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  1. Sacrifice
    "The war is raging on, we can't do anything about it us humans are to weak"
    "They some of the greater creatures will help us"

    "Rosalie sacrificed herself for her town to live in another dimension"


    The war of the greater ones has started to happen..over the years supernatural races and humans lived as one. Scientists found a way to help the supernatural hide their abilities and other features that are distinct so they could live among the humans. Well when they tested it didn't help hide some it increased their power, they caged them and fed them it was impossible to kill them. After years of torture, these creatures, called the greater ones by the human race and other supernatural races, escaped. They didn't band together most went into hiding and lived alone, others went out and was hard work for the other races to kill them but it is possible. The towns and cities are starting to lose this war against the few greater ones who didn't go in hiding. People are sacrificing themselves to save their families, friends, and towns. The greater ones are now coming out of hiding not to fight but to survive..after almost all the human race and the supernatural left to another plant in another dimension called Pannia. The world was overrun by magic, sacrifice to another dimension calls for more then just your life it released terrible magic in the air causing earth to be over run by magical animals, and plants. Now the few remaining humans and supernatural have to find the greater ones to survive, but are the greater ones enough to even survive this...

    1. All Iwaku rules apply here
    2. Cursing is alright but not a lot please
    3. If I kill off your character something was wrong I will discuss with you in PM beforehand
    4. Greater one are only 1 from each supernatural race, maybe willing to change this later on message me if you really want a race someone else has we'll discuss it with them
    5. No sex this is a surviving between supernatural worlds you aren't gonna find your soulmate here
    6. Don't post one on one with someone for 3 pages..we all want to be in the roleplay if we sign up!

    Kastia - Dramma
    Jack - Kazuaki Bara
    Vannic - Mglo
    Mariel - Daird
    Isaisah - Unkowndb

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  2. Jack had just got done scavenging for any thing useful from one of the abandon Hospitles in the city. He walks through the streets carrying his backpack. He takes a knee and pulls out a map of the city. " hm" He says as he crosses out the spot where the hospitle is on the map. Jack stands to his feet putting the map away. " what a day" He says as he continues to walk. He had lost count of the days it has bin since the war had ended . This was hell he thought to his self as he passed a skull on the road.
  3. Mariel was hungry as she walked through the abandoned city. Not metaphysically hungry, thank the Goddess, but the physical pain in her stomach was palpable. She'd need to hunt sometime today.

    She saw a man pass by, looking at a skull. "Perhaps he's got something to eat." She walked over and asked him, "Got any meat in your pack?" She could have used her Song and had him handing over all his worldly possessions with a smile on his face, but she had too much in the way of ethics for that. Some things you just don't do, even when you're on the edge of starvation.
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  4. Kastia flew around "Woah there buddy" She said as she heard a man freaking out, obviously the magic was getting to him humans easier to be infected by this disease as Kastia called it a disease, really it was just the insanity of being alone and losing their family. He was talking to his shadow so Kastia had to protect her home she made she made an illusion and used her air element to push him along and out the door. Then he turned around and fired at her, "Wrong move dude." She said as she took water and wrapped him in it and froze it. She crushed the ice and broke his gun in the process. "You're lucky I'm merciful now leave" Kastia said as she flew back up into the old abandoned apartment building in the city due to the forest being more over run by madness and death seeking creatures.
  5. Jack makes his way back to his little camp at the harbor. As he enters two men walk up to him holding make shift weapons from pipes. " whats in the bag kid?" one of the men ask. Jack cracks his neck before dropping his bag. " pipes ...really? " Jack says stepping closer. One of the guys rush at Jack only to get a side kick to his lower rib. "ahhh" the man says as he drops to the floor. Jack turns towards the other man who started to run in the other direction. Jack shakes his head as he picks his bag back up and walking near the man who was on the ground screaming in pain. " sorry guy" He says before field goal kicking the mans head knocking him out. He walks to the end of the docks and takes a seat next on an old fishing boat that was crashed into the docks. He takes a candy bar out and takes a bite as he stairs out into the sea.
  6. Mariel walked towards the harbor. When she got there, she saw two men trying to rob a third. She ran towards the scene, hoping to intervene, but the time she arrived, the would-be victim had already knocked his attackers unconscious and had started eating a candy bar.

