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  1. New ic:

    Okay, so I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a rp like this. I was in one on old site and kinda wanted to see where it could go on this one.
    Here's the story:

    Slavery trade happens all the time They are bought for all sorts of reasons, woman are usually done for housework and men for field work. We have all heard the stories of slavery. However one wealthy man, who has the heart of a gentleman vows to never hurt the females he buys, trying to give them the best life that he can. Almost as if they are free. Each slave has a different relationship with their master. Each of the slaves comes from different backgrounds.

    I would prefer that the character's be some sort of fae. The man can be human or fae, but he has a gentle soul.

    Yes, some of the slaves sleep with the master, all stay in the house, but it is up to the slave wither they wish for the sexual part, if not then companionship is okay. Male slaves are okay as well, but it will be up to the person who plays the man if they are comfortable with bisexual thing.

    okay, that's pretty much it. Any questions? Then ask away.

    Aiden - Roxie

    Marigold Rhoswen -Roxie
    Lucilia Bachanal - Emma Zail
    Myrtle Hemorette - Quite One
    Lara Seylan - Moggle-Girl

    Character Sheet:
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  2. So, this will be a group roleplay, I take it?
  3. Im hoping so. But it could be one on one if no one eles wants to join
  4. Im hoping so. But it could be one on one if no one eles wants to join
  5. I'm interested in this one. I would be ok with doing it as a group or a one on one.
  6. I'm interested, but only if it's a group.
  7. well it looks like a group to me, got two people aready...
  8. How many people are you looking for?
  9. At least three but was hoping for more. ^_^ I put a character sheet if anyone wants to get started

    preferrably the master and two girls but it could start with all the slaves.....
  10. Were you planning on playing the master or one of the slaves?
  11. I was planning to be one of the slaves, but I could e the master if I had to
  12. I'd rather be a slave, I'm not really proactive enough to be the master. >w>
  13. >_> My guys tend to be really sensitive and gayish.... <_<
  14. When I first saw this, I was thinking of playing a male slave who has a relationship with the master... but I suppose I could play the master if no one else wants to.
  15. Ok. I have thought about it and decided that I am fine with playing the master. :)
  16. Cool >_< Sounds like me, I had this idea in my head for a moment, i liked how it went on another forum was sad when it ended
  17. Is it okay if I write a description instead of using a picture?
  18. Yeah That's fine, I know everyone doesn't do pictures..
  19. Is this set in the present or the past or just some random fantasy world time?
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