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  1. Welcome Aboard!
    Many years in the future, after humanity has long been out among the stars, far away from their home planet of Earth. They were delighted to find that there was in fact intelligent life out there, and lots of it. Some species even more advanced then humanity was its self. Currently, after being settled for so long, much of humanity grows curious of what lies out even further from Earth and their newer home colonies, why, you yourself have an interest in learning more about outer space, as well as the cultures and artifacts of other planets and species.
    You notice a small add which catches your eye, a private vessel looking for ten new crew members. Thinking you have the proper qualifications, you go to apply for a position on the ship as soon as you can.

    The Run Down
    This group will have a focus on adventure and character interaction/development. It will also have a somewhat episodic or chapter like feel so there will be multiple small plots. Feel free to pm me if you have any ideas for some once your cs has been accepted!

    The Ship in Question
    While the ship you will be on is not actually a pirate cruiser, it does look like this. Very stylish indeed, it will be your new home for the next little while, if you get the job that is.

    Application Form
    (characters should all be adults, so 18+ characters)
    (if anything other than human please list the traits of the species and perhaps the name if you have one. You are encouraged to come up with your own alien species if you would like to do so)
    Appearance: (a description will be just fine)
    Position on Ship: (Are they an engineer? what do they bring to the ship. Check below, we wont be needing doubles most jobs)
    Personality: (list 4 or 5 personality traits, good and bad)
    Back Story: (it doesn't need to be too long, but should probably be at least 100 words and should include the how and whys of your characters profession and why they were so interested on going on this adventure)
    Strengths: (3 or 4 things your character is good at)
    Weaknesses: (3 or 4 things your character is not so good at)
    Other: Anything else you deem important

    Taken Positions
    Captain: Jack Nolan
    Engineer: Mari
    Engineer: ProfessorNv
    Doctor: egglegg
    Xenobiologist/Research Coordinator: Jack Nolan
    AI: chuckklehead
    Hired Mercenary: Whisket
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  2. Name: RLI103, Vix (Most LIs adopt the name of the ship they inhabit, for simplicity)
    Age: 25 earth years
    Gender: Asexual (appears mostly as female)
    Species: Gel, shipbound
    Appearance: Normally, Vix appears as a featureless, female shaped hologram when interacting with crew members. Of course, she can appear as anything, and if requested she will change her appearance. The actual Gel housed in it's containment sphere is a gray, shapeless mass.
    Position on Ship: Systems Administrator
    Personality: Vix is highly logical, honest and loyal, but tends to come across as cold and machinelike because of her lack of negative emotions.
    Back Story: Vix left the Planet about three years ago, hitching a ride on one of the many vessels that visit there now, looking for Gels to add to their crew. After working for her first ship two years, she decided she wanted a change of pace from the small merchant vessel, and so paid her fair with the money she hadn't thought she would want. From there it was easy to find a job, but Vix didn't want just any job. She wanted to go out among the stars and see things that nobody had seen before. Eventually she found a promising ship looking for new crew members, and figured anybody would be glad to have an experienced LI in charge of their systems instead of a human or a clunky AI.
    Strengths: Computations, Ship Defense (Physical and Electronic), Singing
    Weaknesses: Understanding emotions such as anger or fear, Shipbound, easily bored
    Other: If the ship has 3d fabricators installed, Vix will sometimes alleviate her boredom by building things.
    These can be anything from works of art to spare parts, or even strange foods she thought people might like. Without a reliable way to move them, however, these things tend to stay in the output box until someone finds them.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Pictured: Feng in his standard outfit "liberating" audio equipment and a shipment of ancient vinyl's

    Name: Nhills Feng, "Roaring Feng". Prefers to just be called 'Feng.' But begrudgingly answers to Nhills.

    Age: 30


    Species: Feng belongs to a Humanoid vaguely Reptilian race called the Slalin. Slalin come in a multitude of colors and are more often than not darker in hue.
    Their skin is rough and scaly in a few places, mostly the elbows, knees, back of the neck and a few other places varying from person to person. But for the most part have dry, rough 'skin' over their body. Their homeworld is the desert planet Grandphos.

    Appearance: Nhills is a dark rusty orange color with equally dark blue markings all over his body in the form of jagged lines. He's an average height around 5'10". He has the facial features of flat faced lizard, not dissimilar to snake. Green eyes with slit pupils and a mouth full of sharp little teeth. Feng carries a handful of scars and marks across his body none that stand out too much. His most notable feature are his facial markings in the form of dark blue, almost black, jagged lines under his eyes going horizontally to the side of his head and a single 'spike' shaped marking in the middle of his face that starts at what would be the bridge of his nose and ends at his lips in a sharp point.

