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  1. Welcome Aboard!
    Many years in the future, after humanity has long been out among the stars, far away from their home planet of Earth. They were delighted to find that there was in fact intelligent life out there, and lots of it. Some species even more advanced then humanity was its self. Currently, after being settled for so long, much of humanity grows curious of what lies out even further from Earth and their newer home colonies, why, you yourself have an interest in learning more about outer space, as well as the cultures and artifacts of other planets and species.
    You notice a small add which catches your eye, a private vessel looking for ten new crew members. Thinking you have the proper qualifications, you go to apply for a position on the ship as soon as you can.

    The Run Down
    This group will have a focus on adventure and character interaction/development. It will also have a somewhat episodic or chapter like feel so there will be multiple small plots. Feel free to pm me if you have any ideas for some!

    The Ship in Question
    While the ship you will be on is not actually a pirate cruiser, it does look like this. Very stylish indeed, it will be your new home for the next little while, if you get the job that is.

    Application Form
    Age: (characters should all be adults, so 18+ characters)
    Species: (if anything other than human please list the traits of the species and perhaps the name if you have one. You are encouraged to come up with your own alien species if you would like to do so)
    Appearance: (a description will be just fine)
    Position on Ship: (Are they an engineer? what do they bring to the ship. Check below, we wont be needing doubles many jobs)
    Personality: (list 4 or 5 personality traits, good and bad)
    Back Story: (it doesn't need to be too long, but should probably be at least 100 words and should include the how and whys of your characters profession and why they were so interested on going on this adventure)
    Strengths: (3 or 4 things your character is good at)
    Weaknesses: (3 or 4 things your character is not so good at)
    Other: Anything else you deem important

    Taken Positions
    Captain: Azathoth
    Doctor: Egglegg
    Doctors Assistant: Navi Jay
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  2. hey sorry I fell asleep but excited bout the CS
  3. Name: Jack Nolan
    Age: 36
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Five foot nine, one seventy in weight with a slim build. Brown hair, steel grey eyes and "Midwest" complexion (Ill find a picture for this later)
    Personality: Disassociative Identities, Logic Oriented, Close minded, Soft spoken
    Back Story: Ever since Jack was a little boy, he had loved cutting things open and finding what makes them tick. So, in his high school days attending New Haven Academy on Planet Manhattan in the New York system, he took every class available for both human anatomy and xeno anatomy. In his junior year, he published a thesis statement on comparative anatomies between humans and the primal R'yleh species of Drak'nor V and how humanity could integrate the cellular regeneration of the species into humanity to treat memory loss without the use of nanites and memory retrieval. Since his years in high school, he rose to the top of Manhattan University and got his doctorate in Xeno Biology and became a freelance scientist to further his own goals.
    Strengths: Xenobiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Strategy Games (IN SPACE!!!!)
    Weaknesses: Anything and everything physical, aversion to large crowds, apathetic in stressful situations
    Position on ship (apparently I deleted that part :o ): Xenobiologist/Research Coordinator
    Other: Schizophrenic, manic mood swings.
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  4. Name: Octavia Valko
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    According to a Heredity device she tested her blood on she is officially 35% Qii and the rest of her is human, this is because her grandfather on her mother side was a full blooded Qii. Qii is a nocturnal humanoid species from the planet Frubria. They look almost exactly like humans except they usually stand at over 6’0 and have a distinctive pattern in their eyes that makes the corneas illuminate and gives them ability to see in the dark and their well known for their beautiful singing voices leading them to become entertainers throughout the Universe. Full blooded Qii and some Halflings have skin that holds a pale blueish glow, but this trait was not passed down to Octavia.

    Appearance: Octavia stands at a little over 5’2 and has a delicate body build with a little muscle curtesy of her genetics. She has a medium frame and some slight curves and shapely legs; and has dark brown hair that falls to her waist in natural waves. Sharp pointed eyebrows highlight her light blue eyes that have faint purple speckles that become more accentuated when the lights dim, framed by thick eyelashes. She always has a natural blush, sometimes to the point of red all the way down to her neck, more noticeable due to her pale skin. A scar rests on her left cheek going all the way down to pink lips.

