Sailing the Seas of Cheese: The Pirates of Lake Ontario

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  1. Ahoy, mateys! Are you ready for Pirate Month?! You're probably not, because you haven't yet joined Sailing the Seas of Cheese! If you haven't heard, [MENTION=516]Cotillion[/MENTION] and I have planned a very serious modern pirate adventure in the High Seas... of the Great Lakes.

    Grab your pirate hats, because we're out for some booty! Be there or be a round hole.

    Questions, concerns, ideas for when we next encounter our Patrick Stewart body double go here!
  2. *folds a bunch of newspaper pirate hats*

    We have pirate hats in ample supply, so you guys should totally join the RP.
  3. Four now O.O

    And just wait, once he doesn't have official business to conduct...well, things are going to get mighty awkward.

    All da ladiez tryin' ta charm Jack :3

    Miiiiighty awkward time, go!
  5. YOU MONSTER. Don't give them ideas :O

    *prepares Vogon poetry in retaliation*
  6. Waaaaaaasn't my idea! I am just the one giggling in the corner about it. :D
  7. Is this a private thread or can I get in it?
  8. Nah, jump in! Partake in some hilarity! Cheese it up! GET SOMEBODY TO DO SOMETHING!

    (going to check your post now)

    Hmm. Hmmmmm. This might be difficult.
  9. You guiz are about to meet Isaac. The delirious wayfarer. >:D
  10. I got an idea that the girls would seduce the handsome captain and dump him overboard

  11. By seduce you mean kidnap, yes? ^_^
  12. *slooooooow wave* What are we doing, guys? Do we need a kick in the pants? Or are we letting this die? Discuss.
  13. I vote it still goes! :(
  14. I would like to keep it going, but I feel bad having everyone wait for my post when I've been clobbered lately with shit :(
    [/frantic apology]
  15. Hmmmkay. On account of two "keep going" votes, I say we kick it in the pants and KEEP GOING! WE CAN DO IT, GUYS! ALL IN THE NAME OF PATRICK STEWART LOOKALIKES!

    ... Katie so needs a flag to show her devotion to Patrick Stewart.
  16. Argh, stuff came up. I'll throw a kicking in the pants post together at the end of the week.
  17. I'm sorry, I think life took over this game. I hope everyone enjoyed it while it lasted!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.