that.

    Note that all characters are female, of Japanese origin, and only one character per person is allowed at the moment.

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    • All Iwaku rules apply
    • Please take the intermediate posting expectation seriously. You are required to have a certain level of correctness in your spelling and grammar, and you have to understand how to write and read nuanced posts. This does not, however, mean filling your posts with things like "her auburn, silky hair caressed her voluptuous thighs as she strode along the beach, gazing at the beautiful sunset with eyes like molten gold, matching the scenery displayed before her", because it's simply boring to read.
    • I won't enforce a strict rule of post order or length, instead I rely on you as a player to read the atmosphere. Make longer and more frequent posts when needed, and vice versa. I will tell you if there's anything disturbing with your posting rhythm.
    • Do note that if you don't make a post IC for a month without valid reason, you will be thrown out. That is the maximum amount of absence I can tolerate before I need to get things moving again.
    • Please read the 'lore' and 'modern day' sections. I know the lore section (on top of the page) may be long, slightly boring and confusing, but it will help you understand and develop the plot.
    • I reserve the right to add or change anything in the rules section as time progresses. I will put up a notification of this, though.
    • Remember to have fun! I wanna make this a pleasant experience for everyone involved~

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    Name: (Japanese, last name first)

    Age: (16-18)

    Sailor: (Put planetary name here. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are available as of now)

    Embodied Element: (Water/ice, fire, thunder, love/beauty, or anything you can think of that would be appropriate)

    Appearance: (Here you put up a picture of your character, in or out (or both) of senshi uniform, along with a short visual description if you'd like. You are free to put up a picture of someone and say 'as a senshi they wear the same uniform as sailor ____ in the manga/anime'. Make sure it is drawn in modern anime style, and that the uniform at least matches the original style)

    Personality: (Self explanatory, but keep it to a minimum. Your character should be allowed to grow and not have every single aspect laid out beforehand)

    Biography: (Again, keep it to a minimum. Maybe mention hobbies, certain relationships e.t.c, but nothing that will draw too much attention away from the main plot, i.e no super sad background or being involved with some strange crime syndicate)

    Attacks & special items: (You will start of as a basic senshi, meaning you will have a (slightly weak) main attack, though you are allowed some smaller or supportive ones as well. Please name them accordingly with the anime/manga. Later when we power up to star/eternal/whatever level you will gain a new, more powerful moveset, and you will be asked to come up with some new attacks. Regarding 'special items', these are things like the Mercury Goggles or the Silent Glaive, and is not required)

    Introduction quote (for outer soldiers): Guarded by [your planet], planet of [whatever fits]. I'm the soldier of [you decide] Sailor [your planet]!

    Spoken word text colour: (When your character speaks, please use a text colour to make this clear. For example, gold. All other text is to be written in white, Verdana font, size 3)

    Other: (Anything you'd like to point out that I've missed?)

    Accepted characters:

    Sailor Senshi

    Lady Bernkastel as Sailor Sol
    Merry Berry as Sailor Mercury
    Justaddnuts as Sailor Venus
    Adira as Sailor Mars

    Cyline as Sailor Jupiter
    WhoopDau as Sailor Saturn
    AuratheDemonPrincess as Sailor Neptune

    Pandora Generals

    Adore Delano as Lorelei Nightsparrow


    Laggy Lagiacrus as Emiya Hisao

    Reserved characters:

    Sailor Senshi

    InfinitExel as Sailor Pluto

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  2. Sorry for the butchered appearance of this, I tried to make it look better but everything got messed up and I couldn't fix it ><
  3. Reserve me Venus, please? :)
  4. Will do~
  5. Since Venus already got snatched, could you reserve Mercury for me, please? :)
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  6. Sure can ^^
  7. And may I claim Mars?

    Are we allowed to change their powers such as instead of fire could I use Love kind of like venus in the original?
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  8. Yes you may, but I forgot to mention, if you want to take the power already associated with Venus, you have to check with the one who's reserved Venus first. If @Eclipse wants to go with a different element, then you're good to go :)
  9. I'm interested in playing one of the villains... So should I PM you, or what? :x
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  10. Ah, well since you stated interest here, I'll shoot you a PM with some info so we can discuss things :)
  11. Name: Hoshino Hikari

    Age: 17

    Sailor: Sol

    Embodied element: Light

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    Regular form:
    Senshi uniform (her hair is also loosened and straightened like in the picture):

    Personality: Hikari is a bright and bubbly girl with an optimistic outlook on life. She's not very clever, brave, or strong, but she has a good heart, and is always kind to others, seeing a potential friend in everyone. She is somewhat of a ditz, but she doesn't let her clumsiness bring her down (except for when she trips or falls, in which case it literally brings her down).

