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    • The RP takes place after the series of Sailor Moon. Few or so years into the future. Usagi has taken her place as Neo Queen Serenity. A new threat is rising, causing new Sailor Scouts to be awakened.

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  1. Miko said nothing for a few moments as she stood in the middle of a lush field, her flower dress fluttering in the wind. Brushing a few strands of pink hair out of her face, she struggled to look about the massive field for her childhood best friend.

    Today is the day, she thought to herself as the earth loomed over head, she wondered if she could touch it before familar sounds of rustling grass interrupted her thoughts.

    "Sorry, I'm late Miko." the young eight year old spoke for a moment as Miko dusted her dress.

    "Had a fight with the price again did you?" Miko asked as she shuffled in her teddy bear purse of a napkin.
  2. "Hmph. It's his fault!" Rila said as she tried to fix her pigtails.

    Rila smiled after a few minutes and hugged her best friend. Today was when they found out which scout they would train under.

    "Oops! We better go to the Crystal Palace now or we'll be late!" Rila grabbed Miko's hand and ran towards the palace, with her best friend struggling to keep up behind her.

    ~At Crystal Palace~

    "Welcome future Sailor Scouts! Today you shall find out who you will be training under, however you must remember that you will be training with all of my Scouts." Neo Queen Serenity smiled as she looked at the children in front of her.

    "Thank you Your Highness." the kids said altogether, most unable to hide their excitement.

    "Follow me, and you shall find out your destiny." Queen Serenity smiled as she motioned for the kids to follow her.

    Rila grabbed Miko's hand again and gently pulled her along.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.