    "I would ask if you're all right, but seeing how you dispatched those thugs, you're probably just fine. Oh, sorry. Where are my manners? I'm Mariel, and you are..."
  7. A loud noise woke him up. He had been sleeping inside a pipe somewhere near a harbor. His predator instincts automatically kicked in and his body tensed, ready to attack. Nothing moved. In fact, he couldn't hear a heartbeat anywhere near him. At least not for a couple of blocks. Last night he'd chosen this spot because there were some humans nearby and he had been looking forward to feeding upon waking up.
    His muscles relaxed and the grogginess came back, and his body felt heavy and he knew Sleep was pulling him back. He laid his head down on the pipe when a claw reached into it, stabbed him on the leg and dragged him out. He turned to look at a stringy thorned plant. No heartbeat. The pain, the embarrassment and most of all the knowledge that he'd been one-uped by a PLANT pissed him off to no end. Like a beast he tackled the plant ripping it away with a speed and strength that reduced the thing to a well blended green juice.
    His leg healed but he still felt pain. Oh, that's right. The sun. He groggily climbed back into the pipe, his skin healing almost immediately. What the heck was he?
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  8. Jack turns to see a woman talking to him. He imminently gets up and steps back with a cautious face. " uh ..hey" He says as he side steps closer to the edge of the boat . He examines her body and quickly realizes she was not human. " uh... hello Maria" He says nervously. He looks over the edge of the boat to see if he could make the jump to the harbor. Jack holds up his candy bar " you want some candy" he says before laughing awkwardly.
  9. "It's Mariel, not Maria, and yes, I would like some candy." Mariel gave a thin smile, careful not to show her sharp teeth. Didn't want to scare him, even though her small fins probably gave her identity away anyway.

    She took the candy bar, eating it contentedly. Not enough to truly satiate her, but it took the edge off her hunger. "So, should we travel together? Safety in numbers and all that."
  10. EDIT: His body felt heavy. Half awake half asleep. The green juice was all over the place and all over him. Damn, he thought. He had to move out since the pipe was no longer a safe place to sleep. He took a deep breath and closed his right eye. For some reason that one didn't do well against the brightness of the sun's light. His left eye, the black and red orb, did just fine and so, with one eye open, he stumbled out of the pipe and walked towards the edge of the harbor heading to the water.

    His skin burned as soon as the light touched it. It wasn't on fire, it just felt like it was. Physically, his pale skin just tanned the more he stood under the sun. Staying awake during daylight took effort, and that effort was making him hungry and the harsh pain on his skin was making him cranky. He sneered still furious about the plant and now even more so for having to stay awake.

    As soon as he reached the edge he jumped into the water and jumped back out with a speed that made it seem like the water just splashed near the edge for no clear reason. He was good at staying alive. He was even better at killing. But even the savage nature of his predatory being knew not to play with water.

    He now crouched under the shade of a large metal crate sensing for nearby heartbeats. He was hungry.
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  11. Jake was still on edge " yhea... sorry about that maria" He says with a fake smile " you can call me J" When he hears her offer, He thinks for awhile " ok" He leaps off the boat but turns towards the water when he hears a splash " huh" He looks back at Mariel " hey maria you coming " he says as he looks into the water not seeing any thing. He backs away and waits for Mariel to make her way off the boat.
  12. "Fine with me, G." Mariel figured that as long as the stranger was willing to butcher her name, she might as well return the favor. Just then, she heard a splash from the water.