    Position on Ship: Her official title is Secondary Physician but since she is really fresh out of medical school she will remain at an Intern status until she gains experience.
    Personality: Optimistic, insecure, level-headed, passionate, and timid at first.
    Back Story: Octavia always knew she wanted to be a doctor, looking at her grandfather and grandmother and their differences in looks but yet their similarity, fascinated her in every way. She wanted to know why they looked so similar and yet so different and how she looked exactly the same as her grandmother yet was completely different on the inside. Octavia breezed through med school, her ambition and passion getting her through even the toughest classes with the most complicated alien species vertebrae and she knew after school that she could go to any one of the intergalactic hospitals in her galaxy and treat many different type of species home to that galaxy but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to see creatures that she had only read about in books and she wanted to see the universe and try to make a difference while she was at it, so she followed the Ad for the private crew formulation.
    Strengths: Singing, she has a fairly good long term memory, some hand-to-hand combat skills, and adept in Archery and some in guns.
    Weaknesses: Cannot cook anything more than cup ramen, does not have a good short term memory, a little clumsy at times.
    Other: N/A
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  5. Name
    Crius Derson
    Half Human, Half cave dwelling alien species. (yet to be named omg) The Species made the transition from simply sleeping in caves to actually living in them full time when their civilization was still quite primitive. This sudden habitat change occurred when a large group of them found that there was more than enough food down in the cave systems of their planet as long as you weren't picky and decided that the caves would be a perfect permanent dwelling. Not only was there enough food, and surprisingly clean water sources, but the caves also offered protection from the larger predators on the surface of the planet. Their society thrived and grew, looking similar to humans but somewhat shorter, thinner and definitely paler. The biggest thing that physically sets them apart from humans is there bio-luminescent spots which they used for display purposes before their society was entirely civilized, and they stuck around because they were still deemed quite pretty. Their 'night' vision is also incredible, however they are not built for seeing things in bright conditions and have a lot of trouble seeing above ground.
    His eyes are a pale blue and, due to his sensitivity to light his pupils look like small black pinpricks most of the time. His skin is very pale both from genetics and an aversion to the sun. the veins on his arms are easily visible underneath, along with some small freckle like blue dots which are bio-luminescent and glow very faintly when he is stressed. His hair is a pale sandy blond, and he's also quite scrawny.
    Position on Ship
    technically just a Doctor, but his title is Senior Physician
    talkative, malleable, cowardly, helpful, enthusiastic
    Back Story
    As a child, and through most of his life, Crius has had a small obsession with space and the sort of things that exist out there, which his open minded parents were happy to encourage. Once in school he found he had an interest in the sciences, specifically biology, and decided that becoming a doctor would be a good job for him. He'd only just settled into his practice when he saw the advertisement for the ship and jumped at the opportunity to go out into space on an adventure no matter how small. Knowing that the ship would benefit from having a doctor on board, he immediately applied for a position and was very pleased when he got accepted into the crew.
    quick thinking, hardy, extensive medical knowledge
    light sensitive, little to no knowledge regarding how to use weapons, afraid of snakes
    -He has no aversion to eating bugs (and might go out of his way to do so but you can't prove anything)
    -as a result of crossbreeding he is sterile

    (probably will edit this tomorrow cos im sleepy and there are probably a bunch of mistakes but I wanted to get this out haha)​
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  6. Sounds great! Although I am a bit worried about his personality, Schizophrenia and Manic Mood Swings tend to be classified as mental disorders and not personality traits. Could you maybe put them under Other, and add in two different personality traits? Sorry to be so picky, and maybe throw in another weakness while you're at it. You are also missing his position on the ship.
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  7. omg she sounds cute haha. All of this looks good, however I'm not sure how practical Archery would be for an actual battle, assuming most everyone else would have a gun of some sort, or maybe some sort of light saber rip off laser sword. And I assume you meant to say grandfather on her mother's side instead of father? Other than that this sounds great!
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  8. Fixed my post. Sorry, wrote it while under duress.
  9. bad. Well I do Archery on the side and I shoot Guns but I figured I cannot have both though.
  10. Nah it's totally fine! I just thought I'd point out the Archery thing just to see if you were sure about it. Maybe it's a cool space bow with like, cool laser tipped arrows or something like that idk.
  11. Totally fine, thanks for fixing it ^_^
  12. My impatience is acting up so what like 3 days before we can get a thread up?
  13. Submitting my application for your review, sir.

