Saga of Silver Feathers: Story 1 - Stone Mask of Lagendia

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  1. This is part of the Mirror Tales Series.
    Stone Mask of Lagendia
    Lagendia holds many tales and stories. The six heroes, the four adventurers, and the fragments of the two dragons that serve the goddess Altea, each falling and rising like true legends...

    This is another story, another story in an ever-connecting web...

    Hand over the mask, XD-26. This does not concern you at all.[​IMG]
    [​IMG]My name is Commelina. Academic Commelina. It's the one you gave me, Jasmine. Or should I say, sister.

    An epic battle waged between two individuals as their giant wrenches continuously clashed, sparking each time they touched. The battle was intense, and adrenaline rushed to their brains as they continued to cross weapons. Just then, the taller one - Jasmine - was shocked by lightning.

    "For a sweet one, you are underhanded," Jasmine mocks Commelina as she recovers from the shock.

    "I am not the same Commelina. And you definitely are not the same Jasmine, Jasmine," Commelina responds as she slams the wrench in the older woman's still-recovering state.

    "You've changed," Jasmine tries to get up, before releasing a taunt, "... kid."

    "I am not a ki-"

    Before Commelina could complete her sentence, the battle was interrupted by a flying humanoid.


    "What the-"


    The being, apparently, was metallic, and humanoid in nature. Within its hands it held a golden mask.

    "I apologise, but this belongs to me," the avian metal man speaks.

    "Alfredo, let's go!" Commelina proceeds to conjure a mechanical golem from the ground, jumping and using it as a platform.

    "Mecha Duck, let's roll!" From her cannon, she summons a black, robotic quacking avian beast that collided with the odd man, frying him with electrical shocks. With that, he drops the mask, causing it to land into Commelina's hands.

    "Now that's- whaaa!"

    A giant hand, made from frost, contains Commelina, before the golem punches and shatters it, aiding in her escape.

    "I'm sure I'll find her again," Jasmine smiles as she gets up and approaches the resting silver warrior. She kicks him to see if he was alive.


    Meanwhile, a mix-match group of individuals find themselves in another setting, a very unfamiliar one in fact. A village surrounded by trees.
    That was clearly not a familiar place.​


    1. A maximum of two characters per person please.
    2. Posting rate is at least 2 posts a day, or at least as fast as possible
    3. Iwaku rules apply, etc
    4. For now, only up to 3 OCs are allowed. Everyone else needs to be canon
    5. If you are ridiculously broken(e.g. city buster and above) you will be situationally nerfed. There will be pretty powerful bosses, so don't one-hit them.


    (Insert Picture Here)




    Abilities: (optional, unless you are an OC)

    History: (optional, unless you are an OC)

    Other Information:

    Cool Cast saves the Kids!
    Cool Cast loves to BOOGIE WOOGIE!

    The Black Knight - Black Knight - TheSpringwoodSlasher
    Guts, the Black Swordsman - Berserk - Verite
    Twisted Fate - League of Legends - Saint Guillotine
    Benjamin Tennyson - Ben 10 - Crow
    Kujo Jotaro - JoJo no Kimyo na Boken - CrunchyCHEEZIT
    Shantae - Shantae - Archmage Jeremiah
    Bazett Fraga McRemitz - Type-Moon - C.T.
    Major Kusanagi Motoko - Ghost In the Shell: Standalone Complex - The Silver Paladin
    Leo Aiolia - Saint Seiya: Episode G - Kaykay
    Tsubasa - Pokemon | OC - Crow​
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  3. Any crossover rp is fine with me! Expect a CS written up later tonight/today/tomorrow
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    "I am the Black Knight!"

    Real name unknown.
    Known far and wide both to high nobles and peasants alike as just..

    The Black Knight.


    Black Knight/Black Knight 2000

    Personality: The Black Knight is very judgmental, believing himself to be above all others! Even in the land where technology has made the horse and sword outdated, he still feels entitled to a position of power. That said, he's willing to cooperate if it means it'll be an advantage to him later on down the line.

    The Black Knight's origins are shrouded in mystery and prone to rumors/misconceptions/tall-tales and the like. But there are some, few as they are who managed to escape a bout with the Black Knight with their lives. How long they kept them afterwards as the Black Knight would doggedly pursue them so that they could not pass on whatever theories they may have had of any potential weaknesses and to drive home the fear that the villagers should have had of him and his power. Before their grisly demises however, the few survivors have been able to speak of the Black Knight's equipment so that future heroes might hopefully stand a chance against the legendary knight.