    Bigraphy: The Hoshino family consists of Kiyomi (Hikari's mother), Daichi (her father), Hikari herself, and their cat, Taiyou (also known as Tai-chan), named so after the mysterious crest on her forehead that resembles a sun. Hikari has lived what anyone would refer to as a perfectly normal life, and is currently a second year student at Juuban Municipal High School. She likes cute stuff, food, and playing guitar, but is not particularly fond of studying, so she will always find a way to slack off. She has a couple of close friends, but is on good terms with everyone at school and where she lives.

    Attacks & special items: She possesses the 'Solar Bracelet', which resembles a golden serpent coiling around her arm four times (kind of like this). Her attack is 'Solar Bracelet Purification', where she points her hand at her opponent, the Solar Bracelet lights up and shoots of her arm like a beam of light, wrapping itself around the opponent. It then constricts as it shines brightly, purging the enemy.

    Spoken word text colour: gold

    Other: (open for editing)
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  12. Name: Yukino Fuyumi

    Age: 17

    Sailor: Mercury

    Embodied element: Ice

    Show Spoiler

    Senshi uniform and face:
    School uniform / Regular clothes:
    (When she transforms into senshi, her hair turns blue. It is normally black.)

    Personality: Fuyumi is a gracious and calm girl. She speaks rather formally and has an air of high class around her, which makes her hard to approach, and as such she does not have many close friends, but quite a lot of admirers. She is very intelligent and diligent, and pours her heart and soul into everything she does. She would rather decline something rather than go in half-heartedly. Despite her reputation as an "ice princess", she is quite a sweetheart, who dreams of romance and love.

    Biography: Fuyumi comes from a wealthy family consisting of her mother, Junko, her father, Hideyoshi, and four older siblings; Ken, Kaede, Mei, and Hiroshi. Her mother is a computer engineer and her father is a pharmaceutical scientist, and all her siblings study at the University of Tokyo, putting quite a lot of pressure on her to perform well in school. She herself is a second year student at a prestigious private high school in Tokyo. She is also somewhat of a figure skating prodigy, having competed in several national and international competitions, winning or placing the top 5. At first her parents were supportive because of the extra credit it gave her, but they have gotten more and more reluctant to her training, as they believe it takes too much time from her studying.

    Attacks and special items:
    'Mercury Frost Bite': Concentrates freezing air around her fingers, forming sort of a set of fangs made out of frost. She then clamps her hands together, making the fangs bite down on her opponent.
    'Powder Snow Mirage': Produces a flurry of very fine particles of snow, creating a deep fog and lowering the surrounding temperature heavily.

    Fuyumi possesses the 'Mercury Skates', blades of ice that she can attach to the bottom of her boots and use for swift transportation on any surface, as they create a thin film of ice just enough for her to skate on. She is also in possession of the 'Mercury Goggles' from the anime and manga.

    Spoken word text colour: Aqua

    Introduction quote: "I am the pretty soldier in a sailor suit, guardian of love and intelligence, Sailor Mercury! Take a dip and cool your head off!"

    Other: Can't think of anything else atm.
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  13. I submitted a banner, which should hopefully give us some more traffic ^^

    (I hope it looks good, I'm not terribly good at that sort of thing...)
  14. Haha, I'm sure it looks good! Either way it should bring more attention. Would you mind posting it here so we can see it? Before it gets accepted onto the reel, I mean.
  15. Oh, of course...