    Position on Ship: "Asset protection" but is actually just a hired mercenary.

    Personality: Feng is a professional deep down but he's childish and prefers to do things his own way despite usually being a very roundabout way of completing a task. He has a deep love of old earth music and collects it, because of this he's constantly on the search for more and tends to whistle or outright sing. Feng is very outgoing and will often speak his mind without a second thought he can be stubborn but dislikes upsetting people in a personal way and will be the first to apologize, but he doesn't mind annoying people just because he can.

    Back Story: Feng was an only child, and more or less grew up into a family of freelancers. He set off on his own at a young age, somewhere deep down wishing to live the great adventure his parents did in their younger years. Over the course of his life he discovered music, not something common to Slalin culture and instantly fell in love. He adapted this to his line of work and often would blast music over his own personal speaker system which either annoyed comrades or made them want to fight. He soon learned how to utilize sound waves to disorient people he's in gunfights with, earning him the nickname "Roaring Feng". He even had a suit custom made that doubled as Hazardous environment suit, but also had sound dampening device to protect his body from the intense sound waves he often used. Nhills attention was caught when a ship was looking for some personal security, the pay didn't matter the idea of moving around constantly is what fed his wanderlust.

    -Excellent small arms fighter.
    -Unorthodox method of using sound to his advantage.
    -Professional attitude when it comes to getting work done.

    -Despite having a professional attitude, he can be too in-your-face for most. And borderline childish.
    -Is not quiet at all, does not know the meaning of stealth.
    -Will do something his way rather than the right way more often than not.
    -Values material possessions, namely music, higher than life.

    Other: Slalin average life span is around 130 years, they do not do well in colder climates. Likes rain a lot.

    Sorry if it's a little sloppy I've been busy the past few days and had to do it all from my phone, but if there is anything that's weird or needs fixing or whatever let me know, yo.
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  4. Name: Marcus Holland

    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Position on Ship: Engineer
    Personality: Respectful, adventurous, smart, witty, slightly introverted

    Back Story: Marcus practically grew up in his fathers mechanic shop, and learned all about machinery from him. Being naturally good with machines, he managed to build his own hoverbike from spare parts, and to this day continues on improving the design. He has always had a sense of adventure, and when he heard of the job, he immediately applied, hoping to finally get to go on the adventure he had always dreamed of.

    Strengths: Great with machinery (building/repairing), physically strong, generally well mannered, loyal.

    Weaknesses: Slightly introverted so he doesnt like big crowds, is picky about people who try and help him with the machines, can be very sarcastic without meaning to be.

    Other: You'll know he enjoys your company if he offers you a cigarette.
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  5. Name: Jack Nolan
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Five foot nine, one seventy in weight with a slim build. Brown hair, steel grey eyes and "Midwest" complexion (Ill find a picture for this later)
    Personality: Disassociative Identities, Logic Oriented, Close minded, Soft spoken
    Back Story: Ever since Jack was a little boy, he had loved cutting things open and finding what makes them tick. So, in his high school days attending New Haven Academy on Planet Manhattan in the New York system, he took every class available for both human anatomy and xeno anatomy. In his junior year, he published a thesis statement on comparative anatomies between humans and the primal R'yleh species of Drak'nor V and how humanity could integrate the cellular regeneration of the species into humanity to treat memory loss without the use of nanites and memory retrieval. Since his years in high school, he rose to the top of Manhattan University and got his doctorate in Xeno Biology and became a freelance scientist to further his own goals.
    Strengths: Xenobiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Strategy Games (IN SPACE!!!!)
    Weaknesses: Anything and everything physical, aversion to large crowds, apathetic in stressful situations
    Position on ship (apparently I deleted that part :o ): Xenobiologist/Research Coordinator
    Other: Schizophrenic, manic mood swings.