    His armor which coats him from head to toe is said to have increased his strength beyond that of any mortal man. Whenever his castle was under siege, he himself went out to handle the threat even if that threat was made up of multiple swordsmen and the like. It also allows him to take far more damage than a normal man could afford to stomach. It has often been a subject of debate as well if the armor has a will of it's own given how it's seemingly through the armor's influence that after the Black Knight eventually meets his end at the hands of a faithful hero, he'll rise once more sometime after. This might also explain why the Black Knight-if it's even the same man under the armor-has been seen in the far-flung year of 2000, having taken over a techno-futuristic kingdom and claimed it as his own. Whether or not the Black Knight can still be considered human after putting on the armor has also been put up for questioning. The few survivors noted that the Black Knight's eyes glowed red. "Like a demon straight out of the rings of Hell!" one of them stated in particular and that his voice sounded more akin to the booming baritone of a monster than any mortal man. None of those who have managed to defeat the Black Knight in combat have stayed around long enough to give any direct answers as to whether or not the Black Knight is more of a monster than a man. Perhaps the world may never truly know for sure.

    It is not known when exactly the entity who would eventually take upon the title of Black Knight gained his enchanted sword simply known as Conqueror. Or where he even claimed it from. Some of the rumors say it was witchcraft that gave his sword it's properties, another claimed that the Black Knight traveled into the bowels of Hell itself to gain the sword straight from the Devil's heart. Whatever the case may be, it is a fact that it's blade has claimed the lives of those who would dare to oppose the iron-fist rule of the Black Knight. With only a wave of his hand, the double-sided blade is engulfed in a blaze of fire Which strangely enough does not bother the Knight. Perhaps due to an immunity of some sort? Or has the blade changed him into something more than a human?

    The flames from Conqueror can be manipulated in a variety of ways, depending on how sadistic the Knight feels when taking out one an adversary. He can swing it like a flail and launch fireballs. Provided the Knight keeps up the frequency of his swings, a whole cluster of fireballs could be set upon his foe. He can also blast a powerful stream of fire from either end and no amount of water can put out the fire upon the blade for Conqueror's flames are seemingly eternal. Even if the Black Knight were to perish, his flames would live on until he rose once more. It also remains loyal to the Black Knight just as his armor does for if someone other than him were to attempt to hold it, the flames would burn their hands and force them to drop it until the Black Knight could reclaim it for himself.

    Despite the intimidating stature that the Black Knight carries, there are warriors capable of taking him on in hand to hand and even being able to come out on top. Although the Black Knight himself would never admit that any man who opposes him could even come close to grasping victory, he wields a shield made out of the same metal as his armor. He rarely finds a use for it due to being so full of his own power. But if the situation proves to be more than the Knight could have ever expected, he draws his shield and uses it in conjecture with Conqueror. He can even light the sides of his shield with Conqueror's flames to give it an extra 'kick' if he were to try and bash his opponent with it.

    The last but certainly not the least in the Black Knight's arsenal is his trusty stead. This is often the very last thing the survivors of an encounter with the Black Knight see for this black horse that reeks with the morbid smell of death can remember the scent of those it's master has come across and will trek them down to the ends of the Earth so that their lives may be forfeit for his blade. This horse goes by the name of Midnight for it's hide is just as dark and it moves during the night with an almost elegant grace to it. While Midnight usually leaves the fighting up to the Black Knight, it's not afraid to get it's hooves dirty if it truly must. It's stronger than an average horse-thus it's capable of easily knocking aside four or perhaps even more armored men without much effort on it's part. It also has it's own set of armor which while not as durable as it's master's own armor is capable of fending off a sword strike or cushioning a blow from an arrow or the like. If the Black Knight has no need for Midnight at the moment, he can dispel them away and call them back when necessary.


    As is the case with everything else about the man who would become the Black Knight,all of what is said to be known about his past has never been officially confirmed. The generally passed-along anecdote however is that the man who would grow up to become the Black Knight was just a measly squire who had ambitions far greater than someone of his position could ever hope to achieve. Serving under one of the most note-worthy and most recognized knights of that era, the squire was often told that he was thinking far too much of what he as a squire could hope to accomplish in his life, especially while he was stuck in the shadow of his knight.

