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  1. How do you cope with feelings of sadness, what kinds of things do you do? Romantic comedies and ice cream? Sad music and booze? Do you think it's a good method or are you trying to find a healthier way to deal?
  2. Depends why I'm sad?

    Something I can fix or improve? I grit my teeth and work on fixing it. Moping isn't gonna make anything better, and I don't enjoy being sad.

    Outside of that I use distraction therapy, surround myself with things/people that don't suck, and just deal with it. I don't stress over what I can't change.
  3. Sleep

    Pour my tears into a cup, AND THEN DRINK THEM!!!
  4. We talking a little sad or like super sad? If I'm a little sad I go into a mantra that it's not the end of the world. I also watch my comfort movies like Miyazaki and Gozilla films. :3 Super sad means I'll cry it out at some point. Crying is really relieving to me. Just whatever I was stressing about feels easier to handle after a good cry.
  5. Hm... I usually head to my room, listen to instrumental versions of sappy songs and let the tears flow. Cry and cry some more. But never in front of others v.v
  6. The only time I really get honest-to-God productive is when I'm really sad. Whenever something goes wrong and I'm out of it, I either exercise 'till I'm sick or blow through every little thing I have to do and make my house spotless-- generally, it makes me feel as if I've paid my due for whatever I was sad about, or helps me move on if it's out of my control.

    Usually I respond to sadness with a mixture of "fuck off, you're not welcome here" and "I ain't about to let you influence the way I feel," so I tend to turn into a huge asshole until the feeling wears off as I try to burn the emotional sickness out.
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  7. That's me when I'm pissed off. I try to do that when sad, but seriously hard when I can't see due to blurry eyes.
  8. The trick is to do something that you don't need vision for.

    Like drawing.
    Like driving,
    Like writing.

    Like cleaning.
  9. I feel like one of those useless artists but sadness makes me feel creative and artistically productive.

    I also end up getting annoyed with clutter and any dirtiness, so I clean a lot while sad, too.

    Sometimes I angrycry. Which is a bit like crying, except crying pisses me off, so I'm also angry.
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  10. I don't get how anyone can work when angry, sad etc.

    Shit like that not only distracts me, but saps any motivation or willingness to do stuff. :/
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Well when I'm angry and I don't busy myself into doing something, I end up doing stuff I regret. So instead I try to be productive. Last time I was angry I cleaned my whole room heh.
  13. I drink.

    It's a solution for many of life's ills.
  14. Personally I'd have used this.

    But I only really get that if what you're doing is working towards lessening the pain of another individual.
    If it's just something like writing*, cleaning etc? I'm lost as to how that could work. :/

    *Unless if you're meant to be writing something angry... But that's more getting in character and finding a convenient moment.
    All I can imagine here is you throwing everything out going "Nope! Nope! Get the fuck out of my face! I will see my floor dammit!"
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  15. Lol I wish XD Mostly very angry clothes hanging and er, bed fixing XD I don't have much in my room. v.v

    Hm... I do tend to pm some of my close friends when I'm sad but still able to type.
  16. Dammit, that's actually a much better example.

    I'll try to explain, but it's more of a do-or-do-not thing. When something sad happens that I caused, or I'm feeling bad about myself, I use it as a form of penance; I do a task that I don't like doing when I've violated my moral laws to pay the emotional court a fine and serve my sentence (my stolen goods would be forfeit).

    When something sad happens externally, like the several recent deaths of loved ones, busy work is a shallow distraction that helps give time to internalize an issue. I was raised by a dad who would punish outbursts of emotion, so I learned to let steam off in a fizz. It doesn't make me immediately feel "better," per se, but it gives me time to stop feeling sad without acknowledging it.
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  17. So basically it's a form of self punishment or avoidance?
  18. Take a long, long walk around town. That or wallow in it while listening to sad music, because for some reason it feels good
  19. Hit the nail on the head. Kinda sounds bad when putting it that way, but it is what it is; if it works, no reason to change it, right? Even if a lot of us have holistically unhealthy ways of dealing with sadness, it's trading a greater evil for a lesser one.

    I can't put into words how appreciative I am that I can finally throw references out without seeming like a weirdo.
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  20. No, it makes sense. It's just not something I can personally do, cause when I feel something, I'm feeling it.
    I'm terrible at forgetting or hiding stuff. :/
    Those people sound boring.
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