    Here it is >///< I kept switching the colours around a lot, trying to figure out what would look best, and I think it turned out pretty okay... But I'm still embarrassed about it, 'cause it's very nooby ><
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  16. Name: Mori, Aki

    Age: 17

    Sailor: Jupiter

    Embodied Element: Thunder

    Show Spoiler

    Normal Form:

    Sailor Senshi Form:

    Personality: She is a distanced girl that has a hard time paying attention to anything for too long. She is quiet, stating things quite bluntly at times, usually forgetting how it will affect people's emotions. This makes it difficult to make friends along with her inability to fully trust people. She keeps up an emotionless facade, sometimes scaring people away or leading them to believe she thinks she's better than all of them. She is also loyal and trustworthy, never turning her back on those her need her. Because she is quiet and is very observant, noticing things other people brush off. If she puts her mind to something, she is not easily deterred. Sometimes, she can be a bit boring, spending the majority of her time lost in thought, observing, or reading. Because she always has a book on her, she tends to use it as a blunt weapon when people are being idiots or right before a fight gets too physical. She has a certain weakness for helpless animals and often times stops to help them (they always seem to trust her). Haruka is multi-talented, learning quickly. She is an average student, though she could be top in her class if she tried (same with athletics).

    Biography: Nothing really interesting has happened in the course of Aki's life. Her parents are divorced and she has a closer relationship to her father. She wasn't really popular in school, but she wasn't bullied either. In fact, Aki's life has been pretty happy. She was always a bit of a strange child, quiet, withdrawn. No really knows why. However, Aki has also found that she's always been very lucky, in almost everything. She slacks off, but still passes her classes and rarely ever gets in trouble. She spends most of her time reading, but also loves to play tennis and do gymnastics.

    Attacks & Special items: Flower Hurricane: Creates a flurry of flower blossoms that blind or agitate her opponent.
    Supreme Thunder: Sends bolts of electricity collected by her tiara.

    Spoken word text colour: Green
    "I am the pretty soldier in a sailor suit, guardian of love and thunder, Sailor Jupiter! Brace yourself for the storm."
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  17. @Cyline Looks good :)

    However, the "people trust her with their darkest secrets" part is grazing a bit too close to Mary Sue territory, seeing as she's quite a secluded girl, and considering animals trust her as well. But if you omit that and just keep the animals part she'd be more nuanced, as someone who has trouble with people but understands nature ^^. Know what I mean?
  18. @Cyline Oh, I didn't notice you edited it! Accepted! ^^
  19. Name: Kimura, Mai (elegance)

    Age: 16

    Sailor: Mars

    Embodied Element: Fire

    Appearance: Normal

    "But red isn't my color!"

    Personality: "I'm what my family calls 'Unique' I think that just means they don't understand me" Mai tends to call herself the black sheep of her family. Her family proteus a sense of regal mannerisms, while Mai would prefer to be more open and happy go lucky. She's a literate ball of energy and has a hard time calming down. She's very dramatic and over exaggerates situations such as if she was to get attacked by 1 person she would tell you it was more like a 100 people charging at her, with swords, while riding unicorns. She's easily embarrassed but doesn't shy away from a challenge. She's very loyal and loves showing affection for her friends. As the youngest of the sailor scouts she's pretty naive and sarcastic.

    Biography: "My brothers think they're gods gift to the human race, boys can be such idiots" Mai comes from a blessed family, as her father is a government official. Mai has 3 older brothers, Akihiko, Hiro, and Katsuo. Mai was raised as a proper young lady, frilly dresses and drinking tea were part of her everyday routine. Though she enjoys acting like a lady she was drawn to expressing herself. You could often find her chatting with the maids and if you couldn't find her she could be found talking and learning from strangers around her. As much as she knew her family loved her she knew she could never meet their "perfect daughter" standards. So instead of feeling sad or sorry she wore the "black sheep" label with pride. She finds joy in her friends, adventure, and riding horses. Mai attends a high class private high school and has a few "friends".

    Attacks & special items: 'Mars Fire Blast' Using her hands she can release fire over a specific target area. (Starts off extremely off in her target area)

    'Mars Fire Beam Emission' Releases beams of red hot fire from her hands.

    'Mars Formulated Fire Blast' Release blasts of fire in a form of a creature or object.

    'Mars Omnidirectional Fire Waves' Sends out a wave of fire in all directions.

    Mai's possesion is a golden ring that wraps around her entire finger, embodied in the gold are flames made out of rubies. Usually worn on her middle finger of her right hand. This rings allows her to produce fire without burning herself and protects her from flames and smoke.

    Spoken word text color: Light Red

    Other: "I am the pretty soldier in a sailor suit, guardian of love and fire, Sailor Mars! And in the name of mars get ready to feel the burn!"
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