    Name: Mari 4
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Species: Humanoid Clone (actual species unknown)
    Appearance: Tall, long black hair, wears glasses but non-prescriptive types
    Position on Ship: Engineer, but aspiring to be First Officer
    Personality: Flirty, friendly, adventurous
    Back Story: Mari 4 was the 4th of over 1000 clones at a merchant's shipbuilding factory orbiting Mars. At approximately 17 years of age, she became self aware, broke out of the factory and escaped to Earth. She gained admission to the Japan Self Defense Force Academy, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Her career in the Self Defense Force was cut short after four years when she was dishonorably discharged for being involved in an affair with her Commanding Officer, a married man who managed to keep his position.
    Strengths: Courageous, focused on mission, caring, military sharp, experienced in managing ship structure and engines.
    Weaknesses: Gets distracted (especially by good-looking men), will break rules when she thinks it's okay, emotional at times, tries too hard to succeed or stand out at times.
    Other: As one of over 1000 clones, at times Mari 4 finds herself struggling to prove her value as an individual, even when her worth is not in question. She sometimes tries too hard to stand out, when she's not focused on her job, or a guy. When she's daydreaming, her thoughts run to the place she escaped from, her 1000 sisters she left behind, and that she has no memory of her parents/lineage. She is always referred to as "Mari" by friends and colleagues, but she insists on referring to herself as "Mari 4", likely in tribute to her origin.
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  14. Depends on how fast everyone gets their cs in but I assume something like that.
  15. Well, your Captain hasn't submitted a sheet yet so starting now would be a little difficult.
  16. How publicized is his obvious inanity and when did he join the crew?

    If you don't mind me asking.
  17. @Azathoth

    It is recorded on his resume and he does "take medication" (lol no he doesnt). Most of the time, hes just seen talking to himself about random shit when his psychoses start acting up. One minute you might be talking to his normal self then be talking to one of his others the next minute. On the plus side, they all work with each other in tandem. But back to your original question; yea, on his resume and has medical documentation for it all.
  18. Needs to be revised (open)

    The Asseri are a species of humanoid who have some sort of resemblance to the figure and details of a human but they are faint as their colorful eyes often ranging of different hues of the rainbow; distract people not from their species, as the species have Heterochromia or the trait of having different colored eyes . Their beliefs and understanding are conveyed through emotions as the species are able to communicate to each other as they are all mute. Having only a unique kind of empathy which allows them to sense the emotions of people around them or focus upon a certain person, however they cannot focus themselves. Thus they are sensitive to emotions from species outside themselves who don't know how to suppress their emotions as well as them. Some rarer cases of certain individuals of the race are know to be Clairempathic who are extremely sensitive to emotions in a large area being able to feel them all.

    Their language of emotions is a complex and detailed one of mixture of feelings that provide... indescribable feelings to a person who is outside their species as the emotion this race can create are complex. If a Asseri was to overwhelm an Human for example it wouldn't take a simple conversation between the Asseri before the human would feel their stomach doing knots and his skin tingling with bliss, while also breathing heavily from excitement. The only possible races that could give some sort of conversation to the Asseri are themselves and other races who have similar capacity of emotions as they do. Many other options exist to which other races can communicate to the Asseri however these are the best ways to communicate directly to them.

    Besides their Empathy, the Asseri are know to be smarter than humans but however are more sensitive and inclined to react to emotion rather than logic. They also have a special part of their brains which allows them to embody a emotion randomly from birth however, what emotion they can embody can change if something disastrous happens to a Asseri's life. The most common emotion the Asseri can embody is Kindess as their soceity rarely have conflict hence their greater emotional understandings between one another. The emotions that starts to become darker are the ones to start becoming uncommon, as few people in their society have been able to embody such a emotion however in text it says that it has been done before. So their darkest emotion, as well as rarest emotion to embody would be Vengeance as people of the Asseri know no physical way to hurt one another and when someone does learn how... things start to fall apart as people start to join the dark embodiment.

    Hence their embodiment to emotion, the Asseri and preform minor feats of the supernatural with just pure belief in their emotion that they embody. The stronger and experienced the holder has on his emotion, the more understanding they know of what his/hers emotion can preform. Those who learn to use their emotion masterfully are considered scholars of that emotion officially even if they don't understand how to teach it their own kind, it a rare feat to achieve mastery in a single emotion. However it has been know that the current emperor of the Asseri has 3 emotions which he carries which are Hope, Happiness, and Terror... However the last emotion has yet to be seen by the people and they hope that its just a rumor.

    The Asseri's society is a mixture between nature and eco-friendly technology that combines the two to have less damaging effects onto their home planet. Their specialty involves with medicines and plants as their connect with the land is a unique one. Being able to understand the plant's emotions allows the Asseri to comply to nature's wishes and in return grants them better harvest.
  19. I'm just wondering if his position was important enough for the Captain to hire a schizophrenic scientist, I'm also questioning the existence of schizophrenia after the thirty-first century.
  20. Considering he has disassociative identities, that could very well be what caused him to be branded schizophrenic and even then; schizophrenia comes in varying degrees. For some people they become hostile due to it but this character doesnt exhibit any hostility due to it. Plus, genius-level xenobiologists are bound to come with some mental disorders of some sort as they can be perpetuated by their own ambitions.
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