    "Hang on, I'll investigate." Mariel jumped into the water, her legs transforming back into fins. It turned out that the disturbance had been a large fish, which she easily caught bare-handed. She held it up, asking, "Want something more than chocolate for dinner?"
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  13. Suddenly a large shadow in the water is seen, by Jake. This creature over 8 times of Mariel and it looked like a huge shark. He screamed for her to get out as this animal started to circle her she had to do something fast or she would be attacked would Jack help to save her or would she have to fed for herself.


    Kastia looked out the apartment window and saw a shadow in the water a 'Moogladon' as polite passersby told her they called it. Moogla for mega but the sound it made before it attacked was Moogla and don because it was done for you once it circled you hopefully whatever it was circling had another minute to fed it off so she could get there as far as she knew only Greater Ones really had the chance to scare it off anyone with a bit of magic though they could at least stall it. Kastia flew to the harbor she just needed a minute for them to stall all the needed to do was stall.
  14. "Oh, crap." Mariel didn't think that she'd be able to convince the giant beast to turn aside. She dropped the fish she'd been holding and swam hard for the shallows, where it couldn't follow her. She had some warning, so if she pushed, she might be able to make it safety. Maybe.
  15. The Moogladon was swimming after her if it was known for anything it was it's fast speed to pursue victims who tried to swim away and it sped right towards Mariel.


    Kastia arrived as the mermaid started to swim away, "Dumb choice" Kastia said as she screamed to the mermaid "Stop! Trust me!" Kastia screamed and as the mermaid stopped she created an illusion to the Moogladon as a mermaid similar looking to the one who had just stopped swimming the other way and as the Moogladon turned to swim after the illusion Kastia then made a bubble of water with the mermaid in it and brought her to land and let the water fall and wash back in. "Don't you know the water is dangerous being a mermaid and all it's the most dangerous place of this world" Kastia said as she flew down only about the size of the mermaids hand but still very powerful.​
  16. "I know, but when I saw it, I just panicked. Thank you for saving my life."

    She held out her hand in greeting. "I'm Mariel."
  17. Being only human jack could only toss random things at the creature.
    Jack runs up to them a little out of breath. " man ....what a day" He says looking up to see another person next to Mariel . " uh" He steps closer to Mariel and holds up his hand to cover his mouth " hey maria ..whos the fairy" he whispers to her.
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  18. Isaiah woke up without any wait. Rushing to find a new spot to rest himself for the day. Gathering his stuff together in a hurry knowing not to man. Good building out there that others would be gladly to share their space. He moved fast but softly out of the place.
    " geez... The sun is not my friend..." he raised his hand above his eys and began to move to the east. To making sure he wouldn't be followed he pushed over a bucket he saw full of rain water. " I wonder what will I find today.... Hopefully some chocolate. I need chocolate." Running he saw what looked to be a gate to a house that seed to be in bad shape but was livable. He tapped his staff against the ground to give himself a push. The gust did a little more then it shod have. He landed in the bush next to the house.
    "ughh... Dumb staff why want you do right.."
  19. Harold kicked out to his left side and grinned at the sound of snapping ribs. He then rescycled his power towards his right leg, making a quick twirl as he met his knee into the throat his attacking scavenger. He then took aim with a hangun and opened fire in a flurry of fright. Kain grabbed his hand and pressed the muzzle against his chest to let him see the futility of his actions. Even if he was hit, it would not have stopped him. Hooking his body on his claws, he flung him towards the wall and chucked as he counted the remaining seconds in his head. While he was dazed Harold dashed towards his position, almost instantly in speed, and ripped into his bowels-- compressing his target's stomach to his spine, grinding it in his palms.

    Kain leaned forward and let his moonlight eyes be the last that man would see, just before he disemboweled him by ripping out hid prgans in one tug. His victory was short lived however. For he began to look over the pros and cons of his situation. The pro being he had food for the next few days. His con that he got his hands dirty again.
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  20. Jack turns around and begins to walk away from the two girls " well...see you around Maria" he said as he makes his way out of the harbor. He needed to find another place he could set up another camp since it was no longer safe in the harbor. As he leaves the harbor pulls out another candy bar from his bag and enjoys it as he walks.
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