Sadako vs. Kayako

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What do you think of it?

  1. Excited for it!

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  2. Not excited for it...

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  3. Meh. Not a fan of either series.

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  4. Wait, this is actually a movie?

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  5. Versus movies are lame. This is going to be lame.

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  6. I don't do the horror thing.

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  1. What do you think of it? What do you think of the two franchises? Do you prefer one over the other? Do you think this movie is fun or a flop?

    I'm really excited because I'm a big Ju-On/Grudge fan. The actress for Kayako, Takako Fuji, is just so fun to watch and her scares always keep me on the edge. I also like that she's kept herself available through all the movies that depict Kayako. That's a lovely bit of dedication. <3

    I am less familiar with the Ringu/Ring franchise mainly because I haven't had proper access to it. I've only seen the American remake and I don't feel like I have the whole experience if I don't watch both versions.

    To me this trailer looks and sounds cheesy and I'm fine with that. Versus movies are not exactly A-list movies but I find them entertaining(excpet AvP:R. It can die in a fire). I'm not a movie elitist, I don't always expect the best when going into one so long as I am entertained. I'm also interested to see if this is more a body-count movie than a actual throwdown, like I suspect it is.

    My favorite part in the trailer was when Kayako broke the tape all:

    So, yeah, what do you guys think?
  2. I thought some of the pr for it was neat, but the whole "unshowered pale person with ghost water powers" genre doesn't get me like other horror movies might.
  3. wait, this is like Freddy Vs Jason, but with J-horror female chixxor monsters?

    isn't that, like, a hentai by now?

    calling it now

    it ends like:


    It'll be like Kagenry, but with monsters

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  4. *Planned to make a yuri lampshading post.*
    *Racks-Sensei does it first.*
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  5. These are waaay expensive, but I found them and d'aw:
  6. Not a big fan of the grudge. It was pretty hard to get into it when it pretty much just was victim getting murdered by curse, new victim getting murdered by curse and another victim getting murdered by curse. It could have been better if the characters were interesting, but they were pretty boring. I think the idea is great but the execution wasn't. I did like watching lets plays of the grudge game though xD (The American version was better for me in some aspects but worse in others.)

    As for the ring, I have watched the American version and thought it was pretty good. I haven't checked the Japanese version yet, but I've been meaning to, just not gotten around to it yet.

    So what do I think of this new movie? I'm excited as hell o.o No I'm not a big fan of the grudge, but I am a fan of the idea. The grudge ghosts themselves are the only thing I liked about the movies so seeing them again will be cool. As long as the movie doesn't take itself too seriously, I think it can be good. I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  7. I've read about this before and while I'm not overly hyped for it, it could be interesting or fun to see. xD
  8. Warning, lots of flashes.
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