    Wanting to go out and forge a name for himself, the squire set out on a quest to find a set of armor that he had heard about from the town oracle. She warned of it being cursed and that bad fortune would follow the squire if he were to find it and put it on. Naturally, being young and headstrong the squire failed to heed her warnings.

    Trekking through the forests and mountains, the squire eventually found a suit of armor and a sword laying nearby. Briefly recalling the Oracle's words, the squire quickly brushed it off as hogwash before adorning the armor anyhow and picking up the sword. Much to his surprise and horror however, the sword was quickly set alight by a ferocious blaze and the squire was confused as to why the flame did not hurt him. In fact he did not feel anything at all from the flames. Before he could get adjusted to his new items however, he could see a pillar of smoke rising from his village. Making his way back as quickly as he could, he noticed that everyone in the village had been slaughtered while he was away. Even the highly renowned knight he had served under.

    The Oracle's words had come true. In exchange for the power that his new armor would bring him, he'd be tormented by the price that it had taken from him which in this case was his village. Summoning his horse which he gave the moniker of Midnight, he rode off into the darkness and baring the weight of his village's demise on his shoulders, the former squire goes out of his way to inflict the same pain on others. Thus was how the legend of the Black Knight continues, even into the future long after the concept of knights and kings has died out, a being calling himself the Black Knight and appearing just like the one from so long ago showed himself and took over a city and established it as his own techno-feudal kingdom.

    The Black Knight's reign would never end! For he rides again and will never rest, never stay down! The shrill neigh of Midnight breaks through the night air as the Black Knight cackles and rides to find his next victim! Run, run, run to the hills for your lives! But even then it cannot be assured you'll live through the night if the Black Knight is after you! Just close your eyes and pray he'll pass over you or pray for him to spare your life!


    Other Information:


    Name: The Driver


    Personality:The Driver comes off as someone who's very friendly if a bit shy. He seems like more of a listening type than a eager conversationalist. But this is all to hide the darkness he keeps locked within him. Going from kissing a woman who's child he's looked after her husband was gunned down by a bunch of mobsters, to stomping on a would be assassin's head until it was nothing but mush.

    He also has no qualms about subtly. Going as far as to storm into the aforementioned mobster's home, break his arms with a hammer and then force-feed him a bullet. All in front of his prostitutes.

    Abilities: He drives

    History: Not much is known about the Driver. The most we ever garner of his past is that he's a drifter who blew in from town looking for a job. Getting one at a local mechanics, he moonlights as a getaway driver and a mechanic during the day.

    Other Information: He's pretty nasty with a hammer which he always keeps on his person. Just in case something gets nasty/he isn't a big fan of guns.

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    • [​IMG]

      Guts, the Black Swordsman
    • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]

      Long story short, Guts is, for the most part, as he looks; a big tough guy who doesn't take crap from anyone. Influenced by his past and upbringing, Guts lives for the thrill of the kill. He loves a good fight, as fighting and killing is perhaps more natural to him than breathing. Perpetually moody, he can quite easily come off as anti-social and initially cared little for bystanders who might get caught in the crossfire during fights, though as he went on and made new allies, he came to soften up just a tad bit, though he's still, quite simply, something of an ass, and an unapologetic one at that.

      One other note, do not touch him. At all. It won't end well.

      More in-depth personality here.
    • [​IMG]

      Really goddamn strong - As one might assume with someone with a build like his, Guts is a hulking beast of a man. His physical feats, including strength, speed, and durability, among others like resilience and reflexes are just about low superhuman. During the point in the series when he was at his weakest and most inexperienced, Guts was still skilled enough with a sword to kill a hundred men all by himself in one night.

      Dragonslayer - A testament to his physical power is how he easily carries around his sword, the Dragonslayer, which is 198 cm long and weighs 400 lbs. / 180 kg. With a blade so wide that it is often described as more "a giant hunk of iron" than a true blade, it is said that Guts is faster with this massive sword than most skilled swordsmen are with rapiers. Add at least twenty pounds worth of armor holding a variety of other weapons such as throwing knives, mini-bombs, and a dagger, and one has to wonder just how fast Guts would be without all that stuff weighing him down.

      Due to being constantly used against Apostles and evil spirits, the Dragonslayer exists simultaneously in theAstral and physical realms and can thus damage beings that reside purely in the Astral layer.

