Sad Poem/Elegy~

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  1. 40 days
    40 days
    40 days since i lost him. His sparkling blue eyes that reminded me of the sea,
    That last look, they darkened, turned overcast.
    40 days remind me.

    That laughter he gave,
    the smile he showed,
    Turned to small gasps of air,
    A weaker grin he'd show.

    Wither away,
    Unable to eat,
    Ignored by HER,
    Remembered by me.

    Held his hand,
    In comatose,
    He remembered my name, my voice,
    The squeeze of his hand told me so

    He remembered us all
    Till the very last day, minute, second, still visits us.
    40 days

    40 days.
    One year ago.
    God called for him.
    He had to go.


    Yeah.. Sorry for the emo-ness. 40 days until the anniversary of my papaw's death, which was a year ago. He died of lung cancer..
  2. This is very good. Thank you for sharing it.