    Name: Captain Auriana Belarus

    Age: Forty-two

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Position on Ship: El Capitán

    • Commanding, Auriana has a knack for being in charge. She is calm, collected and a quick decision maker, leading people to look to her in times of crisis.(+)
    • Thick Skinned, Auriana doesn't let things get to her. When people attempt to rile her up, or make her act rashly they're usually in for a surprise.(+)
    • Aloof, Auriana does not try to distance herself from those serving under her, but it is often the end result. She takes her position seriously and often stands above her crew, rather than on their level. (-)
    • Accommodating, Auriana allows room for compromises in her decision making. She has no desire or reason to stick rigidly to one side of an issue, and will often consider the preservation or installation of unity to be most important when her decision involves multiple parties. (+/-)
    • Detached, Auriana is a traveler by nature. While she may hold a certain fondness for some places over others, she does not express any attachment or patriotism for these places, including her own home. Her loyalty is to her ship. (+/-)

    Back Story:

    Auriana has an ambiguous childhood filled with travel from which she doesn't retain much beyond a few contacts in various regions, after she became old enough she left her parents and joined the Terran Collective Star Navy as a marine, after which she was assigned to the crew of the TCV Solemn Duty. Her military career saw several major engagements, and her promotions afforded her the finances and clearance for a variety of non-standard cybernetic enhancements which she maintains and updates to this day. After ten years in the Navy, however, her exploits saw her promoted to the officer corps where she was trained to command vessels. It quickly became apparent to her that this was what she was meant to do, she had the skill and strong will needed for the position and she found the work satisfying. However, the strictures of military command and the limitations of the position irritated her. After several years she retired from that position and sought to use her experience to pilot her own craft, for exploration and military purposes. The effort to find the right ship took her across the galaxy, where after a few years of working for smaller vessels and other crews she encountered the chance of a life time.

    She won a ship in a game of chance, the stakes were high with her life savings, and even her body on the line, but the ship was too good to pass up. She was on a rogue station, crewed by pirates, and moored in its docks was The Black King, a newly renovated pirate cruiser made out of the hull of a luxury cruise ship. Although some still call it by its original name, Auriana committed the taboo of renaming a ship and designated it The Vixen, a name she deemed appropriate. From there she has been seeking a capable crew, many of the base positions have been filled and all she has left to hunt down are the experienced officers she will need to keep the vessel moving.

    • Thinking and analyzing.
    • Fighting, with either ranged or melee weapons.
    • Financial dealings.
    • Gambling.

    • Sharing (information).
    • Relating to others.
    • Inspiring love and loyalty.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Name: Mari 4
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Species: Humanoid Clone (actual species unknown)
    Appearance: Tall, short black hair, slim
    Position on Ship: Engineer, but aspiring to be First Officer
    Personality: Flirty, friendly, adventurous
    Back Story: Mari 4 was the 4th of over 1000 clones at a merchant's shipbuilding factory orbiting Mars. At approximately 17 years of age, she became self aware, broke out of the factory and escaped to Earth. She gained admission to the Japan Self Defense Force Academy, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Her career in the Self Defense Force was cut short after four years when she was dishonorably discharged for being involved in an affair with her Commanding Officer, a married man who managed to keep his position.
    Strengths: Courageous, focused on mission, caring, military sharp, versatile and experienced in managing ship utility systems and engines.
    Weaknesses: Gets distracted (especially by good-looking men), will break rules when she thinks it's okay, emotional at times, tries too hard to succeed or stand out at times.
    Other: As one of over 1000 clones, at times Mari 4 finds herself struggling to prove her value as an individual, even when her worth is not in question. She sometimes tries too hard to stand out, when she's not focused on her job, or a guy. When she's daydreaming, her thoughts run to the place she escaped from, her 1000 sisters she left behind, and that she has no memory of her parents/lineage. She is always referred to as "Mari" by friends and colleagues, but she insists on referring to herself as "Mari 4", likely in tribute to her origin.
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  7. Name:
    Crius Derson
    Half Human, Half cave dwelling alien species. (yet to be named omg) The Species made the transition from simply sleeping in caves to actually living in them full time when their civilization was still quite primitive. This sudden habitat change occurred when a large group of them found that there was more than enough food down in the cave systems of their planet as long as you weren't picky and decided that the caves would be a perfect permanent dwelling. Not only was there enough food, and surprisingly clean water sources, but the caves also offered protection from the larger predators on the surface of the planet. Their society thrived and grew, looking similar to humans but somewhat shorter, thinner and definitely paler. The biggest thing that physically sets them apart from humans is there bio-luminescent spots which they used for display purposes before their society was entirely civilized, and they stuck around because they were still deemed quite pretty. Their 'night' vision is also incredible, however they are not built for seeing things in bright conditions and have a lot of trouble seeing above ground.
    His eyes are a pale blue and, due to his sensitivity to light his pupils look like small black pinpricks most of the time. His skin is very pale both from genetics and an aversion to the sun. the veins on his arms are easily visible underneath, along with some small freckle like blue dots which are bio-luminescent and glow very faintly when he is stressed. His hair is a pale sandy blond, and he's also quite scrawny.
    Position on Ship:
    technically just a Doctor, but his title is Senior Physician
    talkative, malleable, cowardly, helpful, enthusiastic
    Back Story:
    As a child, and through most of his life, Crius has had a small obsession with space and the sort of things that exist out there, which his open minded parents were happy to encourage. Once in school he found he had an interest in the sciences, specifically biology, and decided that becoming a doctor would be a good job for him. He'd only just settled into his practice when he saw the advertisement for the ship and jumped at the opportunity to go out into space on an adventure no matter how small. Knowing that the ship would benefit from having a doctor on board, he immediately applied for a position and was very pleased when he got accepted into the crew.
    quick thinking, hardy, extensive medical knowledge
    light sensitive, little to no knowledge regarding how to use weapons, afraid of snakes
    -He has no aversion to eating bugs (and might go out of his way to do so but you can't prove anything)
    -as a result of crossbreeding he is sterile
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Chiaki Nanami