      Mechanical Arm - Made of iron, his mechanical arm was created to replace his old arm that he had lost during a certain traumatic event. The mechanical arm is a deadly side-weapon, for not only does it boast superhuman strength by itself, it can also transform into a cannon arm (only holds one cannon ball at a time) and a repeater crossbow.

      Berserker Armor - Guts's ultimate ace in the hole, yet the riskiest one he has. When used, it completely numbs his senses to pain, and enhances his every movement. Guts is able to do multiple somersaults even while wielding the heavy armor and wielding the Dragonslayer. The armor itself unlocks the user's muscles, allowing them to use their full strength, at the risk of permanent damage to both their body and mind.
    • [​IMG]

      Guts as he will be portrayed here is from at least sometime during the Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc due to possessing the Berserker Armor, though it is unclear from which exact point in time he originates from.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Name: Tobias. AKA "Twisted Fate."

    AKA "The Card Master"

    AKA "The Magnificent"

    Canon: League of Legends


    Loaded Dice: Con Man to the core. If it can be played, he can cheat at it. Besides being skilled in all manner of thievery.

    Wild Cards: Twisted Fate charges three cards and throws them out, dealing magic damage to all they pass through.

    Pick a Card: Twisted Fate charges an individual card, each with a different effect.

    Stacked Deck: Hands quicker then the eye, flinging his regular attacks and empowering every fourth card with extra magic for greater damage.

    Destiny: Allows Twisted Fate to sense others within his range of power, as well as teleport.

    Personality/Bio: A scoundrel, rogue and cheat with a heart of gold. Stolen from someone if he could only remember.

    In actuality, Twisted Fate is loyal in his own fashion to friends and family. Exiled by his people when he attacked in retaliation for mistreating them, he dropped his birth name for the one he bears today. Since then, hes made it an infamous one for his deeds and tricks.

    A cunning trickster, a con man... And a hero. Twisted Fate makes his own luck, when things turn belly up.

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  6. All currently completed applications are accepted.

    I guess I should complete Ben 10 today.

    I actually considered the possibility of (temporary) Death in this RP where it is possible to return. But right now, we are too small. Plus, the setting is based on an MMO.
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  7. [​IMG]
    "It's hero time!"

    Benjamin Tennyson

    Ben 10

    While Ben has become more mature over the years, he is still slightly playful and has a tiny bit of immaturity left in him. He is confident in many things and is rather hard-headed, but that doesn't mean that he is always unprepared. He has proved that he is a leader on many occasions.

    His primary ability is transforming into a large variety of sentient species - he calls them 'aliens' because that is what most if not all of them really are.

    During an unspecified time, his Omnitrix had gained the Ultimatrix's Evolution capabilities. Additionally, it has the extended time limit of the Ultimatrix as opposed to the short 10 minutes as presented and confirmed with Omniverse's Omnitrix.
    Other Information:​

  8. I probably should get my CS in...
  9. "Look, nobody said Jotaro Kujo was a nice guy."


    Jotaro Kujo

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Jotaro is a very stoic and rough individual, contrasting greatly with other members of the Joestar family line. A delinquent through and through, Jotaro makes himself known through his cool and disinterested attitude. He is known for hiding his emotions and thoughts extremely well, and is most certainly not one to be broken down through emotional pain.

    Despite Jotaro being perceived by many as an edgy asshole, he is also very intelligent, loyal, perceptive, dedicated and other traits usually attributed to protagonists. Even if he calls his friends idiots and his mother a bitch, he fights for them everyday and would cross the world to save their lives.

    Jotaro also likes dolphins and airplanes.


    Jotaro possesses a stand; a supernatural being bound to Jotaro through unknown means. Many individuals in Jotaro's universe have these stands, with Jotaro's particular stand being known as Star Platinum.

    Normally, Stands are only able to be seen by Stand Users. However, for the purposes of entertainment and multiversal shenanigans; Star Platinum can be seen by anyone when it is active

    Star Platinum can be "activated" by Jotaro at any time, in which it will manifest behind or in front of him. It's physique and facial expression will usually match that of Jotaro himself, however it may sometimes make its own facial expression or be able to make certain movements that Jotaro isn't making.

    Star Platinum is unable to be harmed by any means, due to Stands only being damaged by other Stands. However, its status and well-being is directly tied to Jotaro and vice versa. Thus, one must attack Jotaro directly in order to do any damage.

