WRITING Sacrifices.

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  1. Kan'shi was the planet of choice for those in whom Mother was disappointed, not their choice mind you, but Mother's. She abandoned them there and curtailed their powers so that they could never leave again. It was a spectacularly beautiful prison, with lush vegetation and sparkling clear waters. There was no sickness or disease there, and so her disobedient children lived long lives in forced exile separated from everything and everyone they loved. Such was the price for refusing to obey Mother, and few dared question her bidding because of it.

    The children of Mother are born to protect and serve the planet she chooses for them. They are created with very few powers but the are raised on her world to control and add to their powers. Once they have mastered enough to protect a planet and its inhabitants, they are transported to the place of her choosing and left alone to work. There is no fanfare or even warning when this occurs, it merely does.

    Vanya was born such a child over 500,000 years ago.

    Watching out her balcony window, Vanya felt an abnormal sense of unease. A very faint voice echoed in her mind ~Vanya...help me...~ Her back stiffened and her mind searched for the path the message had taken to reach her. TASHA! In an instant she was by her sister's side. There was blood everywhere and she was barely on time to see her sister's last breath leave her body. A low feral growl left her throat as she expanded her senses to scan the area for the one responsible for this. The collar on her sister's neck had made it impossible for her to shift and heal herself. Damned slavers and their collars.

    She sensed his presence before she heard or smelled him. She stood to her full height and turned to watch him walk casually from the cover of the overgrown forest vegetation. She dual colored gaze bore into him with undisguised hatred, "Slade."

    "So she was right," he said with a satisfied grin on his face, "You did come...pity it was too late to save dear Tasha." His handsome face disguised the ugliness of his soul, "I am glad to see that you remember me from our many years together...so much more beautiful than your sister. She did try though."

    Vanya watched him but did not move. She was drawing energy within herself to strike with one concentrated blow. He would be sorry he called for her, because she had no doubt he had forced Tasha to call her before she died. This was a trap of his design, but sadly for him, she was not the same woman he had imprisoned those many years ago. She was much more powerful, but she doubted he would have any way of knowing that fact.

    "Not going to talk to me Vanya?" he asked in a velvet baritone voice that at one time had drawn her under his spell. "You are even more stunning that I remembered."

    She felt a stabbing pain shaft through her mind, the intensity of which nearly blinded her. ~Vanya you may not kill him. He is my chosen king. Stand down.~ She drew in a gasping breath, "NO!" she screamed as she looked upon him.

    The smile that formed on his lips as she screamed was perfectly formed in his handsome face, but even his beauty did not mask the cruelty she knew was there. "Ah...I see Mother has informed you of her choice." He stepped closer to her and lifted his hand to caress her cheek tenderly, "I have chosen you." he said as his lips hovered over her own, "You are quite unforgettable my dear," he whispered as he kissed her.

    She released the energy she had drawn into herself at the moment he touched his lips to hers, causing him to fly away from her with a hurricane force wind crashing him into the trees. The green eye flashed and sparked as she drew energy again. "I cannot kill you," she said in a cold voice, "But I can make you wish I had." She formed a circle about him in solid stone that was as clear as glass and then she squinted slightly and the stone became smaller by slight degree. She watched him struggle and felt him trying to use his own power to escape. Concentrating on both keeping him contained and alive, she spent the next hour torturing him. Mother put a stop to it at that point.

    She immediately appeared before Mother, who was seated on an ornate throne surrounded by concubines and ladies in waiting that fanned and pleasured her at all times. "Vanya...how dare you disobey me."

    "I did not," she said without any fear of retribution though the violet eye shimmered as she spoke, "He lives."

    "You have rejected him?" Mother asked. "You realize in doing so you forfeit the crown and all the rights and privileges that being Queen affords."

    "He is not my mate," she stated plainly, "I am not forced to accept or reject him."

    "Insolent child," Mother purred to her, "I decide who mates with whom. I can easily make him your mate. So choose."

    "I reject him," she said and both her eyes were shot through with what appeared to be lightning bolts of power and barely contained anger.

    "I see," Mother nodded, "I offer you a trade. Your sister's life returned in exchange for your service to the king for as long as he desires it. I will not bind you to him as mate, but you will be bound by your word and I know what your honor means to you Vanya dear.

    She could not have been shafted through with a more precisely aimed arrow. her anger dissipated and she felt the heaviness of resignation fall onto her. "I accept."

    "I thought you would," she said, "I will erase your attack from his memory as well as the death of your sister. He will believe you have sought him out."

    "As you wish Mother," she said."

    Seconds later she found herself standing in a beautifully appointed antechamber flanked by two guards. Slade would descend the massive and intricately carved staircase, as if he had not been just seconds ago covered in her sister's blood. her stomach rebelled but she forced a smile to her lips, "I heard that Mother has chosen you to be king, Slade." she as her fisted hand moved to her chest and she bent from the waist in respect. "I came to wish you well."

    Slade stood before her and was both pleased and shocked. he'd thought to use her sister to get her to return, but how much better that she'd come to him of her own free will. He stepped very close and brushed his thumb across her lips and then reached for her hand. "I have missed you beautiful Vanya," he said as he led her back up the stairs. "I really wish you were my mate...you would be a fabulous queen." he said as they walked, "I shall have to settle for a very pleasing bed mate until my queen is found."

    Decades upon decades passed before the Queen was chosen, and their mating would put an end to the 'relationship' between Vanya and the king. Once she was released, Vanya made her way to her sister and was shocked to find Tasha living in a small hut with nothing of the finery and luxury that she herself had been enjoying. Tasha looked at her with hatred and accused her of being the reason all this ahd fallen upon her. Shocked and deeply hurt by her sister's words Vanya tried to explain but again the voice in her mind stabbed her into near unconsciousness, ~Uh uh Vanya. Tasha does not know she was dead. You are forbidden to tell her. Her memory is this...that you took Slade from her for yourself. Nothing you say will alter that memory.~

    Vanya stepped away from her sister and there was something there in her eyes that was dangerous and beyond sanity. Her form disappeared and reappeared before Mother. "I will never submit myself to your will again." she said defiantly.

    Mother just smiled indulgently, "Oh but you will Vanya," she said with a wave of her hand and cast Vanya into the core of the planet where she had originally found her sister's body dying. ~You will regenerate for five times the normal amount of time. That should be long enough to remind you who you serve.~
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