Saga of the SPARTAN-V, a Halo-Based Interest Check

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  1. The year is 2613, and the United Nations Space Command has just deployed its latest breed of super-soldier: the SPARTAN-V. Taken as children from selected families and replaced with flash clones after the consent of the family has been given (with the swapping date unknown to the parents) the SPARTAN-V project has bred forth new SPARTANs with various telekinetic abilities that are still experimental and uncertain, even after twenty years of training. This RP will take place on the UNSC Maelstrom, one of the Fleet's seven Infinity-class warships, which commanded by Rear Admiral Derrick Thompson. We will focus especially on the newly-formed Spartan Platoon Sigil, led by and composed of a group of SPARTAN-Vs, most of which have never met nor worked together before forming up before the Maelstrom's launch into space, as they work to fulfill the Maelstrom's mission of patrolling and investigating various rumored insurrections in the Outer Colonies while working with Sangheili allies to determine what the occurrences are and how they are connected. With ancient secrets and trillions of lives at stake, it's going to be up to the Maelstrom and her crew to determine what is really happening in the Outer Colonies and, if necessary, launch an offensive to stop it.

    A few notes:

    -This takes in an alternate timeline where Halo 4 and 5 did not occur. Cortana was deactivated, recreated with previous memory banks, and crafted to be a new AI model by the same name. The Prometheans are undiscovered, which may or may not be a plot point in the roleplay.
    -Telekinesis and other SPARTAN-V abilities will be limited and will rely on player integrity.
    -You can build your own loadout, guided by character classes.
    -You are not limited to being a SPARTAN: you can even go so far as to be an Elite!
    -I will answer as many questions as possible if you have them.
    -This RP is anticipated to be Intermediate/Advanced+
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  2. If this gets people count me in.
  3. Already signed up and stuff woohoo
  4. You would be happy if someone played a pilot ? that wasn't a spartan just a normal marine (well pilot) ?
  5. You're certainly free to do so.