    Star Platinum is one of the most powerful stands in the JoJo's universe, and with it comes a variety of powerful abilities.
    • Super Strength: Star Platinum possesses immense strength, being able to throw a Jeep carrying four men and a girl out of the path of an 18-wheeler with one hand, later pulling the same Jeep out of a canyon with only a car as a counter-weight, and destroy large artificial diamonds within seconds.​
    • ORA ORA ORA!: Star Platinum can catch a bullet fired at point-blank range, and throw thousands of powerful punches within seconds.
    • Self-Preservation: Star Platinum possesses the awareness and reaction speed to protect Jotaro in many instances that he himself seems unaware; halting a bullet he experimentally shoots at his own head; protecting him while frozen by DIO's Time Stop; and reviving him from near-death by directly pumping his heart.
    • Precision: Star Platinum is incredibly precise; able by hand to surgically remove an object embedded in a person's skull without ill effect, catch a bullet between his thumb and forefinger in midair, and caught Lovers in midair as well.
    • Enhanced Eyesight: Star Platinum utilizes eagle-like eyesight throughout Stardust Crusaders. At some point, Jotaro, with Star Platinum's eyes, could see across a desert for four kilometers, as well as identify meaningful details, such as a specific type of fly in high-resolution images. It can also follow a card shuffle performed by a professional gambler, subsequently recounting the entire new order of the deck.
    • Star Finger: Star Platinum can suddenly and forcefully extend his middle and index fingers to a length of one or two meters, allowing it perform sneak attacks and stab opponents from afar.​
    Possible Spoilers (open)
    Time Stop: Discovered during Jotaro's climactic battle with DIO, like The World, Star Platinum is able to stop time, with an absolute limit of five seconds. Jotaro describes the execution of this ability as exhausting, and he requires a varying length of rest before he may freeze time again.


    Jotaro grew up in Japan, and had a fairly normal upbringing for a japanese child. His father was away for much of his childhood, so he relied mostly on his mother for care. Eventually, in 1987, Jotaro had severely injured four gang members with Star Platinum (which he thought at the time was an "evil spirit). Eventually he turned himself into the police and refused to leave until his evil spirit was exorcised. However, Joseph Joestar (at the young age of 67) and his good friend Mohammad Avdol came to release him. He refused, and a fight between him and Avdol occurred.

    Jotaro had defeated Avdol and his stand, Magicians Red, and learned how to control his stand. Now having everything under control, he left prison and continued on his way until he met a new exchange student known as Noriaki Kakyoin. Kakyoin was being manipulated by DIO, and was actually sent to kill Jotaro. Another fight occurred, in which Jotaro chose to spare Kakyoin instead of killing him; knowing he was being manipulated against his own will. Jotaro broke Kakyoin free from his manipulation and the two became friends.

    Jotaro's mother, Holy Kujo, got infected with a Stand soon after. Due to her weak willpower and friendly attitude, she could not control the Stand and it soon began to slowly kill her. Determined now to defeat this so-called "DIO", Jotaro agreed to set off on an adventure with Joseph, Avdol and Kakyoin.

    Thus, the events of Stardust Crusaders took place. Jotaro met Jean Pierre Polnareff and Iggy The Fool on his adventure, and they became allies as well. However, during the final confrontation with DIO, everything went absolutely wrong.

    Avdol, Iggy, Kakyoin and Joseph are dead, Polnareff is critically injured and Jotaro is the last one standing. An epic battle with DIO commences, in which Jotaro learns the secret of time stopping and tricks DIO with it. He delivers a fatal punch to his leg, which causes DIO to suddenly erupt and have the entire right side of his body blown off, effectively dead. Joseph is revived through a blood transfusion, Polnareff is nursed back to health and DIO's corpse disintegrates in the sunlight.

    Jotaro, Joseph and Polnareff say their goodbyes and mourn the loss of their allies...and that is when the story finally ends.

    Until this shit happens.​
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  10. [​IMG]

    Shantae, the Half-Genie Hero

    Canon: Shantae

    Personality: Tomboyish, hot-headed, and just a little insecure, this heroic half-breed is a colorful personality indeed. Having grown up under the wing of a Relic Hunter (Uncle Mimic) Shantae's gotten a taste for adventure, and combined with her strong sense of justice, she's since become one of the most recognizable heroes in recent Sequin Land history. (The others being Bran-Son and the Save Guy) Though, even despite her almost unhealthy amounts of heroism, Shantae often frets over her status as a half-genie, feeling like an oddball living amongst humans. She's even gone on record claiming to be a "bad role-model" on account of her "bad temper" and "outlandish outfit".