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Appearance: Chiaki has short, light pink hair which is slightly curled. She wears a white clip in the shape of the spaceship from Galaga to the side of her face and has pale pink eyes. She wears an unzipped dark green hoodie which has pointed ears on the top of her hood and two pink markings on the front. She is often seen wearing a pink cat-like backpack as well. Under her hoodie, she wears a white buttoned shirt with a pink ribbon and a pale brown skirt. Chiaki also wears black thigh highs and white shoes.

    Position on Ship: Navigator

    Personality: Normally has a blank expression on her face, her attitude towards most things are very much indifferent, also evident by her expression. Has a high level of concentration on navigating, handling technologies, and other tasks. Is very agreeable, mostly not questioning orders unless they are completely absurd, only bringing up crucial points in arguments or situations if they are completely necessary. Never causes outbursts, or even shows any negative emotion. She usually ends her sentences with a negative note even though she actually means to compliment someone or cheering someone, such as “...I think”, or “Maybe...”. A friend of hers once said that sometimes he wishes that Chiaki would end her positive sentence with a positive note.

    Back Story: Chiaki was fresh out of college with a Master's Degree in Geomatics and Navigation, now only one thing standing in her way before she was on her feet to a stable career, a home, maybe a family in the process!...After weeks of searching she couldn't find any, on the brink of being kicked out of her apartment onto the streets because her parents' weren't sending her bills for college since she was finished with all her classes, her room mates' were slackers, she quit her part-time job, and she was pretty much...Screwed. One night, after searching for countless hours, she found an opportunity to search the cosmos with a few crew members already on board. When she noticed they were lacking of a proper navigator through the cosmos, she sent them her resume and job application through their website and in less than a week they accepted her. With gathering her close possessions and giving her old life the middle finger, she set off to meet her new crew and help them go through the cosmos- hopefully a smooth easy journey thanks to her navigating.

    Strengths: Navigating through the cosmos, Following orders, keeping a Poker face, keeping quiet, Aim

    Weaknesses: Discussing, Arguing, Fighting, Working with no pressure, Easily distracted

    Other: Was once held at gunpoint by mobsters, which could be why she is now so emotionless. Under intense pressure she also suffers from Nystagmus, which can effect how she deals with the situation.

    (Nystagmus - Nystagmus most commonly causes the eyes to look involuntarily from side to side in a rapid, swinging motion rather than staying fixed on an object or person. Some nystagmuses, however, cause the eyes to jerk sideways or up and down.)
  9. Im posting the following in this thread and the 2.0 so apologies for the dual-spam. Gets member attention better, though.

    @chukklehed @Whisket @Mari @Ouchies @ProfessorNv @Crono @Navi Jay (when she returns)

    I am taking over Sailing in the Sky as Egglegg appears to have quit the site. No longer can her profile be accessed and is considered a guest. In one week's time, I will be asking Diana to throw these threads into the Graveyard. This includes the IC thread as we will be restarting from scratch. All participants are encouraged to join the new group and post their character sheets in the Barracks. I will be posting a thread in the group as an overview of what the group is for, what will be happening with the RP and where I aim to take it, with the direction of this group as a backing.

    I shall have a new IC thread started up soon, within the next week. In the meantime, as a group, I would like to discuss what we aim to do in terms of fun for the game. As of right now, and before, we had no direction. I think that in order to make our game start off smoothly is to have a basic first goal that we can expand from there.

    That is all.
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