Sailor Moon Anyone?

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  1. "Good Heavens Child.. you're much too late.. Queen Serenity is expecting you"

    'Fighting Evil by moonlight
    Winning Love by daylight'

    A new dawn has broken,

    The original 5, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter have long passed on. In fact it's been many years since their powers have even been needed. However the power still surges though the veins of their bloodlines, awaiting the dawn of the new era.. The era of the Sun.

    But, A new threat dares to destroy the peace and harmony the original girls brought to planet earth, a new group called the Sunnites. A group of foreign people who will stop at nothing to take back the life force of both the moon and earth. Attacks against attacks have been made against the moon kingdom and for the safety of planet earth the princesses were sent away again, however this time they were well aware they were meant for so much more.

    So, my idea for this role-play was to basically re imagine the girls in a modern day setting. They would all live in the same area, however not go to the same school. Each girl was sent with a cat or dog guardian. This guardian taught the girl about her powers but never told her about the other 4 girls in her team. They all meet when the Sunnites begin their first attack on earth and the girls must join together to be the princess warriors their kingdom and their queen need.

    Anyone interested?
    Maybe? ​
  2. aw, its to bad no one came to post on this :(

    (if you get this going jupiter would be awesome >>)
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  3. I'm interested in it as well.
  4. Just some questions:

    Are we using the same appearances? Like, reincarnation?
    Do they maintain their personalities and abilities, or create new ones?
    Also, can you reserve roles? I'd be interested in Sailor Moon or Venus(If I join)
  5. Aw there is some interest <3

    @Sailor Moon
    There would be completely new appearances. Maybe similar to their ancestors.
    Some personality traits would transfer to the new generation but they would be different people.
    I haven't quite yet decided on reserving roles but I'll keep you in mind!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.