    Abilities: Shantae, being only half genie, has an odd way of utilizing her magical power. Her first, most titular way of using it is through her humongous ponytail. Cracking it like a whip, she uses it to assault foes at medium range, dubbing it her "Monster Whipper".


    Her next form of magic is brought out through the power of dance. By busting a move to her own genie rhythm, she can transform into a a number of different forms, each yielding their own respective advantages and disadvantages. Other than transformations, however, she can also dance to heal wounds, and for teleportation. Talk about dance moves!


    But Shantae's arsenal doesn't end there. At will, she has the power to summon fire, storm clouds to strike foes with lightning, as well as huge, spiky, metal orbs of death and destruction that surround her in a defensive fashion. But, due to the instantaneous nature of these abilities, they're much more draining, and require some time to recharge before Shantae can use them again.

    History: In a time long before hers, a race of powerful genies lived in harmony among the other peoples of Sequin Land, protecting them from evils and hardships, making their lives idyllic and peaceful. That was, until someone challenged their power, the dreaded being going only by the alias of "The Pirate Master". With a crew of vicious, eternally loyal pirates under his command, he battled with the genies head-on, until their hands were forced. In a last-ditch effort, the genies used the extent of their powers combined to reduce the Pirate Master, and the most of his crew, to ash and bone. But with their powers drained, the entirety of genie-kind slowly faded into non-existence, with Shantae being the only known daughter of any of them. Though which one, no-one really knows. And it's unknown whether or not her uncle is in any way related to her human father. She just hopes that adventuring will eventually lead her to the answers she seeks.

    Other Information: She nibbles when she's nervous.​
  11. [​IMG]

    Bazett Fraga McRemitz

    Type Moon

    Bazett is a fairly serious, kind, and hardworking individual, who possesses a strong sense of justice. She can be short-tempered, yet still calculating. While she presents herself as a strong-willed and mature woman, in truth she is actually rather lonely. She is very serious about her work, caring little else for anything other than completing it. While she attempts to show mercy, she will go all out on anyone who refuses to yield to her even if they should be children. Even without money, she remains steadfast in working a temporary job and will resort to eating roadside grass if it were necessary.

    Bazett is extremely physically strong, casually tossing furniture with a single hand, causing great collateral damage from the force of her physical strikes, and easily uprooting large sections of the ground. She can match Heroic Spirits with her bare hands due to her honed fighting skills, requiring little effort in taking out most of her enemies. She can destroy projected Noble Phantasms with ease, even easily catching Caladbolg II and throwing it back, and deflect magecraft casually with her fists.

    Her gloves are imbued with runes to form a Rune of Armoring that gives toughness greater than tungsten steel, and she can use them to enhance her strength, allowing her to smash through defensive magecraft that is too strong for her regular strength. Her body is capable of withstanding heavily damaging attacks, and she can be called a berserker woman. When faced with major/fatal damage, she has a Noble Phantasm-class Rune of Resurrection capable of instantly restoring her body upon her heart stopping.

    Bazett was born in Ireland as a descendant of an old family of magi that had detached itself from the Mages' Association and lived in the shadows quietly. Wishing to pursue a different path than that of her ancestors, she chose to join the Association. Despite Bazett's rare lineage, her skills were not judged as being particularly useful and she was dismissed. Instead, she employed her abilities to become a hunter of those that had been given a Sealing Designation.

    During her missions, Bazett met Kirei Kotomine, a member of the Church. Back when he was active as an executor working for the Church, they often ran into each other on assignments and fought together as comrades. Bazett and Kirei became friends and as she told him her story, she quickly came to trust him.

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  12. [​IMG]



    Major Motoko Kusanagi




    Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex


    A commanding presence. She also will make fun of those she works with. She is fairly serious, but also has a sense of humor that she uses to play jokes. She cares for those she works with, such as those in Section 9 and those she sees as an ally, and tends to cooperate with them.


