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  1. ((Yeah there's a lot going on, and somehow we are stuck in lunch while they are in night time. @_@ I may start an ooc thread so this doesn't happen again. I guess we can all try and get on that time frame for the time being?))
  2. (I wouldn't mind an OOC at all.)
  3. Okay, this is going to be our OOC thread for Saphir Academy For the Demonically Gifted. Here we will talk to each other and keep things organized as far as class change and the time of day. If you want, you can even post pictures of your characters in here and talk about that. So, begin chatting! xD
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  4. Awesome ^^

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  5. I agree. :3 By the way, I've been meaning to tell you that your character is hilarious!
  6. Thank you ^^, I like yours too.
  7. Thank you. So, we really do need to get more organized time wise. I noticed that everyone just keeps switching classes and time frames randomly. Maybe we can all just take a vote here on time skips and class changes. xD
  8. So what do you guys think of Lyall?

    He is my first RP character.
  9. Yeah, getting a bit synchronised would do us good. And well, Idk much about him yet, so I don't know.
  10. Lyall is definitely an interesting character. I can literally say, I've never seen anything like him. Points for originality. :3
    Yeah, I agree. But I don't want to be that person that's posting every class change. It seems a little too over controlling, especially if some people are really getting into something or a conversation at that point and I'm like, "Oh by the way, time to change classes". So, I think I'm going to go with a voting system. Even if I'm not present, the players can discuss here when they'd all like to change classes or advance time.
  11. (I am so confused right now, should I delete my other post or something?)
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  13. Also, this is a way better picture of Kimberly. Also an edited version.
  14. Alright everyone, I'm off to bed. Please make use of the OOC, and have fun roleplaying! ^^
  15. I love being a janitor! You can really be everywhere without any fussy reasons! All I need is: "Stain!" I'm there.
  16. Saki's image is in my every post so I think there's no need to repost.
    But I do agree upon the organization of time, random time switches are random.
  17. "And Ragnar closed his hand around the flame, then he instantly died from first degree burns." :D
  18. @Crono
    xD I know, It's genius!

    I know. ^^; I should have probably specified something about class changing when I first made the roleplay. But we're correcting it now! In the future, I think it would help if all players present discussed it here before making a time skip/class change in the thread. That being said, if players are unhappy with the current time there is the option of skipping class. I'm such a bad influence. :P
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