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  1. It's sad when you really want to RP, but no one is on too.
    The best time for me to RP is at night...bad thing is everyone is in bed...damnit just my luck! XD
    Might as well just go to sleep...v.v
  2. XD well, I'm not the best RPer in the world, but I could indeed RP with you (If you want :S)
  3. I'm not very good either so don't worry about it PM me :3
    and thanks ^.^
  4. I feel ya - but the best thing in that scenario is to either go sleep or do something else. The Roleplay will still be there later.
  5. I know XD it just sucks...its always happens when the RP's get really good!
  6. XS Ikr! That kind of things just leaves everyone hanging X-X
  7. I know nothing of this "late night" or so-called "sleep" you speak of.

    At least over the summer. Rest of the year I'm up til 4AM all the time, so I can relate to late night RP slowness.
  8. Yay! A fellow insomniac at last! o-o
  9. I always go to bed and wake up to find replies waiting for me. O.O We should trade partners, haha.
  10. You just need to get creative :)

    When I used to rp ALL THE TIME, I found players with all sorts of sleep schedules. That way I always had an rp to post in! Between several 1X1s and a couple group games I had all the rp I could handle and never had to wait for posts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.