    Due to a plane accident that occurred when she was a child, most of Motoko's systems except for her brain are cyberized. Even in her brain, she has enhancements that help her think faster, react faster, and think better strategically. Motoko weighs 800 pounds due to the amount of metal in her body, but can act as if she is lighter. Her cybernetic enhancements allow her to do things out of the range of a regular human. She can run faster, jump higher, and is much stronger the average human. She can connect to the Internet with just her mind, and connect with other cybernetic beings. Motoko also has enhanced senses and a photographic memory. This comes at a price, as she may have to change to a new body if she takes too much damage, and that new body isn't always fit for her line of work.

    Other Information:

    I think... I did it.
  13. Well, we covered a lot of roles for this group. Changed from Torchwick to Twisted Fate, for a more heroic party.
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  14. Well, we've got quite the cast. I was expecting less badass, but more badass is always badass.

    Aaaanyways, let's see what happens after we wait for one more day of godknowswhat before commencement. Probably a little more than 12 hours.
  15. This really is a team of badasses.

    I'm excited.
  16. [​IMG]

    Leo Aiolia

    Saint Seiya: Episode G

    A kind and compassionate boy who's strong-willed with a strong sense of justice. Also a bit hot-headed. Passionate and tenacious, he doesn't give up whether it's a physical fight or about his beliefs. Does not care much for authority.

    Aiolia uses Cosmo to create different effects and empower himself. Like any Saint, he's capable of destroying atoms and performing superhuman physical feats. Aiolia, however, is a Gold Saint, allowing him to use the 7th sense to continue sensing without the first 6 senses and perform greater feats of power and use the 8th sense for total control over his soul and body. In addition, he can fly, use telekinesis, use telepathy, sense and travel through dimensions, and attack intangible beings.

    Aiolia's special attacks are:

    Lightning Plasma - Fires 1 billion shots of plasma in a second.

    Lightning Bolt - Rather than 1 billion individual attacks, he uses that energy in one strike instead.

    Lightning Fang - Sends his Cosmo into the ground and causes electric pillars to rise from the ground.

    Photon Burst - Aiolia's ultimate attack, which takes a bit of time to prepare and leaves him exhausted afterwards. Sends his Cosmo into the surrounding area, into the enemy, and then explodes them from the inside.

    History (open)

    Despite being a natural blond, Aiolia dyes his hair red to distance himself from his brother, whom most of Sanctuary believes to be a traitor. However, it is made evident that even though he resents his brother and suffers immensely because of him, he still loves him very much. This conflict is behind the grudge he holds against the rest of the Gold Saints and it often drives him to fight them and challenge the Pope's commands. Aiolia holds his loved ones close to his heart, particularly his servants Lithos Crysallis and Galan, whom he considers to be family. As taught by John Black, he proudly fights, not for himself, but to protect everyone and everything he holds dear.

    His fierce personality, Cosmo and battle skills attract the attention of Pontos, who acknowledges him as a potential menace to his plans, and Hyperion, whom he encounters during the Titan's first invasion of Sanctuary. They refer to the Leo Saint as the "man of the Evil Omen" and Kronos prophesies that he will be the one to release him from Zeus's seal.

    At one point, Aiolia is assigned to protect Virgo Shaka while the Virgo Saint enters a deep meditation to banish the evil monsters that the Titans' presence on Earth had called forth. He then faces Koios for the first time. Overwhelmed by the Titan's power, the memory of his brother offers Aiolia the encouragement and strength he needed to unleash the "Photon Burst", an attack Aiolos had once advised him to never use. With it, he defeats Koios and would have destroyed him if not for Hyperion's intervention. Aiolia dedicates the technique to his brother, saying that he created it to protect him.

    Aiolia shows his mettle again while fighting Kronos, the Titan King, the second time the Titans invade Sanctuary. He professes his belief that humanity is not worthless and that the Titans have no right to interfere with their lives. Severely wounded, he strikes Kronos with his "Photon Burst". The Titanesses, however, keep the attack from annihilating their King and Kronos is freed. Kronos comes out of the fight with no idea of who he is and the other Titans, believing this is due to Aiolia's attack, lay down a plan to lure the Saint into the Time Labyrinth to restore their King's memory. After Dimension Lapetos kidnaps Lithos, Aiolia does not hesitate to follow him into the Titans' domain, where he battles not just Iapetos and Themis a second time, but also Pontos, Koios (who entrusts him the god-slaying power "Keraunos"), Hyperion and a restored Kronos.
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