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  1. So I am constantly bored and have no one to talk to, what is the best/safest chat app out there? One where I won't have peevs messaging me every thirty seconds, but also where I can meet some cool people.
  2. Go hang out in Iwaku's CBox!
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  3. Most big-name chat sites are gonna be full of pervs... I second the Iwaku cbox recommendation.
  4. Yeah Iwaku is safe. O__O it might not always be as active, but much less crazy perv problem.

    What you wanna do is find a smaller niche site that also has a chatting system. Cause if you use ANY of those big giant chat sites, you're going to get a lot of psychos and inappropriate people. D:
  5. Just avoid those people above... they're weird and creepos! O_O
  6. Yeah avoid guys like @Seiji they're weird! Just kidding. In reality though, not all chat sites are "safe" per say. You're always gonna have those weirdos...but some have less. Iwaku is definatly safe and I have my vote on our own Cbox.

    You'll make friends there fast, get a little more known on the site and have fun conversations.
  7. I suggest the cbox here on Iwaku.
    1. It's familiar (you're already on Iwaku anyways).
    2. It almost always has people in it.
    3. Those people are a lot of the SAME people, meaning their interactions with you have lasting consequences, not like on some other internet chatrooms where someone can troll or abuse you, figuring you won't be able to find them later anyway.
    4. It's actively moderated, so anyone who is being an asshat can be punished or kicked. Just let someone know.
  8. There are no more psychos or weirdos on the internet than there are in real life, who you meet everyday. This is because, surprisingly enough, everybody on the internet is also a personal in real life - a person you'd see on the street on an average day. Take the same precautions online as you would in real life, and you should be safe enough.

    "Big-name chat sites", to coin the term used above, tend to have a higher incidence of dodgy meetings on them mainly because that's why they became famous. They're known for that, and so people looking for that flock there. This is in the same manner as people seeking hardcore porn end up on redtube or whatever, meaning there's more of that stuff there, but that doesn't imply eff all about the tumblr erotica blog you're looking at.

    So avoid sites that are famed for dodgy meetings and instead search for the less-famous but far-more-numerous examples of more pleasant communities, just like Iwaku's chatbox. Most people in real life are generally okay, so the same goes for online; just don't stray into the bad parts of the internet, the same way as you'd avoid a bad part of town.